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Reader Comments on 'Gilas project gearing up to computerize Bohol'

Recently we learned about the Gilas project, an ambitious project initiated by the Ayala foundation to provide all high schools in the Philippines with a computer class, and we were happy to learn that one of the focus areas will be Bohol.

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Annabella Fuentes wrote:
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 14:45:26 PHT
This is a nice project. Wow, glad to know that Bohol is on the move towards IT. My husband and I own a business development company(CBG) in Talibon, we are also working to bring computers and Information Technology to Northern Bohol Areas. We are getting ready to do a contract with Ubay and build a LAN. ALso, we are looking to employ technicians and IT people from Bohol in the next few months. You can email me here or thru our website at WWW.CALBIZGROUP.COM------lets work together and build Bohol
Elgie Bugas wrote:
Monday, 15 January 2007 08:50:05 PHT
Presently I am now working to install an Internet Infrastruture in our urban poor community situated in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, on which most of the household we initially targeted is abouth 67, most of this household do not have computers on their homes, but most of this household have children attending schools mostly in publics schools. I can offer them connection to the internet (broadband) for just a minimal setup fee with no monthly obligations since we will use a pre-paid type of logging to the net. The company to which I was negotiating to have a retailing of the internet use has already pilot tested this type of connection to one area in tagbilaran and is successful, My area will be the second site for this internet infra. My problem is that most of the household cannot afford to have this computer since it cost about 20,000 pesos to own one and I was thinking that aside from donating this to DepEd to distribute the OLPC, why not also extend it to URBAN POOR families since we are under a local organization for the urban poor that is Tagbilaran Urban Poor Organization (TAUPO) on which there are sizeable urban poor communities situated within a city that also needs this OLPC. This is just an idea, if you can help me on this by giving me requirements maybe we can negotiation our local government to facilitate this issue, since we can give them access to the internet, they only lack computers. We can also provide technical support and maintenance if this will be feasible.
Franco Labella wrote:
Wednesday, 10 January 2007 15:55:46 PHT
Aloha! to all my kapwa boholanos and boholanas, I am so happy and excited to know that this project, GILAS PROJECT is on going right now in our place. I am very proud to be a filipino and a boholano, where I was born and race till I came here in Hawaii, USA. I am a graduate of Computer Networking & Technology here in Honolulu. And I would like to contribute any help I can in order to make a difference in our boholano youths at schools. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and please let me know how I can help. I maybe goin back there in the summer for vacation and I would be honered and glad to help in this project. Please email me or my contact phone here in Hawaii is 1-808-203-9430. I am so glad that our place there in Bohol is moving up in Technology. So to all of you my brothers and sisters in Bohol, keep up the good work and take pride in who we are. ALOHA & MAHALO, FRANCO
Louie B. Daplinan wrote:
Wednesday, 22 November 2006 22:00:40 PHT
Gilas Project is very important project and a great help to remote places here in Bohol. Just recently, my hometown-Sikatuna now has an internet provided by National Computer Center (NCC)4 units. Go back to the Gilas project, I am willing to contribute my little knowledge in Computer Operations- especially the Microsoft Office Package (WORD, PowerPoint, Excel,Access, Project and etc.) I have also a little knowledge on Lotus Notes and of course on Microsoft Internet Browser and typing. I am available only every June of each year since it is my annual vacation. Please let me know if I could help.
Rolando Balili wrote:
Wednesday, 25 October 2006 21:50:28 PHT
Hi I would like to help maintain the old computers use for the Gilas Project deployed already in Bohol, drop me a line so we can talk the possiblities.
Rengab wrote:
Thursday, 19 October 2006 14:40:21 PHT
PHP 300,000 can be spent on more important infrastructure-classroom, books, teachers, etc.

Your surplus computer model is more sustainable in Bohol and Philippines.

I don't deny that funds in that direction are also needed. However, computers are an essential tool in modern office environments, so to be able to get any job in that area, exposure to it is required. Furthermore, computers are an ideal way to access books. Although a computer is more expensive than a book, costing as much as a hundred books or so, it can contain many thousands of books, and unleash access to even more on the internet. Having a computer with internet connectivity at school is equivalent to supplying the school with a 100.000 book library.

I have experience with trying to maintain surplus computers, and, the older the machines, the more difficult it gets. All kind of parts break down, and replacements are no longer available in the market, which means I have to canibalize other machines for this purpose. Unfortunately, it is often the same part that break. If it is more than five years old, it is actually cheaper to get something newer, and yes, I continue to wish for simpler and more robust computers.--Jeroen.

Ellen Racela wrote:
Wednesday, 11 October 2006 05:17:32 PHT
This project will create a better and high technology to all Boholanos. Please continue your good work. To improve the boholanos way of learning , living , and more improve and modern communication. Thank you for your support " GILAS PROJECT " Mabuhay kayong lahat. I'm a boholana living here in Germany.

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