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heritage Noun kabilin mana, pamana panublion
inheritance kabilin
legacy kabilin legado
legacy Noun kabilin mana, pamana subli, panublion
patrimony kabilin
bestow Verb paghatag ipagkaloob, ibigay itugyan, ihatag
deliver Verb paghatag dalhin, ibigay, mag-anak, iligtas dalhon, idul-ong, ipanganak
forfeit Verb paghatag likumin, ilitin butongon
give Verb paghatag magbigay, ibigay, magkaloob maghatag, magdulot
grant Verb paghatag ipagkaloob, ibigay ihatag, ipahanugot
impart Verb paghatag magbigay, ipahayag, ituro maghatag, magbahin, ipahayag, itudlo
render Verb paghatag magbigay, magsauli maghatag
to give Verb paghatag
will Verb paghatag kabilin ipagkaloob, ipamana ihatag, idulot

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