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Reader Comments on 'Visa Regulations'

A short overview of Philippine visa regulations relevant for tourists and other visitors.

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Mark Mrinal Ratna wrote:
Thursday, 14 August 2014 09:49:21 PHT
Good morning sir, I am doing sort missionary training here in Baguio city from Bangladesh but holding tourist visa. I want visit Taiwan in order to practice of missionary work for only 5 days. I have almost 2 months visa for stay in Philippines. My asking is if I go to outside during this time then when I will come back then I will apply for visa or I can enter the Philippines with my this current visa. Please help to to clear for this issue. May God bless you. Pastor Mark
Tess wrote:
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 14:26:22 PHT
Hi, I am Filipino citizen and Im working here in Hongkong. I have an American bf more than 1 year now. Last Dec. I tried to apply here in Hk as a tourist visa in US Consulate but it was denied since we're still dating that time for 6 months. My bf wanted me to go to US as a tourist and just come back here for my work. he come here atleast twice a month. I applied last year with the supporting letter from my boss. But since I had still denied, because not enough and it said we haven't went to the other country with my bf yet for holiday. And I never go with my employer as well. My bf and I we're planning to travel or going for holiday early next year. So, if I apply for tourist visa again next year here in Hk,do you think they will approved or wont denied anymore? Please I want to know, so I have my option. Then I wont waste my money again. Your response will be appreciated. Thank you so much From: Tess
lorna wrote:
Thursday, 10 April 2014 06:49:05 PHT
hi good morning...heres what bothers me.. im a filipina living in phil. with austrian husband.. we are going to europe next month.. i got my visa . my question is.. my son who is 2 yers old hold an austrian passport. do we need some documents to exit in immigration in the philippines..? hope you can answer my question.. and would give me more advise.. thank you so much and more power..!!!!
Addy wrote:
Wednesday, 9 April 2014 02:27:10 PHT
Hi, good day po. Ask ko lang po kung pwede ba akong maisponsoran ng visa ng asawa ko. Nsa Dubai po sya. Nung ngpunta sya dun, tourist visa lng po gamit nya. Pero my trabaho na po sya dun ngaun. Ang prublema ko lng po is kung kelangan ko bang ipabago ung surname ko sa passport ko? Hndi ko po kc gamit ung surname ng asawa ko. At anu po bang requirements kung sya ang sponsor ko. Please reply po. Thanks and godbless
kimberly wrote:
Friday, 24 January 2014 13:01:43 PHT
Good pm po i am kimberly leave in davao city..itatanung ko lng po sana kng anu anu ang mg requirements for a taurist visa going canada..can i apply through online pra taurist visa?thanks and more power..
HWW wrote:
Saturday, 18 January 2014 23:22:19 PHT
Is there any foreigners living in Ubay Bohol, it seems to be a isolated place, please sent me any info thank you.
rosselle fernandez wrote:
Wednesday, 15 January 2014 19:57:53 PHT
hello, i want to know something bout medical examination needed for 13a visa application. my american husband is here in the philippines with me but he planning to apply for 13a visa he only have police clearance from usa but he dont have medical examination from usa can he get medical examination here in the philippines instead. i really want to know the fact bout it
Robert wrote:
Thursday, 2 January 2014 20:29:35 PHT
I have a 13a Visa (Permanent Resident) with a five year ACR Card. I have been in country for four years. I need to go to the states for about one month. My question is: do I or don't I need a "return ticket" upon my next entry to the Philippines. I have found entries on the Web indicating "Yes" and "No". What is the straight scoop? Thanks
Your Namealexa wrote:
Sunday, 29 December 2013 19:02:07 PHT
dear sir i just want want to know regarding for my boyfriend from netherlands he wants to visit me here n cebu for 15days by feb2014..he need a tourist visa or no need?what we need to do?please advance us
Mr J D Camplin wrote:
Saturday, 28 December 2013 03:49:37 PHT
I would appreciate your help please. My wife & I will be in Southern Leyte for 25 days during February/March 2014. We thought that we would require a visa because our stay is beyond 21 days. However, we have read that this is not required now because a visa up to 30 days has been introduced? Please can someone put our minds at rest and confirm that this is indeed the case? Thanks for helping.
David Stewart wrote:
Sunday, 22 December 2013 00:17:39 PHT
I have been trying to reach Water Gate Inn in Talibon and have had no success. Can anyone please email a number of some one in Talibon and or a new number for Water gate. Thank you in advance for help and time.
Divyesh Patel wrote:
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 17:36:11 PHT
Sir,Im Divyesh from india , I want to go for Philippine at quezon city for business purpose , and I also want to visit some places near to quezon .... I want to know what are the procedure if when visa times is over or maybe at last day of visa flight will be cancelled due to any reasons then what are the procedure if returne flight after two or three days ... then how can stay in Philippine if visa days already finished ? Thank you .
avinash wrote:
Saturday, 14 December 2013 12:31:58 PHT
Hi I am avinash , i am resident of India and have come Phil on tourist visa.. My Visa is granted 10 days however my return ticket is one week after. What can be procedure to extend visa for a week.
Balaji wrote:
Monday, 2 December 2013 02:19:55 PHT
I am Balaji residing in Bahrain. My wife is Filipino nationality and we have a daughter age 1 year 9 months and my wife is going to travel Philippines in this coming week so is there any time limit for the baby to stay in Philippines how many months my baby can stay with visit visa.
Nabeel wrote:
Tuesday, 26 November 2013 10:05:53 PHT
Hi, I am a uk national want to come to manila to see my wife as she is working here also a british, she is on a 9g visa. i am planning to go and see her but the ticket which i have is for 38 days and i can only be offered a 30 day visa, i will be fine to get an extension when i am in manila but my question is will i be allowed to enter as my ticket is not within 30 day period.
Filipinocare wrote:
Saturday, 2 November 2013 18:05:35 PHT
I know someone in lapu lapu city cebu who is in european country to intents to visit for a tourist visa but illegaly doing business to import to his country.. Can anyone here help where to report this guy for further invistagation or survellance.. Pls email me
Hussain Raja wrote:
Thursday, 22 August 2013 04:33:58 PHT
Dear sir iwant go for vist in manila Philippines i am from Pakistan i am working in Dubai uae so what i do for visa i want stay one weak only i want come back in Dubai can you send me detail
reena wrote:
Monday, 22 July 2013 20:58:48 PHT
Hello sir,I am reena.I invited my auntie for a tourist visa for one months because i amm pregnant.i want to help him.can i get the visa for saudi arabic of my aunty
Shane Gorres wrote:
Friday, 31 May 2013 13:42:34 PHT
We get married in philipines hope you can advise me what kind of visa i need to get that moore easy to approved,thanks hope you can give me vsome advise
nice bantasan wrote:
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 03:37:25 PHT
Hi good day.. I invited my auntie for a tourist visa for two months because I will undergo operation and I need relative to watch over me. I only work here in UAE for 6 months but when her visa was approved we thought there will be no problem. But she was hold in airport immigration coz. She is suspected to work here even if she have return ticket... so we send a medical report (original) request from hospital.. my employer send letter that they will shoulder all expenses including her stay here food and accomodation.. so were planning to re book her flight b4 her tourist visa expire.... My questin is : is it okay?? To try to fly again showing more support document even denied to travel once in same month?? I hope u coukd give me answer to these. Thank you., this site is very helpful
bella gentroles wrote:
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 01:13:56 PHT
i am a natural born fiipina and just got my british citizen 2 years ago,do i need a visa to visit my family and how long i am allowed to stay on mybeloved country philippines?
Esther Moses wrote:
Tuesday, 5 March 2013 15:26:47 PHT
I am an Indian want to get married to a Pakistani. We both are Christians. Plz suggest me what kind of sponsorship letter I should send him so that he gets visa to come and get married.
Lhiez wrote:
Thursday, 31 January 2013 00:21:07 PHT
I have a bf and he is a Pakistani guy and he want to visit me here in Philippines... Do I need to get his visa to enter the Philippines or not....?
amy ducayag wrote:
Monday, 10 December 2012 23:20:29 PHT
hi im a pilipina working in singapore and planning a holiday in australi to visit my boyfriend i just want to ask if is it easier for me to get a tuorist visa if he send me a invitation letter thanks for ur help
Lee wrote:
Wednesday, 5 December 2012 10:11:21 PHT
Dear sir/ma'am. i also have problem with my visa. it expired. I have been staying in Philippines more than 1 year, and my visa expired on November 30, but my schedule going back is on December 18. I want to ask you that is it allowed to pay the penalty fee at the airport, and how much i have to pay if it s allowed? It s only 18 days. I'm Vietnamese and my expired visa is 47a2, it s student visa.
sam wrote:
Monday, 3 December 2012 18:24:31 PHT
basically i worked here in uae for almost 7 years.i had a boyfriend we meet only in online. we chatted for 6 months his planning to visit me here in uae .and we have a plan to get married. do i need to go back in philippines to wait my visa?
May wrote:
Monday, 26 November 2012 15:26:16 PHT
Hi,gud day,ask ko lng po sana kung pwede po ba na wala ng return ticket going manila to bangkok,kung merun naman po akong 3 months tourist visa,di po kaya un hahanapin sa immigration saten? kasi po usually 1month lng nmn po ang return ticket lalo na sa mga cheap airlines sayang naman po bali sa bangkok nalng po ako bibile ng ticket pabalik..
cathy wrote:
Saturday, 17 November 2012 14:33:48 PHT
Hello Good afternoon. I'll just have a Question about in Immigration rules in Arriving at the Airport. Is It true that it is not allowed to stay here Philippines even for few days at the airport if he do not have yet a return ticket to his country by the time he arrived? And is it true that it is not allowed to buy a return ticket here right away by the time he arrived? He was Staying here from July and extend his Visa until November 8. 2012 but He Must go back to his Country on Oct for his Parents. and now He wants to return here and didn't buy a return ticket yet. until i get my Visa for his country. what we would like to do first is just extend his length of stay here for about 2 months then we fly back to his country together.
Miles wrote:
Wednesday, 5 September 2012 14:20:42 PHT
good afternoon sir/madaam, i just want to know about the requirements for applying a fiance visa here in philippines coz my fiance from netherlands he wants me to take in there..and how about him whats his requirements too? looking forward to your reply..thank you!!
Oki Dayaka wrote:
Tuesday, 26 June 2012 12:29:50 PHT
Hi there, First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Oki Dayaka (Indonesian), I have Filipino wife named Gwen Polintan Remiendo and also we have one daughter Named Alexia Celine Dayaka. My daughter want to get school at Palawan start on mid of July 2012, and things that I want to ask is, my wife is still Filipino, and we already report our daughter at PHP embassy at Jakarta Indonesia, if my daughter want to stay at Philippines for school, do she need a visa’s or something like that? Please inform me. She will travel there with her mom (Filipino) use Indonesian passport, because of we not yet applied for Philippines passport for her. Need urgent reply on this matters, since we need to prepare the travel.
Len wrote:
Thursday, 14 June 2012 19:55:08 PHT
do you know how to remove/lift blacklisted name on BI-philippines.? how much does it cost and how long does it takes?
Len wrote:
Thursday, 14 June 2012 19:49:39 PHT
married in thailand and back in the philippines, can i report my marriage here so it will be legal here?
Vishnu mohan wrote:
Monday, 4 June 2012 07:20:56 PHT
Sir, Im an indian working in KSA.I would lyk to visit The Philippines next week to meet my girlfriends family,so what i want to is that how much minimum peso should I show as my financial background to get a temporary (A tourist visa.Please help me sir.I couldn't find an answer to this any where.
Mars Magdalene Lim wrote:
Saturday, 19 May 2012 18:59:22 PHT
Good day!Hi,Im a Filipina and my problem is, can i get a passport with my 2 kids though the citizenship of my husband on their b.c is filipino but in our marriage contract he is Chinese but he was born here in Phil..Please advise me what to do..thanks and more power!!
Felia Callejas wrote:
Saturday, 12 May 2012 21:30:10 PHT
Dear Sir, Have a daughter in Philippines.The Indian father wants to bring her in Kuwait.Can you please advise what are the requirement to process the Visa. Thanks
Bhe wrote:
Saturday, 14 April 2012 21:24:03 PHT
Dear Sir, I am a Filipina and planing to get married to a American citizen next year, i was married to my ex and our annullment is still on going, My question is, it is possible that my BF can now start applying a K1-visa? since all my credentials, like passport, ID's, Clearances i used a single status. Since i never use my ex family name.. Do i still need my annullment to support to my fiancee visa application? I don't have anything like ID's using my filipino ex family name.. unless i have to get a marriage contract copy to NSO. If so.. there is a possibility that it will complicate to my single status in all of my documents? Please i need your ideas/answer and anyone on here who have the same problem please share your ideas and concerns.. Thank you, B
Bartolome wrote:
Tuesday, 3 April 2012 18:46:26 PHT
Dear sir, i am a filipino working in a cargo vessel, i am planning to get my vacation but just in span of a week, actually i havn't finish my contract yet and i'm planning to make request on my principal if they will allow me to take a leave since it's only a week or so, and if they will allow me to take a leave, upon arrival on the airport, can i request on the immigration officer, anf if they will allow it. is it possible for me enter without any stamp on my passport or seaman's book that i have arrived within this date? same thing when i depart the country after a week? is it possible?
Bre wrote:
Saturday, 17 March 2012 16:45:02 PHT
Hi. I just got hitched late last year to an American citizen but im still using my maiden name until now. We exchange vows here in the Philippines.My husband is planning to stay here in the Philippines for good & sold all his properties in US. I have relatives living in the States who wants me to visit them anytime this year ( hopefully). The thing is i might be going to US all by myself coz he can't leave his business here at the moment. Since i haven't change my single name yet, i was planning to apply for a tourist visa going to US instead of spouse visa. I read it will take a year processing spouse visa going to US. Would it be better for me if i apply for spouse visa rather than tourist visa? Im hoping you could help me decide which visa should i apply. Thanks.
Frans Gladwish wrote:
Monday, 12 March 2012 17:24:24 PHT
I have sent all documents to my philipina girlfriend so she can come to MALTA for 3 months. Today 12th. March,2012, she told me that consulate in philippines told her that she cannot apply visa untill after 23 April this year. Is this true? Does she has to wait all this time to go for holiday to MALTA? please, I wait patiently for your reply. thanks. regards, frans
Mohigh wrote:
Friday, 2 March 2012 12:53:32 PHT
Hello..kumusta...I am a Malaysian and married to Cebuana.We get married in Malaysia before my wife decided to move back to Philippines. We have two boys and both of them were born in Cebu, Philippines. I want to reside or stay permanently in Philippines with my family but I couldn't get any accurate information on how to get Philippines' citizenship. I need to get Philippines citizenship fast in order to withdraw or surrender my Malaysian citizenship. If I able to do taht then I could withdraw all my EPF (or SSS/GSIS) and transfer the money to Philippines. Is there anyone could help or guide me?
Asif iqbal wrote:
Thursday, 1 March 2012 19:30:43 PHT
I want with my family visa for citizen ship plz help me.
Tanveer wrote:
Thursday, 1 March 2012 15:22:40 PHT
I am a Pakistani Citizen and want to marry a Philippino How is it possible? Whether she can send me the invitation of any sponsorship? Also tell me the detailed procedure! Thanks...
khalif wrote:
Saturday, 25 February 2012 03:21:33 PHT
Sir/madam: I am a filipino nurse working now in saudi, i have a boyfrnd egyptian and i want to travel to his country EGYPT to meet his family.. i wonder how much it will cost me to have a visa to visit egypt legally? and how long i can stay in egypt when my visa is approved? im looking forward for your kindly response.. thank you so much..
Tony wrote:
Monday, 20 February 2012 09:14:37 PHT
Thank you. Quite helpful!
Tony wrote:
Monday, 20 February 2012 05:14:41 PHT
Is it possible to obtain a tourist visa for 63 days?
Reovil wrote:
Sunday, 12 February 2012 23:14:45 PHT
Good day to philippines embassy... CAn i ask some regulation about my nigerian friend wants to visit to philippines .. Is he needed for my invitation letter before he can process his papers coming here in philippines?>... thank u .. Hope you can share me some information about the regulations ....for the foriegns friends coming here...
JOv wrote:
Saturday, 11 February 2012 09:41:10 PHT
Goodday,I am jov from phil i have 1 month boyfriend from australia and his planning to get me a tourist visa in australia i m currently housemaker we havent meet though his planning to expense the needs what advice you can provide to able to pass i have enought i only need to visit there for a 2 weeks because i need to meet him and meet his family his unable to come for work. Hope you can help me .I appreciate your respond.Thanks
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Saturday, 11 February 2012 06:10:39 PHT
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012 18:31:21 PHT
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masoud wrote:
Monday, 6 February 2012 19:26:40 PHT
hi . my partner and i both are gay and we want to marriage but as you know in iarn it is ilegal . please help us how we can get visa for UK and married there and work at all ? we are exhusted in iran we cant live here ! please help us
Jerry wrote:
Monday, 6 February 2012 10:48:25 PHT
I was reading your exit regulations section and was wondering if a Filipino in possession of a USA Green Card (Permanent Resident status) has to pay the Philippino travel tax? On know OFW are exempt because of a foreign residency stamp in their passport but I would have to say a Green Card is the same thing. They are living and working overseas in the USA not on a work visa but something much better, a Green Card. Comments please!
jaz wrote:
Thursday, 2 February 2012 03:07:45 PHT
sir, i have a friend in nigeria and want to visit philippines, could you help me on how he can get visit visa and what documents needs to get the visa.hope to have a quick responce.thanks
Anna wrote:
Thursday, 2 February 2012 00:17:39 PHT
Hi, I stayed here in kuwait and will go vacation by nextweek in Philippines.I had my friend and he was a PORTUGUESE Passport, And he want to visits Philippines for 15days only.. My question is DO HE NEED TO GET ANY VISA? Please..awaiting for your response. Thanks
Annie wrote:
Wednesday, 1 February 2012 10:57:16 PHT
My friend wishes to return to Australia with 2 young children from the Phillipines, if she brings a family member with her to assist her on the plane and that member wishes to stay for a holiday for a couple of weeks what are the requirements? Regards Annie
Steven Nicholson wrote:
Monday, 30 January 2012 01:26:43 PHT
Hi, i am coming to the Philippines in April ato get married to a Filipina and i wish to stay, i was told by 4 - 5 different immigration officers at manila airport that when i arrive i ask for visa upon arrival and all i need is my passport and return ticket and i get 38 days on top of the 21, is this true, cause i was looking on some sites and they mention notarized b1 forms and such, but the officers told me just passport and return ticket, could somone let me know if what they say is right, it should be cause they are the ones who allow u in, look forward to a rely, steve.
Sudhamsu wrote:
Sunday, 29 January 2012 15:01:34 PHT
Hi sir my name is Sudhamsu i had stayed in u k from 2006-2010jan and unexpectedly i didn't applied formy extension for 2009 march i stayed in uk for 10 months without valid visa . can i apply for my visa now r not can u pls reply me sir thanking you
Kinit wrote:
Sunday, 29 January 2012 11:24:20 PHT
Hi, good day to every one, i am a filipina. i would like only to ask if it is possible to got married in Germany using visit visa? i will stay there for only 1 month, then back again to philippines to continue my study here. and what are the next step after marriage in Germany? and what visa i would apply next if i will back to germany? please, i need your advises . vielen dank,
Leah wrote:
Monday, 16 January 2012 12:44:38 PHT
