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True: Mr and Ms UB 2007 named, and other tales

Tagbilaran, Sunday, 23 September 2007


  • Food for the soul: Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.
  • Forwarded text message to True: Questions without answers:
    • Where did Vincent Gogh? Did Rolito Go with him?
    • When is Normal Black and Redford White? Is Charlie Brown?
    • Where did Sandara Park?
    • Is Chow Yun fat?
    • What did Henry Sy?
    • Is Lucio Tan?
    • When will Orlando Bloom?
    • Who did Sharon Stone?
    • Does anyone know Victoria's Secret?
    • How did Cardinal Sin?
    • Did Kim Chiu d bubble gum?

    I really don't know the answers...and I'm sure Wilma Doesnt.

  • Could it be true that a son of a high prominent family in Bohol, you know, a little bit sissy, was seen kissing his male friend inside the mall? According to True Very Reliable Source (VRS) people loved the "live show!" More, more!
  • Bien Unido Mayor Niño Rey Boniel, one of the youngest mayors in the Philippines will be the guest speaker of a Rotary Club event in Australia this Nov. 5 at Balgowlah RSL Club to be attended by Rotary Clubs in Sydney. At 28, Mayor Boniel is dreaming big for his hometown.
  • Remember Korean singer Coolapica? He was in Bohol months ago to film his music video. His self-titled album Coolapica with his single Hi yah is now available online. I saw the finished video at video...and when I saw it last night, I was in awe to see how beautiful Bohol is. From the white beach in Alona, Panglao to Chocolate Hills, the music video speaks the wonders and beauty of Bohol. I don't understand Korean though I was in Korea before, but based on the video, Coolapica is trained to be the next chieftain of their tribe with his father Mo Palmo of Koreanovela Jumong (on GMA 7). There are young talents from Panglao who served as Coolapica's warrior mates and some women. Indeed, the music video which is released in Korea and other parts of the world helps promotes our place. As Coolapica told me at the Chocolate Hills, "your place is beautiful."

While you and I were looking, guess who slipped into the city last Sunday without the unusual fanfare: Ricky Lo, the entertainment editor of the Philippine Star and one of the pillars of entertainment journalism, who get so enamored with Bohol. Globe-Tagbilaran manager Eden Descallar who was with Ricky boarded in a PAL flight bound for Bohol was next to him and Eden wasted no time texting me that she was sitting next to Ricky Lo. Sadly, I read her message late afternoon. Eden, who have seen stars in Rockwell and Glorietta wanted to take souvenir picture with Ricky, yet she had no courage to ask Ricky (believe me, he's really down to earth and super cool) and she just smiled.

As a stringer for the Philippine Star Entertainment, I have my articles published in his widely-read column Fanfare. I met him personally in 2005 here in Bohol.

That was Ricky's many visits to Bohol. Ricky was with Raoul Tidalgo, the editor of The Filipino Reporter based in New York City. Ricky and Raoul were warmly welcomed by the Veloso family, namely Vice Mayor Toto Veloso (whose wedding to the former Laura Butalid in 2005 was featured in the Philippine Star issue), Maam Priming, Mike and other friends. Betty Veloso-Garcia who is in New York wasn't able to come to Bohol.

What Ricky is doing here in Bohol? I don't know. But according to Vice Mayor Toto, he was here to relax. After all, his work is stressful and he deserves a break. When I texted Sir Ricky that Direk Maryo delos Reyes was in the town, too, he was in Manila already. Direk Maryo was here in Bohol with his Boholano talents including Mark Sepe and Paolo Ramirez for a picture taking. The boys have to replace the Masculado group he organized. Fashion mogul Maxi was commissioned to provide outfits for the boys.

According to Ricky, there are but a few destinations in the world that "has it all." Bohol is certainly is one of them. Eight years ago, film producer Butch Jimenez was scouting to shoot the film Muro Ami (produced by GMA Films, directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, wife of Boholano Leo, and starring multi-awarded actor Cesar Montano), they found themselves in Bohol. And that time, Bohol was not yet the "hottest" destination in the country sans featured on TV and in newspapers.

