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Bohol Panoramas

Promote Bohol with your computer. We've create a few panoramic pictures of Bohol. These can be downloaded in your browser, but it is much more fun to view them in a special panoramic viewer, and use them as a screen saver on your computer. To do so, go to the download page to download a nice viewer and screensaver, and then download one of the panoramas below for your computer.

Chocolate Hills

Panorama of the Chocolate Hills
Copyright 2007, Jeroen Hellingman. 1200 x 9008 pixels. Download size 1.22 MB.

View from the Chocolate Hills Complex near Carmen.

Loboc River

Panorama of Loboc River
Copyright 2007, Jeroen Hellingman. 1200 x 4851 pixels Download size 0.9 MB.

Taken from the bridge over the mouth of Loboc river, looking North.


Panorama from Bool
Copyright 2007, Jeroen Hellingman. 1200 x 4759 pixels Download size 1.08 MB.

A view from the Sandugo (Blood Compact) monument in Bool, looking South. On the right you can see Panglao island, and on the horizon on the left, Pamilacan island.

Sagbayan Peak

Panorama from Sagbayan Peak
Copyright 2008, Jeroen Hellingman. 1200 x 6731 pixels. Download size 976 kB.

View from Sagbayan Peak, looking to the North.

Panorama from Sagbayan Peak
Copyright 2007, Jeroen Hellingman. 1200 x 6165 pixels Download size 820 kB.

Sagbayan peak, looking in the direction of Cebu (but Cebu itself is barely visible).

If you're just looking for a screen wallpaper you can visit our screen backgrounds page.

How to make your own panorama

With a digital camera, a reasonable modern computer, and some software, it is fairly easy to shoot your own panoramas.

  1. Select a nice scenic environment of which you want to make a panorama photo. Take care you have a clear vision all around you.
  2. Take a range of pictures while making a full turn, each pictures overlapping some 30 to 40 percent with the previous one. The more you manage to keep your camera exactly in the center of your circle, the better the end results will be. If your camera allows it, take all pictures with the same settings (adjusted for the brightest conditions in your view, that is, the side where the sun comes from).
  3. Transfer all pictures in your computer.
  4. Download the excellent Hugin software. Windows executables can be found on the Panospace Blog. You may wish to download Autopano-SIFT as well, to automate the creation of control points.
  5. Stitch them together using these instructions. Note that the stitching process is not very difficult, but takes a lot of disk-space.

If you have created wonderful panoramas of Bohol, please send them to me, and I will include them here.