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True: My Christmas list

Tagbilaran, Friday, 21 December 2007

Besides Ol' Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra's Christmas Collection contains the last holiday tune Ol' Blue Eyes ever recorded, a plaintive version of Silent Night), Joy to the World and Silent Night, Holy Night, two of my few other favorite Christmas songs is Give love on Christmas Day which is, you admit it, a bit hard to memorize. According to my sister, the Jackson 5 had sung this.

People making lists, buying special gifts,
It's a time to be kind to one and all
It's that time of year when good friends are dear
And you wish you could give more
Than just presents from a store

Why don't you give love on Christmas day [on Christmas day]
Oh even the man who has everything
Would be so happy if you would bring
Him love on Christmas day [on Christmas day]
No greater gift is there than love

People you don't know smiling out hello
Everywhere there's an air of Christmas joy
It's that once a year, when the world's sincere
And you'd like to find a way
To show the things that words can't say

Why don't you give love on Christmas day [on Christmas day]
The man on the street and the couple upstairs
All need to know that there's one cares
Give love on Christmas day [Christmas day]
No greater gift is there than love
What the world needs is love
Yes the world needs your love

Why don't you give love on Christmas day [on Christmas Day]
Oh every little child on Santa's knee
Has room for your love underneath his tree
Give love on Christmas day [Christmas day]
No greater gift is there than love
What the world needs is love
Yes the world needs your love

Give love on Christmas day [Christmas day] ...

Everyone has Christmas wishes. I've been texting "friends"" asking them what gifts they like to give and to receive this Christmas. For those what gift they can give to the execs, think it twice, they belong to that small group of people who have virtually everything they can wish for.

Got a text from Leah Tirol-Magno who says that she wishes to give love, patience and time (non-material) and something to eat or keep (material). She likes ""to receive good health always to me and loved ones, healthy smart baby, love and peace for all (non-material) and ASUS EeePC 8GB mininotebook (material).

On the other hand, Rep. Edgar Chatto texted me his wish this Christmas: Let's give love on Christmas and all year round-everything else will fall in its own place…peace, prosperity, progress and all other things which mean so much to mankind.

I've lots of wishes this Christmas and for the year 2008 like paying my debts, having a new laptop and traveling abroad.

What's your wish this Christmas?

Three days before Christmas and here's my own list of gifts to my favorite who's who in Bohol top be delivered by Santa Claus minus the reindeers on sleigh but my walking down the CPG streets.

  • For Baba Yap: Wedding bells. I think he's found the love of his life. Same for young business tycoons Ron Tan and RG Ong.
  • For Boy Guingguing: Good health, and more prayers from readers and friends.
  • For Aldner and Michelle Damalerio: A healthy baby. They badly need one to make them a happy Family 3.
  • For Reps. Edgar Chatto and Roberto Cajes: A New Year (and more years) full of hope and goodwill.
  • For Raymund Roldan: Success in business.
  • For Gerry Lugod: Inner strenght, peace and lovelife.
  • For Direk Maryo de los Reyes: More award-winning movies!
  • For Loboc Children's Choir: Another performance abroad minus the "virus" of the group.
  • For Alicia Bamboo Ensemble: Performance abroad, the members haven't invited in an international competition.
  • For Dimiao Children's Rondalla: Chance to reorganize themselves minus the "hungry" and "less artistic" people surrounding them. Sayang ang ilang talent!
  • For Lungsuranon Performance Arts Ensemble: More performances, kudos to the dancers.
  • For Eden Descallar: Boyfriend to color his "dry" lovelife.
  • For Rebecca Lusterio: Another movie and trophy for her memorably moving performance in two movies, a classic example of highly-effective "natural" acting.
  • For Pureza Chatto: Success in business and good health. Same for Mayor Judith del Rosario-Cajes, board members Ma. Fe Lejos and Roygie Jumamoy.
  • For Maximiel: Wise judgment and guidance that success is at the horizon..and more shows (hoepfully, an international limelight)
  • For Manuel Ferdinand de Erio: To quote the song, "Dear Lord up above me; send someone to love me..."
  • Emerson Pinos: Acceptance from the family of his lover's side. A wise decision--career or lovelife?
  • Councilor Kit Oppus: Inner strength and good health as the only woman lawmaker to investigate the case on Blue Card scandal, etc...
  • SSupt Edgardo Ingking: Patience and courage as that he can easily resolve crimes for peace and harmony
  • For Vida May Tirol: A marriage proposal from her boyfriend.
  • For Adrianne Montes: Also a marriage contract.
  • For Councilor Edgar Kapirig and Deputy Mayor Mario Uy: A peace pipe to be smoked with Edgar on one end and Mario on the other. (Uhu, uhu, uhu!!!)
  • For Raul Gatal: More mega projects in hosting... and travel abroad.
  • For Rey Boom-Boom Bautista: A heart to teach him and his parents that "charity begins at home). Success in bouts. Same for AJ Banal and Nonito Donaire.
  • For Caesar Amonsot: He will get well soon... a yearlong "rest" makes him weak.
  • For Glenn Mark Blasquez: A woman who will love her forever and ever, amen! (Love me tender, love me dearly...)
  • For Hans and Lani Schoof: Good health and prosperity so that they can continue share their blessings.
  • For Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy: Beautiful (as much as possible sexy and seductive) girlfriend, it's lonely at the top. You know, to spice his lovelife. Same for Mayor Niño Rey Boniel and Rep. Adam Relson Jala
  • For Lyndon Boiser: A round-trip ticket to a quiet place far from the maddening false friends. And success in year 2008! Is it the sign of a phoenix?
  • For Mayor Dan Neri Lim: Peace pipes he should smoke with Vice Mayor Toto Veloso and his friend Former OIC Governor Victor dela Serna.
  • For Mayumi Lugod: A smile on her face. This girl is pretty but she seems to be so full of herself, hardly smiling.
  • For Engr. Calixto Seroje, Engr. Nilo Sarigumba and company: A silencer that will prevent them from flaunting on radio and newspapers on issues this Christmas time. They can do it again after the Holidays!
  • For Mikey Gatal: A partner who doesn't, ahem, "double-cross."

Leo P. Udtohan

What readers think...

Chen wrote:
Saturday, 5 July 2008 23:46:48 PHT
I'm just curious about engr. calixto seroje. I'm a new employee from NIA, and i'm a bit curious regarding this case they're involved with. it was just a discovery that i found out at this very instant. i wonder what happened after since the rest of the NIA officials that were involved with the case are still with NIA today. Was the case dismissed? were they proven non-guilty?
Peace pipe wrote:
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 13:34:12 PHT
Leo, your list of gifts for Councilor Kapirig and Mario Uy is not good. You are making fun. It is time to be kind to every one.
Elena Burkes wrote:
Wednesday, 2 January 2008 07:33:05 PHT
Thank you and God Bless you and your Family. You are always thinking of everyone else. My gift to you is Appreciation and Admiration. I did misspell and do not know the correct spelling. I am so grateful for everyone that is in my life and for everyone that is not in my life. Happy New Year to you! May your dreams come true and prosperity be abundant in 2008 for you. Love and friendship to you and your familia. Ellen Burkes (nurseellie)

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