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True: Why you’ll love and hate your school

Tagbilaran, Sunday, 17 June 2007

  • Wife of a businessman to file for annulment
  • Why you’ll love and hate your school
  • Campus cops say pageant queen was a robber


  • Food for the soul: I got this text message from Gen Jamisola, Tarsier Travel and Tours general manager and Cebu Pacific Bohol sales agent last Thursday. I want to share this message to all True readers out there! Happiness is somewhere between too little and too much. May you have just enough wealth to meet your needs. Enough poverty to learn how to work hard. Enough blessings to know that God loves you. Enough problems so u don’t forget him. Enough happiness to keep you sweet. Enough times to keep us strong. Enough hope to keep you happy. Enough sorrow to keep u human, What you are is God’s gift to you but what you become is your gift to God.
  • National Youth Commission (NYC) Commissioner for Visayas Benjie Oliva (who hails from Catigbian) is the head of the delegation for the China-ASEAN Young Civil Servants Exchange Program on June 13-21 in Beijing, Nanning and Guangzhou, China. Benjie is the president of the Asian Youth Congress. He delivered his speech for one hour and 30 minutes in front of the participants and All China Youth Federation and ASEAN council members. It can be recalled that John Torralba of SK was in China for another youth exchange program.
  • Could it be true that a prominent businessman in the city is no longer hiring this city councilor as his “legal counsel” when this businessman learns that this official is taking “advantage” of his trust? According to True Very Reliable Source (VRS), this councilor is dating the businessman’s wife for countless times and the two were seen in the public. Mmm…Is it “love” your friend’s wife?
  • Could it be true that a government employee’s daily time record (DTR) was not “honored” by her boss? According to VRS, the boss could not take this employee’s “tardiness” and “abuse” of time and power. Her DTR was questionable and the boss decided to transfer her to other office in the Capitol, VRS said.

Flash report! There “love-me-and-hate-me” of a businessman and his wife here in Tagbilaran City might be the controversy story of this year as the wife will file annulment this month. Another Ruffa Gutierrez-Yilmas Bektas controversy in Bohol? Yes. It would be a climactic end to an ill-fated romance that will hog local community (within the business circles), even finding its way into eskenita all over the city.

Let us call this businessman “A,” a good friend who asked for anonymity, not to mention his name, for his family’s sake and his wife “B.” “A” met “B” when she was still a college student and “A” was bachelor who managed the family’s business.

“A” heard rumors that his wife had dated another man even they were in good terms until these rumors were proven by “A” himself. It wasn’t easy especially that their daughter is growing up and their families would not consider ‘separation” as a solution of a worsening marriage.

According to VRS, “B” says that she’s filing annulment because “I don’t want “A” anymore.”

The only problem is the wife has no money for filing. According to a lawyer, if you’ll file for annulment you’ll dish out almost P100,000 and “she has no money,” according to “A.”

I cannot force “B” to love me,” “A” said when I asked him if there is a chance to settle down. If she wants annulment, she has to pay it, he continued.

Months ago, “A” and “B” announced their “trial separation” but refused to reveal the cause of the break up. They stressed that there was no “third party involved,” refuting the rumors linking “B” to other several men she’s dating.

“A” said to True he will not fight for custody. He also mentioned that he has no problem if the kid will stay with her mom or grandparents as long as the kid is safe and sound.

Probed on his future plans now that he’s a separated man, “A” said that he’ll surely move on and perhaps would be with someone new only after a few weeks.

Public School

It’s school time. Millions of students all over the country went back to school again. While roaming around the province, I saw the various problems especially in public elementary and high schools such as lack of classrooms, lack of teachers and overcrowding. While observing the kids with their new shoes, new belt and new uniform, I could not help but reminisce the times when I was a schoolkid in the nineteen forgotten.

I love to visit schools in the province. When I was connected with the Books for the Barrios, Inc. (a non-profit organization), I’d visited some public schools in the province. And until now, I still remember their names…

Imagine, you enter an old building… with a wrought-iron gateway. Then into a massive buttresses constructed form coral limestones. More? The capiz shells for window panes that characterized the genteel Hispanic lfie. Lost? You may happen to be enrolled in:

First, Immaculada Concepcion in Baclayon town. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon is considered to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It is one of the best persevered Jesuit build churches in the region and is also a must see place around the town.

There is St. Nicholas Academy in Dimiao, St. Augustine Academy in Panglao and even St. Paul’s Academy in Inabanga.

Public School

Are you sure you know the familiar schools in Tagbilaran City and Bohol? But do you know there are other schools outside Tagbilaran City and it’s about time you get to know some of them., especially the ones with more interesting names.

