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18 Cebuano words found.

important Adjective bililhon mahalaga, makabuluhan kinahanglanon, kamapuslanon
precious bililhon mahalaga
precious Adjective bililhon mahalaga, mahal malahalon, bilihon
valuable bililhon mahalaga
inflexible dili
loose dili maluway
matchless dili
nix dili
No dili
no dili hindi
no Adverb dili hindi, wala indi, wala
not dili wala
not Adverb dili hindi, wala indi, wala
not Negative (ayaw, dili, wala) dili wala
un- dili
unbreakable dili
will not Negative (ayaw, dili, wala), Future dili
petty Adjective dili bililhon di-mahalaga wala'y bili

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