At present, Bohol is not just the perfect place to shoot the's a destination that can rival the best in the Asian region and maybe in the world.

"Bohol is one place not to be missed," Ricky said.

Mr and Ms UB Personality '07 named

Good looks, talents and self-confidence with load of attitudes were all it took for the winners of the Mr and Ms UB Personality 2007, the highlight of the University of Bohol Days and Intramurals, held last Thursday, September 20 at the UB Quadrangle.

Mr and Ms. UB Personality search is considered the most popular campus pageant in Bohol - and has the best production if we would compare it with Miss Bohol Sandugo and Miss Tagbilaran. Its metamorphosis-from RPC Queen (the late Purisima Veloso-Datoy got the crown) to Miss UB Queen, and was changed into Mr and Miss UB and with the involvement of males contestants made the pageant unique.

More than a beauty contest, it is the only pageant in the country (perhaps)that required its candidates to undergo a personality text using the standardized testing tool 16 Personality Factor (16PF).

This year's search had 15 candidates; eight females and seven males. I met them during the One-on-One interview last Sept. 19 (with Fiel Angeli Gabin and Leah Tirol-Magno who replaced Sir Loy Palapos who wasn't able to come that day) to ask all sundry, not to measure how they good they are in answering questions well, but to know more about them. After all, this is not just a beauty pageant, but also a personality search.

I've learned many things from the candidates, you know, when I listened to their life stories. Others are honest to open about their families, love stories and sundry. One contestant who shared that his loneliest moment was "when I had to stop studying due to financial problem" even told me not to stop praying. He said, it pays to pray. And believe me, he speaks English fluently without any indication that he came from the town of different Boholano accent.

One female contestant shared that she broke up with his boyfriend when she learned that her boyfriend cheated her. I asked her back, what if, she would find a new love right there after the interview, which she answered, "we can't choose to love."

I would like to special mention Miss Criminology Mirva Polo who has the beauty...and I could not help but compare her with 2003 Miss Criminology Analyn Boniel of Bien Unido who is simple yet beautiful. She told me that she wanted to become a law enforcement officer. Mirva and Analyn reminded me of Miss World 2005 Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir whom I met last year, a former police intern when she was crowned as Miss World.

Mr UB is Rolf Roland Cabrera Reyes from the College of Nursing and Ms UB is the German Anni Weissflog Wachsmuth from the Day High School department.

Anyway, here's an article forwarded to True from UB registrar Leah Tirol-Magno:

The chairwoman of the Panel of Judges was the ever-beautiful Madam Lani J. Schoof. The members were Inabanga Mayor Jono C. Jumamoy, Bien Unido Mayor Niño Rey Boniel, Consultant Dermatologist at Ramiro Community Hospital Dr. James Goco Sombrio and Miss Bohol Sandugo 1994 1st runner-up Miss Genevieve Jamisola of Tarsier Travel and Tours.

The evening was full of spectacular events with a magnificent production number in relation to this year's "Wild, Wild West" pageant theme. The young , gorgeous and dashing candidates were clad in cowboy and wild-western inspired outfits.

A short rain shower surprised the Evening Gown and Formal Wear Competition and the audience equally. Still the contestants professionally continued the show and sashayed on the runway. The center of the platform could be rotated showing off all angles of the candidates.

For the female category, this year's 2nd Runner-up is striking Jerranica Anna Cespon of the College of Education. She also bagged the Miss Talent Award of September 18th's Talent Night, were she showcased her voice prowess. The 1st Runner-up award went to dazzling Leslie Jane Capedoza of the College of Nursing, who was also awarded Miss Dunkin' Donuts, Miss Pepsi Max, Best in Production Number, Miss Body Beautiful, Best in Interview and Best in Gown. The prestigious Miss UB Personality crown was turned over by last year's Miss UB Personality 2006 Anne Crusit of the College of Education to the stunning German beauty Anni Wachsmuth of the Day High School Department. Anni also received the Miss Photogenic Award and Face of Exquisite Award from Exquisite Photography, the official Photographer of the pageant.

