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albeit bisan
although bisan bagaman
although Conjunction bisan kahit na, kahiman bisan, bisan pa
even if Conjunction bisan
though bisan kahit na
though Adjective bisan bagaman, ka himan wala'y sapayan
yet Adverb bisan pa, sa kabila noon pa, sa pihak sina, apang
although bisan pa bagaman
although Conjunction bisan pa kahit na, kahiman bisan, bisan pa
anyway Adverb bisan pa kahit paano, sa paano't paanuman bisan pa
despite bisan pa kahit na
even bisan pa pantay
even Adverb bisan pa kahit, noon pa man bisan pa
nevertheless Adverb bisan pa kahit na, maski na bisan pa, maskin na
still bisan pa walang galaw
still pa walang galaw
still deictic or demonstrative pronoun pa walang galaw
than pa kaysa
yet pa muna
yet deictic or demonstrative pronoun pa muna

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