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already na
already Adverb na na na
that na iyon
that (one) deictic or demonstrative pronoun, Second person singular (you, "thou"), topic or Nominative case na
disappear wala mawala
left wala kaliwa
left Noun wala kaliwa wala
naught wala
naught Noun wala wala, pagkawala wala, wala'y kapuslanan
nil wala
nix wala
no Adverb wala hindi, wala indi, wala
none wala wala
none Adverb wala wala wala
not Adverb wala hindi, wala indi, wala
not Negative (ayaw, dili, wala), Verb wala wala
not any wala
not have Negative (ayaw, dili, wala), Existential (adunay, may, wala) wala
nothing wala wala
un- wala
without wala sa labas
zero wala wala
zero Noun wala sero, wala sero, wala
gone wala na
none wala na wala

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