Sunday 21 July 2024 17:23:28 PHT

Baclayon Ancestral Homes Association (Bahandi)

"Bahandi" ("treasure" in Cebuano) is the name of the Association of Baclayon Ancestral Home Owners. Here, a number of owners of Spanish-era houses have joined forces to preserve there unique piece of cultural heritage. Some of these houses have been opened for guests.

A couple of years ago, a road-widening project threatened the survival of many of those old houses, some dating back as far as 1853. In response the owners organized themselves. Demolition has been avoided, and history remains alive. Several of the houses have been opened for guests to stay overnight as part of a home-stay program, offering a unique glimpse into life in Bohol in the nineteenth century. The home-stay program includes accommodation and food, but also means you will be staying with the families and get in touch with the Boholano culture and lifestyle of today.

Income from this program helps the house owners to preserve their homes.