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have aduna magkaroon
have ana-a magkaroon
have donakoy magkaroon
have naa magkaroon
have Verb adunay magkaroon, mayroon, may maghupot
have Verb huptan magkaroon
have Verb naghimo magkaroon
have Verb pagkaduna magkaroon, mayroon, may maghupot
not ayaw wala
not buthobuho wala
not dili wala
not igking wala
not igpot wala
not lumatlumat wala
not uknol wala
not ulpot wala
not Adverb dili hindi, wala indi, wala
not Adverb wala hindi, wala indi, wala
not Negative (ayaw, dili, wala) dili wala
not Negative (ayaw, dili, wala), Verb wala wala
not have Negative (ayaw, dili, wala), Existential (adunay, may, wala) wala

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