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inog—, A verbal prefix related to and often identical with i—, ig—, iga—, but preferably used in expressing circumstances of time or instrumentality. Ang mga ádlaw nga inogpuása. Fast-days. Tión na nga inoglakát. It is now time to set out, to go or walk. Adlaw nga inogpangabúdlay. A work-day. Adlaw nga inogpahúay. A day of rest. A holiday. Bató nga inoggalíng sang maís. A stone for grinding corn. Papél nga inogsulát. Writing paper. Batakán nga inoglúlan sang mga sakayán. A crane for loading ships. Inogbák-ong—a shroud, sheet, cover. Inogbalítwà—a lever, bar for raising heavy loads. Inogkaláham (inogpangaláham)—the sense of touch, sensation through contact. Inogsagámsam—taste, the sense of taste. Inoglaráwan—for use in painting, carving, photography, etc. etc. (cf. inug—id.).
inug—, See inog—.


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