Hello there,I have a norwegian boyfriend and he wants me and my son bring to his country,i apply tourist visa once but its denied,its really hard to approved my tourist visa with my son? I hope someone can answer me, Thank You All
Cyn wrote:
Saturday, 14 January 2012 23:18:08 PHT
Hi, I'm have a Family Visit visa to the UK to visit my sister, but before I go there, I plan to go on a tour to Korea and Taiwan first, then go back to the Philippines. I will be leaving for UK two weeks after I return from my tour. Is this okay, or will I be questioned for not heading straight to the UK?
Chakri wrote:
Monday, 2 January 2012 10:18:19 PHT
Dear Nikita Agarwal, You can come to UK on student visa to study here legally and ofcourse it should be in a good college or university. If you are planning to come along with your brother then both have to get student visas to come all the way to UK to study. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions
ASHLEY wrote:
Monday, 2 January 2012 10:01:53 PHT
i am a filipina i was trying to get f-1 visa last year, unfortunately i was denied 3 times..because my sponsor was only a friend of my family...this time i and my us citizen boyfriend are planning to get married this year. i have a questioned do u think my f-1 application wont affect if im gonna apply k-3 visa? when i was applying f-1 visa i used single status that time my annulment papers still on processing to void my previous marriage. i really need ur advise .....thank u so much
Anna wrote:
Friday, 23 December 2011 05:32:27 PHT
I am Filipina, have a valid passport, will be traveling from the Philippines, my return ticket duration is 1 month 5 days , will i be allowed entry to Singapore?
Jeremy wrote:
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 13:27:04 PHT
Hi, my brother's working visa in jeddah, saudi arabia got denied, i think it has something to do with his age. but my sister-in-law sent a waiver beforehand to the embassy concerning his age. the age requirement should be 35, but my brother is only 33... and his visa got denied. i dont know what happen in there, is there other way to get through that visa? please do reply, please....
Vienna Ginikachi Ukaoma wrote:
Sunday, 18 December 2011 00:07:53 PHT
Dear Sir/Madam, please i want to invite my Fiance that lives in Philipines to my country Nigeria. I want to know the procedure and requirements. And is it possible to process her papers here in Nigeria?? Thanks, hoping to hear from you Sir/Madam.
jinan wrote:
Saturday, 3 December 2011 06:50:02 PHT
gud morning,, i wanna ask if is it possible if i regestered a valid uk visa in uk agencies via email by sending them my deatails while i am here in the philippines??? i need to know if they can work about my visa and work permit while im here in my country.
Michelle Rodriguez wrote:
Sunday, 27 November 2011 15:50:14 PHT
Hi Sir/Madam, My boyfriend is an Australian and he wanted me to come over for a holiday so I applied for a Tourist Visa, I'm just waiting for the result. My question is, is there a possibility that my visa be approved even he's my boyfriend? because for some reason they says it is difficult to apply for a tourist visa if your boyfriend is sponsoring you, they might think you'll get married once you're there and apply for a permanent visa onshore..
Chris wrote:
Thursday, 24 November 2011 11:41:46 PHT
Dear Sir/Madame : Hi good day i am from the Philippines and me and my fiance who is an Austrian national would like get married in his country we are now planning to process our papers but our dilemma are first how much the amount of money he should have on his bank statement that he is going to show on the immigration in order for him to be qualified as financially stable or to be considered that he has a sufficient financial means...also its not clearly stated on the embassy the step by step procedure in applying for visa we needed which is visa D can you also please help me what really the next step to do..when we have all our papers ready? i am really hoping for the kind and helpful reply regarding my queries....i really love my fiance and we really want to be together and get married as soon as possible...thats why we really want to know about all of this have a positive result on our application..thank you very much.chris
Rochell wrote:
Wednesday, 16 November 2011 12:04:18 PHT
Hi Sir/Madam, My boyfriend is an Australian and he wanted me to come over for a holiday so I applied for a Tourist Visa, I'm just waiting for the result. My question is, is there a possibility that my visa be approved even he's my boyfriend? because for some reason they says it is difficult to apply for a tourist visa if your boyfriend is sponsoring you, they might think you'll get married once you're there and apply for a permanent visa onshore..
Cassiehere wrote:
Sunday, 13 November 2011 15:12:34 PHT
Dear Sir, we just got married last sept25,2011 my husband is a danish citizen. My husbands sister living in united states wants us to visit her and to celebrate her fortieth birthday with us. What are the requirements for me to see my sister in law in america aside from her invitation letter.--cassie
Nikita Agarwal wrote:
Friday, 11 November 2011 22:38:34 PHT
Sir, I am from India. I want to do a post graduate degree(M.Sc)in London. But my parents are not allowing me alone to go there and continue my study as I am a girl. So would you please tell me that can my brother go with me and can he do a full time or part time job over there? What do you say? Please suggest as I am very interested to continue my study over there in London.
GC wrote:
Thursday, 10 November 2011 18:33:29 PHT
hillo sir/madam . i am a filipina and i have a dutch boyfriend we meet almost 4 years now. and now he want me to visit to his country in netherland. i just want to ask is it have a fiancee visa for netherland? and what requirements it need? hope u can help me. thank u
Nelly wrote:
Monday, 31 October 2011 22:18:56 PHT
Dear sir, Im from Philippines and want to visit india for just marry to my fiance and he is canada. The reason why we need to marry there its because of there relegion BAHAI,and please tell me what are the particular requirement for both me and my fiance and what to do.please reply me..thank you
Minalyn Williams wrote:
Monday, 31 October 2011 11:13:51 PHT
To whom it may concern my name mrs minalyn williams may i request from your good office to know the exact date of the released my passport with tourist visa as for 3 months which i applied last october.17 2011 this is my passport number:EB3678297 im just had trying to contact to the gov australia embassy to ask about my problem but i can't contact them...hope for your abrupt response... sencerly yours minalyn williams
Nino Tetunashvili wrote:
Tuesday, 25 October 2011 23:53:01 PHT
Hi, I'm from Georgia, i need a travel viza to Philippine, is it possible to get one in the airport? or do i have to go to council? Thanks beforehand Nino
christian wrote:
Tuesday, 25 October 2011 13:38:49 PHT
I m Cameroonian i just want to visit Manila somebobdy help to get all documents plaese TK
Pam Casey wrote:
Tuesday, 25 October 2011 09:52:58 PHT
I am a US citizen and am travelling to the Philipppines with my friend, who is a Honduran. We would like to stay for a year or two. Can we get visas once we are in the PI and do we require anything more than a one way ticket? Thank you.
Jojo Valenzuela wrote:
Sunday, 23 October 2011 12:59:28 PHT
This blogsite/forum is very helpful. Thank you so much in extending a helping hand to newbies like us with regards to Visa regulations and such. It only shows the true nature of Filipino values of spirit of hospitality, friendliness and care. May you continue to help those who are in need will! More power!
Jojo Valenzuela wrote:
Sunday, 23 October 2011 12:52:12 PHT
Greetings! My name is Jojo Valenzuela and I just want to ask if I can still use my passport even if the immigration officer already stamped "departure" in it but later wrote "CNXLD" on the stamped area after I was denied exit from the Mactan International Airport due to lack of specific required documents? This happened Oct. 18, 2011. I was able to travel last year with NAIA as exit point with no hassle so I was shocked that this thing happened to me this year. Then I read here in the website about human trafficking and thought that maybe that explains the tight security. Another thing, since my passport is the new electronic type, do i already have a record that I was denied exit? If ever I did incurred any violation, what must I do to get cleared? Is applying for a new passport an option? My passport will expire in Oct. 2014 so I am worried if I can still pursue future trips abroad with my current passport status. I will be eagerly waiting for your response. Any advise will be much appreciated. Thank you so much and more power.
Arles Jen wrote:
Friday, 14 October 2011 03:56:03 PHT
To whom this may concern, Greetings! I have a Belgian friend who wants to migrate here for good together with his two young daughters. My questions are what are the proceedures for him to be able to live here with the kids? What agency should he contact for details. And what are the fees to pay? In general what must he do? Hoping for your kind response. Thank you for taking time out to read my message. More Power
Neonita P. Delorino wrote:
Saturday, 8 October 2011 12:03:32 PHT
Dear Madam/Sir: my friend is a frequent traveler abroad being a business woman she is asking if it is possible to exit to the Philippines not from her entry point for example, Clark to Bangkok then exit in Vietnam in coming back to the philippines.Am waiting for your informative response.Thank you and more power.
ler wrote:
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 09:28:19 PHT
Lood day sir, i have a friend who wants to go here in philippines, he is a pakistani birth andiving in jeddah saudi arabia. what are the requirements in entering here, the processes.
Meg wrote:
Sunday, 25 September 2011 01:41:34 PHT
Bakit may time qng ok na lahat ng documents mo ay sa immigration pa nadedelay..bakit ganun ?ung cousin q kc twice syang nadeny sa immigration den ung pangatlo ay nakatravel na wc is ordinary visa to go to angola pero bnyaran pa ung immigration officer ng 16k para lng matatakan.bakit ganun?
Bebie wrote:
Friday, 23 September 2011 19:58:33 PHT
Dear sir, I am a Filipina and have foreigner boyfriend, we don't plan yet to marry only he is planning to buy a property in my name cause he want to stay in the Philippines for so long and we plan to have business.What we will do? My question now is how and what kind of visa he may apply to have so it was not a hassle for him in going back to his place. I hope you can give me the best advice what to do. Please response to my e-mail if possible.
Ann P. wrote:
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 15:47:59 PHT
Dear Madam/Sir I working in Philippines with Bussiness visa 9a). It will last until December5, 2011, but I want to visit my mother in Thailand on October 15 because she has had cancer. And I will return to Philippine again on October 20. I have some questions to ask you as folloing below 1) If I will leave from Philippines the validity of my 9a) visa will be revoked? 2) I will apply new visa again for 9a) visa, If I will leave from Philippines before the last day on October 20. Thank you very much for you kindness reply Ann P.
Rae kristine wrote:
Friday, 16 September 2011 16:19:16 PHT
Good Day Sir! I just want to know if there is a regulation regarding same surname working in Israel. My mother got here Visa this year(valid only for 1 year)i don't know if this is what they called fiancee visa.I asked her since she has visa already maybe she can let me work in Israel.But she told me that she can't let me work for now in Israel for we have the same surname.Is it true?
Khristine Chung wrote:
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 20:53:10 PHT
Dear sir, I'm a filipina married to a korean national, my husband, our daughter and I will go to the philippines next week my marriage certificate and my daughter's birth certificate are written in korean, I want to ask do I have to translate my marriage certificate and birth certificate of my daughter in english to get a balikbayan visa?
Mariano coutinho wrote:
Friday, 19 August 2011 18:57:14 PHT
Sir: I am a Indian national married to a filipina, rediging in the UAE and have 4 kids, all holding Philippine passports. We got married in the Philippines and i have travelled to the Philippines 5 times before on Tourist Visa. If i do have to travel now to the Philippines, do i have to apply for a visa here in UAE or can i get one upon arrival. And also how can I get a long term visa to stay in the Phillipines like 2 years or more. What are my options... Thanks... Mariano
K Manalo wrote:
Thursday, 18 August 2011 11:25:18 PHT
Good day, Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Karlo Manalo, the marketing head for AIMA Group Ltd., a multinational company based in Makati city that acts the registrar’s/admissions office of a London based school. I write to you now to ask for more information about your organization. I came across your site while I was searching for websites and groups for Filipino nurses to try and establish ties and partnerships. As a company that invites Filipino nurses to the United Kingdom under our Overseas Nursing Program (ONP), we wish to provide concise and accurate information on the where, what and how of UK nursing opportunities. Our aim, our advocacy is to help fellow Filipino’s reach their dream of working and living in the UK through transparent and direct communication. We do this by eliminating the agency or consultancy entity. As the company that owns the school, we have made the process of inquiry, application and departure of students fast and low cost. Overseas Nursing Program The Overseas Nursing Program provides an opportunity for Filipino nurses with an opportunity to become registered nurses in the United Kingdom. The primary requirement to be eligible for the ONP programs is you must be a registered nurse with at least 1 year experience in a 100 bed capacity hospital, then you will need to take IELTS as part of the requirement to apply for a student visa with an average score of 7 across all bands. Should you pursue, you need to register with us under the PDA Level 6 course coupled with ONP. The total course fee is GBP 2,950.00, which is an introductory price for Filipino students. Once you have registered with us, we will do the usual process of securing your visa and once you are in the UK, the college will undertake the process leading to your starting the ONP training (which runs for 6-8 months). Based on the latest immigration data, there are more or less 3,000 Filipino nurses are currently in the UK and the number continues to grow, and yet the process they utilize is oftentimes costly and complicated. Information on UK nursing opportunities are obscured and lacking, and while there are resources available (mostly government agencies that post new regulations and updates) these are difficult to understand by the people it is most relevant to – the students and their parents. The reason being, they admitted to not understanding what is stated due to confusing terms or basic ignorance on how the process works. Such information is critical, as there are hundreds of Filipino’s being sent to the United Kingdom yearly, and thousands more planning to do so. Often those who plan to, rely on second hand information or stories that are passed from a source, typically being relatives, friends or classmates, which as is often the case, the reality and details are eroded or worse omitted. This is the reason why the majority have used agencies and consultancies as their way to applying for the UK. While this has often been the usual route to go in applying for study, work or migration, there are alternatives that are better and pose less risk. It is this lack of information that drives our company to reach out to as many affected sectors and individuals in order to provide truthful information on nursing related topics-, specifically UK based nursing opportunities. As you may be aware, there has been a lot of misinformation and misnomers on this subject resulting in some individuals and companies taking advantage of such. Our aim is to demystify and clarify that going to the UK under a student visa need not be complicated or expensive, a point made clear by the at the speed at which we have deployed student applicants, depending on the readiness and availability of their requirements, some of our students have taken as little as 2 months from the time they applied to the time they left for London, some even have had their visa’s issued in as little as 4 days. This is further supported by our fees, which compared to the processing fees of agencies and consulting groups that charge from one hundred to seven hundred thousand pesos, ours is less than one hundred thousand inclusive of the registration, visa and documentation charges. We understand that this would raise a few questions on the veracity of the information and how that is possible and what it may cost, the answer to which is what I indicated earlier, as the company that owns the school, we have made the process simpler and faster. The visa application is also easier because our school is rated as Tier 4, Highly Trusted by the UKBA - United Kingdom Border Agency, (www .ukba. homeoffice. gov . uk), making our school recognized by the UK embassy here in Manila. We would like to inquire, how we could possibly collaborate with your organization, with regards on UK education opportunities, UK student visa guidelines and UK based Filipino student information. We understand that your organization’s goal is fostering relations and assisting Filipinos in your area, and like you, we share the same goal. We wish to provide Filipinos here in the Philippines and those already in the UK with detailed information about the conditions, changes and updates for UK immigration (in the context of student visa’s) so that the public - your members, members families and relatives will have a better grasp of the requirements and processes involved in applying for opportunities in the UK. What we envision is a long term collaborative effort between our company and your organization, combining our resources to fill in the information void present today. Through a sustained, detailed and easy to understand delivery of information, the goal of clearing the misconceptions and myths about studying and working in the UK will be attained. We propose an activity that would get this message across, such relevant information needs to be made available and accessible to those who seek it, the sad reality is, should a student wish to know about educational and work opportunities in the UK, a search on Google would yield a lot of news stories and features on scams by individuals and companies that fooled students. We look towards people and organizations like yours to help us in our goal of promoting honest, direct and quality service to Filipino’s who wish to better their lives by going to the UK. To give you more information about the company I represent, please visit our websites: www . aimagroup. co. uk, www . ascollege . org for details on our company and school. This is a brief overview of the service and program our school and company provides, should you require more information or need clarification on any of the information indicated, please feel free to contact me at the numbers below. Again thank you and I look forward to providing information to your website and members. Sincerely, Karlo Rey Manalo Sales and Marketing Manager Telefax: 632 856 4779 Mobile: 0917 8694316 Email: Website: www . ascollege. org www .aimagroup .co. uk
Marjorie Garcia wrote:
Thursday, 11 August 2011 01:05:15 PHT
Do i need visa for my us citizen infant i were going to the philippines for a 1 month vacation, since i am filipino citizen with a green card holder?
Vibin Vijayakumar wrote:
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 00:06:25 PHT
Hi i'm vibin actually i have a problem we r goin to our home town on this thursday and my visa is expiring on september 20th and i wil b back to dubai on 16th of september at present i can't renew my visa since my sponser went for his vaccation .is there any probem if after me returning and then renewing the visa..please tel me ...what should i do
Rose Ann Corpuz wrote:
Tuesday, 9 August 2011 21:05:18 PHT
Sir, can i ask? my mom is in israel now shes a caregiver there. then she apply a visa to travel to italy but the problem is they denail her what she can do now? hope you will give an advice to help my mom...thank you sir
Tonino wrote:
Sunday, 17 July 2011 21:17:52 PHT
Hi my name is Toni I would like to travel to Philippines in October and stay for about 3 months so I need a longer visa of 59 days think is I'm Italian and I work and live in UK so to go to a Philippines consolate in Rome will cost me lots of money and days.Can I buy a return ticket to Manila and ones I'll be there go to an immigration office to obtain an extention visa? Kind regards Toni
jeramie inut wrote:
Tuesday, 5 July 2011 21:38:23 PHT
im filipina and i give birth in it my baby a malaysian sitizen?can u help me and tell what will i do?thank u
Archie Macvicar wrote:
Monday, 20 June 2011 22:54:36 PHT
correction and apologies- wife is female :) I am British, my wife of two years is a Philippina eventually in two years time I would like to relocate to the Philippines permenantly. at the end of this year we are going to the Philippines for two months will this be a problem for me regarding a visa.
Liza wrote:
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 16:33:49 PHT
Hi, I just want some advice regarding my visa change.

