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ma—, A shortened form of the verbal prefix maga—denoting the active future, e.g. Si Fuláno maabút (magaabút) sa buás. N.N. will arrive to-morrow. Karón sa hápon masulát (magasulát) akó sa íya. This afternoon I will write him.
ma—, A shortened form of the verbal prefix magaka—; quite frequently this ma—also stands for magka—and even for nagaka—. Madúla inâ, kon dílì nímo pagtipígan sing maáyo. It will get lost, unless you guard it well. (madúlàmagakadúlà). Andam ka, agúd índì ka mahúlug. Look out or you may fall down. (mahúlugmagkahúlug). Mahádluk siá. He is afraid, is getting afraid. (mahádluknagakahádluk).
ma—, The potential verbal prefix of the passive voice denoting the possibility or feasibility, and if negatived, the impossibility of what the root implies, e.g. Mahímò inâ. That can be done. That is possible. Dílì (índì) mahímò inâ. That cannot be done. That is impossible. Indì maíro inâ. That cannot be tolerated. That is intolerable. This ma— is the counterpart of the active maka—.
ma—, A prefix forming adjectives in three ways, namely:

1) by simple attachment to the root, e.g. mahágpok—crisp; malínaw—calm; matahúm—beautiful. (cf. hágpok, línaw, tahúm).

2) by adding also the suffix—on, e.g. malalíson—disobedient; malimóton—forgetful; mapigusón—oppressing. (cf. lális, límot, pígus).

3) by superadding the particle "in" which is placed before the first vowel of the root, e.g. malinapáson—omitting, neglecting the performance of; mabinalák-on—careful, concerned, interested; matinipígon—preserving, saving, guarding. (cf. lápas, balákà, típig).

N.B. Other formations of adjectives see under mag-, manog-, maki-.

ma, The bellow, lowing, moo, mooing (of cattle); to low, moo, bellow. Ang báka nagamá. The cow lows, is lowing. (cf. humá, umá, má-má).


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