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True: Hula Hula Who 2008 and other items

Tagbilaran, Monday, 14 January 2008


  • Food for the soul: To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
  • The Golden Globes are canceled! There will be no glitz, no glamour, no stars and no awards ceremony, as this year's Golden Globes broadcast has been canceled. Due to the writer's strike -- and the actors' refusal to cross the picket lines -- the Hollywood Foreign Press has put the kibosh on the festivities.
  • Congratulations to Brownbuds Mendels Legacy for producing a beautiful song Byaheng Bohol. I think the song is the "official" tourism anthem of Bohol for its strong impact of the travelers who come to Bohol. The song is showcasing Bohols beauty. Byaheng Bohol was significantly used on GMA 7s 100% Pinoy (hosted by Miriam Quiambao and Joaquin Valdes) last Jan. 10 on their Bohol episode. For bookings, you can contact Archt. Morris Sarabia, director of operations) at 09289877887, 0384115557, email: or
  • Goodluck to Bien Unido contingent for the Sinulog Festval 2008 in Cebu City. The delegation is headed by the young Mayor Nio Rey Boniel. The Sinulog grand parade is on Jan. 20.
  • From Glenn Mark Blasquez: Come to our acoustic band here at Bohol Coconut Palms Resort, every Sunday, 6-10 p.m. Listen to the band System Tools, taste our delicious and specialty food at affordable prices. Swim with your family and friends. Room accommodation is open 24 hours.
  • Feliz compleaos to Emerson Pinos who turned a year wiser last Friday, Jan. 11. He was in a cloud nine when he spent the day with special someone after a "cool off" last December. The same birthday greetings to AJ Wincielo Joanna "Cielo" Araoarao Gabin of Holy Spirit School, Jan. 14.
  • Could it be true that a young politician is "teaching" our young leaders that Rizal Day is not an important event? True unimpeachable Very Reliable Source (VRS) heard him about his "statement" when hed talked with the leaders in one of the bars here in Tagbilaran City. One young leader (whod a crush on him) was dismayed.
  • Could it be true that this young businessman whos happy and carefree is feeling alluded to by a blind item in this corner (about a young businessman who got a girl pregnant)? Hes been telling friends in "advance" (to preempt the issue) that he sired a girl (maybe to add pogi points). Incidentally, VRS saw one of his girls (before, whos now pregnant and sired by another man), VRS teased her that maybe the father of her child is the young businessman. To the surprise of this girl, she was laughing hard out, and saying (with honesty), "What? That could not be... His size could not make it hehehehe."

About UBDV

Meet the budding people who are actively engaging in an intellectual intercourse about relevant day-to-day issues on a regular basis.

University of Bohol Debate Varsity (UBDV) members have proven themselves a force to be reckon with when they received accolades by the organizers of the University of the Philippines Cebu and University of San Jose-Recolletos during their cross-training last December 21st in Cebu City.

Though an infant organization, UBDV is in capable hands in the persons of Bryan Gaviola and Roland Aparece, both of whom are faculty members of UB College of Liberal Arts. Gaviola, a Philosophy graduate of Mindanao State University, is a veteran debater and went as far as competing in several National Debate Championships going head to head with ace debaters from Ateneo De Manila, De La Salle, UP and others from prominent universities. Aparece, a Philosophy graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, was a member of the Ateneo Debate Society.

To pursue their goal of contributing to the development of a truly Boholano debate culture and tradition, the organization is headed by their dynamic president Glenn Manigque, a BEED SPED student of the university.

Other members Kate Zafra (BSN-2), Nickie Bolos (BS-IT 4), Sheryl Evangelista (BEED SPED 3), Joshel Cartegenas (BSN-1), Donna Enriquez (BSN-1) and Marc Duavis (BSN-1), are rigorously subjected to a highly structured training program, and opportunities to contribute to UBDV projects and to represent the university in regional and national tournaments in the coming months.

As of the moment, UBDV is busy preparing for the month of February as it will host the 2nd Visayas Parliamentary Debate Championship on February 15-17 with expected participation of no less than 100 students from the different universities in the Visayas regions. It may be noted that UB was unanimously chosen to be the venue during the first assembly of the Visayas Parliamentary Union, in which UB is the founding member.

As of press time, Manigque, Zafra and Bolos are in Tubod, Lanao del Norte competing at the Mindanao Debate Championship: the 1st Governor Khalid Q. Dimaporo Cup held at the Mindanao Civic Center.

Its again the time for hula hula!

