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Banana Shake

IJsselstein, Friday, 27 December 2002 (updated: Thursday, 2 January 2003)

We start with a very simple, but absolutely delicious recipe, just to get the taste of it...


2 fully ripe bananas
1 1/2 glass of milk
3 tablespoons vanilla ice cream
1 tablespoon chopped almonds


  1. Put bananas, milk and vanilla ice cream in the blender and blend till absolutely smooth.
  2. Pour the banana shake into glasses and garnish with the chopped almonds.
  3. Serve chilled.


Rodelyn Gallo Hellingman

What readers think... wrote:
Sunday, 29 May 2011 23:05:35 PHT
Nice recipe.... This made me hungry.
lym wrote:
Thursday, 22 May 2003 13:49:54 PHT
looking a recipe no calories to be slim bcoz dress i have no longer fit,.
lyn wrote:
Monday, 21 April 2003 16:47:31 PHT
rodelyn i try this banana shake with ur recipe, and its delicious,i could not make banana shake w/out recipe ,and thank you before going me to sleep im would like to thanks to u,picture beaches in anda i save them some in computer and really reminds me always swimming ,im wait when u post new recipe ill write down in my notes.
Leo Wildon wrote:
Thursday, 27 March 2003 11:39:45 PHT
clarification only, what variety of banana? is it cardaba or what..coz i want to try.

Any type of non cooking banana will do, but lakatan, bungan or stanfilco is the best. I dont know how they call them in another place. You could see this type of banana for exporting.--Rodelyn.

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