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Cortes is a town northeast of Tagbilaran City. People living in this place already had a form of government before the arrival of the Spaniards.

Cortes Church
Cortes Church

Prominent barangays during that time were Malabago and Dayhangan. Malabago was later changed to Pamingwitan because of the way the people caught fish. It was during the construction of the church that barangays Pamingwitan and Dayhangan were joined together to become a new town and given a new name, Cortes, which is derived from the Spanish cortesimo, meaning most courteous.


Cortes celebrate its town fiesta on the 16th of January in honor of Sr. Santo Niņo.

Cortes Police Station: +63 38 503 9200

Bank: First Consolidated Bank "FCB"

Cortes at a glance
Population (2015): 16954
Population (2010): 15294
Population (2000): 12702
Number of households (2000): 2547
Land area: 4377 ha
Number of barangays: 14
Distance from Tagbilaran: 10 km

BarangayPopulation (2000)Households (2000)Population (2010)Population (2015)
De la Paz202742325462824
Malayo Norte108321112911418
Malayo Sur512111596658
New Lourdes643118699977
San Roque69415310221091
Upper de la Paz80216510001048

(Based on figures from the census of 2000, 2010, and 2015 from PSA)

Jeroen Hellingman and Rodelyn Gallo Hellingman

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