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why? question particle ngano
why? question particle nganong
wider mas kaylap
wider mas lapad
wider mas luag
widowed nabalo
wigwam payag sa mga indyano
will be added Verb ipatong
will be given Verb hatagan
will be happy Verb magmalipayon
will be put upon Verb ipatong
will be realized Verb matuman
will buy Verb mopalit
will do buhaton
will give Verb maghatag
will give Verb mohatag
will not Negative (ayaw, dili, wala), Future dili
will remain Verb magpabilin
will say Verb magkanayon
will start Verb masugod
will start (in/on) Verb magsugod (sa)
windup katapusan
wink (of an eye) Noun pamilok
winning midaog
Winter tingtugnaw

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