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18 Tagalog words found.

vacant bakante iwan
vacant wala'y sulod iwan
vacant walay sulud iwan
desert Verb pagbiya lisanin, iwan, pabayaan talikdan, halinan
desert Verb pagtalikod lisanin, iwan, pabayaan talikdan, halinan
abandon biya pabayaan
abandon biyaan pabayaan
abandon bulag pabayaan
abandon pabiya pabayaan
abandon talikdan pabayaan
abandon talikud pabayaan
forsake talikud pabayaan
neglect kawala'y pagtagad pabayaan
neglect kawala’y pabayaan
neglect wala mag'atiman pabayaan
neglect wala magtagad pabayaan
waive Verb pag-iway pabayaan pabayaan
waive Verb pagbiya pabayaan pabayaan

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