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Dolphin and whale watching is possible from Pamilacan Island. Experienced boatsmen from here will be able to bring you to spots where you can observe whales and dolphins.

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Blue Freedom Apnea wrote:
Monday, 6 January 2020 12:17:12 PHT
There is new freediving school open in Panglao, Bohol. They are non-profit organization that offer AIDA and Molchanovs courses from beginner level to instructor level. If you want to explore Balicasag island in Panglao, you can also do fun dive with them. Checkout their website is . You can also send an enquiry to their enquiry page Send Enquiry. #freedive #freediving panglao #freediving bohol #freediving philippines
April wrote:
Monday, 10 March 2008 05:42:46 PHT
Hi! Hhere can i make reservations & payment for the whale & dolphin tour?
Boy Realista wrote:
Thursday, 4 October 2007 12:39:27 PHT
Didto mi sa Pamilacan last year (May 2006) ug mibalik mi last vacation (May 2007). I notice that the old watchtower of the place is being neglected. Aduna bay nagpakabana sa pag-restore aning watchtower? Tubaga palihog. Salamat.
Charms wrote:
Saturday, 1 September 2007 16:07:17 PHT
My friends and I are arriving midday in Tagbilaran, what activities can we do when we get there or other places we can visit instead? It seems a little too late to start tours anyway.

Our departure from Tagbilaran is also midday, would we still be able to fit in dolphin and whale watching before our check-in time at the airport?

Hazel wrote:
Tuesday, 10 October 2006 14:43:12 PHT
Hi! Can I have Jojo's no. so I could arrange our trip with him, we're going in Bohol on Oct 15-22. Thanks.
gen wrote:
Wednesday, 1 March 2006 02:51:32 PHT
hi! my family and i are planning to go to bohol? any suggestions where we could stay there? and estimated price also? and activities/place we could do and visit? hope to hear from you guys! God Bless..
Ronald K. wrote:
Thursday, 23 February 2006 12:14:51 PHT
Hello Mauren, If you have arrive here in Bohol. Be sure to go to Carmen where you can find the popular chocolate hills and make sure to go to the beaches to in Panglao Island, too. Hope you'll enjor your tour.
Maureen Atkinson wrote:
Thursday, 9 February 2006 04:28:17 PHT
Going to Bohol in april 2006 Could you please advise of the best places to visit.
Mark wrote:
Tuesday, 18 October 2005 14:30:45 PHT
Bohol is a beautiful place, I like Bohol!!!
Sweet wrote:
Wednesday, 10 August 2005 11:42:42 PHT
Ive seen the site and its terrific! be there this weekend... im too excited!cant wait to be there! watch out for me dolphins!here i come!!!:)
Annabelle Kay wrote:
Monday, 11 July 2005 17:14:01 PHT
I have been to the Pamilacan website. Unfortunately there is information there on how to get in touch with Mr. Baritua, the Coordinator. I wonder if he could make it possible to have ONLINE BOOKING on his website? Thanks! And more power to you!
Armel John Lauren. wrote:
Sunday, 19 June 2005 18:46:59 PHT
nice internet site more im ready to go in BOHOL because i now where to find a nice place and nice views.
Ronnie Reyes, JR. wrote:
Wednesday, 30 March 2005 13:13:41 PHT
Carol wrote:
Tuesday, 29 March 2005 05:33:41 PHT
Hi! i'm planning to go to Pamilacan Island when i go for vacation, can u give a rough idea of what is hotel like there. Thanks!
Miada wrote:
Wednesday, 16 February 2005 09:54:54 PHT
How much does this all cost?
Mae wrote:
Monday, 24 January 2005 13:45:49 PHT
Hi! We're planning to go to Bohol this summer but we"ll just stay there for about 3 days and go to Cebu next. Can you give me information about the attracions and the accommodations? and pls include the possible rates. Thanks! :)
Derek Calif wrote:
Thursday, 23 December 2004 11:39:33 PHT
Bohol is nice but I still like Kauai Island is still no.1 for me.
Teddy wrote:
Sunday, 12 December 2004 13:50:23 PHT
It's a nice place in Bohol, I love to watch the chocolate hills, specially the beautiful creature.
Teddy wrote:
Sunday, 12 December 2004 13:47:39 PHT
I want to watch the pcture gallery of whales and dolphins in Bohol.
Norman wrote:
Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:56:23 PHT
How muich would it cost to go whale watching?how much is the resnt typically?hope anybody can provide information on this.thanks!!
Aina wrote:
Thursday, 8 July 2004 08:58:35 PHT
Is whale watching still availble during this time? Im going to Bohol mid July and I want to go Dolphin watching. You know any contacts who can arrange it?

