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corrupt Adjective mahugaw di-malinis, maruming-budhi mahigko
dingy Adjective mahugaw marumi, maitini, marungis mahigko
dirty mahugaw marumi
ditry Adjective mahugaw marumi, malaswa mahigko
filthy mahugaw marumi
foul Adjective mahugaw mabaho, marumi, ditapat, nakapopoot mabaho, mahigko, garuk
impure Adjective mahugaw marumi, di-malinis, di-wagas mahigko, di-dalisay
insanitary Noun mahugaw marumi kahigkoan
unclean Adjective mahugaw marumi mahigko
unhealthy Adjective mahugaw masasakitin masakiton
vile Adjective mahugaw hamak, marumi kubos, mahigko

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