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Regular Ferry Schedules

IJsselstein, Saturday, 16 July 2005 (updated: Monday, 23 May 2016)

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A large number of regular ferries connect Bohol with the other islands of the Philippines. They are the cheapest way to travel from island to island, and hence can be very crowded during high season (just before the Holy Week or Christmas).

This list is far from exhaustive, and schedules tend to change often, especially with the smaller shipping companies. If you have additional information, please tell us, so that we can share it here.

When you go to Bohol from Cebu, you have to head to Pier 3 to go to Tubigon, or Pier 1 or 4 to go to Tagbilaran. Note that the route via Tubigon is normally cheaper (also by fastcraft), and can be faster, even when going to Tagbilaran, if you take a V-hire or bus from Tubigon to Tagbilaran.

For other destinations, fares, promo rates, vehicle rates and precise schedule, please check out the shipping websites indicated below or call them directly.

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines

M.J. Cuenco Ave., corner Osmeña Blvd. Tel. +63 32 2546491 to 95 Fax. +63 32 255-7899. In Tagbilaran: Tagbilaran Shipping Agency, 51 Palma street, Tagbilaran city.

The fare from Tagbilaran to Cagayan and vice versa; starting from Peso 660.00(2nd class) up to Peso 1,090 (Private room).

The fare from Tagbilaran to Cebu and vice versa; starting from Peso 195.00(2nd class) up to Peso 475 (Private room).

For the schedules visit the Trans Asia Shipping Lines website.

Trip Nr. From Departure To Arrival Vessel
1CebuMon 12:00Tagbilaran Mon 16:00Trans-Asia 8
1TagbilaranSun 22:00Cebu Mon 02:00Asia Philippines
1TagbilaranMon 19:00Cagayan Tue 04:00Asia Philippines
2TagbilaranWed 19:00Cagayan Thu 04:00Asia Philippines
3TagbilaranFri 19:00 Cagayan Sat 04:00Asia Philippines
1CagayanTues 19:00 Tagbilaran Wed 04:00Asia Philippines
2CagayanThu 19:00Tagbilaran Fri 04:00Asia Philippines
3CagayanSat 19:00Tagbilaran Sun 04:00Asia Philippines

Cokaliong Shipping Lines

46 D. Jakosalem St., Cebu City Telephone: +63 32 71220/75941/2532262; +63 32 232 7211.

Cokaliong Shipping Lines sails weekly on the route Cebu to Tagbilaran. Tagbilaran office, Port area. Telephone: +63 38 501 8598 Website:

The fare from Jagna, Bohol to Nasipit and vice versa; starting from Peso 600 (Economy class); Peso 700.00 (Tourist class); Peso 2,700 (Suite room)

The fare from Jagna, Bohol to Cagayan de Oro and vice versa; starting from Peso 610 (Economy class); Peso 715.00 (Tourist class); Peso 4,400 (Suite room good for 4)

Cebu Port: Pier 1

Jagna Sun 24:00NasipitMon 05:00M/V Filipinas Surigao del norte
NasipitSun 12:00JagnaSun 17:00M/V Filipinas Surigao del norte
Jagna Sun 24:00Cagayan de OroMon 05:30M/V Filipinas Jagna
Cagayan de OroSun 12:00JagnaSun 17:30M/V Filipinas Jagna

Lite Shipping Corporation

Lite Shipping Corporation operates on the route from Cebu Tagbilaran and Tubigon. Lite Shipping Corporation, Tagbilaran city 038 411 4724; 038 411 3074; 038 235 3270: Lite Shipping Corporation Office Cebu 032 255-1721 to 26; 032 414 9001 to 03,

The fare from Tagbilaran to Cebu and vice versa; starting from Peso 210.00 (Economy), Peso 230.00 (Standard) up to Peso 1,020.00 (Suite room): Tubigon to Cebu and vice versa; starting from Peso 200.00 (Economy), up to Peso 230.00 (Tourist Class): Loon, Bohol to Argao, Cebu and vice versa; Peso 110: Tagbilaran to Larena, Siquijor and vice versa; starting from Peso 215.00 (Economy), Standard 270 up to Peso 960 (Suite Room).

The port of Catagbacan of Loon is badly damaged after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Bohol.

