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IJsselstein, Friday, 18 May 2001 (updated: Monday, 3 April 2006)

Wooden Fish
Wooden Fish
Bohol offers plenty of nice souvenirs to bring back home. Most famous are the native crafts from Antequera, but you will also be offered colorful painted fish, often made in Mindanao, and the well known lamp-shades made of hundreds of small cowrie shells from Cebu. Finally it will hard to avoid getting a few nice Bohol T-shirts.


The Sunday market of Antequera is really the best place to buy basket-ware. It is the place where all the shop owners in Tagbilaran get it from as well, but by the time it has reached their shops the price has doubled. Be there in time, as the market starts to close down at noon already.

One thing to check is the presence of small holes caused by insects, which abound in the tropical climate. If you reach home and find your baskets are still infected, a very effective way of getting rid of the vermin is by keeping them in the freezer for a week, getting them out for a couple of days, and then freeze them again for a week. This will effectively kill all without the use of pesticides.

Boholano Handcrafted Native Products

Boholano Handcrafted Native Products are good as souvenirs and Pasalubong for your family and friends.

Handuman (Souvenirs) shop
Handuman (Souvenirs) shop
Handuman (Souvenirs) shop
Handuman (Souvenirs) shop
Handuman (Souvenirs) shop
Handuman (Souvenirs) shop
Handuman (Souvenirs) shop
Handuman (Souvenirs) shop

A Word About Sea Shells

On Alona Beach and other places, vendors will offer you various types of seashells. Some caution, however, is in place, as several species are protected species, and, when caught at the customs, either when leaving the Philippines, or when entering your home country, can bring you in serious trouble. To complicate things, some custom officials don't know which types are protected, and which not, and, by default, will confiscate everything. The large triton horns, and all types of coral are definitely protected species. Read more in our article on sea shells.

Jeroen Hellingman

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Maridel of hawai USA wrote:
Friday, 18 May 2012 08:05:54 PHT
The driver bring me at apronianagiftshop its very cool place they call it the mother of souvenir in bohol. its all in there your looking for....
Cecile wrote:
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 19:53:34 PHT
Just had an excellent balikan tour at bohol and bought cute pasalubong from nicole's shop sa may chocolate hills
Jeffy M. Sumilhig wrote:
Monday, 25 October 2010 12:18:10 PHT
When I was in Bohol last weekend, I bought many souvenirs and whatsoever! I really enjoy my trip in Bohol very much through adventure and sightseeing to different tourists' sites, it made me replenished! Souvenirs are very good! Thank you very much!
Mikey wrote:
Sunday, 4 July 2010 11:43:33 PHT
Super nice sales associates specially Mary Rose at Aproniana Gift Shop Hope to be back there soon
Mikey wrote:
Sunday, 4 July 2010 11:18:01 PHT
Super nice sales associates specially Mary Rose at Aproniana Gift Shop

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