You may follow the link in this short article to get to some people who are good in this.--Jeroen

Noelli wrote:
Tuesday, 1 June 2004 22:14:50 PHT
Hi! yes, definitely, Bohol is a place to be especially in the month of May! hehehe...
Gene wrote:
Wednesday, 28 April 2004 08:59:56 PHT
Bohol is a tourist haven with Dolphin and Whale as one of the attractions. Panglao in Bohol have white beaches like Boracay. I was informed but I did not verify that tourists can now take a boat or banca in Boracay to get to Panglao. Unless you're in group and you can share the rates, it is expensive, my source told me. The usual way, is a trip by boat or airplane to Manila or Cebu from Palawan. If anyone is interested, just e-mail me, or call my cell, 09194006465. I will ask my source in Panglao who could help you arrange the trip and get to Bohol for the whale and dolphin watching. By the way, I am from Panglao but based in Manila. I use to tour-guide my friends and relatives for Bohol's attractions to make their travel less expensive.I endorse whale and dolphin watching, I have a friend named Leo to take you to the dolphin and whale site. The other tour sites are equally a 'must see' sites. Come and enjoy your trip to sea and nature.
Y. Sulaiman wrote:
Friday, 13 February 2004 11:21:35 PHT
Dear Jojo: I wrote the article you commented on! Do you think we can beat the competitors? Simple - we duplicate everything you have done RIGHT! Give me your thoughts... Regards Y. Sulaiman
Lynn wrote:
Monday, 2 February 2004 12:25:57 PHT
Been home in Bohol two weeks ago and unfortunately I haven't got a chance to go to Pamilacan Island. We just stood at Baclayon pier terminal. My Canadian friend was not so sure if it is safe to go there.

Unless the weather conditions are quite extreme (strong winds and high waves), those large motorised bankas are a perfectly save way of travelling: the worst you can have is a failing engine, in which case there are plenty of other banka's eager to tow you back home.--Jeroen

joel wrote:
Monday, 3 November 2003 16:46:43 PHT
definitely i want to go whale watching with my family! we are going there on 14-16nov. i find the rates expensive. is there another way to see the dolphins in a less expensive way? are there other people/doing this? also, i plan to include in this trip a visit to the chocolate hills. how long is the bus trip from tagbilaran? the last activity for this planned trip is the loboc river cruise. how can i avail of this? rgds joel
Joel wrote:
Monday, 3 November 2003 16:46:19 PHT
Is it advisable to stay in the Panglao island if I want to add island hopping and whale watching? If not, I plan just to stay in Tagbilaran city and just get the day tour from someone. pls advise. and, who is Jojo? What is is contact number/details?
Karen L. Catalan wrote:
Saturday, 11 October 2003 09:02:33 PHT
I just got back from Bohol and the highlight of that trip was seeing the spinner dolphins and pilot whales playing with us! We got to know Jojo Baritua and some fisherfolk from Pamilacan, and if you want to do whale or dolphin watching, they are really the people to contact. Not only will they help you appreciate this tour, you will also help in the conservation of these beautiful animals by providing the Pamilacan community with an alternative source of livelihood.

Bohol is very beautiful, not as commercialized or developed as, say, Boracay. The people are very friendly. I would definitely go back!