Cebu Port: Pier 1 and Ouano Wharf in Mandaue city

Trip Nr.FrequencyFromDepartureToArrivalVessel
1Daily Cebu12:30Tagbilaran17:30M/V Lite Ferry 5
2DailyCebu22:00Tagbilaran03:00M/V Lite Ferry 10
3DailyCebu13:00Tagbilaran18:00M/V Lite Ferry 12
1DailyTagbilaran12:00Cebu17:00 M/V Lite Ferry 10
2Daily Tagbilaran22:30Cebu03:30M/V Lite Ferry 5
3DailyTagbilaran24:00Cebu05:00 M/V Lite Ferry 12
1Daily Cebu07:00Tubigon09:30M/V Lite Ferry 1
2DailyCebu19:00Tubigon21:30M/V Lite Ferry 1
1Daily Tubigon12:00Cebu14:30M/V Lite Ferry 1
2Daily Tubigon24:00Cebu02:30M/V Lite Ferry 1
1Daily Tubigon07:00Mandaue - M/V Lite Ferry 23
2DailyTubigon19:00Mandaue - M/V Lite Ferry 23
1Daily Mandaue12:00Tubigon14:30M/V Lite Ferry 23
2Daily Mandaue24:00Tubigon02:30M/V Lite Ferry 23
1Tue/SatLoon, Bohol08:30Taloot, Argao, Cebu10:30LCT St. Nino de Bohol
2Sun/MonLoon, Bohol09:00Taloot, Argao, Cebu11:00LCT St. Nino de Bohol
1 Tue-Sat Argao, Cebu06:00Loon, Bohol08:00LCT St. Nino de Bohol
2 Sun-Mon Taloot, Argao, Cebu09:00Loon, Bohol11:00LCT St. Nino de Bohol
1Mon/Wed/FriTagbilaran20:00Larena, Siquijor - M/V Lite Ferry 7
2Tue/Thu/SatTagbilaran20:00Larena, Siquijor - M/V Lite Ferry 12
1Tue/Thu/SatLarena, Siquijor19:00Tagbilaran - M/V Lite Ferry 7
2Wed/Fri Larena, Siquijor19:00Tagbilaran - M/V Lite Ferry 12

F.J Palacio Lines Incorporated

F.J Palacio Lines Incorporated operates on the route between Tagbilaran, Cebu and Plaridel, Mindanao.

Corner Mabini and Zulueta Street, Cebu City. Telephone: +63 32 255 4540; +63 32 255 4538; +63 32 254 4540

Cebu Port: Pier 1

Trip Nr. FrequencyFromDepartureToArrival
1 Tue, Thu, SatTagbilaran24:00Cebu (Pier 1)04:00
1 Mon, Wed, Fri Cebu (Pier 1)14:00Tagbilaran18:00
1 Mon, Wed, Fri Tagbilaran19:00Plaridel06:00
1 Tue, Thu, Sat Plaridel 16:00Tagbilaran24:00
1 Mon, Wed, Fri Tagbilaran19:00Larena, Siquijor22:00
1 Tue, Thu, Sun Larena, Siquijor 21:00Tagbilaran24:00

VG Shipping lines

Cebu office: VG Shipping Lines Building, Pier 3 Port Area (behind Pier 3 Chapel). Telephone: +63 32 416 6226; +63 32 238 7635

Cargo inquiries: +63 920 804 3188

Talibon office: Pengavitor Enterprises Building, Poblacion Talibon, Bohol. Telephone: +63 38 515 5268; +63 929 721 1017

This shipping company serves passenger and cargo

Cebu Port: Pier 3

Trip Nr. FrequencyFromDepartureToArrivalVessel
1 Daily Talibon10:00Cebu14:00 M/V Island Roro 2
2 Daily Talibon22:00Cebu01:30 M/V VG 1
1 Daily Cebu (Pier 3)12:00Talibon14:45 M/V VG 1
2 Daily Cebu (Pier 3)22:00Talibon02:00 M/V Island Roro 2

J & N Shipping Line

Cebu Port: Pier 2

Trip Nr. FrequencyFromDepartureToArrivalVessel
1 Mon - Sat Ubay09:00Cebu Carrier (Roro)
2 Sun Ubay24:00CebuCarrier (Roro)
1 Mon - SatCebu 21:00UbayCarrier (Roro)
2 SunCebu12:00UbayCarrier (Roro)

Please take note: Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. For daily schedules, fares and other destinations, please check out the shipping website. Schedules of VG Shipping lines and J & N Shipping Line could not be updated.

The Port Terminal fees in Cebu and Tubigon are 10 pesos.

Please inform us of any irregularities or changes in the schedule you are aware of.

You can see from the date above the article when we last updated the schedules. Also, schedules are subject to change without prior notice. So we advice visitors to check themselves for the most recent daily schedules, fares (including promo and vehicle fares) and other destinations on the shipping company websites or contact them directly to avoid hassle and inconvenience. We are not a travel agent nor partner of the shipping companies.

Please take note that during the " Typhoon " season, there is a bigger chance that schedules will be delayed or canceled. Typhoon season starts from September until February.

Jeroen and Rodelyn Gallo Hellingman

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