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Becky | Wednesday, 26 March 2003

Cool! Very informative website..kudos to the webmaster.. Hope to see Bohol again..

zaldy idulsa | Wednesday, 26 March 2003

hello to all bol-anon, esp. to the people of Bonkokan, ilaya, Lila my hometown. NOMIARC, dalwangan, malaybalay city bukidnon.

oscar arnaez recio | Tuesday, 25 March 2003

sierra de cuerda larga n18 6b madrid 28038 madrid.spain

rosie | Friday, 21 March 2003

desperate attempt to find Nong Dodong Masalta from Liburon.Where could you and your family be, I'd like to get in touch with you,either through the email or phone. email address or (619)425-4751,,,, hopeful for some kind of responce..

rosie | Thursday, 20 March 2003

One more plea to look for Jun orcullo's email who works for calape assessor's office or their /family's whereabouts. My name is Rosie Origenes Campos , would anybody know please email me back . thanks

Janice | Tuesday, 18 March 2003

Hello, good day! can anyone help me? my barkada and i are planning to have a reunion this summer 2003, that would be on May 1-4 and i have been thinking of Bohol, instead of Cebu. We are travelling on a budget. Can anyone suggest a place to stay, rates and what is there to see in Bohol? We are in our 40's and all we need is just peace and quite and yeah beer..thank you. More power..Janice

Depending on your budget and the number of people, you could rent one or more of the bungalows for rent with one of the various resorts a little behind from Alona beach -- about PHP 1000 per night, often upto 4 people can stay, and you can do your own cooking. Or, if your budget is bigger, make reservations with some places straight on Alona Beach. The cheapest on Alona Beach is about PHP 400, and most expensive goes over USD 110 per night, so there is ample choice. If you are there, you can organise a few day trips -- a tour around Bohol visiting the Chocolate Hills, a few old churches, such as Dauis, Baclayon, and Loboc, the Tarsier reservation in Corella, and the watch-tower in Punta Cruz, Maribojoc. If you have funds for it, organize a whale-watching tour for a half day, starting early in the morning, and then, to relax and spend some time together, spend a day on the beach, swimming, snorkling, etc. That is what I would do if I had just a few days to spend on Bohol. Most information is available on this site.--Jeroen.

Tim Smith | Tuesday, 18 March 2003

What a pretty place to visit from the web site and I'm looking forward in one of these day seening it.

You're most welcome!--Jeroen.

Rosalinda Amora Barbon | Tuesday, 18 March 2003

Hello kababayans. I hope naa sa maajong panglawas kitang tanan kanunay aning kalibutana. The last time I was in Bohol was in May of 2001, How I wish I could go visit every year but I think that's possible for me to do. Anyway, I just wanted to express what I felt about this site. I am just super happy! I am planning to go visit Anda, Bohol in April of 2005 hopefully God's willing - I will pray for that. God speed and maayong adlaw sa injong tanan. With love, Rosalinda Amora Barbon

Anke | Tuesday, 18 March 2003

Your site brings back memories! I spent 4 weeks in Bohol this January and enjoyed myself very much--thanks to all the nice people I met. I also want to send special greetings from Germany to Loay where part of my brothers family is living--hope to come back some day!!

Mr. G. Silagan | Monday, 17 March 2003

Ey!! I'm a college student, studying in San Beda Coll. Your site is very nice and useful not just for tourism but also for insights, finding, and study about the province of Bohol. Actually, your this site help me complete my work paper in humanities. I hope that the beauty of Bohol would never be changed. I'm inviting all to see Bohol. Thank you! Daghan salamat sa inyong tanan!

Nenita Navasca | Thursday, 13 March 2003

Indeed it's a very nice web. It was just March 7-9 when our Literature 1 teacher brought us to Bohol. And I am assigned to make a scrapbook about the chocolate hills. This page helps me a lot. THANK YOU!!!

sharon | Thursday, 13 March 2003

I really like this web coz is a very decent. People's here are very respectful, thank you,

Nicole | Thursday, 13 March 2003

Hello, everybody! I miss Bohol so much na!!!

Sheilamea | Thursday, 13 March 2003

Hello, Bohol!

kristine | Monday, 10 March 2003

hi ! nice site... keep it up !! its nice to know that you have a site.. 'coz I really need pictures for my project... philippine money... I was assigned to do your country's.... so nice to know that I have a source.... Thanks a lot... Keep up the good work... Nice places...

sheilamea | Monday, 10 March 2003

Hi, I just wanna say hello to all ubayanons! very nice website. More power!!!

benjie lungay | Monday, 10 March 2003

dis s 4 eddie orig @ prov.assrs ofc. kumusta na brod. my e-mail s f u want 2 communicate. say me hi 2 mely, eddie l, vieto and 2 everybody also albert of course.

dhareds | Monday, 10 March 2003

Hi, I just wanna say that these sitte is very cool... But you should put all the places in bohol in order for the visitor like me know where to go when i visit the beautiful paradise of bohol. like tubigon, I hear that it has lots of cool & beautiful places their. Also their occassion like fiesta.... thats all.... Thanks.... keep up the good work...

mary | Sunday, 9 March 2003

Cool website!!! I can't wait to go home this coming May, puhon... I'll see u all soon. Hi to JAMME

Sharon | Saturday, 8 March 2003

Yummy!!! It made me hungry looking all those FOODS. daghang salamat sa mga tawo nga who created to this page,