I am currently working in Dubai. Was hired 3 years ago when I was single, and so I got my UAE visa stamp using my name when i was single. After 2 years of working I got married. Then my passport expired and renewed the same in UAE itself using my new surname (husbands surname. In this case my name in my new passport and the UAE visa stamp is not matching anymore. Then my working visa expired and the same company renewed it.

My question is:

1. Since it is renewed working visa, the stamp they have used is the same as my name when I was single, against my new passport which I am using my husbands surname. Would it be a problem coming back from Philippines to UAE?

2. Also what if the UAE renewed visa stamp was they put the husbands surname in bet. (middle) and my maiden name in the last. Would it be also problem coming back from Philippines to UAE?

I do not have enough time anymore to change the renewed visa name as I am going for vacation on end June. Any other suggestion?

I cannot give much advise on UAE visa procedures here, as I have never dealt with them, except that you might be able to get your answer from the UAE Immigration authorities.--Jeroen

Floren wrote:
Monday, 23 May 2011 13:20:37 PHT
I like your website. please help me find a location in bohol. i wanted to live in bohol for good. i wanted an area of land which is in a reasonable price, safe and peaceful. thank you very much. please send ur reply to my email.
Jenny wrote:
Saturday, 7 May 2011 06:43:55 PHT
both my parents were born in the philippines. I was born in Canada. My husband (Canadian) and I would like to purchase a home to live in the Philippines (6 months of the year). Is this possible? Can I get my Philippine residency? Is it costly and how does one go about obtaining it?
Greyz wrote:
Sunday, 1 May 2011 21:46:37 PHT
Hi Mam/Sir. My boyfriend is from Holland and he wants me to get a tourists visa. Pls i need an advice / help how can i get the visa. Thanks in advance

For a short visit (up to 21 days) he probably don't need a visa. For a longer visa, he can apply at the Philippine Embassy in the Hague. He should call them first for opening hours and exact requirements.--Jeroen.

R Flowers wrote:
Saturday, 30 April 2011 01:15:51 PHT
Single mom in the Philippines on a work visa. Baby born in the Philippines. US passport obtained for the baby. (No father) Mom plans visit to the US with baby girl. Does mom need to get a visa for the baby to get the baby back to the Philippines after 2 week visit to the US? Or can she just show the birth certificate showing the baby girl was born in the Philippines?

The assumption is that your baby is a US citizen because you are, and was able to get a US passport based on that. I also assume that you mean that the father is unknown or unwilling to be known, and thus no Philippine citizenship can be claimed based on that. Unlike in the US, Philippine citizenship is not granted just by being born on Philippines soil. In that case, the baby can enter the Philippines with the mother, and get a 21 day visa on arrival (if traveling with the mother; otherwise further restrictions exist). If the mother has a residency status in the Philippines, it is better to talk to the bureau of immigration before departure, to get that status extended to the child.--Jeroen.

Rose wrote:
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 07:42:37 PHT
Sir/Madame: Good day, My husband is American, He visited me here last Oct. 2010 and after his 21 days is over we extended it to the BI branch here in Davao for another 10 days because he stayed here for a month, he will come back again to visit me this coming June, Is he entitled to apply 13A even he will only stay for a month again? Is it possible he will apply that at BI Davao branch? what are the documents he may need, how much it cost and how long it takes him to get it? How long the visa will last? I'm looking forward to hear your reply, have and good day and thank you.

After just one day out-of-the-country, you can again avail of the normal tourist/visitor terms of stay, that is, 21 days visa-on-arrival, which can be extended to 59 days, and then so on up to two years, without the need to get a residence permit, by just paying the extension fees.--Jeroen.

