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occult Adjective diwaanon di-karaniwan di-ordinaryo, di-makit-an
occult Adjective tinagoan di-karaniwan di-ordinaryo, di-makit-an
uncommon Adjective talagsaon di-karaniwan di-tumalagsahon
unusual Adjective tagsa-on di-karaniwan di-tumalagsahon
rare nihit pambihira
rare panagsa pambihira
rare pangitaon pambihira
rare talagsa pambihira
rare talagsaon pambihira
rare Adjective talagason pambihira tumalagsahon
sparingly Adjective sa daginot pambihira tumalagsahon
uncommon dili sagad pambihira
unique talagsaon pambihira
exclusive Adjective kaugalingon tangi pasahi
exclusive Adjective walay lain tangi pasahi
only lamang tangi
only mao ra tangi
only ra tangi
only deictic or demonstrative pronoun lamang tangi
only deictic or demonstrative pronoun lang tangi
only deictic or demonstrative pronoun lay tangi
particular kaugalingon tangi
singular talagsaon tangi
special espesyal tangi
special talagsaon tangi

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