Jane wrote:
Sunday, 28 September 2003 15:05:11 PHT
I been to Bohol a couple of times already, but I haven't been to Pamilican Island, I was hoping that on my next visit I can go there and see those whales, I will be visiting there with my friends and I hope they will enjoy there stay, I might end up hopping that place by next month... See you there guys.
Anne Simpao wrote:
Saturday, 19 July 2003 13:22:08 PHT
I've been dying to go to Bohol... please advise regarding packages including airfare, hotel acomodation, and of course whale watching... thanks :)
Rex Belarmino wrote:
Tuesday, 15 July 2003 16:29:37 PHT
Bohol is the best place to go.. the best place to relax and the best place to live!! Full of friendly people and warm-hearted helloes'' Of course.. bohol is where i live and where i shall prosper.. Visit Bohol!!!!
Trince Trinidad wrote:
Sunday, 27 April 2003 23:27:06 PHT
Hi. Our islands had amazed me so much... I will be leaving our country soon, and I had made it a point to check Bohol before I leave. I have received a positive impression about it both on TV and papers. It's somewhat like a magnet that attracts people. For sure. We're ready to pack our bags on off to Bohol mania... may I ask for some tips how can we maximize and economize our 3 day trip this May?

Stay at one of the beaches at Panglao Island, and get a organized tour bringing you to all the prime spots; contact Jojo for a dolphin watching trip, which must be great during this time of the year. Don't miss: Corella Tarsier Sanctuary, some old churches, like Baclayon, Dauis, Loboc, Punta Cruz watchtower, of course the Chocolate Hills. Three days is rather short, but good enough to get a taste of it...--Jeroen.

Jego & Keeco wrote:
Monday, 21 April 2003 11:44:38 PHT
We just returned from a 5 day stay in Bohol. We went dolphin watching although no spinner dolphin was spotted that day, nonetheless, the beautiful beach of Pamilacan and Balicasag Islands were worth the long trip from Baclayon (starting point). I recommend to you guys that you visit Bohol the soonest possible time before it gets too "commercialized". I spoke to a spotter who told us that another group of people have started their own "whale and dolphin watching" bussiness competeting against the native of Pamilacan.
Ramona Salva wrote:
Monday, 21 April 2003 11:07:33 PHT
We might stay in anyana hotel. Is itpossible to be picked up from there to Pamilacan island?
Jaybee Pilao wrote:
Monday, 7 April 2003 11:57:11 PHT
Is there a guarantee that we will spot whales, once we go whale/dolphin watching?

If were staying in Balicasag Island, can we be picked-up from there?

Nobody can guaranty you that whales will show up. In fact, they normally only appear in the months of April and May, and even then you will need some luck to see them. You'll have much bigger chances to see dolphins, but even then you can hit a bad day and don't see them at all. When we made the tour in September 2002, we saw no less than 500 spinner dolphins, hunting for fish, but some people who made the tour a day before only stared at us in disbelieve, since they had seen none. Observing wildlife always takes knowledge about what your looking for (Which Jojo and his men certainly have), and then either luck or a lot of time.

I think it won't be a problem to be picked up from Balicasag Island, although it will mean a two hours trip from their base in Baclayon or on Pamilacan Island, which means it will be somewhat later, and your best chances are early in the morning.--Jeroen.

Mermaid wrote:
Wednesday, 26 March 2003 22:35:52 PHT
We're going to Bohol this summer! But we don't have the luxury of staying long :(. Is it possible to do dolphin/whale watching in half a day?

You'll have to start early anyway, say about 6 in the morning, and can be back at noon. You could also ask Jojo to arrange a sightseeing tour to the Chocolate Hills and the Corella Tarsier sanctuary on the same day. Have fun!--Jeroen.

Brian wrote:
Friday, 31 January 2003 12:51:42 PHT
Our class have visited Bohol but we weren't brought to this whale watching site. :(

It isn't just a site, it is a half day trip with a banka out on open sea.---Jeroen.

Ambrosio O. Pingkian wrote:
Thursday, 9 May 2002 21:12:02 PHT
I am resident of Pamilacan and currently working in Saudi Arabia. I just left my place for a short vacation. I really admire the nature of course my homeplace. I am encouraging everyone to visit my homeplace with hospitable people and enjoy watching dolphins and whales and you will experience the prestigious moments when you stay. Fresh foods, fresh air and clear water with white sand beaches and enjoy scuba diving as well. You are most welcome to my homeplace.
Francis J. wrote:
Tuesday, 30 April 2002 10:11:41 PHT
Great help for us, keep up! thanks.

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