Grace77 wrote:
Tuesday, 12 April 2011 17:11:35 PHT
Dear Sirs, my husband is lebanese, we been visiting philippines so often to visit our family, however, now a days he decided to stay in philippines for good or for a while, before his holding tourist visa for 6 months, now our question hope you could help. 1.) can he apply for a visa that will let him stay for 1 year or a visa that he can stay for good in philippines? 2.) if only for a year the visa, can we renew it again for another year? 3.0 if so kindly provide us what agency in philippine can we approach for this. your help is highly appreciated, thanking you in advance.
Jude wrote:
Monday, 7 March 2011 07:16:00 PHT
Hi Jeroen, I'm a Indian national divorced from Chennai-India and my fiancee is from Bohol. We are planning to get married in Chennai/India. So I need you kind assistance with a few queries. To start with what are the requirements for her to bring to India to be married in civil registry. Secondly when i checked the Indian embassy website in manila it says a single entry tourist visa validity is for 6 months and in order to apply for this visa i need to provide a return ticket with a sponsor letter, bank statement etc. Now its me who is going to buy her ticket from Chennai so i want to know if i need to book her ticket with a return date after 6 months or with a 3 month validity since when she applies for visa she will need to mention the reason. Does she need to specify she is going on tourist visa to India for marriage purpose. Once we get the visa and once we finish marriage what will be the requirements to be done if i want her to settle in India permanently. I'm hoping we wont face problems with Indian embassy to issue a visa for my fiancee. Hoping for all to go well. Thanks in advance- Jude...
lely dadave wrote:
Sunday, 6 March 2011 10:58:58 PHT
Hi i would like to know how can i start a food bisnes in philippines and buy a property there an singaporean and how to apply the visa too.Thank you.
Lady in black wrote:
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 19:29:18 PHT
Sir im filipina and married to us citizen.aside for petition.can i apply for tourist visa to go there?we have 1 year old daughter born here in the philippines and have a US passport..pls help me and im waiting to your response.thank you
lyn wrote:
Monday, 14 February 2011 18:46:56 PHT
Hi, I am going on Vacation and plan to bring my daughter and niece on visit visa along with me. Do I need to apply for Affidavit of Support since I am with them when they travel.Anyone please, advise...
Trevor wrote:
Friday, 11 February 2011 16:21:34 PHT
The immigration reply to my letter, girlfriend refused to leave Manila on a tourist visa.

Dear Sir:

Please be advised that the Bureau of Immigration, as a member of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking, is implementing strict departure formalities for certain Filipinos (BI Memorandum Order No. RPL-10-004 dated 09 August 2010). This regulation of the right to travel is pursuant to the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 (RA 9208) and other allied laws, and applies to those who are reasonably detected to be in a potential trafficking situation.

This means that every departing passenger is assessed based on the totality of the circumstances at the time of departure, by scrutinizing the passport, ticket, visa or purpose of travel, capacity of the passenger to undertake the particular purpose of travel or that who is guaranteeing the travel, the authenticity of the POEA documents, if applicable, etc.

The regulation of the right to travel however does not authorize our Immigration Officers to treat passengers with discourtesy nor to extort money. If you feel that the Immigration Officer acted in such a manner, please feel free to execute a sworn written statement and trust that it shall be given appropriate and administrative due course.

Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately, Filipinos are often recruited by various unscrupulous recruiters, who abuse them once abroad, including such horrible things as slavery and forced prostitution, to prevent this, and to avoid Philippine embassies and consulates being troubled with people seeking help, the named laws have been implemented. To avoid being denied exit, depending on your travel purpose and destination, you will be required to follow various types of seminars, or submit yet more documentation about your travel sponsor.

A further complication is that some immigration officials see this as an opportunity to extract money from people wishing to leave the country, forcing them to either hand over several hundreds of dollars on the spot, or miss your flight. The best remedy here is to know the regulations exactly, and have an abundance of paperwork available to make your point.

I've also found that leaving through some of the alternative airports (Cebu, Davao, etc.) is far more relaxed than departing from NAIA.--Jeroen.

Christina Veloria wrote:
Friday, 11 February 2011 09:34:20 PHT
Hi..i have a question cuz i just got my US visa and they gave me 10 years im a filipina married in philippines but were base in singapore and i was planning to change my surname,. just wondering if do i need to apply new US visa?thanks:)
Trevor wrote:
Thursday, 10 February 2011 02:12:10 PHT
Dear sir. hope can help, my Pinoy girlfriend has a visa for Netherlands, but today went to Manila and immigration refused her to go further. they said they need a legalized letter from me stamped at the Philippine embassy in The Hague. we have submitted all paper work at the Cebu consulate. why do we need a letter of invitation stamp and original at the Philippines embassy in Netherlands. maybe this is a new rule with the Philippines immigration. There also was a Philippines woman with a German visa refused.

If you still have the original letter of invitation, you used for applying for the Dutch visa, you can visit this Embassy (call them beforehand for opening hours and to explain the situation, and be sure to ask them whether the need to see the documents legalized by the Dutch foreign affairs ministry first, although that should not really be needed.)--Jeroen.

Neeraj wrote:
Monday, 7 February 2011 05:01:07 PHT
Hi Jeroen, I appreciate your patience and timely help to people across the world. I have no question to ask, but I would like to share my experience with your permission for fellow Indian/Filipino friends if they are into Indian-Filipino relationship and they are keen to give it a serious thought of marriage. I met my wife (A Filipino) through internet almost 7 years before and Finally we win over all odds (including personal differences, financial issues, "Cultural differences-You have already posted in one of the answer", getting know-how of Indian/Philippines visa rules/regulations and many more). Recently we got married and still we feels like there is lot more to know about each other, our extended family, culture and country. Life is an ocean.. we are willing to cross the ocean!!. Based on my experience I would like to request and suggest to all Indian/Filipino-"Please have patience, don't rush things up, contact the right authority first (Visa/Passport) in your country, read through all the answers in respective forums (indiamike DOTCOM and this one), make some more friends who have faced similar problems as yours,and last but not the least "Marry love of your life".. it's worth to live for your own purpose than running/leading your life through somebody's glasses. God Bless, Jeroen!! God Bless All!!

Thanks Neeraj for your comment. I've lived in India for 1.5 years - 13 years ago, in Gujarat, Ahmadabad -, and am married with a Boholana, so I realize there are considerable cultural differences between India and the Philippines that won't be easy to overcome. I also realize there are huge cultural difference between the various regions within India (and in a lesser degree in the Philippines), for example, in India, there is a remarkable distinction between the southern state of Kerala, which very much a similar climate as the Philippines, a fairly traditional but diverse culture with a strong Christian component, the more closed (in my opinion) society of the northern states like UP or Bihar, or yet completely different, a North-Eastern border state like Nagaland, where the culture of the Christianized peoples in a sense is far closer to the Philippines than to the main-stream Indian culture.

However, in dealing with various cultures, it has become more and more my opinion that in the long run, it is more a matter of personal character and understanding whether you can get along. Dealing with differences requires an open heart and mind, to accept what will always remain utterly strange and alien, and an good tactical way of dealing with society's way of reacting on you, which may in some cases ultimately require to move away from people who or places that do not accept your relationship. Such things require courage, strength, and intellect, but before all good communication and openness between the two partners, and a clear commitment.

I regularly get of comments or questions here from people where I think by myself, is this really serious. I know from what I see in my surroundings that a lot of relations between Filipinos and Westerners go wrong, no matter what those pen-pal websites try to make us believe, but it can work out if people really want to.--Jeroen.

Cheryl wrote:
Wednesday, 2 February 2011 01:08:35 PHT
Hi sir, my indian husband who works in dubai wil process my visa. Do i need the original visa from dubai? or a scanned copy wil be acceptable in immigration in naia? Do he need to authenticate the visa in philippine embassy in dubai? thank you.
Sheila wrote:
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 12:05:06 PHT
Hello, ty for this website, just found it. It might be of help for me. I am a Filipina and is in a long-distance relationship with my australian boyfriend now for 2 years more already, we have maintained a good relationship via emails and chats. Now he is planning to sponsor me for a tourist visa for us to meet for the very first time since he has not yet visited me here in Phils. Eventually, is it advisable to get married there while I am a tourist? then ones it expires, can we apply for a spouse visa when I get back here in Phils? I hope this would be of help for me. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon. God bless you.
Manoj wrote:
Tuesday, 4 January 2011 04:57:11 PHT
HI My wife is filipina and we are been married for last 14 years. I have 3 childreen they holding Phipipine passport. Right now due to some cercumstaces i need to travel urgently to philipine to gether with my wife and my newly born son. do i still need to get visa or i can get visa on arrival my nationality INDIAN its only for 10 days
Pin wrote:
Thursday, 30 December 2010 03:38:56 PHT
Hallo good day, i am married to a dutch citizen. i was born in the Philippines and had a Philippine passport. My kids and my husband had a dutch passport. Do they need Philippine visa? pls.reply me. thanks

It depends. If they are staying for less then 21 days, no, they don't need a visa. If they travel together with you, and stay less than a year, they also don't need a visa. If you where a Philippine citizen at the time of their birth, they are too, and you could register them and also get them a Philippine passport at the embassy in The Hague, and then they will never need a visa.--Jeroen.

jr wrote:
Monday, 29 November 2010 13:01:08 PHT
How to report wife cheating in Dubai? please help me. the man was married to a Lebanese. We had 3 kids and she admitted that she had an affair with the man.. please can you help me with this?

Sorry, I won't help with such things. What goes on between a two consenting adults is the responsibility of those people, and nobody should use or try to use violence--be it legally sanctioned by the state or not--to force his or her will on the other party, or to try and take revenge. My only advise will be to draw your conclusions, and decide yourself what you want to do: break-up or work it out, and in either case find a way to meet your responsibility towards the children.--Jeroen.

Patricia L. Albelda wrote:
Friday, 26 November 2010 09:51:35 PHT
How can a single mother get a permanent visa for her daughter? The mother is working in UAE. On the child's birthcertificate, it stated there that there is not father. Will that affect the application of the child's permanent visa? Please help?
Mr d. james wrote:
Monday, 22 November 2010 21:02:53 PHT
Good day,i have a 2yr son,he has my surname and i am on his birth certificate[philippine], i am not married to his mother and plan to take him with me to africa [with his mothers consent,she will not be traveling with us]i have a british passport and he will travel on his philippine passport[to be applied for] Do we need any special exit visa for him to travel with me apart from the visa to be applied for,for entry into destination country,thanks
Damaris wrote:
Saturday, 20 November 2010 11:15:05 PHT
My US citizen Husband will get back here in the Philippines for the second time. We are just wondering if he can get an open return ticket back to US after 7months of stay here? Salamat.
Mel wrote:
Tuesday, 9 November 2010 12:06:13 PHT
Good Day Sir, I just got married last month, I would like to ask about what nationality the child would be automatically if ill have the baby in Philippines. My husband is British and i'm Filipina and we are planning to bring the baby as soon as possible in England. Is it going to be hard to apply all the paper or is it better to have the baby in England but spend more? waiting for your answer Thank you.

The answer to this question depends on the laws of two countries, that is those of the mother and father. Since you are a Filipina, your children will automatically have Philippine citizenship, regardless of where they are born, but if born abroad, they will have to be registered with a Philippine embassy or consulate. British citizenship law is complex, so I advise you and your husband to study the rules outlined on the UK Border Agency website. Most likely, if the father was born in the UK, your child will also be a British citizen, but please check your facts before jumping on a conclusion. Note that registration with the British embassy will also be required to obtain a British passport for the child.--Jeroen.

Ish wrote:
Friday, 29 October 2010 21:36:05 PHT
Hello all,I have a question... I am a Filipina with Hungarian Permanent Residency, Me and my husband visited the Philippines this year, his 1 year entry will expire on feb 2011, do you happen to know if we both exit the Philippines since we are going to HK for a 7 day trip this december, would we get another stamp for an extension when we get back? or would the stamp we already have on his passport be still valid and again we will have to exit the country by feb? please advice... thanks - ish
Mrs. MG Gresswell wrote:
Sunday, 24 October 2010 23:12:37 PHT
Hi, Regarding a letter to invite(for visa purposes) relatives from Philippines to visit me here in Uk,is it possible just to send them an email or do I have to it the old way, handwritten letter?
Adeoye Abiodun wrote:
Wednesday, 6 October 2010 14:19:36 PHT
If u are a Nigerian citizen living in Malaysia and is already finished his course in Malaysia and want to visit Philippines what procedures he or she need to do before living
Amor de wilde wrote:
Thursday, 30 September 2010 16:26:00 PHT
Sir/ Madam, Good day! Im married with a belgian citizen, i would like to ask help if possible to give me more information about visa application their requirements include the Certificate of No Marriage in a National Indices, it is the same as Advisory for marriage? thank you
marial eleanor untalan wrote:
Thursday, 16 September 2010 04:32:17 PHT
hi, i'm eleanor... My cousin and i were invited by my cousin and uncle to visit Switzerland on October. This will be a surprised gift for my tita... We appied for Swiss visa and they denied it... they told us to apply for an Appeal which will cost us 150suisse franc... If we apply for it are there positive actions that we will have a visa? Because if they do so, so we will apply for an appeal.. thanks
daisy manuel wrote:
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 23:40:39 PHT
hi sir;madam, can you please help me. i have an Egypt visa that will be expired on Oct.27, 2010. i came back here in the Philippines on Feb.28 to give birth, now im planning to go back there after 7months. Is my visa still valid or i need to apply for a new one? By the way, im not working in Egypt, we are a dependent of my foreign husband. thank you very much.
Mrs. Downey wrote:
Saturday, 21 August 2010 09:00:52 PHT
I am a filipina who is married to an Australian for 2 years now. We have a baby now. We are going to the Philippines this coming december and spend a month there. Will my baby and my husband be given a balikbayan stamp at the port of entry when I show the immigration officer our marriage certificate (we're married in the Philippines) and the birth certificate of our baby? Thank you.
Ihea wrote:
Sunday, 25 July 2010 13:10:32 PHT
Hi sir, I've been working in Israel for 3yrs and 5months as a caregiver, my employer just died last may 2010, the day he died i just received my work permit in canada as a live in caregiver also, but i found out that im 3 and half pregnant already. i can not continue my application in Israel because i should have a work permit so i can stay there. So i decided to go home in the Philippines. My contract will expire on oct.21, 2010, i will give birth on nov. 2010, do i have to continue my application now even im pregnant?
Jane wrote:
Thursday, 22 July 2010 19:12:56 PHT
Hi, i have an aunt who leaves in valencia spain, she wants to petition me to go there because of her situation. she is scheduled for an operation this coming september. sha has no relatives there and thought of getting one here in the Philippines.
Fiaz hussain wrote:
Saturday, 3 July 2010 14:23:07 PHT
i am going to Philippines please hep me visa rools my wife is stay in philippines.
ann marie gamale wrote:
Friday, 11 June 2010 13:13:53 PHT
good day! my name is anne from cagayan de oro, philippines. i have a long time boyfriend in india and we were planning to get married there. i would just like to ask sir on how i could get 6 months tourist visa for purpose of it possible to get married there with just a tourist visa?? thanks a lot sir. . .
Joe Swami wrote:
Thursday, 10 June 2010 02:42:01 PHT
I am a hermit in Tapas in Churuli malai, Sahya mountains, Southern India. Suddenly awakened and convinced that I must go to the Philippines, where contemplatively my best half is waiting. Can I live in Philippine on a permanent basis? Please advise.

