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A visitor | Monday, 14 July 2003

My salute to the web master of this fantastic site! My parents are from Maribojoc, Bohol. Greetings to all Bol-anon from Maribojoc. I am so proud to have a Bol-anon blood though I was born in Mindanao. Kudos!

Swt_preshuz_babi | Tuesday, 8 July 2003

Well this is a nice site. I used to live in Bohol at Totolan Dauis. But then my mom brought me here in Kodiak Alaska USA. Well Bohol is a really great place. I haven't been there ever since 2001 and I won't be coming this year too because I'm going to visit my other relatives in Houston Tx. Well bai everyone..

A visitor | Wednesday, 2 July 2003

Nice site!

Grazie | Thursday, 19 June 2003

You'll missed 3/4 of your life if you will not see my place.... Visit Bohol!!! adto gajud mo!!! see yah there!!

May | Wednesday, 18 June 2003


Gilbert Uy | Sunday, 15 June 2003

Good day to every one,I'm glad there is Bohol.ph guest Book to sign on. Just to say hello to my fellow Lobocanons wherever the might be. More power and God Bless.

Tony Ranque | Wednesday, 11 June 2003

Hi Jeroen, 'Tis a nice website you've got here! I appreciate what you are doing for Bohol. Paging all Jagnaanons! I am trying to organize all Jagnaanons worldwide! please contact me for particulars through my email addy: yapster109@yahoo.com Tony Ranque

Teresa Shih | Monday, 9 June 2003

We went to Bohol in 1999. It's really a beautiful place. We have been to many tourist destination in Philippines for the last few years, Bohol really impressed us a lot. Besides diving, or sunbathing, The place has so many amazing landscapes to visit. It really makes one of the best destination in Philippines we have ever visited.

dondon | Tuesday, 3 June 2003

maajong adlaw diay sa taga loon labi na sa scorpio arts ug sa tanan tanan .. be pround na bol-anon ta...:)

dondon | Tuesday, 3 June 2003

sos wala joy maka labaw sa bol-anon sa fiesta tapok tanan uli bisan asang dapit sa kalibutan....garbo ko kaayo nga ako usa ka bol-anon...MABUHAY ANG BOHOL

DOLONG CABALLO | Tuesday, 3 June 2003

just passing by,nice website.hi to my friends...see you all this coming TBTK..your friend dolong.

ScReWfAcE | Monday, 2 June 2003

Very nice Bohol, we are going thr this coming june 11 for our excursion hehehe visit also my hometown province Surigao http://www.surigaoislands.com

tommy | Thursday, 29 May 2003

Many thanks to the webmasters and all involved. This is my first visit to this site, I have learned so much about Bohol. Truely a beautiful place! Hello to my beautiful new friend Iris in Cebu City!

Arnold Benter | Wednesday, 28 May 2003

creating this site is very informatimative to all surfers. Bohol is very beautiful place according to its history and to this site itself kahit hindi pa ako nakakarating doon. Thanks to the webmaster, mabuhay ka...

Zabeth | Saturday, 24 May 2003

Great site! aunt Chita and uncle Boybe sa Talibon, I'll be sending the package na through LBC so wait for it nalang. Sorry if I can't call you. Give my best regards to everybody. love you all.

eugen ungab | Saturday, 24 May 2003

Hi, to the webmaster iam verythankfull for doing this its great! my family is in bohol, every time i missed bohol ilook alot of your web.i remember alot were i grow up.iam living in hamburg germany since three years now but the saying is realy true "HOME SWEET HOME". ok, best regards to all boholanos and my family,friends to our webmaster....God Bless You... Mabuhay BohoL!!!!!!

beejubaileum | Wednesday, 21 May 2003

WOWow!!mingawon man sab ta ninyo oi,,but im always proud to be a boholano:) !i miss pista sa amo.labi na ang kinotil ug bahal nga aplod ug kisumkisum. MABUHAY KA BOHOL hurraayyyyyyyyyy!!

Carmela | Friday, 16 May 2003

Hi, to the webmasters. Great job. I'm amazed at how extensive your pictures and info. You must really love the province as we do. I'm from Clarin and very proud to be from Bohol. Everybody should try the Panglao Island Resort, totally rejuvenating. Our family was in Bohol summer of '02 and longing to be back there soon.

Zelda | Sunday, 11 May 2003

In my opinion this website is fantastic! The choices are many and touches the lives of ordinary people among the Boholanos. Great Work. Mahalo.

Nina | Friday, 9 May 2003

This Bohol website is cool! And it helped me a lot in my research.