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weevil bukbuk
weighed Verb timbangtimbangon
well-behaved maayo'g batasan
well-behaved matinaburon
well-bred buutan
well-bred edukado
well-bred minatuto
well-done lutong-luto
well-groomed maayo'g bisti
well-groomed maayo'g pagkagalam
well-known gibantog
well-known inila pag'ayo
well-to-do adunahan
well-to-do dato
well-to-do sapian
well-wisher bumabatr
went deictic or demonstrative pronoun, Third person singular, verb miadto
were able to get Verb nakabaton
were able to travel Verb nakabiyahe
were closed Verb gipiyong
were found Verb nakit-an
were seen Verb nakit-an
were together Verb gidungan
what is your name? unsa'y imong ngalan?
what is? question particle unsay

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