As long as you realize that you loose your caste if you leave the realms of Jambudvipa for the 7000 islands, and that the word 'swami' has become 'asawa' in those islands, where it means 'spouse', or just 'wife' in the south.--Jeroen

ana wrote:
Thursday, 27 May 2010 23:16:01 PHT
hi, i not going to ask about visa since its not the visa i have to apply for my son, i want him go get a German passport since his father is German, he is born here in Philippines and was knowledge by his father by signing his birth certificate, his father and I is not married, but he is still married in Germany. my question is the Embassy allow my son to get a German passport even though that his father is married in Germany? he cooperate with me sending his certified true copy of his passport that need the German embassy here in Philippines, im just worried that the embassy will deny our apply for his German passport knowing his father is married there. is there any interview to me as a mother just in case i apply his German passport? pls. help so that I'm prepared enough to face the German embassy questions. thank you in advance.

I don't think whether you are married or not is relevant, or even the fact that the father is married to someone else. I believe that as long as the father is a German your son is also entitled to German citizenship based on its nationality laws. It might however take some effort to demonstrate that, and get the officials in the embassy recognize that. Here it would help a lot if the father would collect the necessary paperwork. The German embassy should be able to tell you what they require.--Jeroen

Sonette Nadonza wrote:
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:27:55 PHT
I have an australian boyfriend and we agreed that i will go to australia. what are the essential documents needed when i apply a fiancee visa. and how long does it takes for my visa to be approved..and how much will i pay for it? I wish you can help me regarding my concern. Thank you and more power.
Mike wrote:
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 08:29:17 PHT
I am getting Married in the Philippines in July and wounder if I can work or open a company in the Philippines and just stay as I have found that waiting for as much as a year for my wife to be able to move to the US is not that great. I don't care to return back to the US if I an able to work in the Philippines.
Lynn_q8 wrote:
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 18:07:45 PHT
Dear, my brother is coming to Kuwait on Tourist Visa, on my sponsorship, but due to so many gossips regarding documentations required at NAIA, I forwarded to my brother, 2way air tickets, original copy of the visa with translation, Affidavit of consent from the phil. embassy authenticated here in Kuwait. he's flying on 13-05-2010, did i missed something? I appreciate if you could reply today. God Speed
Karren Jake Aenlle wrote:
Friday, 30 April 2010 18:03:37 PHT
Dear Sir, Good day! I am a Filipina and had my contract finished in Dubai last 12th April 2010 and im planning to go back thru my sister who is still in Dubai. She went to a travel agency and from there they have supplied me with the tourist visa,and my sister gave me her affidavit for support and guarantee, I just would like to ask if there will be a show money going to Dubai, UAE from Cebu, Philippines?Cebu Immigration (will they ask for show money)? if there is, please inform me how much. Please send me a feedback in email. Thank you.
louis wrote:
Wednesday, 28 April 2010 16:13:26 PHT
hi i have fiance in malaysia ... i just wanna ask what is the process getting a visa there and how much is the cost getting a visa .,.,
lanie candido wrote:
Sunday, 25 April 2010 13:59:03 PHT
BIGAMY ISSUE ...........

sir, to make the story short here it is.

I was married to a Singaporean, our marriage held in Singapore, after only weeks of marriage i ran away because he is hitting me and never gave me any money to survive,he bought everything and i need to wait for him to eat. (we married without him knowing i have kids in the Philippines)

when i got back in the Philippines, i received an SMS from him telling me that he will do everything to blacklist me from Singapore so i cannot return to Singapore anymore and told me that he is filing a divorce. and i told him to do it asap because im not coming back.

after months, i married here in the Philippines with a pinoy, i didnt told him that i am married in Singapore for i assume that my husband there already filed divorce.

now after 3 years, he is sending me emails and sms that he will file a BIgamy to me, im scared of course because for 3 years that we are apart he is also having an affair and his mistress and relatives of his mistress is living in our matrimonial house in Singapore, i thought that he is now happy with his mistress but now his mistress is making so many issues that she and my husband wants to file bigamy to me here in the Philippines.

what should i do? please need your answers? do i have options so i cannot go to jail?

I've no words for this. I'll let it stand as a warning to others.--Jeroen.

YRod Glover wrote:
Friday, 23 April 2010 14:22:06 PHT
Dear Sir/Ma'm. I have a Filipina friend who was married to a British citizen, he sadly passed away last year leaving her and a young baby. She has recently obtained a UK Passport for the infant! Could you please advise whether the infant now presumably being a UK citizen will need a resident visa to live here in the Philippines with her mother, or would it be better for her mother to apply for a Philippine Passport for her infant daughter, thus gaining dual UK/Filipina citizenship? Thanks for your help!

If the mother is Philippine citizen, the child also is (by birth). Since the father is British, the child also is British (by birth as well, although it might take some time to process the papers to have this recognized). As far as my understanding of Philippine law goes, a minor is unable to voluntarily obtain a foreign citizenship and as a result a minor cannot loose Philippine citizenship by obtaining a foreign citizenship (which the child did not do anyway, it has both by birth). My conclusion: the child is Filipino, and needs neither a residence permit nor a passport to live in the Philippines. Only if you desire to travel abroad, a Philippine passport might be handy, if only to enable easy entry back into the Philippines.--Jeroen.

srinivasulu reddy wrote:
Sunday, 18 April 2010 09:34:20 PHT
hi am indian national holding indian passport but working in malaysia long term, am planing for short trip to manila for 3 days, can i get visa on arrival at manila airport or should i apply for visa in kuala lumpur, malaysia
Okoro jude wrote:
Monday, 12 April 2010 01:42:10 PHT
I am a Nigerian living in Bangkok with one year dependent visa, I applied for Philippines tourist visa here in Bangkok and was refused visa after submitting my ticket,wife's work permit as I am dependent on her visa.

They said they need work permit from me not from my wife. My wife is a Canadian working in Thailand.

What should I do?

Try to explain the situation, attach (translated to English) documents from the Thai immigration officials that explain the situation. Inquire about the appeal options, and directly contact the Philippine Bureau of immigration about this case. The consulate has some discretionary powers, but I think they should make reasonable demands.--Jeroen.

elizabeth hopkins wrote:
Sunday, 11 April 2010 20:40:57 PHT
Im a fiance visa married to american citizen now, just got my green card for 2 yrs conditional, were planning to visit Phils. for 67 days. What's the best thing to do for my husband, do we have to get a Phil non immigrant visa? of just extend his stay and pay for whatever fees for the extension. In my part do i have to change my passport or wait till i come in Phils to change since im married now.. pls help thanks.

Go to the Philippines, bring your marriage certificate, and ask for a balikbayan stamp for your husband, so he can stay up to one year without fees. Bring your own Ph. passport, and make sure to bring your green card to be able to return to the US.--Jeroen.

Carmelia wrote:
Sunday, 11 April 2010 17:26:41 PHT
Hello good afternoon, me and my boyfriend stayed and worked here in Dubai, but his passport is from Germany, i would like to ask if its possible for him to get into Philippines spoecifically in Davao with no visa requirements and for how many days he is allowed to stay, pls let me know. Thank you so much
Bill Biddle wrote:
Saturday, 10 April 2010 23:17:55 PHT
The fee when leaving the NAIA is P 750.00 as opposed to the P 550.00 referenced in this article.

Thanks for the update. The fee mentioned was for Mactan International, not NAIA, but that might have gone up as well.--Jeroen

Marc Dalle wrote:
Friday, 9 April 2010 04:10:12 PHT
It is WRONG that a Belgian would lose his/her Belgian nationality by taking the Philippine nationality. The law of April 2008 is clear on that. Filipinos with the Belgian nationality can since then apply for dual citizenship in the Philippine embassy Brussels. Also Belgians from birth can obtain a dual nat. for all countries except for 10 European countries.

Thanks for the update. My research predated this change in Belgian law. I will update the article, but the warning needs to remain, as for many other countries, this is still the case.--Jeroen.

Arun Gupta wrote:
Wednesday, 7 April 2010 16:15:15 PHT
hi. I'm from India my gf is from Philippines we decide to marry and after marriage she settle here in India but for marriage I need to go there I also want to live with them for almost 3 months pls tell me whats the process for 3 months visa for Philippines and what formalities i need for her so she settle here in India after marriage and what documents i need to bring there in Phil. for marriage and what documents she need to bring here in India for permanent citizenship of India. thanks.

This site is not intended to answer Indian immigration questions -- but if you want to visit the Philippines, you'll need a visa beforehand, which can be obtained, if you have enough funds and an invitation letter, from the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi.

About 15 years ago I lived in India (in Ahmedabad, Gujarat). Although India is a great country, and a fascinating place to live, it is not always easy for foreigners to adjust to it - Of course, both countries have things in common, but the cultural differences are quite big - so I would certainly also advise you to consider the option of moving to the Philippines after marriage.--Jeroen.

Jane wrote:
Tuesday, 9 March 2010 07:03:57 PHT
Hello! I am from Bacolod City Philippines. My bf is from Austria. He plans to invite me there for a visit. How long will it be possible for me to stay there on my first visit? Do I need to learn German before I come there? What procedures we should need to do and the documents needed for it? Is it possible for him to invite me in Austria though we haven't meet in person yet? Or does he need to visit the Philippines first before he can invite me in Austria? It says I need VISA to go there, what kind of VISA should be best for me to apply? Pls I am looking forward you can reply me. I would really appreciate for it. Thanks and God bless!

I am not aware of the exact regulations in Austria, but a "Schengen visa" (as a tourist) is what you need. With that you can stay up to three months. Your friend will have to send an invitation, probably legalized, and some supporting documentation. Of course he can invite you without having met you in person in the Philippines. It is not a formal requirement, but might make your chances of getting a visa better.

On a more personal side, I advise Filipinas who wish to start a relationship with a foreigner to first meet in the Philippines, and spend some time together at home, so you and your family can get to know the person, before you decide to travel to a far away country where you know very few people, and will be very much dependent on the good-will of that other person. To me, any foreigner who claims not to have the time or money to travel to the Philippines would be big warning signal.--Jeroen.

Joan wrote:
Friday, 5 March 2010 09:39:01 PHT
my BF is a UK citizen I just found out that he is only allowed to stay for 21 days which I already book a flight for mar 10 going back on the 8th which is 28 days stay in Philippines and we will departing soon March 10 and I don't think he can secure his visa right away. Is it possible to fly then extend his visa in the Philippines before the 21 days? thanks

Getting an extension to 59 days is normally a formality, if you show up in time, dress decently (no slippers or short pants), and pay the required fees.--Jeroen.

Ravi Malhotra wrote:
Thursday, 4 March 2010 15:18:55 PHT
Hi, I am from India, I want to visit Philippines. Do I require a tourist visa from India?

Please read first! The answer is in the article.--Jeroen

ANNA CRUZ wrote:
Saturday, 20 February 2010 18:13:09 PHT
Please can you send me a copy of invitation letter FOR TOURIST VISA IN INDIA? I have a friend who is inviting me for a visit in india. What are the other documents needed aside from his passport details, bank statements, business registration and invitation? Is there document needed on my part for this application, do I need financial documents too? Thank you, waiting for your reply.
Angel wrote:
Thursday, 11 February 2010 14:00:33 PHT
Good Day! I would like to ask some question about my fiancee visa application for Austria...since i have been intervied last Feb.01,2010 until now im so streesful and looking for an anwer unti when i can received the answer of my application is I passed or make short all my documents are already at Austria embassy ..i want to know how many weks or months should i wait for the result becuase they only told me that they will call me.. please send me some information that you know to the right answer....thanks ..god bless
Mabelyn Beck wrote:
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 09:49:12 PHT
I don't have comments. I only want to know what do my daughter need if she's leaving the country(Philippines)with her German passport? Is there any documents need for the Immigration in the airport?
Michael Ranson wrote:
Wednesday, 6 January 2010 18:05:28 PHT
As a UK citizen and I enter the Philippines on a 21 day visa and subsequently wish to extend it to 59 days does my return ticket out of the Philippines need to be within the 21 days or can it be say 58 days from entry? Michael Ranson

I faced no trouble entering the Philippines without a visa and without a return ticket within 21 days, but formally, it is within the discretion of the immigration officer to send you back. In your situation, I would probably get a visa, if only to avoid the time spend on getting an extension in the Philippines - but I realize that if the Philippine Embassy is very far from your hometown in the UK, and a Bureau of Immigration office is near your location in the Philippines (for example, if you would stay in or near Tagbilaran city), the balance will turn out different.--Jeroen.

Zen wrote:
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 21:13:48 PHT
Good day; I am a Filipina 23 years old and my boyfriend is Canadian. We are planning to get married this coming year 2010.I just wanna know how long will it take for us to get married and what are the requirements that we need.And is it helpful if we ask the help of someone like an agent? would it be more expensive or can we just do it on our own? I went to that agent and they said they can help me and they will just give me feedback on what they can do. Please help me . Thank you very much and Happy Holidays
brian trask wrote:
Saturday, 26 December 2009 22:53:49 PHT
please can any one advise me on immargration laws on same sex marrige , i have a partner in the philis who will be here in the summer of 2010 when we shall marry , what i eed to know is will a visa be granted as we are both gay , i have penty of proof of our relstionship like convo online to and from the begining of our relationship ans tickets back and for from the uk to the phili,s and other paper work that show money being sent via weston union to support my partner , i would be so very thankful on your help on this matter
ella wrote:
Saturday, 26 December 2009 10:17:51 PHT
I'm from the US and I was already granted a visa for 59 days the thing is, me and my new FIlipino husband wants to have a 4-day trip to China. Will it be possible or I should be out of the country for more than a week?...
Grace Schuckschdies wrote:
Saturday, 26 December 2009 00:43:43 PHT
ur site is really helpful! im a filipina married to a german whos working here in china for almost 8months now...i gave birth last may 2009 and we just got our child passport december 8, 2009..and were planning to go ack to philippines for good do i still need to get a visa for my child? i want to go back with my kids to philippines tommorrow or the next day...hope u can give reply to my questions... thank you... merry christmas! and happy new year!
lenzy wrote:
Friday, 25 December 2009 19:44:41 PHT
Hi good day Sir! I just would like to know how to process in easy to make a visa to Hungary as a fiancee I am from here in Philippine. because my boyfriend told me that he would Like to marry me on their country. so I was in a difficult situation because it is my first time to make it. then I don't know what to do or what kind of papers I need to come there. I wish you can help me:) thank you so much and more Power!
pankaj wrote:
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 14:33:06 PHT
the philppines country provide the arrival visa for indian country people.they provide arrvial visa?i want come there new year this year if they provide to me arrviaL visa

Please read the article above!--Jeroen.

