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what makes it so good Verb ang nakaayo
what size? question particle unsang gidak-ona
what was spoken Verb gipamulong
what you call it kuan
what? unsa?
what? question particle unsa
whatsoever Pronominal form (bisan kinsa, daghanan, tanan) bisan unsang
wheelbarrow karetilya
when done Conjunction pagkuhuman
when ever Conjunction kon
when it becomes morning Verb magbuntag
where are you going? asa ka paingon?
where-abouts hain'g lugara
where-abouts haing dapita
where? Question Particle, Conjunction diin
while ago dili pa dugay
whisker balbas
whisker bangas
whisker bungot
who is it question particle kinsay
who is that question particle kinsay
who? kinsa?
whole-heartedly Adjective malukopong
whooping cough hutoy
why? ngano?

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