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Bared... The sexy twin hunks of TBTK

Tagbilaran, Saturday, 19 May 2012


Scene: Rep. Erico Boyles Aumentado celebrated his 72nd birthday last Friday, May 18, in Ubay town. The second district solon thanked his family and friends for organizing a birthday bash for him. Spotted were Mayors Eutiquio Bernales, Tom Gonzaga, Ronald Lowell Tirol and barangay captains. Special guests were Representatives Cynthia Villar and Mitos Magsaysay. On hand to help Erico entertained their friends was his wife Greenie. The birthday bash was "a celebration of 72 years of God-given life and 46 years of highly productive public service."

Birthday celebrator Rep. Erico Aumentado with wife Greenie, children and grandchildren. Credit: Fatima Mapesos.

Scene: Mariecris Evardo, a member of the Lungsuranon Performance Arts Ensemble (LUPAE), won the Anyag sa Tubigon 2012. Raymund Delgado, erstwhile Tubigon's Queen of All Media said, "So wonderful batch of Anyag girls whom I had a chance to mentor. Girls, always remember that the journey doesn't end in winning the crown. Real crowns are the things which we are made of."

Anyag sa Tubigon 2012 and her Royal Court: (l-r) Anyag 4th Runner-Up Carla Stephany Simporios, Anyag 2nd Runner-Up Claire Arlene Podador, Anyag sa Tubigon 2012 Mariecris Evardo, Anyag 1st Runner-Up Febby Grace Nalzaro, and Anyag 3rd Runner-Up Karla Korina Rodriguez. Credit: Anyag FanPage

Scene: A trainer/handler cried foul when the organizers of a popular beauty pageant in town allegedly harassed him when he was not allowed to enter the venue on the apparent copycat issue. "He was barred from being the handler of a candidate who was a crowd favorite who did not make it to the final five," shared VRS.

Scene: Beauty watchers were dismayed to see mediocre trophies awarded to the winners of a prestigious beauty pageant. "Minus jud ang trophies wala nabagay sa pageant. If not of the beautiful girls, it looked like it was another basketball tournament in town. It was not of international taste," said the roving beauty pageant VRS.

Scene: Miss Teen Tagbilaran 2012 Mary Ebone Calimbayan Cimafranca won the Miss Bohol International 2012 title. She also bagged the Darling of the Crowd, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Interview and Best in Gown.

Seen: Miss CONBUSAC 2011 Tessie Sumampong La Mourea of Washington and Miss CONBUSAC Tourism 2011 Lorraine Ancog Galang were spotted at The Buzz. "They're here for the TBTK 2012," said a socialite VRS. "They are stunning! Tessie is a wow," added VRS. Also spotted in Tagbi was Gisela May "Jiji" Apalisok. The Texas-based Chic Geek, who was a lifestyle editor in a local newspaper, is here for a vacation.

Miss CONBUSAC 2011 Tessie Sumampong La Mourea and Miss CONBUSAC Tourism 2011 Lorraine Ancog Galang Credit: Mikey Gatal

Miss Bohol International
2012 Mary Ebone Calimbayan
Cimafranca Credit:
EJ Relampagos

So what is sexy to Marlon and Marvin Penales Olano, the identical twin hunks from Los Angeles, California, who came here for the Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) who are making women -- and other creatures besides -- swoon?

"I go to the gym and plays ball and physically fit," says Marvin. "I feel sexy when I go to bed naked or only in my boxers."

"To me," says Marlon, "I feel sexy when coming out from the shower then I shave my beard wearing only a white towel."

Born and raised in LA to Boholano parents Jun and Lilia Olano (nee Penales), the twin hunks were the cynosure during the Mrs. Bohol International 2012 held last week. While they were escorting the queens up and down the stage, all eyes were on them not to miss a single thing about them. Marlon escorted Elizabeth Pizarras-Ramirez, Mrs. Bohol International 2012.

"They got that baby face, charming sex appeal and sizzling body that women have been dreaming about," says a fan of the twin hunks during the pageant night.

"I met the twin hunks in some gatherings of Boholanos in LA," says the US-based Boholano socialite Mikey Gatal (who owns the The hunks accompanied Mikey last week in Ilijan, Ubay for Mikey's charity event.

Adds Mikey: "They are athletic, nature lovers and romantic. Everything about them is impressive, logical and orderly." Because everything Marvin does, Marlon does just as well. And vice versa - although they insist there's no rivalry.

And how did they lose "it"? "When I was 16 to an older woman," confesses Marvin. "When I was 20 to an older woman," says Marlon.

And, er, who's luckier with the ladies? Their parents are worried right now because they found love here. Marlon is leaving early for Manila to meet his dream girl and Marvin is staying in Cebu for five days to meet his girl.

For the record, they're both currently single. And although they enjoy bickering about who looks more like singer-writer Bruno Mars, they never argue.

Both Capricorn (Dec. 31, 1987), they are really identical: same height (5'11"); Marvin weighs 192 lbs and Marlon weighs 195 lbs; they both wear large-size boxer briefs and shirts, and size-12 shoes for Marlon and size-13 shoes for Marvin.

Marvin and Marlon Penales Olano: The twin hunks of TBTK
Credit: Mikey Gatal

Let's proceed with a little "sexy talk."

Sexiest song
Marlon: Pop.
Marvin: R&B.

Sexiest book
Marlon: Culinary books because I like to cook.
Marvin: Any book.

Sexiest magazine
Marlon: Slam magazine.
Marvin: Sports Illustrated.

Sexiest woman's face
Marlon: Lovey Poe.
Marvin: Shania Magdangal.

Sexiest clothes
Marlon: Formal clothes attending diner.
Marvin: Casual clothes.

Sexiest perfume
Marlon: Lacoste.
Marvin: Polo Sport.

Sexiest food
Marlon: I am vegetarian and I like more fruits.
Marvin: Anything with meat.

Sexiest time of day
Marlon: When I wake up in the morning I feel sexy.
Marvin: Night time is sexy for me.

Sexiest part of the house
Malron: Kitchen.
Marvin: My gym room.

Sexiest scene he has seen in a movie
Marlon: Mission Impossible Tom Cruise crawling on the wall, I feel like I can do that too.
Marvin: My Neighbor's Wife, the kitchen scene.

The twin hunks: Marvin (left) and Marlon -- enjoying their
escapade in Panglao. Credit: Mikey Gatal

Sexiest TV show
Marlon: Sports games, basketball, water sports and tennis.
Marvin: Sports games especially basketball, tennis and soccer.

Sexiest fantasy
Marlon: A shirtless master chef with sexy assistants.
Marvin: When I wake up in an island and served by all beautiful women.

Sexiest thing he has done for a girl
Marlon: I surprised a girl to have a dinner date in an expensive restaurant and sent her flowers.
Marvin: We went outdoor bungee jumping together and she loves it.

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