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Kayla'a Beach Resort

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Booking:Excellent 1
Arrival:Excellent 1
Location:Excellent 1
Room:Excellent 1
Facilities:Excellent 1
Service:Excellent 1
Staff:Excellent 1
Cleanliness:Excellent 1
Restaurant:Excellent 1
Food:Excellent 1
Bar:Excellent 1
Price:Excellent 1
Overall:Excellent 1

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Kevin & Amor McGaughy | Monday, 23 August 2010 | Rating: Excellent

We have stayed at Kayla'a Beach Resort 3 times now, and will always stay there when we visit Bohol. being a smaller, new resort, Kayla'a has the opportunity to treat guests as family, in true Boholano fashion! Spotless rooms, excellent food, sparkling pool and incredible views! My wife and her mother both enjoyed a massage, and we rented the new motorcycle to enjoy the the beautiful sites Bohol has to offer. Kayla'a is definitely worth the value and short drive away from the big city.