Laslo wrote:
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 02:51:33 PHT
Hi sir, I am from Hungary and I have a girlfriend from the Philippines that I want to come and visit me here. She applied for her visa but she said she needs show money in order to complete her application. I just want to know more about this show money thing. And if it can happen that I make an official declaration that I will cover all her expenses when she gets here and she will stay in my home, will she still need show money? Please help me what's best to do. Thank you so much. I am waiting for your reply.

The request for a bank statement or so is also to help convince the visa-issuing person that you will return to the Philippines before the visa expires. I would suggest, list everything that might bind you to the Philippines, such as house or land ownership, children, and other wealth. I don't know the rules in Hungary, but in many countries, you can have official invitation letters legalized at a municipal office and then append them to the visa application.--Jeroen.

Neville wrote:
Sunday, 20 December 2009 22:38:30 PHT
Hi, I just wanna asked about my visa. I am a British and married with a Filipina we got 3 kids and I have been here for 10 years and 7 years married but in out. I got my permanent visa just this year but not happily married anymore. If I will divorce my wife does my permanent visa will cut off or does my wife has power to go in embassy and asked to cut off my ID card? Thank you looking forward to hear from you.

As you might realize, divorce in the Philippines is not an option. So the only road you can take is go back to the UK, and file for a divorce there. You'll probably have to take up residence there for a court to accept jurisdiction in your case... This would be a tricky thing to do even if your current wife fully cooperated. I don't think I understand your question about your wife going to the embassy to cut of your ID card. The British embassy would not do much on your wife's word, and she would probably have more chance when she complains with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration or the local police with a complaint about adultery. Philippine law can be quite tough in that respect. The email account you used to post this message also doesn't give me a good impression.--Jeroen.

tom lim wrote:
Sunday, 13 December 2009 14:27:06 PHT
helo. im an immigrant hir in us. jst 1 month. jst wana ask wat is the easiest and fastest way to bring my girlfriend hir in the us? tnx
Liam wrote:
Wednesday, 9 December 2009 02:41:42 PHT
Maayong Buntag, I've been married to my Filipina since June 2007. Is there a Visa that would allow me to stay in Philippines longer than 59 days? Is there such thing as a Husband/Wife Visa? I just discovered your site here and I think it is AWESOME!!!!! Daghang Salamat ug God Bless, Liam

When you arrive together with your Filipino spouse, you can ask for a Balikbayan stamp, which allows you to stay for one year. If you go to the Dept. of Immigration office for extension of your visa waiver together with your Filipino partner, it will not be very difficult to obtain an extension, after paying the required fees.--Jeroen.

aiyen wrote:
Saturday, 28 November 2009 16:18:14 PHT
Hi! Is it ok if someone will sponsor me to visit Dubai? Will the immigration let me go even the person invited me is not related to me? What maybe the requirements needed? Please read my letter and give me advice about my queries. thank you and godbless!
hazel wrote:
Friday, 27 November 2009 00:26:17 PHT
Hi again, its my second questions about visa..uhmm me and my fiance plan to apply for marraige visa in uk maybe next month..and we hope to have it...and after that is our it ok to get married in philippines first before i go to UK. Hoping to get more advice..thank you..god bless
hazel wrote:
Friday, 27 November 2009 00:03:40 PHT
hello maam/sir, I just wanted to ask what are the marriage visa requirements are in UK..i have read more in searching about it but some wasn't verified what was picture that we were together, some are clear to understand and some are a bit questionable of what could it is... will you kindly make a list for me of what are those requirements they were asking?? It will be an honor to recieve your reply..THANK YOU
Fe wrote:
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 16:50:29 PHT
Dear Sir/Madam, Since I come accross to this site, I would want to ask an important question about invitation letter of sponsorship. I have invited my Filipino brother to come to visit us in Malaysia for 3 weeks.My husband works in Malaysia for almost 15 years and we both stay here. Just today I got the authenticated letter of invitation letter from the Philippine embassy. I was happy but then I was told at the embassy that my brother need an original copy to show to the Phil immigration at the airport of origin (Phils). There is no time for me to send him the originals (he is going to fly from Philippines in two days to here) but only the printed copies which he will recieve from us through email. We will be there at the KL airport to pick him up with the original copy of authenticated invitation letter to show if he gets hold in. Will the immigration will let him fly from the Philippines with only the scanned copies in hand?? Im worried that he might get offloaded.
vina wrote:
Monday, 2 November 2009 16:41:33 PHT
where immigration do i gonna pass or sent my sponsorship and visitor visa form from NewZealand since am here in Cagayan de Oro City mindanao philippines
loris wrote:
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 20:39:43 PHT
Hi there! I am now a permanent resident in Canada. Upon application of my work permit going to canada, I am still single but upon going abroad, I marry my girlfriend now my wife. During my arrival at Canada, my paper is still single. My question is that, can I sponsor my wife going to Canada? and how can I change my civil status for me to sponsor my wife?Thank you. Please reply...Thank you very very much!
chona wrote:
Friday, 23 October 2009 16:22:32 PHT
Dear sir, can you advise me on how to pass the italian visa application? i have an italian sponsor. he will be paying for the trip and all. I am an employee and i have money to show and i will be travelling with my daughter. But my problem is he is single and i am single mom. the italian guy is only my friend but the ambassador might think he is my boyfriend and i wont come back to philippines anymore. please sir, what can you advice me. i am scared, i just want to spend christmas in italy and visit rome. thank you very very much..
Brian Leiter wrote:
Saturday, 17 October 2009 21:01:54 PHT
HELP PLEASE! I traveled to the Philippines a few months ago and married my Filipino wife in the Philippines. Now I want to move there permanently. What do I have to do to stay in the Philippines? I plan on transferring usd money to my bank in the Philippines and opening up a few businesses (small- my wife owns 60%). Thanks for a quick reply if possible.
Marianne wrote:
Thursday, 15 October 2009 00:49:00 PHT
Hi there..I want to travel in Malaysia for a tourist viza..but Philippne immigration are asking for invitation letter..could u pls send me a sample of an invitation letter to my email adres...bcoz my bf are asking me to send him a sample of invitation letter so that he can make it for me..he just need a sample...thanks pls reply urgent
Beverly Nayahan wrote:
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 20:01:05 PHT
I just want to ask some few questions with regards to students visa cause my British bf wants to have a student visa so he can stay and study here in the Philippines but after that he plans to work abroad. can you give me tips on how to acquire student visa and where in manila? Thanks
Mary Jane wrote:
Saturday, 3 October 2009 12:38:46 PHT a Filipina,i have an American bf and planned to get married on March...he wanted to stay with me in the Philippines for long...what visa do he need to get for im to be allowed to tay longer in the Philippines...please tell me...
Sara wrote:
Saturday, 19 September 2009 04:24:43 PHT
Hello mr. Jeroen, I got my tourist visa approved :) i was in a forum of Filipinas wo were talking about getting a Visa. and someone posted this.."Note: Remember to submit the original copies of the invitation letter and guarantee letter. But secure your own photocopies for you need to show them at the immigration desk during travelling." I forgot to make a copy of my invitation letter. I just wana ask you how important it is to show the immigration of the Netherlands and i assume that they wont gona HOLD me just bcuz of not having a photocpy of my long as i got the visa approved right? am I gona be interviewed again in the immigration? will they gona ask me for additional papers while entering the airport? THNKS so much in advance. and thankyou for being so helpful.
Mile wrote:
Friday, 18 September 2009 18:56:40 PHT
hello husband died but sad to say his family wont inform me an they hide my husband death his an Australian what should i do can i fights my rights to his family?i tried to contact his family but they ignored my email an my calls i just read the information of my husband in the heraldsun obituaries pls help me how can i fights my right as a legal wife ..thanks
Milagros Juan wrote:
Friday, 18 September 2009 04:37:11 PHT
Dear Sir, My application for Swedish visa has been denied last September 10, 2009. Can my sponsor write the embassy so I can re apply again. Please help me on what to do. Thank you very much.
Abel wrote:
Thursday, 17 September 2009 01:40:13 PHT
I'm Mexican citizen and i have a gf in the Philippines i would like to live there what is it that i require to saty and live with her or for her to come live with me back to Mexico? thanks for your time
Cherry Mae Robete wrote:
Sunday, 13 September 2009 02:33:42 PHT
I want to ask if i am able to get a tourist visa for U.S.A., i dont have any property but i have money in the bank, i want to visit my boyfriend their! he will be the one wo pay for everything and i have that money now! and i try to consult to travel agency they said i cant get this visa! pls advise me! if you have travel agency to recomend me to help process my documents coz i am busy and i dont have too much time to do it by myself and otherwise i dont have any idea how to do that!PLs i will wait for your response... Best regards, Cherry
Erick wrote:
Wednesday, 9 September 2009 08:00:20 PHT
The office is on the second floor. If you arrive here during office hours, with photocopies of your passport id page and the page with your arrival stamp (photocopies can be made in a shop a 100 metres west along the same road). Pay the various fees (a total of 2020 pesos, including express lane fee), you can be outside with a visa extension within one hour. Longer visas and extensions can also be acquired, but require progressively more effort and fees to be paid. The maximum possible on a tourist visa is two year's stay, after that you will need to leave the country for at least one day. What is needed in order to get a two year visa and how much might that cost? Thank you for your time
Jeana wrote:
Thursday, 3 September 2009 14:49:06 PHT
I want to try to get a u.s. visa to visit my sister and her family but i dont have a job here in the Philippines and i don't have any business here. Please help me if there is a possibility that they will grant me a visa? i don't have any intention of staying there for a long time coz i have my 2 children here who are both in high school. And would it be a problem that i had worked in hongkong last year as a domestics helper which was only 25 days and its in my passport. Please i need advice for this. Tnx and God bless you.
Lyn wrote:
Tuesday, 1 September 2009 21:47:42 PHT
Hello!!! have a good day. i want ask if how to get visa. or tourist visa, One of my admirer he is nice. he is invite me to visit USA New york. because he is not visit here Philippines. So that why he said to me.. i go there visit to USA. he pay all everything what need... I really want to visit USA. to met this guy.. And my bestfriend also.. THANKS AND I WAIT UR RESPONCE.
Sarah wrote:
Monday, 24 August 2009 01:16:19 PHT
Dear Mr. Jeroen

I just applied for a tourist visa going to Netherlands to visit my boyfriend. it is already a month ago. Phew it makes me nervous everyday. It seems to be stressful that they always ask me to call on this day but always telling me to call again.and then again and again. One time they even asked me to go there and when I was there they just sent me home again to tell me to call again tomorrow for ur visa status because some decision has been changed, and I really have a bad feeling that I can be denied. with my interview it went all fine I completed all the documents too. I just want to ask if ever I got denied what should I needed to do to re apply again? Seems to be very difficult there and it is taking them so long to tell ur visa status. Thank you so much in advance sir for reading what I post here!

If you are denied your visa, you can file an appeal (in Dutch: "bezwaarschrift") to that decision (and they should give you the exact instructions on how to do that; you normally have two weeks to file such an appeal). They are obliged to accept it, it should cost nothing, and it means the file will be looked at again by another official. The denial (if not based on a technicality, such as wrong or missing documents, or on lack of funds with your sponsor) might be motivated with the fear that you will overstay your visa and settle as an illegal immigrant (in Dutch "vestigingsgevaar"). You can counter that with the arguments (as they apply) that you have a paid job and decent living conditions that do not match the conditions of living illegally in Holland, which isn't easy if you do not have a good circle of relatives to support you, furthermore, that, if your boyfriend is serious, you very well might have the option of using legal means to emigrate to the Netherlands in due time, in which case there also is no benefit of trying to overstay your visa. If that step doesn't work, you can file a further appeal (Dutch: "in beroep gaan") with a Dutch court. Note that you can will need to hire a Dutch lawyer for that, but specialized immigration lawyers will be able to get most of it financed for you if you income is below a certain level.--Jeroen.

