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Meat Balls with "Sotanghon"

IJsselstein, Friday, 27 December 2002 (updated: Thursday, 2 January 2003)


1/2 cup ground pork
2 tablespoons chopped onion
2 tablespoons sliced onions
1 egg
1 tablespoon flour
2 segments minced garlic
2 cups meat or chicken broth
1/2 cup soaked "sotanghon" (vermicelli)
2 teaspoons soy sauce
1/4 cup cut fine green onion (spring onion)
1 tablespoon lard
salt & pepper


  1. Combine the ground pork, chopped onions, egg, and flour; add a teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of pepper. Shape this into balls about one inch (2.5 cm) in diameter.
  2. Saute the garlic in lard and add the sliced onions and broth. Boil the broth, and then drop the meat balls in one by one.
  3. Boil the meat until it is almost done, then add the "sotanghon", and boil it for another five minutes. Add soya sauce and pepper to taste.
  4. Pour the broth and meat balls into a bowl or soup tureen. Sprinkle with green onion.
  5. Serve hot.



What readers think...

Edith Tiongco wrote:
Thursday, 19 July 2007 03:31:05 PHT
this a very delicious and easy to make soup....please post new and more recipe...thanks to all....
Edith wrote:
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 14:47:41 PHT
It was very yammy,,,,,,,,,another recipe pls those who have my husband family here in Cyprus like it too much it very light soup....thanks for sharing this recipe..

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