The 2nd Runner-up title for the male category went to affable Jason Caguin of the College of Engineering and Technology who also received the Mr. Friendship Award. Splendid Homer Jose Virtudazo of the Day High School Department was named 1st runner up, was also Best in Production Number and Best in Talent. The winner of the Mr. UB Personality Pageant 2007 was radiant Rolf Roland Reyes of the College of Nursing, who also received the awards for Mr. HBC, Mr. Pepso Max, Mr. Photogenic, Face of Exquisite, Mr. Body Beautiful, Best in Interview and Best in Formal Wear.

Other awards like Miss Friendship went to amiable Mirva Polo of the College of Criminology and the Miss HBC award went to Miss April Mariz Taburaza of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Certificates of Appreciation were given to Eric Shia and Adeline Taer of the College of Commerce Secretarial, Accountancy and Customs Administration, Jenelyn Barbosa of the College Engineering and Technology, Rhesa Gene Cerio of the College of Pharmacy, Arvin Gubantes of the College of Criminology, Edil Tan, Jr. of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Parker Boalanio of the College of Engineering.

The evening was also grace by the presence of no less than the Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan N. Lim , Philanthropist Hans Schoof and Boom Boom Bautista.

The victory of this even was attributed to the joint effort of the consultants in the persons of Atty. Nuevas T. Montes as adviser, Dr. Lumin T. Pamaran for the flow of activities, Miss Luanne T. Pamaran for the dress designs, Mrs. Nomi P. Cañuto for the awards, certificates, etc., Elma A. Canuto as pageant chairperson, Jun Millar and Miss Richiel Ann Banluta as emcees, Vidal Platino as concept and dance choreography, the UB dance troupe run by Jasmine Jabonite, the UB Supreme Student Government and its president Ruth Cahulugan and the active and dedicated Committee members who worked behind the scene.

He says, she says

She said...

Para sa mga babaye:

  1. Kamong mga laki, kung mo tan-aw gani ang mga babae sa inyo, ayaw pod pag feeling2x nga naka angay mi nu? maka turn off na sha...
  2. Kung mag ask gani mo date, ayaw kaayu mo og ngisi nga mura nag maniac tan-awon kay mahadlok pod baya mi...
  3. Kung mo sabay gani mo sa amo, pagsinina pod mog tarong dili nang murag tambay... para mo samot mig ka in lab ninyo bah...pamulbos gamay, pangkolon gamay... panudlay gamay...
  4. Kung manguyab na gani mo, ayaw ug sulti nga "pwede ko manguyab nimo? or naa koy chance?" kay kung tubagon namo na, mura nag gisugot mo namo...
  5. Kung sugton na gani mo namo, taronga pod mi oi... dili kay biyaan na lang, usahay himuon pang sulugoon... maid inyong gipangita?
  6. Do not forget to remind us that you love us... para kiligon sad mi panagsa...hehehe
  7. Ayaw mog pangita ug lain kay wa nay lami!
  8. Kung makigbulag na gani mo, ayaw ninyo ingna ang girl nga "you're just nothing to me now, understand!" hehehe... sakit baya nah...
  9. Ayaw pud ninyo hulata nga kami mouna ug pansin ninyo if ever magkita ta somewhere hah... mao ra to...walay masuko...pildi ang maglagot...hehehe

He said...

Para sa mga babae...

