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tabô, tabû, An event, eventuality, occurrence, accident; incident, happening, fact; to happen, occur, come about, take place, befall, betide, fall out, come to pass, get or come upon by chance. Isá inâ ka tabô nga makatitingála. That is (was) a wonderful event. Nakatabô akó kahápon sing maáyo nga sóhot sang ísdà sa ákon bunóan. Yesterday I happened to catch a good lot of fish that entered the pocket of my fish-trap (fish-corral). Natabô nga sang pagabút ko dídto amó gid man ang pagsulúd sang mga buyóng sa bánwa. It fell out that the brigands entered the town just as I arrived. Natabuán akó sang íya kamatáyon. I happened to be present at his death. Natabû ang sulî sang íla ginpaabút. The reverse of what they expected came to pass. (cf. hanabô, hatabû).
tábò, To meet, come together, fall in with, encounter, arrive. Buás matábò kitá sa íya baláy. To-morrow we shall meet at his house. Kon magkarí ikáw liwát dirí, tabóon mo nga madámù ang búnga sang páhò. If you come here again, try to arrive at a time when there are many mangoes. Kahápon nagtábò (nagtaboáy, nagtabóay) kamí ni Hosé sa minurô nga N.N. Joseph and myself chanced to meet yesterday in the village of N.N. Tabóon mo lang akó dirí sa ádlaw nga Huébes, kay magaupúd akó sa ímo. Meet me here on Thursday and I shall go along with you. (cf. tabô).
tabó, (B) A rope made of twisted rags, or the like, and used (when lit) for driving or keeping off mosquitoes. (cf. tahámlok).


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