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Punta Cruz Spanish Watchtower
Punta Cruz Spanish Watchtower
Maribojoc lies on the southwestern coast of Bohol. This town is probably named after the pinelike tree (Agoho), the leaves of which look like hairs. This tree is locally known as Maribojoc. The original name of the municipality is said to be Dungguan, which means a place of anchorage. It was an appropriate name because the town is on a little bay which is fairly sheltered from strong winds. Maribojoc was declared a parish in 1767. It became a regular municipality on October 15, 1860. In 1879, it was a thriving town with a population of 18,200.
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church

In the barangay of Punta Cruz, you can still find an old Spanish watch-tower, build there to provide an early warning of Moro raiders approaching Bohol. Of all the watch-towers on Bohol, this is probably the best preserved one.


Maribojoc celebrate its town fiesta on the 5th of May in honor of Saint Vincent Ferrer and the Holy Cross.

Maribojoc Police Station: +63 38 504 9555


Maribojoc Community Hospital
Address: Bayacabac, 6336 Maribojoc, Bohol, Philippines
Phone: +63 38 504 9621

Maribojoc Community Hospital is a government owned hospital and has a capacity of 15 beds. Dr. Emma Perpetua F. Cahatol - Chief of Hospital

Maribojoc was severely hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on 15 October 2013. Many houses were damaged, and the historical church completely destroyed. At places, the sea-bed was lifted more than a meter, and as a result, the coast-line receded some 50 to 100 meters. Punta Cruz watch-tower is no longer directly at the sea.

Punta Cruz Watchtower
Punta Cruz
Punta Cruz
Punta Cruz
Punta Cruz
Punta Cruz
Punta Cruz
Punta Cruz
Punta Cruz
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church
Maribojoc Church

Maribojoc at a glance
Population (2015): 20688
Population (2010): 20491
Population (2000): 16786
Number of households (2000): 2630
Land area: 5192 ha
Number of barangays: 22
Distance from Tagbilaran: 14 km

BarangayPopulation (2000)Households (2000)Population (2010)Population (2015)
Punta Cruz631140770737
San Isidro421124525605
San Roque (Aghao)8055411771256
San Vicente8363011151097

(Based on figures from the census of 2000, 2010, and 2015 from PSA)

Jeroen Hellingman and Rodelyn Gallo Hellingman

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Dolee Ayco Magdoza wrote:
Tuesday, 17 April 2018 14:56:06 PHT
Please change the place where the watch tower located. its is in Punta Cruz not in Santa Cruz as written above..

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Victor Guerra wrote:
Tuesday, 7 February 2017 19:41:26 PHT
Sir, I Like the model of your place and would like to have a link to Municipal ordinace no. 35 series of 2005 regarding Traffic, transportation and Communciation of your municipality Thank you Victor B. Guerra
Marivic wrote:
Friday, 14 September 2012 08:34:57 PHT
I was born their yey me

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