julie wrote:
Tuesday, 18 August 2009 09:55:13 PHT
Your Comment Hi everyone! i have a problems about us visa, i applied march 2009, and still not hear about my visa, how long can get us visa.... thanks if everyone answer my problem.
ivy wrote:
Saturday, 15 August 2009 11:05:01 PHT
Hello this is Ivy I really want to go to Canada but it was so hard to convince them because they dont require interview they just look at your papers. Pls I need some tips on how to convince the consul that I will leave their country at the expiration of my stay?pls I badly need help
loida wrote:
Monday, 10 August 2009 18:38:59 PHT
hi,my boyfriend invite me to go costarica,,how do i get the visa?is it not hard to have it? and what are the requirements to get the visa?need some help.pls rply. thank you.loida
sara wrote:
Sunday, 9 August 2009 00:16:21 PHT
hi,im sara,,im live at fiancee from nigeria want to visit me at malaysia,can u tell me how me to write the letter for him to get the visa??????tell me the important thng
sofiyya wrote:
Saturday, 8 August 2009 15:15:37 PHT
my husband will be coming in the philippines and staying for 2 years. he will apply for extension of stay. can he still apply for extension of stay even if his return ticket is expire? because he cannot get a round ticket return to usa after 2 years. please help me.
Parusuram wrote:
Thursday, 6 August 2009 16:42:18 PHT
hello to all i am working in kuwait last five years i have plan to go UK and Germany how i can go there these country is good and freedom country i love to stay there and find some work i am from india how i can get there what type of visa i need please advise i will apprciated to help this matter thank you for all Rami
roy wrote:
Tuesday, 4 August 2009 19:24:59 PHT
hello iam a filipino citezen whos invited in italy as tourist he was my friend 2 years ago and he love to show to me how beautifull his country is! he preparing all the documents and also an appointment to the embassy here of italy my concern is iam possible to go in italy and about interview makes me really nervous can i have some advices on how i can answer the question!
Ray wrote:
Sunday, 2 August 2009 23:41:33 PHT
TO EMY: My name is Ray, I am an American. I also have found a Filipina girlfriend. My advice to you is not to go to Pakistan. I would advise you to tell him to go to the Philipines. I know that some muslum countries treat woman as property. Think long and hard about this trip. As for protection, you have none. Your best protection is your brain, and it is telling you not to do it.
Axa wrote:
Wednesday, 29 July 2009 20:17:46 PHT
Hi...Im a filipino citizen with 2 british children(5 years old and 4 mos. old), and currently living with the father of my children here in Anguilla, British West Indies, and we are not married yet. As of the moment, I dont want to marry him because of our many differences. My question is, do i have a chance of getting a british passport as a virtue of being a mother of 2 british children? Please answer my questions or what should i do to have one, thanks much!!!
Dulce wrote:
Saturday, 18 July 2009 01:43:55 PHT
Hi Sir, I am Filipina married with a British and got divorce after few years..Since he was the one who applied for Divorce in UK, i know i can marry again to anyone i want.. i am curious how much it will cost me to file for RECOGNITION OF MY DIVORCE DECREE? my records in Philippines will be updated as divorcee.. and HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE TO PROCESS THIS RECOGNITION OF DIVORCE DECREE?..please help...thanks
Bia Caingles wrote:
Monday, 13 July 2009 19:25:36 PHT
hello Sir: Good day! I was invited by my boyfriend to go in there place in Austria as a fiancee. What are the things needed to prepare for my self, so that I can go there. Thanks a lot!
Syed ali raza kazmi wrote:
Monday, 13 July 2009 15:12:47 PHT
Your Comment i am ali and want to knwon how my friend will get a visa of PAkistan she is filpinio she wants to work here and stay here and also how much fee need can u will tell m eplease i m wait for that and whats documents need and how many time need i am wait for ur reply
emy wrote:
Saturday, 11 July 2009 12:58:21 PHT
dear sir, good day ....i am emy from bf is a pakistani ive met here in net..we had been cyber lovers for almost 5 years now...and now he was inviting me to come to pakistan for a short vacation in islamabad....what i am scared of , is my friends used to advice me not to come to pakistan, coz the place is not a safe place for a vacation...and besides , they knew some cases about women abused by some muslems in pakistan or in any arab countries.......but i am not taking that issue in general, coz even if we havent met yet in person, i can still sense the goodness in him....and he told me that he will be sending me an invitation letter to be presented for the visa interview...and instructed me to also ask for a security for my safety and protection for my stay in pakistan, if i really had a doubt in that really possible sir? how can i ask and get that so called protection he was telling me from my govt? pls sir i really need ur advice , for i am very much willing to meet the person ive loved in real life...and i also wanted to know how much is the visa application fee for pakistan sir.....thank u and more power!!
Vhianne wrote:
Tuesday, 7 July 2009 19:16:22 PHT
My British Fiance' and I'm [Filipino]both working here in Doha, Qatar.We are planning to get married with the less hassles as know the process and documents stuff. We are planning to get married here in DOHA ASAP. Will it be possible for us to just get married in the Phil. Embassy / British Embassy here in Doha rather than going to the church instead? What processes do we have to go through and what are the documents needed?
Je wrote:
Tuesday, 7 July 2009 01:06:12 PHT
hello! i am filipina and planning to marry to a dutch citizen. we plan to stay in Philippines. Is it allow for my kids to get dutch passport from the dutch embassy even they will be born in Philippines?thank you!
cailey wrote:
Thursday, 2 July 2009 00:05:59 PHT
Hi... I'm trying to find answers and I came across this site. I am a former Filipino Citizen who is now a naturalized US Citizen. I have two minor children, the oldest is 3 years old and the youngest is 1 year old. They were both born in the US and therefore they are natural-born US Citizens. We are currently staying in the Philippines for almost 7 months now and I was just wondering if we are violating any immigration laws? Are we allowed to stay here without having to pay any fees or apply for a visa.... What is the 1 year visa on entry? Does that apply to us? Do i have to apply for that or is it automatic? I am not sure how long we will be staying in the Philippines and I just wanted to know what to do in case we have to stay longer than 1 year. I hope you can shed light to this. Thank you so much and have a great day!
Alma yecpot Puckering wrote:
Friday, 26 June 2009 11:08:12 PHT
hope you will sent me reply to my mails coz maybe the next time i will look for this maybe i cant find it again its funny though but really im not that good in computer..Sir, just want ask from your good office what im goin to do now im married to my husband for 11years and for 4 years we are not together just last april he started to be not nice and saying that he is seeing somebody now so far im goin to manila to apply for a visa but im confused what sort of visa to apply my son is a british passport holder and i just want to go to acompany my son and to met my husband again.pleas do advice me if i still have the right as a wife...hoping for your quick reply as im goin to manila this coming July 4 with my son please.thank you so much..More power...
cyrine wrote:
Thursday, 18 June 2009 12:49:27 PHT
Sir, I'm filipina and im working here in dubai. I have a boyfriend in Boston, USA i meet him on site then he send me an invitation visa to visit there and were planning to get married there in us. I want to ask what paper i need for the invitation visa? Do i have to go in usa embassy?where in Philippines or here in dubai? I will receive the invitation visa this end of month coz he already got it. I'm hoping to receive your responce on this matter soon. Thank you and Best regards.
melany wrote:
Tuesday, 16 June 2009 03:10:04 PHT
Your Comment Dear sir, I am pilipino i marry to malaysian. But i 1 daugther that i left in phil. she is only 4yrs old and im worried because my mum now is not to strong conferd before so no body can take care of my daugther. I want to get her here in malaysia but her sure name is not under to my husband it just under to my name... Can you please advice me if what visa that i can apply to thats why i can get her here in malaysia... Because i dont have a peace of mind... I hope you can advace me for this just to having me a peace of mind... thank you and god bless
Maxine wrote:
Wednesday, 3 June 2009 10:12:25 PHT
hello sir, just a question is it possible to a British national to be a permanent residence here in the Philippines and run a business that is registered under the name of his girlfriend, he never married to any Filipina? please reply.

Possible, probably he could get away with it for a long time, but may face serious problems once caught. To remain legal it depends on the type of business and the amount of money he is willing to invest. Typically, residence permits for foreign investors require a considerable investment. Foreigners married to a Filipino can get a Philippines Permanent Resident Visa (13A) (more details), people without such a link to the Philippines might avail of a retiree visa, or maybe the new special visa option is available to them. (See EO 758).--Jeroen

cheryl wrote:
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 10:17:25 PHT
Hi! Sir. I just want to ask if what are the requirements needed if I want to have a short vacation in Canada for at least a month only. I just want to visit my relatives out there. Pls reply...
melise wrote:
Sunday, 24 May 2009 15:52:49 PHT
a friend of mine from australia wants to visit philippines. can he stay here 21 days w/ out a visa? if he wants to marry a filipina here what does he need to do and what to process?if he decides to marry the filipina in australia instead and apply a fiancee visa so she could go to australia and marry there, what papers they both need to secure and how long will it takes to obtain fiancee visa . can you pls guide us on steps they both have to undergo?thk you.
melise wrote:
Sunday, 24 May 2009 15:18:09 PHT
if a palestinian man working in dubai wants to marry a filipina in dubai what papers they have to get and process to be able to contract marriage. if a man is already married as he is a muslim man what they need to do so he can marry this filipina in dubai?and what to do to legalize marriage in philippines if they want to?if woman married in dubai and she dont want it to be recognized in philippines what does she need to do? and how to be sure that marriage contracted in dubai is legal ?what if they want their marriage to stay secret for both filipina woman's family and palestinian guy's family? can they still marry legally in dubai? how then a filipina can obtain residence visa in dubai ? can you please give us information . tnk you....
k.m. wrote:
Friday, 15 May 2009 11:02:13 PHT
i would like to ask if my friend from netherlands needs visa for visiting me here in philipiines? i would like to ask help from this website if yhey can give me some links how can he get visa requirements and all the details to come over here. thank you so much i need your help regards. -km-
bill .m wrote:
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 07:59:48 PHT
could u tell me if i had balikbayan last trip leaving in aug 08 can i have same again june 09 , or is there some time restriction before balik visa can be obtained again.
mervin wrote:
Friday, 10 April 2009 21:32:50 PHT
Hi sir , Could you kindly let me know the visit vias formalities tio the phillipines for Indian Nationals.Is visa on arrival format available or should I approach the phillipine embassy?Planning to visit palawan with my family . Mervin
fiona hay wrote:
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 04:40:34 PHT
I would like to bring a philippino friend to scotland for a holiday. I want it to be a surprise for her. What visa does she require and how do we get it.
raquel wrote:
Thursday, 19 March 2009 15:40:20 PHT
dear sir/maam, thanks for this site for having a chance to ask about the information that i need to know. I got a boyfriend in new york city. i met him in the site then we got a relationship now and were planning to get married.he told me now that he like to invite me to visit him in usa. but im asking what are the requirements to accept his invitation letter to see him? do i need to go in us embassy after i recieve his invitation letter from him? do i need to show proofs and show money to the embassy? what kind of visa i can avail for the invitation letter? and how long it takes if visa is granted? ok thnks maan GOD bless hope to hear your anwer
David wrote:
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 02:44:53 PHT
I think its very unfair how my country makes it very difficult for me to bring my Filipino friend for a holiday to the UK... I cant believe all the rules and regulations. When people from eastern Europe can come here so easily without a visa...its very unfair discrimination... I'm so frustrated with this unfair system...i can go to the Philippines for a short holiday and yet the UK requires a Filipino person to get a visa even if only for one week holiday.... What happens if a person travels to the UK for a holiday without a visa... can the supporting family meet them at immigration at the UK airport and show proof of support for the persons stay... pls could anyone advise?

If your Philippine friend tries to travel to the UK without a visa, he'll probably be denied boarding, either in the Philippines, or (worse) in one of the stop-over airports (no direct flights to the UK), such as Hong Kong or Singapore. If by chance he manages to get to a UK airport (for example by buying tickets to a place where Filipino's have visa free entrance, such as Costa Rica), he will be detained by UK immigration, and send back on the next flight. If your income is sufficient, and the immigration service deems the person you invite is not going to overstay (aka TNT), a visa will take a few weeks to get.--Jeroen.

s.c.mohan wrote:
Thursday, 26 February 2009 00:10:57 PHT
i am class I officer of the fgovernment of India. My salary is aroung 6 lakhs per annum. How Can I get Philipine visa. ? Kindly advice me in this regard? S.C.Mohan
mae wrote:
Tuesday, 24 February 2009 13:53:45 PHT
Hello..good day sir!can u please advise me what to do in the visa of my son...this the story...he born in seoul korea but he got his US citizenship coz im married in us citizen guy and i didnt regisred him in phil.embassy in korea..when we went back to philippines he got his 1yr visa for not having a philippine passport or his not dual citizen yet...and now he staying here (Bacolod City)more than a year and i didnt registered here yet coz of financial problems and we are far in manila...and now my plan is to get him dual pls.advise me how to do it?and do i have penalty for this?Thank you very much...!
merylene wrote:
Monday, 23 February 2009 18:23:33 PHT
Your Comment Dear sir, I'm a Filipina. married.. i had a foster brother who is a Hindu but migrated now in Pakistan. Can I get a visiting visa for him .....Can it be possible? Pls guide us what to do.....and what are the requirements...and how to get the visiting visa from Pakistan to Philippines. Can his visit be materialized within this year? Thank you very much.
anne wrote:
Sunday, 15 February 2009 22:25:37 PHT
hello...good day! Sir,i just want to ask if my indian boyfriend can apply philippine visa in macau because this time he is in china for business.He is coming back to india but before that he want to come in philippines first .Is it possible that the Philippine Consulate in Macau will give him visa? Thanks and God bless
kevin wrote:
Monday, 9 February 2009 18:51:45 PHT
hallo,sir.i would like to know ,i am from india,i want to visit in i have to take visa from here .or on arrival visa is ok.

Your answer is in the article above, please read it before asking questions.--Jeroen.

Hello wrote:
Sunday, 8 February 2009 14:35:21 PHT
Can you please direct me to a government website that reads foreign children of Filipinos are granted a free 1 yr visa upon entry? I am going to use it to argue with immigration.
Dennis wrote:
Wednesday, 4 February 2009 06:32:59 PHT
In response to Suzanne, your Palestinian boyfriend will need to obtain a tourist visa to enter the Philippines. There is no Philippine consulate in Palestine. The nearest consulate is in Tel Aviv, Israel and in Cairo, Egypt.
Suzzane wrote:
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 23:28:02 PHT
hello my boyfriend is a Palestinian passport holder and he is planning to visit me here in the Philippines and also to meet my family, i just want to ask if he is entitled to avail the the free visa he will just stay here for at least 2 weeks, i was scanning the counties that are allowed to enter Phil with out visa but i didnt see Palestine. Thank you for your time. sincrerly yours, suzzane
lexy wrote:
Friday, 2 January 2009 00:21:37 PHT
Sir, compliments of the season, am a male from africa but reside in france, Already am france national, i mean i use france passport as a citizen.Am dating a philipano who resides in her country. we're planning to get married soon so i have agreed to come down to philippine to meet her. i want to know how many years visa will be ok for me to apply for. also will it be possible for me to nationalised myself to become a philippiano too like my wife and be using philippine passport through marriage?
rajkumar Chopra wrote:
Friday, 26 December 2008 22:15:05 PHT
hello sir/madam i am indian and i m living in dubai. i got marry with a philipina girl in indian consulate last oct, she can get indian citizenship help me/plz
Noreen wrote:
Saturday, 13 December 2008 19:28:18 PHT
Hello My friend and I have a set itinerary to go to Singapore, Philippines & Hong Kong. In order to show my foreigner friend all about the Philippines I have extended our stay for 22 days instead of 21. Our 22nd day is our flight out to leave for Hong Kong. We are still required to obtain visa for this 22nd day and pay the fees. I believe this is unfair. Most "balikbayans" stay for 4 weeks or more and did not require visas. Why treat us differently?

