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Fast Ferry Schedules

IJsselstein, Saturday, 16 July 2005 (updated: Thursday, 17 August 2017)

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Supercat | Ocean Jet | Weesam Express | FastCat | Starcraft

The most convenient way to get to Bohol from the neighboring islands is by fast ferry. Fast ferries offer a high speed passenger service, often using Singapore or Danish built catamaran type motorboats. These have a cruising speed of about 50 kilometers per hour. When you are on board, these boats resemble aircraft, including the safety instruction video just before departure. The fare is about three times the fare of a regular ferry. Some have a small open-air deck, where you can feel the breeze and watch the islands pass by, but others don't allow you to go outside during the trip. They are my favorite for island-hopping.

Note that the route via Tubigon is normally cheaper (also available by fastcraft), and can be faster, even when going to Tagbilaran, if you take a V-hire or bus from Tubigon to Tagbilaran.

For other destinations, fares, promo rates and precise schedule, please check out the shipping websites indicated below or call them directly.

Super Cat

SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation, Pier 4 North Reclamation Area 6000 Cebu City.

Telephone: +63 32 233 7000



Cebu Port: Pier 1

Trip Nr. FrequencyFromDepartureToArrival
1 DailyTagbilaran05:50Cebu07:50
2 DailyTagbilaran08:15Cebu10:15
3 Daily Tagbilaran11:00 Cebu13:00
4 Daily Tagbilaran13:15 Cebu15:15
5 Daily Tagbilaran15:35 Cebu17:35
6 Daily Tagbilaran16:45 Cebu18:45
7 Daily Tagbilaran17:45 Cebu19:45
8 Daily Tagbilaran21:30 Cebu23:30
1 Daily Cebu 05:50Tagbilaran07:50
2 DailyCebu 08:15Tagbilaran10:15
3 DailyCebu 11:00Tagbilaran13:00
4 DailyCebu 13:15Tagbilaran15:15
5 DailyCebu 14:30Tagbilaran16:30
6 DailyCebu 15:35Tagbilaran17:35
7 DailyCebu 18:00Tagbilaran20:00
8 DailyCebu 19:15Tagbilaran21:15

Ocean Jet

Ocean Fast Ferries, Pier 1, Cebu Pier Area Cebu City. Telephone Cebu: +63 32 255 7560; +63 32 255 0115. E-mail:;

Insular Wharf (Tagbilaran Port) in Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Telephone: Mobile: +63 932 8734 885;+63 922 8572 300



Schedules and Fares:

The fare from Cebu to Tagbilaran and vice versa is Peso 800.00 (Tourist class), Peso 1000.00 (Business class)

The fare from Tagbilaran to Dumaguete and vice versa is Peso 700.00 (Open Air / Tourist class), 1,020.00 (Business class)

The fare from Tagbilaran to Larena, Siquijor and vice versa is Peso 700.00 (Open Air / Tourist class), 1,000.00 (Business class)

Cebu Port: Pier 1

Trip Nr. FrequencyFromDepartureToArrival
1 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)05:10Tagbilaran07:10
2 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)06:00Tagbilaran08:00
3 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)07:00Tagbilaran09:00
4Daily Cebu (Pier 1)08:00Tagbilaran10:00
5Daily Cebu (Pier 1)09:20 Tagbilaran11:20
6 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)10:40Tagbilaran12:40
7Daily Cebu (Pier 1)11:40 Tagbilaran13:40
8 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)13:00Tagbilaran15:00
9 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)14:00Tagbilaran16:00
10 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)15:20Tagbilaran17:20
11 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)16:20Tagbilaran18:20
12 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)17:40Tagbilaran19:40
13 Daily Cebu (Pier 1)18:40Tagbilaran20:40
1 Daily Tagbilaran06:00 Cebu08:00
2 Daily Tagbilaran07:05 Cebu09:05
3 Daily Tagbilaran08:20 Cebu10:20
4 Daily Tagbilaran09:20 Cebu11:20
5 Daily Tagbilaran10:40 Cebu12:40
6 Daily Tagbilaran11:40 Cebu13:40
7 Daily Tagbilaran13:00 Cebu15:00
8 Daily Tagbilaran14:00 Cebu16:00
9 Daily Tagbilaran15:30 Cebu17:30
10 Daily Tagbilaran16:00 Cebu18:00
11 Daily Tagbilaran17:00 Cebu19:00
12 Daily Tagbilaran18:40 Cebu20:40
1 Daily Tagbilaran07:30 Dumaguete09:30
2 Daily Tagbilaran12:10 Dumaguete14:10
1 Daily Dumaguete09:50 Tagbilaran11:50
2 Daily Dumaguete14:30 Tagbilaran16:30
1 Daily Tagbilaran10:20 Larena, Siquijor11:40
1 Daily Larena, Siquijor14:20 Tagbilaran15:40


Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation.