Foreign-sounding/miraculous schools:

Have you been to Sweetland Elementary School and Maryland Elementary School? These schools are not found in the United Stares but in Buenavista town.

Find New Los Angeles Elementary School, California Elementary School and San Francisco Elementary School in Ubay. There are Grace Multi Level School, Union National High School, Sacred Heart Learning and Formation Center still in Ubay.

Public School

Merne Graham Montessori School, D M L Montessori School, Holy Name University, Grace Christine Military School, Royal Christian School and St. Therese Kindergarten School in Tagbilaran City.

You can have Salus Institute in Tubigon.

There is a school named after an actress like Alicia National High School, Blessed Elena Kindergarten School, Blessed Trinity Elem. School and La Hacienda National High School in Alicia

Christ the King Academy in Antequera, Carmel Academy in Balilihan, Holy Child Academy in Bien Unido, St. Joseph Academy in Candijay and St. Anthony Academy in Carmen

Catigbian: Holy Infant Academy, Immaculate Mary Academy (IMA) and Mantacida High School

Public School

Cortes has Infant King Academy; the first in the country -- Biking National High School in Dauis

Jagna: Colegio de la Medalla Milagrosa, Faraon National High School, Oy High School in Loboc

Holy Rosary Academy in Lila, Sacred Heart Academy in Loon and Dusita S D A Multigrade School in Sierra Bullones, Japer Memorial School (Sagbayan) and in Pitogo: Villa Milagrosa High School

Bisdak na bisdak ang dating (no offense!):

  • Anda: Candabong National High School
  • Antequera: Bantolinao National High School and Canlaas High School
  • Balilihan: Hanopol National High School
  • Batuan National High School
  • Bien Unido; Hingotangan National High School
  • Buenavista: Cabulan National High School, Cangawa National High School and Lubang National High School
  • Calape: Bohol Province Institute, Fermin Tayabas High School, Pangangan National High School Annex, Pangangan National High School Main
  • Candijay: Anoling High School, Cogtong High School, Tambongan National High School
  • Carmen: Francisco Adlaon High School, Isabel Gujol Memorial High School, Katipunan National High School, Policronio S. Dano, Sr. High School
  • Catigibian: Catigbian Elementary School Annex, Catigbian National High School
  • Clarin: Nahawan National High School
  • Dagohoy National High School
  • Danao: Cantubod High School, Danao National High School, Taming High School
  • Dauis: Tabalong National High School
  • Dimiao: Canhayupon National High School and Dimiao National High School
  • Duero: Guinsularan National High School
  • Garcia-Hernandez: Tabuan Natioanl High School, Catungawan National High School and Guinacot National High School
  • Getafe: Campao Oriental National High School, Handumon High School and Tulang National High School
  • Guindulman: Mayuga National High School, Guinacot National High School and Catungawan National High School
  • Jagna: Calabacita National High School and Lonoy National High School
  • Loay: Hinawanan High School
  • Loboc: Camayaan National High School
  • Loon: Cabilao National High School, Cantaongan National High School and Sandigan High School
  • Maribojoc: Busao National High School and Pagnitoan National High School
  • Pres. Carlos P. Garcia or Pitogo: Aguining National High School
  • Sagbayan: Canmano High School
  • San Isidro: Bugang High School
  • In Tagbilaran: Cogon Elementary and High School, Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School, formerly the Bohol National High School (BNHS) Manga National High School, Mansasa High School, Bool Elementary School, Cogon Elem. School, Ubujan Elementary School
  • Talibon: Bagacay High School, Calituban High School,
  • Trinidad: Hinlayagan National High School, Kauswagan National High School Hinlayagan Annex, Kinanoan High School, Tagum Sur National High School
  • Tubigon: Cahayag National High School and Cawayanan High School
  • Ubay: Biabas National High School and Camambugan National High School


What if your teacher will ask you to write the name of your school. No abbreviation. Do you think it is easy to write when your school is Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology- Tagbilaran City Campus, 80 letters. Or if you wish to transfer you can go to Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology (CVSCAFT)- Candijay Campus, 74 letters.

In Carmen there is Ambassador Pablo R. Suarez, Jr. National High School, 42 letters; Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Center,38 letters, Kauswagan National High School Hinlayagan Annex in Trinidad, 42 letters and Mayor Anunciacion R. Tuazon National School of Fisheries, 48 letters. You’ll have to write the name of your school in your resume.

Here’s a “shocking” news item from the United States about a Fil-Am with roots from Bohol who was charged with burglaries. This news is printed in the Filipino Reporter and other US newspapers and on TV. Police are investigating whether a senior class president of Rutgers University's Livingston College - who is also its reigning pageant queen - teamed up with her boyfriend for a string of dormitory burglaries.

