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Balicasag Island Dive Resort

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Restaurant:Good 1
Food:Good 1
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Tintin the traveller | Tuesday, 28 September 2010 | Rating: Good

Stayed at Balicasag island resort for 3 days - Beautiful place, absolutely cut off from civilisation. Cottages on stilts are good - no TV, cell works if using Smart network, the best part is the coral beach (and the sea) are barely 30 metres off! you can snorkel anytime you want - you will always see a few anemone fish or clown fish along an anemone close to the shore - and of course, colourful coral if you swim a few more metres into the waters. hospitality is not the best (i have seen better examples in Phils) and there is no hot water. you have to take a boat to and fro (will cost you 1000 pesos irrespective of how many people there are). there is a village on the other side so you can always have lunch at one of the beach side huts that cater to the divers who come during the day from Alona beach