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gen | Friday, 17 January 2003

i had fun visiting ur site!! this site brought my memries back when i was still there!!! seing the beaches and sum other wonders of bohol have awakened my imagination of how it might be wen i get back there!!!!! i'm sure it would be more than wat i'm expecting!!!!! coz BOHOL RULZ!!!!

Katie Doyle | Wednesday, 15 January 2003

This is a great site is tells me every thing I needed to find, and quick. -- Thanks

elaine | Tuesday, 14 January 2003

your site is very helpful...especially for us who are planning to bohol this summer. me and my friends are scheduling our trip to bohol by april this year. we're all so excited to go to bohol!!!

janeth | Monday, 13 January 2003

hi!!! to Joy Pon of Davis,Baladz,cleofe,to my sis name baby salomon in calape with his son Christian. from: janeth

sand | Monday, 13 January 2003

Im new here. And i like your web, it has a lot of info and pictures of BOHOL,

R. Circulado | Wednesday, 8 January 2003

Bohol website is informative, and for us working away from home its just like your back home... to all the people who makes all this things possible... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS.

Daisy | Monday, 6 January 2003

hi to everyone.. Happy new year to all.. Have a great day:)

Chivy | Friday, 3 January 2003

HAPPY NEW YEAR! To everybody especially to the CORTESANONS... was there last August and will be back the soonest (surprise). And advance Happy Fiesta!... everybody's invited in Cortes on January 15-16 PIT SENYOR!

bem | Tuesday, 24 December 2002


bem | Tuesday, 24 December 2002


Bem | Saturday, 21 December 2002

Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a special cousin... Agnes Fuertes...

Bem | Saturday, 21 December 2002

Merry Christmas to all Boholanos specially Panglawanon...missing you all...

Rebecca Wilson | Saturday, 21 December 2002

I want to greet my sister Eva Calimbayan a happy birthday on December 23, 2002. May God Bless You and May you Have Many More Birthdays to come. We love you...

Victim | Friday, 20 December 2002

Long comment moved to the article on safety. -- Jeroen.

Gracia Tulang | Wednesday, 18 December 2002

Hello! sa taga Bohol kamusta. I missed so much in there especially my friend Lilian Sumodobila, Andrebel Dano, Gina Tamesis.

Emmie Tinampay | Friday, 13 December 2002

Hello bol-anon!:) Glad to know that I surf this website Goodluck and keep up da good work! Hello sa mga taga Tagbilaran :)

A. Circulado | Friday, 13 December 2002

Good day to all of you... I've got a lot of information from this website. Keep up the good work. I just want to say hello sa taga Bohol ug sa mga taga Panglaoanon.

Napoleon | Monday, 9 December 2002

Your site is very nice.

Thank you. - Jeroen

Lolita S. Andersen | Sunday, 8 December 2002

Hello! I just want to say hello to the mayor of Tagbilaran mr.& mrs. We were there in Bohol last summer and we rented their town house in uptown. We really enjoyed our vacation. Anyway you have a nice website.

M.A. Kottig | Friday, 6 December 2002

Komusta ka,

I am Michael Kottig and I am coming to Bohol in January. I want to marry in Manila with my Girlfriend she´s from Dagohoy. I can't contact her, no signal.... Greetings to everyone from Germany.