  1. Kung muingon mi nga gwapa ka, ayaw dayon tubag ug "atik!"...Panagsa ra mi mu dayeg ug gwapa...obyusleh, kung gitawag ka nga "gwapa" naa jud mi enteres nimo...kinsa man sad kuno ang tarong nga laki tawagon kang "bati'g nawong!" atubangan sa kadaghanan...Di kaha mi katilaw ug plying kick ana?
  2. Mangutana gani mi kung kanus-a imong RD (rest day) ug kung abelabol ba ka ana, kana nagpasabot kung pwede ba ka ma detdet (DATE ba sa iningles)...ayaw sab mi baraha kay mangutana lagi mi nimu ug strait...amo lang gityming-tyming kay mauwawon man sab tawon mi...
  3. Kung nakabantay na ka nga nagsige na mi ug sunod-sunod nimo, maka-baynte na mi ug grit nimo gud morning, or ikaw na langpirmi tagdon, makig dungan ug uli bisan nort ug sawt, langit ug lupa ang gilay-on sa atong balay wid matching "Ako lang dala sa imo tings beh!", kana ganahan jud mi nimo... Pero sa pirmi natong kinuyog ug detdet (DATE sa iningles pa), ayaw sab pangutana ug dali-dali "Wat r we?" or sa binisaya pa, "Unsa man jud diay ta?"... Inahak, makulbaan baya sab mi gamay ... we also feel a bit presyur... Kalma lang gud...musulti lagi mi in dyu taym.
  4. Kung kahibawo na jud ka nga ganahan mi nimo kay nisulti na man jud mi (hala ka!) Ayaw sad sige hisgot sa imo Ex-boypren oi...its hurt man sad...not unlis kung nisturya ka sa panahong gigukod siya sa inyong IRO nga nisutoy siya ug dagan kay por syur I will lap wid u...
  5. Hangyo lang sad, kung nakakita ka sa imong crush o di ba kaha nakakita ka ug laki nga purting gwapoha, ayaw sad panguhit namo, "Gwapo kaayo siya noh?" Hala plis! Laki intawon mi ug dili pud mi kiligon sa imong crush... Masuko ra ba mo kung mu comentaryo mi, "Gwapo pa man akong lolo ana!"
  6. Sa panahon nga mag-date na tah, por syur kami man jud gasto, be konsyus wid yor dayet ha para konsyus pud mi sa among bulsa...kung kada adlaw na ta date ug nakabantay mo nga chippy ug tubig na lang among gi-order, KKB na ta hah...salamat sa pagsabot.
  7. But op cors labaw sa tanan, ayaw kayu ni ninyo siryusuha kay basin mu comentaryo mo, mapikon mo ug ibalik ni ninyo nako, Dyok dyok ra ni oi...dalang tinoud...hehehe
  8. Pero kung dili na jud madala kay naglagot jud mong mga babaye ani...Iporward sa tanang babaye nga kaila ninyo nga wala pa makabasa... Pag porma dayon mo ug grupo nga Gabriella (lugar chapter ninyo)
  9. Sa mga lalake, kalingawi lang ni ninyo ug porward pero ayaw sa inyong naibgan kay basin instant basted niya mo ana!

Pahabol: Kung magpakuyog mo mirkado...ayaw pud mi paalsaha ug usa ka sakong bugas... Kilo- kiloha lang pud ntawon na...maluoy mo...

Akoy mosumpay beh: Kamong mga babaye kung basteron ninjo ang laki, bastera nalang ug tul-id-tul-id nga estorya kaysa ingnon mi ninyo nga "Pwede friends lang ta"?

You can email me at Or you may read online at Interact at Or be "in" at Visit the journal of the high-minded progressive Boholano,

Leo P. Udtohan

What readers think...

