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marker igmamarka pantatak
marker igtitimaan pantatak
marker magmamarka pantatak
marker magtitimaan pantatak
marker timaan pantatak
past bmiagi kararaan
past kagahapon kararaan
past kanhi kararaan
past miagi kararaan
past nangagi kararaan
past nangagi'ng panahon kararaan
past sa una kararaan
past Adjective ang miagi lipas, nakaraan nagligad
past Verb miaging kararaan
past time marker Genitive or associate marker sa
time dugay panahon
time kadali panahon
time oras panahon
time panahon panahon
time Noun panahon oras, panahon oras, tinion
time Noun panahon panahon

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