A lot of True readers (diehard believers in the horoscope no doubt) have been asking whats in store for them in the Year of the Rat.

The Rat year is a year of plenty, bringing opportunity and good prospects. It will be marked by speculation and fluctuations in the prices of commodities and the stock market; the world economy in general will boom. Business will be on the upswing, fortunes can be made and it will be an easy time to accumulate wealth. However, this is also the time to make long-term investment plans as the bonanza the year of the Rat brings will serve to see us through the bleak years that may follow. All ventures begun at this time will be successful if one prepares well. But do not take chances or unnecessary risks: the year of the Rat is still ruled by the cold of winter and the darkness of night. Those who speculate indiscriminately and overextend themselves will come to a sad reckoning.

On the whole, this will be a happier year than most: free from explosive events and wars and with far less catastrophes than, say, the years of the Tiger or the Dragon.

Nonetheless, it will be spicy. It promises a lot of bickering, bargaining and petty arguments that will do little harm. A congenial time that will find most of us socializing and enjoying ourselves.

Last years Hula Hula was 95% true. Yeah, believe me baby!

Without much ado, here is True Hula Hula Who 2008.

Drum roll, please....

The Blind Items

  • A local radio program will fade out not due to lack of advertisers but of "unseen" hands.
  • Another Boholano will shine and bring honor to the country by wining in a song festival abroad.
  • Three more boxers will create a big bang this year. The other boxers have a hard time gaining back the confidence of the promoter.
  • Mediamen in the province (both in print and broadcast) will jump over the bakod from their "mother station" to its rival.
  • A high-ranking police officer will be "removed," or "axed" from office not that hes not performing well his duties but because of "unseen" hands. Yes, Sir!
  • A young politician who is living in the shadow of his father would be subject of a sexy video scandal. Olala!
  • A Boholano will make a name in the movie industry (after waiting for so long) and will be named as Most Promising Actor of the Year. Then, another Boholana will be active in showbiz again.
  • A wedding of the daughter of a prominent family in Tagbilaran City supposedly scheduled in the first quarter of 2008 will not be pushed through for reasons that the family of the bride only knows.
  • A business providing tour services will slowly declare bankruptcy. Please help them Lord!
  • Two high-ranking officials in the province will not finish their terms of offices, they are becoming weak this 2008 and soon, you know... (knock on the wood) face the angels.
  • A wife of a businessman will have problems with her philandering hubby. Oh, my, my Delilah!
  • A mediaman has to go home with his Creator (knock on the wood!).
  • Prominent couples (who are engaged in tour services and resorts) will break up like porcelain despite their endless love exchanging "nasty" remarks in the public.
  • A son of a prominent family in Tagbilaran City will make a shocking revelation that he is not a son but a unica hija. May your tribe increase!
  • Three LCEs (local chief executives) will be removed from offices due to grave misconduct and illegal activities.
  • A building in Tagbilaran City will collapse. The foundation has to give up in the 2nd to 3rd quarter of the year. Please pray for our safety.
  • A prominent family will be in the "limelight," as their son will "burn" everything they have.
  • A high-ranking official will be in a car accident three days after his birthday. Cuidao!
  • More and more Boholanos are becoming "out from the closet!" 2008 is a good year to be honest of themselves.
  • Bohol will be in the limelight, you know, its another "outbreak" (knock on the wood) to break! Its an annual cycle remember?



  • Baba Yap is not going to settle down this year, if, and that is a Big if, as he wants to enjoy single blessedness. The apple of his eyes can wait dear.
  • Ron Tan has to venture another business; however, his lovelife remains barren. Oops, I heard a child crying!
  • Suitcase101, the Globe Kantabataan champion last year cant penetrate the music industry. The band needs more experienced manager to handle them, and yet, each member has commitments. Is it saying goodbye?
  • Brownbuds, a popular reggae band in Bohol will come up of their second album after the phenomenal success of their first album (containing the song Byaheng Bohol and Iro!). Carry on!
  • SK Provincial Federation President Jane Cajes will make another history. Aim high, girl!
  • Leah Tirol-Magno will spend vacation abroad with another "member" of the family. She has to choose if she has to remain there.Former OIC Governor Victor dela Serna will make shocking revelations.
  • Mayor Dan Neri Lim will have a peace pipe to be smoked with his "enemies."

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Saturday, 19 January 2008 12:02:30 PHT
I wana be the first one to comment... oi pikon hehehe (inasar ba) nways, miss yah. ngingiti na yan. ayan na, lapit na yan ngumiti.

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