aniceto wrote:
Tuesday, 1 July 2008 17:53:49 PHT
laina anang esturya. abi ko ang babaye sa Pilipinas d mo malikas ky kahibow na sila. mura jud ang laki nag pa lepay sa elang kaigalingon. ako kita kami nag poolan na jud ta aning pisti pisti sa atoang lugar. abi ni sila d ta maka kasabot unsaon ni ang purdoy nag stand-by sa kaning uta diri gi gaam sa babaye para atoang anak? na ay eskwilahan na ay symbahan unya e pa bwisit pud ang atoang tao harun ma sakitan ta tanan? unsa man wa padong atoang babaye sa swerte nila ky ela man tanan unya sus ang abilidad man na sa ela jud. kaning pista or d ba ang tootook sa amow harun maka pili sila kana jud ang atoang kanibohi..maka henumdum jud ta ang mas tegulang unsa jud ang ka katawanan sa kalimtan sa aning pisti pisti diri sa atoang kaag. pasaloya jud ko ky para nako ang atoang anak d pwede mag lepay lepay hangtud poolan na sila ky ang laki poobri or ang babaye d pwede mag ela ela or d ba ang laki swerte ang mas lami..hala. tao ta tanan, naka agi na tanan ana ayow e intra atoang anak sa anang purdoy..kamo pud..kinahanglan ta og pagkaoon d para maka teelow ta sa duga nag agas sa kalibutan, enyong lola my kahibow pariho nato kami unsa ang pait sa tao ug d maka kasabot unsa ka ngilngig sila tanan, ayow pag ngita og problema hemoa og pa-agi harun ang tebuok kalibutan mag oowow nag kawat sila sa enyong babaye para elang kontrahon ta sa atoang tao..diha sa gabii sa buntag sa sari-sari d pariho sa markado ang gi baligya sa tao d pa kabalo unsa ka gwapo sila sa boot-an elang pamilia ky laki sila. bwisit na, kayat na. kamo ang mo da sa kalibutan e respeto emong babaye sa hemoan ninyo para mag comfortabli jud siya sa bali mag estar enyong apo. ambot og maka henumdum mo sa anang babaye taga lain lugar d jud pariho sa batasan og abilidad og kaag sa tao nag ngita og swerte. tabi jud unsa enyong problema sa ngaowng sa tao harun d mo mag pina-patay sa kanang grasya gi hemo sa babaye ninyo harun maka saki mo og PhilippineAirLines* besan asa elang e tago enyong apo. pa henumdum jud sa batanoon unsa jud ang tabang elang kinahanglan d sa enyong kayat gi toodloo nila ninyo mao diha maka kuyug mo sa aning kalibutan adlow og gabii sa uta gi bilin nato ninyo. para kamo. pa minyo pa tegoom pa lepai pa ginhawa kamo ang lamian nila. Si Bebe, Flori, Jan, Kim...ayow helak pag ngita og tabang tenuod legoon para maka kasabot mo sa enyong guol d sa enyong sa..wa moy sa!
Dianne Ramirez wrote:
Saturday, 9 February 2008 21:01:26 PHT
Man, you really work hard writing these articles. I do not know how you do it but you are not doing it well. You are doing it magnificently! Really impressive.
Joy wrote:
Sunday, 13 January 2008 18:20:18 PHT
I had fun reading those he said she said.. lol.. well, for me people from Bohol are very sweet.. I hope to read more about NEW he said she said from you guys.. it's a funny thing.. well done..
Ryan wrote:
Tuesday, 23 October 2007 12:52:51 PHT
Is there new articles to read here? There's nothing new to read. I love to read it.
2lits wrote:
Sunday, 30 September 2007 09:32:40 PHT
Love and Life Love, the most talked and sensed word. When we say love, some people say that it is “baduy” some “kilig” but no matter what it means to others, still it can’t be stop. If we are going to define love we might bypassed the ideas and feelings of those who find love differently. But for me, love is like any ordinary things that can go better or worst. Better if love makes you improve and happy. Worst if love makes you fool and miserable. Love is also addictive. When you get addictive of love, you’ll be vulnerable to unwise decisions. Love is reciprocal of like. Sometimes we like a person but don’t feel love at all. Sometimes no matter how much we dislike a person we still engage ourselves in loving that person. We often find ourselves in the middle of doubt especially when we feel an intense intimate feeling. But the thing is we only need to distinguish love from like. Life, a complexity of creation. We often find ourselves in the middle of life’s recession, but what we don’t realize is that we are being build up for the best success. We cannot say the difference between failure and success unless we experience both. The weight of success depends on the numbers of failures you manage to accept. The less dependent we are in facing failure the better we become as a person, but it doesn’t mean that we need no one for help. The interconnection of good and bad experience and the ups and downs of emotion make life complex.

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