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would tinguha
would tuyo
wounded Verb nasamdan
wow ayay
wresting dumog
wretch patay-gutum
wretch timawa
wrinkled nangunut
year(s) Noun tuig
years Noun anyos
yellowness Verb pagkadalag
yesterday evening gahapon sa gabii
yesterday evening kagahapon sa gabii
yesterday morning gahapon sa buntag
yesterday morning kagahapon sa buntag
yesterday night gahapon sa gabii
yesterday night kagahapon sa gabii
yesterday noon gahapon sa udto
yesterday noon kagahapon sa udto
yesteryears sa nangaging mga katuigan
yielding manunuton
yielding matuguton
yielding mauyunon
yogurt yogurt
you and me deictic or demonstrative pronoun, First person inclusive, Topic or Nominative case kita

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