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8 Hiligaynon words found.

wretched Adjective hinimong alaut kawawa, hamak kinulabos
wretched Adjective timawa kawawa, hamak kinulabos
needy Adjective naghinahanglan nangangailangan, naghihirap, pabayaan nagakinahanglan
needy Adjective tinoawa nangangailangan, naghihirap, pabayaan nagakinahanglan
wanting Adjective kulang kulang, nangangailangan nagakinahanglan
wanting Adjective nagkinahanglan kulang, nangangailangan nagakinahanglan
indigent Adjective mauyamot nangangailangan, mahtrap nagakinahanglan, kinulabos
indigent Adjective timawa nangangailangan, mahtrap nagakinahanglan, kinulabos

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