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diminish diyutay magbawas
few diyutay konti
few Adjective diyutay kaunti, ilan pila, diotay
little diyutay maliit
little Adjective diyutay maliit diotay
miniature Adjective diyutay maliliit diotay kaayo
minute Noun diyutay minuto, tala ng pulong, maliit minuto, tinion
petty diyutay walang-kabuluhan
slight Adjective diyutay munti, maliit diotay
small Adjective diyutay maliit diotay
best labing pinakamagaling
especially Adverb labing
most labing pinaka
most Adverb labing pinaka
superior Noun labing mataas, nakatataas mataas nga punoan
very Adverb labing napaka
least labing diyutay pinakakaunti
less Adjective labing diyutay kulang, lalong maliit kulang, kubos
minimum labing diyutay minimo

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