FastCat operates on the route from Tubigon to Cebu and vice versa. FastCat is a catamaran Roll-on, Roll-off " RoRo " ferries. Travel time is approximately 1 1/2 hour.

FastCat Tubigon: Beside Tubigon Cultural Center Brgy.Oriental, Tubigon Bohol.


Telephone: +63 998 5930 969 or +63 917 6516 977

FastCat Cebu: Vicente Sotto street corner Arellano avenue Brgy. Tinago Pier 3 Cebu City

Telephone: +63 998 5930 968; +63 917 622 2233


Website: Boat Schedule:

Website: Cebu - Tubigon Rates:

Cebu Port: Pier 3

Trip Nr. FrequencyFromDepartureToArrival
1 DailyTubigon05:00Cebu (Pier 3)06:30
2 DailyTubigon10:30Cebu (Pier 3)12:00
3 DailyTubigon17:30Cebu (Pier 3)19:00
4 DailyTubigon22:30Cebu (Pier 3)24:00
1 DailyCebu (Pier 3)01:30Tubigon03:00
2 DailyCebu (Pier 3)07:30Tubigon09:00
3 DailyCebu (Pier 3)13:30Tubigon15:00
4 DailyCebu (Pier 3)20:00Tubigon21:30



Mv Starcraft, Pier 1 North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.

Telephone: +63 906 789 6363; +63 943 584 7316

MV Starcraft Fastcraft operates on the route from Tubigon to Cebu. The fare from Tubigon to Cebu and vice versa is Peso 200.00 (Economy), Peso 220.00 (Tourist class), Peso 280.00 (Business class).

Cebu Port: Pier 3

Trip Nr. FrequencyFromDepartureToArrival
1 Daily Cebu 05:45 Tubigon06:45
2 Daily Cebu 07:30Tubigon08:30
3Daily Cebu 09:45 Tubigon10:45
4Daily Cebu 11:35 Tubigon12:35
5Daily Cebu 13:15 Tubigon14:15
6Daily Cebu 15:00 Tubigon16:00
7Daily Cebu 17:00 Tubigon18:00
8Daily Cebu 18:45 Tubigon19:45
1 Daily Tubigon06:30 Cebu07:30
2 Daily Tubigon07:45 Cebu08:45
3 Daily Tubigon10:00 Cebu11:00
4 Daily Tubigon11:45 Cebu12:45
5 Daily Tubigon13:30 Cebu14:30
6 Daily Tubigon15:00 Cebu16:00
7 Daily Tubigon17:00 Cebu18:00
8Daily Tubigon18:45 Cebu19:45
1 Daily Cebu 06:00 Jetafe07:00
2 Daily Cebu 09:00Jetafe10:00
3 Daily Cebu 15:30Jetafe16:30
1 Daily Jetafe07:30 Cebu08:30
2 Daily Jetafe10:30 Cebu11:30
3 Daily Jetafe17:00 Cebu18:00

Terminal fee Tagbilaran: PhP 20.00

Terminal fee Cebu: PhP 25.00

Please inform us of any irregularities or changes in the schedules you are aware of.

You can see from the date above the article when we last updated the schedules. Please take note, schedules are subject to change without prior notice. So we advice visitors to check themselves for the most recent daily schedules, fares and other destinations on the shipping company websites or contact them directly to avoid hassle and inconvenience. We are not a travel agent nor partner of the shipping companies.

Jeroen Hellingman and Rodelyn Gallo Hellingman

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jhe tutor wrote:
Tuesday, 3 October 2017 13:56:40 PHT
Can i have a rate cebu to tagbilaran and schedule of trip.. thanks

Hi Jhe, please check out the shipping company websites or call them directly for their recent schedules and fares. --Rodelyn .

Rochanie wrote:
Thursday, 21 September 2017 18:35:18 PHT
Hello! Meron po bang byahe ang mga ferry even peak season? Till example po papuntang Cebu to Tagbilaran ng Dec.30. Gusto lang sama malaman kasi i was trying to book online pero wala pong lumalabas ng result sa kahit anong ferry company. Salamat po.

Hi Rochanie, hindi namin alam. Paki tawag lang po sa shipping companies mismo para masagot nila yong mga tanong mo. -- Rodelyn

Francis Kim wrote:
Wednesday, 1 February 2017 23:19:04 PHT
Hi po! Ano po ang pwedeng sakyan going to Loboc River Cruise kung mang-gagaling ng Tubigon Pier? How much and ilang oras po byahe?
xander wrote:
Monday, 23 January 2017 15:49:24 PHT
Magkano pamasahe from cebu to tubigon?
Cyril wrote:
Thursday, 19 January 2017 07:04:02 PHT
Hi, me and my friend planning to visit Bohol and we are coming from Oslob. Is there an easy way to go in Bohol? Thank you!

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