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mán-og, Snake, serpent, viper. (cf. sawá).
manog—, A prefix denoting occupation with what the root or term implies to which it is attached, e.g. manogarádo—a plougher; manogdumúg—a wrestler; manoghábul—a weaver; manoglála—a basket-weaver, one who makes wickerwork; manogabút—one about, or expected, to arrive; manogkádto—one about to leave or go somewhere, manogtapús—one about to finish or complete (his studies, a job, etc.). N.B. Very frequently the prefix manog—produces a shifting of the accent of the term to which it is attached, e.g. manogdumúg (dúmug); manoghábul (habúl); manogtapús (tápus) and many more. (manug—id.).
manug—, See manog—.


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