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The Bohol landscape is dotted with a large number of romantic, refreshing waterfalls. Most of them are hidden away, only known to the local people. They will patiently wait for you to discover them. Here we list just of few of them, but if you ask around, the locals can point you out many more, where you can stay, and often swim in a natural swimming pool undisturbed all day. Some of the undeveloped waterfalls can only be reached after difficult climb down a muddy slope, which may be impossible after heavy rains.

Map of Waterfalls in Bohol

Mag-Aso Falls

Mag-Aso Falls
Mag-Aso Falls
Mag-Aso Falls
Mag-Aso Falls

The Mag-Aso Falls are at walking distance from Antequera, and are fine destination after a visit to the handicrafts market on Sunday morning. On the market square, a large sign directs you to the right road, which you follow until you find a bit dilipated ticket stall, where you will have to pay two pesos, and can enter the concrete stairs down to the falls.

Inambacan Falls

Also located near Antequera town, a cascading waterfall, proposed to be a source of drinking and irrigation water for Antequera and even Tagbilaran City.

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Waterfall
Kawasan Waterfall

The Kawasan Falls can be found in barangay Candasig, Balilihan, about 22 kilometers from Tagbilaran. A few kilometres before the poblacion, a sign will point out the road to take to get to the falls. Alternatively, the falls can be reached by boat over the Abatan river. If the water is not too low, it is at the end of the navigable water of that river. The small pond below the waterfall can be used for bathing.

Pahangog Twin Falls

Pahangog twin Falls
Pahangog twin Falls

The Pahangog Twin Falls in barangay Guingoyuran, are about 14 kilometers from the highway, in the municipality of Dimiao, 38 kilometers from Tagbilaran. The beautiful cascading twin falls are a trekking destination and a fantastic picnic site. You can reach up to the barangay hall of Guingoyuran by car, after which you will have to continue on foot to the fall. While going there, you can see some nice rice-terraces. A stairway down to the falls is under construction. Near the twin falls are also twin caves.

Busay Falls

Loboc River
Loboc River

Busay Falls are the destination of the floating restaurant trips starting from Loboc. The falls are 12 meters wide and fall about 4 meters, but after the wonderful trip and certainly advisable on Loboc river fall a bit behind expectation.

Kilab-Kilab Falls

Kilab-Kilab Falls
Kilab-Kilab Falls

The Kilab-Kilab Falls are somewhere in the inland of Bohol; getting there is quite a trip, especially climbing down to the fall can be difficult. On rainy days to way down is probably to slippery. However, once you've found the place, it is a small marvel. There is a large caves near the fall, and, since the water under the falls is fairly deep, you can jump from the top of that cave for a great splash. Another small cave is behind the waterfall itself. If you swim there, and dive under the waterfall, you can enter it.

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John wrote:
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I visited Mag-aso falls a couple of years ago. Even though it is possible to cross from side to side, care must be taken as the rocks are slippery - I watched a tourist slip over into the water, with his Nikon DSLR round his neck!
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