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Chocolate Hills Complex

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Dennis | Saturday, 7 February 2009

I've been to Cohocolate Hills hotel many years ago when we did the computerization program for the Municipality of Carmen. I stayed there for one week and it was an awesome experience. The night was so tranguil and you can only hear the owl and the crickets in the background. When you wake up and open the window you'll be smacked by the cool air brought by the thick fog hanging over the hill. The food was great at the hotel. I'll never forget the German couple next room running out of their room one morning because of a big lizard on their ceiling. I wish they had'nt touch the hotel as it is now a big mess having run out of funds. I have fond memories of the Chocolate Hills and the people of Carmen. I hope to be back to show my six year old daughter the splendor of the park and walk down memory lane.