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mangin—, A contr. that often stands for magapangin—, magpangin—and (rarely) for nagapangin—. Indì ka mangintigúlang, kon índì nímo pagduláon ang maláut mo nga kaduyugán. You won't grow old, unless you give up your bad habits. Iníng dakû nga minurô manginbánwa kunína. This large village will finally become a township or Municipality. Sa dílì madúgay manginkabangdánan iní sang íya nga pagkapúto. This, before long, will be the cause of his bankruptcy, will make him bankrupt. N.B. Mangin—is also, but seldom, used to form nouns and adjectives, e.g. manginalámon—a wise man. (cf. nangin—).


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