Christa O., who last year had been crowned "Ms. R.U." at the Piscataway school's annual pageant, has been barred from graduation and could be denied a degree.

The popular Filipino-American president of Rutgers University’s (RU) Livingston College Class of 2007, who shocked the entire Rutgers community when she was arrested and charged last week with teaming up with her boyfriend for a string of dormitory burglaries dating back in September, was hard up for cash, according to her brother.

“She made a mistake... she wasn’t thinking,” the brother, Chris, 17, told reporters. “It was money.”

Police said Christa, 23, of Rahway, N.J., and the reigning Miss RU, stood as a lookout while her boyfriend, George C., 23, of Jamaica, N.Y., gained access to dorm rooms in Lynton Towers with a master key she provided. Christa and George, who were slated to participate in commencement exercises on May 17 at the main Piscataway campus of RU, will not be graduating, Rutgers University Police Chief Rhonda Harris said.

The two could also be denied their diplomas pending a university disciplinary hearing, officials said.

Christa’s status as class president has been withdrawn, Harris added.

“They are subject to criminal charges and university judicial proceedings, and will be suspended or expelled,” Harris said.

Christa, a biology major with a double minor in psychology and art history, wants to be a medical doctor, according to friends.

They said her parents, who come from a prominent family in Candijay in Bohol, Philippines, are devastated.

Christa served as a resident assistant in the dormitory for the last two years and had a master key to all the rooms.

The crime unraveled after a student returned from the shower and caught George inside his locked room, holding a duffel bag full of the student’s possessions, Harris said.

Inside the bag were a laptop, digital camera, wallet with credit cards, iPod case and cell phone case.

The student confronted George who fled the scene.

While trying to escape, George “changed his shirt and attempted to change his appearance” on another floor, Harris said.

Harris said Christa served as a lookout, trying to distract one person from going toward the room and two others from pursuing George.

Shortly after George was spotted, student Richard Thompson, along with other students, barricaded the front doors of the residence hall so that George couldn’t escape before campus authorities arrived.

The suspects were arrested around 7:30 p.m., police said.

“He was not getting out, we were so fed up,” Thompson said last Friday. “They put a lot of students through a lot of stress during finals.” Christa and George were charged with burglary, theft and criminal attempt.

George also had an outstanding warrant for $235 from North Brunswick.

The two were taken to the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center in North Brunswick. Both have been released after posting $2,500 bail, Harris said.

“She’s (Christa) the boss of the class and she’s very popular,” one student told a TV reporter. “She’s my friend and I can say it’s out of her character. It’s really shocking she would do it. She has a great future but she ruined it with that stupid mistake.”

Rutgers police are now investigating whether Christa and her boyfriend were responsible for additional dorm-room burglaries reported in the South Tower residence hall in Piscataway in recent weeks, officials said.

Christa’s younger brother, Chris, denied his sister was behind the rash of campus heists over the past several months.

“That’s the only one she did,” said Chris, referring to the May 7 dorm-room break-in. “She’s not involved in the other ones.”

Joan Carbone, executive director of residence life which oversees all student housing in the New Brunswick and Piscataway campuses, said that in her 25 years at the university, this was the first time a resident assistant, or RA, was charged with breaking into a dorm room.

“RAs don’t do these kind of things,” Carbone said. “This has never happened.”

Students said at least six South Tower dorm rooms were broken into during the last two-and-a-half weeks and fear was spreading among residents.

Students said they used additional locks while in their rooms and took valuables like laptops and iPods with them when they left the room unoccupied.

Others resorted to leaving televisions or stereos on to make it appear someone was home.

Students had suspected all along it was an inside job. Now they are asking for full compensation for stolen items since the alleged thief was an employee.

Christa, her friend said, was very active in school and always appeared busy with class-president duties.

As president of Class of 2007, she was responsible for organizing senior week events, including fund-raising.

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Leo P. Udtohand

What readers think...

Diolo Gonzaga wrote:
Wednesday, 11 June 2008 20:12:54 PHT
Hi i visited this site and it really lets me rememner my old school and the very best and spiritual school ive been im proud that i came from GCMHS now ive been transffered and my whole world for school suddenly tore apart unlike before that i always laugh in class way back in GCMHS or GRACE CHRISTIAN MILITARY HIGH SCHOOL i love the school ive realy adopt it a a real second home........i miss it alrady i wish i could go back ther this second take care always and to all fellow GCS members miss you and love you....CLASS MANDALA'10 3rd yr
Tessie Bertumen Wilms wrote:
Sunday, 17 June 2007 15:48:55 PHT
I am grateful for featuring this news, this is shameful but also a warning for those who are short sighted and unaware of the consequences, we are living in a hedonistic society.

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