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Villa Tarcela

Are you a Filipino based abroad and longing to revisit your home country but you have no place to stay? Or are you a foreigner planning to spend your vacation on the island of Bohol in the Philippines? Well, you have come to the right place. Discover this newly built Villa Tarcela Resort that will bring you to a spectacular getaway experience that you will never forget.

This nicely designed Villa Tarcela Resort is a small but cozy place to stay and spend the most wonderful holiday you ever had. It is beautifully nestled between the sea waterfront and the gentle rapids of the fresh water river that flows right into the ocean.

It has a nice beach with powdery sand and aquamarine clear water that will invite you to go swimming or even just enjoy a terrific day by the shore.

Villa Tarcela is also ideal and affordable for anyone who wants to spend a family vacation or a holiday with relatives and friends. It can even be made into an exclusive group reunion for a special occasion.

All nine guestrooms have been designed by a creative, artistic Boholana who is distinguished by her interior design profession.

There are five well crafted and beautifully designed rooms with a breathtaking view of the ocean. From its terrace, you can see the scenic island of the Mindanao Sea. On a clear day, an exquisite panoramic view of Mt. Hibochiboc can be seen in the silhouettes of the Camiguin islands. At night, you can enjoy watching the fishermen's luminous bobbling lamps on their boats trying to attract and catch fish near the shore.

The other four rooms are also well decorated with marvelous views of the palm trees, the pleasingly beautiful Pangatan river and the vast rice fields of Tangohay.

These rooms have air conditioning, mini bars, telephones and televisions that can be hooked up to a DVD. All rooms also have hot/cold showers.

Villa Tarcela Resort also offers diving equipment for those who are interested in diving to see the many exotic species of fish in the clear and sparkling water and be able to enjoy the fascinating protected coral reefs.

A splendid native restaurant beside the pool offers authentic local and international cuisine for dining. While enjoying your meal, you can see a spectacular view of the ocean during day or at night. Our guests can also freely interact with the local people who are friendly, hospitable and can make your stay a cultural adventure. Our hotel's staff are trained to assist in all your needs in a pleasant and personable manner so you will have a safe and comfortable stay.

Telephone number in Scandinavia:

+46 70 5145 684
+47 75 75 7621

Overview of Rooms

Standard RoomOur standard rooms are already a guaranty for a pleasant stay.2
De Luxe Single RoomDeluxe Single Room with ocean and palm trees view.1
De Luxe Double RoomDe Luxe Double Room with palm trees.2
Japanese RoomA room with a Japanese atmosphere.2
Hawaiian RoomA room with an Hawaiian atmosphere.2
British RoomA room with a British atmosphere.2
American RoomAmerican Room with palm trees and ocean view.2
Scandinavian Family RoomA room with a Scandinavian atmosphere.4

[1] Rates are the lowest rates for one night stay. On selected days, higher rates may apply. For some resorts, longer stays may result in lower rates.