Migration and travel restrictions are fundamentally unfair, as the world belongs to us all. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life and we have to deal with it. Considering that it is near impossible for most Filipino's to get tourist visas for many countries, extending your stay for one day is just a minor nuisance. I am still convinced extending the visa waiver period to six weeks would do much good for tourims, but that is up to the politicians.--Jeroen.

troy pointer wrote:
Sunday, 7 December 2008 10:41:00 PHT
hello my name is troy i live in england and i want to no just wot is going on in our british embassy why am i told that its hard for a visa for a philippina when we let all nations into our country who dont even speak english and they get all the privileges that us british do if there is anyone on this site from manila british embassy i want to no exactly even by email what are the rules when i marry my fiance next june or july for her to come to my country to see and meet my family and make a new life with me i live in social security i dont have a huge bank account and i dont see how its right that should come into the equation when there are many other nationallities comming into this country who dont even deserve to be here ...explain to me exactly what are the rules if we marry and the nso give us our marrage contract and if she is pregnant with our baby as if she is it will be certainly registered british national i have now been to the philippines on my social security 3 times we met on the internet in 2007 we dont email all the time we only go on web cam so wot this embassy is asking is some what out of time ...i can show pictures of us at her uncles house and my travel to davao and to philippines i am classed as disabled as i had a lorry accident 8 years ago which has left me with medical conditions i am not in a wheel chair i am able body now the thing is i will return to davao to marry this women we have a loving genuine relationship i am alone in england my parents are dead i have limited family but the ones i have want to meet her also i want to take her home with me she will be my wife and i want to take her away from her poverty this mail is done as i sit in the korea airport on my way home we are both so in love i have just spent 2 months with her after saving all my money to be with her we are both so upset now i have to go back so now this is why we have decided to marry we are 2 lonely people who need each other i am not getting any younger and i need this in my life please advise on a practical basis not just comments thanks troy

Hi Troy, this page is primarily intended to answer questions regarding visas for temporary visitors to the Philippines. Although I can understand frustrations with various western embassies, and with their utter reluctance to issue visas, I cannot possibly know all details, or spend time to find them out. Please look for a support group in the UK to find your answers.--Jeroen.

Saturday, 29 November 2008 22:27:39 PHT
Dear Sir/madam, It is so kind of you in giving answers to so many people in need of information especially in the area of marriage. I have gon thorugh your family code and do appreciate the wisdom in it. Now I am loving a filipina who is in Makati city at present and she is also loving me genuinely and we want to marry in the coming year in India. She is a christian and I am also a christian. i hope I can bring her with visit visa and marry her in India and later we can extend visit visa and in due course she may apply for resident visa.Please kindly let me know what are the rules and regulations to be followed. for which act of kindness we both will ever be thankful to you and your Government. Thank you for your time and consideration. Your Cordially, JOE MOSES
osagie wrote:
Thursday, 27 November 2008 19:23:41 PHT
Dear sir, I'm from Nigeria and i have a fiancee who is from Belgium. i want you to please give me the neccessary advice on how to get a fiancee visa from Nigeria to Belgium, to enable me move to Belgium and unite with my fiancee. yours Osagie
Alan wrote:
Saturday, 22 November 2008 05:12:33 PHT
Hi my name is Alan, I am in a Civil Partnership which is recognized in the UK as having the same legal rights as heterosexual marriage, however this is not recognized in the Philippines. Due to us not being together long enough there is no point to applying for my partner applying for leave to remain yet.

However I would like for him to get a tourist visa to come to the UK for 6 months to visit me. I have reasonable finances and bank/ pay statements for proof along with my stamped Passport showing 2 visits to the Philippines and he has our official certificate of partnership to submit. In addition his brother who is a British citizen has provided 3 bank Statements and a letter offering support.

I would appreciate advice on what the best way to ensure that he will not have any problems and it will be dealt with quickly and can you advise of any foreseeable problems we may encounter. Kindest Regards

The intention of the page is to deal with Philippine visa issues for non-Filipino tourists. Having said that: the devil is in the details here: A civil partnership is not a marriage, and hence I doubt whether you can avail from the special rights married couples have under UK and European treaties. I think a tourist visa should not pose many problems, but have little knowledge of the UK rules.--Jeroen.

Alan wrote:
Saturday, 22 November 2008 04:37:54 PHT
My Filipeno civil partner wants to come and visit me in the UK on a tourist Visa. What is the best approach to ensure he is cleared with ease and speed. I would appreciate any advice that could be helpful.
Mile wrote:
Saturday, 22 November 2008 01:13:35 PHT
hello Jeroen im back very sad coz my husband told me that our marriage license not recognize in Australia pls tell me what do i need to do how can i fight my right for him as a legally wife what do i need to do to fight my rights for him. pls help me i need to know how can i settle this biggest problem..

He is probably not telling the truth. If your marriage is valid in the Philippines, it is valid in Australia (based on the Hague Convention, see also this summary). Get in touch with a Filipino Assistance organization in Australia, and ask them to help you get a lawyer in Australia, just to send a clearly worded letter on piece of paper with a lawyer's letterhead. Make computer scans of all documents related to your marriage, to support your case. That is: the documents you needed to get the marriage license: your and his birth records, statements of non-occurrence in the NSO national registry of marriages, permission letter from parents if applicable, legal capacity as issued by the Australian embassy in Manila, and most important, the marriage certificate (and the NSO certified true copy of it). If you do not have these documents, you might be able to get copies from the organizations that issued them. If such documents have never been issued or used, your marriage might be void ab initio (invalid from the start), and you can start a case in the Philippines to get a legal declaration of nullity (both for the state and the RC church, if that applies)--Jeroen.

Mile wrote:
Friday, 21 November 2008 04:28:52 PHT
hello jeroen i am back to your column by the way my husband wanted me to sign financial agreement so he is planning to bring me there in it needed to sign a financial agreement even i am legally married to him do i have a right to fight him my right as a wife pls i need your i need to accept his proposal to visit his place in australia i am scared coz theres a big risk of my life i want to refuse his invitation coz i am scared..thanx
jem wrote:
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 01:24:30 PHT
Hi. I'm jem, 26y/o. Hope you could help me find the answer. I now have my family based visa(f2A=child of LPR) and will depart in January, Me and my bf here in philippines plan of getting married next year after i got my green card. If I got pregnant on my entry In US and before receiving my Green Card, would it be a problem? Is it better to get pregnant before the release of green card and before marriage? After I receive my Green Card, we plan of getting married here in the Philippines and I would go back to US and wanted to give birth in the US... would that be a problem?? then, What suggestions would be better for my case? thanks.
Werner Hueppi wrote:
Sunday, 16 November 2008 17:21:42 PHT
Check the internet and you will find all the answers about foreign visas. Go to U.S Embassy Manila or German Embassy Manila, e.g.
Mile wrote:
Sunday, 16 November 2008 05:44:43 PHT
hello Jeroen Thanx for your reply i really appreciate your site coz you open up my mind about my problem..i ask my husband a divorce but he didn't answer he ignore all my emails to him that's why I am worried when i see him posting his profile in dating site section it makes me worried coz what if he marry again there without knowing me all of his family also didn't tell me about him they are hiding my husband this is a worse situation of my marriage life..but im happy to your column coz i thought my marriage not recognize in Australia thanx a lot..god bless...

Hi Mile, you're most welcome! In addition, maybe a good idea to be in touch with the Solidarity Philippines Australia Network (SPAN)/CPCA, who might be able to help with advise and legal assistance--Jeroen.

Mile wrote:
Friday, 14 November 2008 08:23:24 PHT
hi I'm Mile in Cebu. I want to ask your advice I am married here last august 14. Then my husband is an Australian citizen. Is my marriage recognize in Australia even I am not applying for visa? My husband starting to find special someone to replace me. Can he marry again in Australia without my permission or in any country to another girl. What do I need to do so that my marriage license recognize in Australia even I am not visiting there country. pls give me an advice

Hi Mile, if your marriage is legally valid in the Philippines, so it is in Australia, and your husband will be committing bigamy if he gets married again in Australia. I don't know about the exact procedures, but a good starting point is this official Australian travel site on marriage. Further information is available from this Australian government site.

My advise would be to ask your husband to file for a divorce in Australia. Such a divorce will be valid in the Philippines, and enable you to marry somebody more worthy your affection. In mean time, take care the Australian authorities are aware of your marriage, by sending a copy of your marriage certificate and an explanatory letter to the Australian embassy in Manila, and to both your husbands hometown and place of birth municipal offices. You can also try to ask for help here or here

Finally, some information on getting maintenance from your husband is here--Jeroen

marie france q. angara wrote:
Tuesday, 4 November 2008 15:48:49 PHT
Hi, My husband is us citizen and I'm a naturalized Filipina. We lived here in Arizona. i will shortly be applying for US citizenship. assuming I get my citizenship we intend to live in the Philippines for 30 years with annual vacations 7-45 days max per year. Can my husband and our children just travel visa free under the new balikbayan laws? If they used that balikbayan visa for one year could we theoretically leave the country for a week and then start another one year balikbayan period. look forward to hearing your reply. your are really a Godsend with all your thorough answers.

The answer depends on whether you are a natural born or naturalized Philippine citizen. As far as I understand, only natural born Philippine citizens will be considered Balikbayans after they obtain another citizenship (and are able to retain Philippine citizenship in such cases.)

If that is the case, you and your husband and children can stay in the Philippines for up to two years, provided you arrive with them together, without getting a residence permit, after which a single day out of the country will be enough to reset the counter. (A long weekend to Hong Kong or Singapore would be enough.)--Jeroen.

arlene wrote:
Saturday, 1 November 2008 08:13:19 PHT
hi, i will go to germany next year,i want to go to UK but i dont have a visa ,and i want to work there is it possible?
Bruce whitney wrote:
Friday, 17 October 2008 10:42:47 PHT
Am here in Philippines to get married to a Filipina woman--I came with on a one way ticket and had no trouble being here for first 21 days--went to and island--was delayed--was late going to immigration to get visa extension was late by one day--over the 21 day period--had to pay over 4000 pesos to stay another month--with penalty-now married want to stay another extension--was told next extension will be for 2 months--advised to come a week early to process next paper--not sure if being married changes anything at immigration.

I think you already got a favorable treatment, as being late can easily be a ground for refusal. For the rest, they follow the rules, which do not change that much when being married.--Jeroen.

ubbeh wrote:
Monday, 13 October 2008 03:03:53 PHT
Hi, my husband is and English and I'm a Filipina. We lived here in UK. I will shortly be applying for a British citizenship. assuming i get my citizenship we intend to live in the Philippines for a year or two. can my husband and our children can just travel visa free under the new balikbayan laws. If they used that balikbayan visa for one year could we theoretically leave the country for a week and then start another one year balikbayan period. look forward to hearing your reply. Your are really a blessing with all your thorough answers.

Only if you arrive together with your husband he can avail of the balikbayan privilege.--Jeroen.

Charlyn wrote:
Sunday, 28 September 2008 21:19:57 PHT
Hi.. I just want to ask , what are the list of countries that do not require a VISA
Derrick. C wrote:
Saturday, 27 September 2008 20:32:09 PHT
I m an Indian citizen married to a Filipina, I have visited Philippines.I work overseas but here there is no consulate of Philippines here so i have to travel to India than to Philippines onwards after accuring the visa, which is time n money consuming for me , is there any way i can apply online or try n get a TRV so I don't hav to go trough all the hassle to see my wife n kid. Please don't give me a link, just need what paper works I would need to get from India in order to complete the requirements, there might be some consideration cause I have traveled to Philippines before really appreciated thanks in advance Derrick.

Mostly, when there is no Philippine embassy in the country you're residing in, their will be either another embassy or consulate that can accept visa applications on behalf of the Philippines, or a Philippine Embassy in a neighboring country that can do so, although both options might cause some delay as well. May I ask what country you are in?--Jeroen.

Terry wrote:
Thursday, 25 September 2008 13:50:46 PHT
Hi, I am in the process of going through a tourist invitation, im British living in Spain, I have done all the paperwork etc for the invitation at this end, now my Filipino gf has to complete her paperwork... couple of questions..... how much does she need in her bank account to come here for 3 month holiday... and what can she do to convince embassy she wont overstay and therefore be granted tourist visa???? thanks for your help.....
B Shanker Gaur wrote:
Sunday, 21 September 2008 15:12:45 PHT
Hello Dear Jeroen Hellingman, I am holding an Indian passport and wat to visit Phillipines as a tourist.Please advise me where to apply for a tourist visa in India or i can get visa on arrrival. Thanks and B'REgds b Shanker Gaur
JamesTaylor wrote:
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 18:36:11 PHT
What is the the quickest way for my future wife to get birth certificate to come to states for marriage?
SrdaliI wrote:
Thursday, 28 August 2008 00:36:32 PHT
Dear sir I am an INDIAN and working in SAUDI ARABIA. I hear that when the PHILIPPINE president visit India before some months she said that now INDIANS can arrive without visa and stay 21 days. are this true? Also if I want to marry a Filipino girl there in Philippines I need my BIRTH CERT? thanks bro..

When looking today (1 Sept 2008), I cannot see India listed in the list of countries that are eligible for visa-waiver, so I advise to be in touch with the Philippine embassy in the country you are in. For a marriage in the Philippines, you will need a Birth Certificate.--Jeroen.

Angkoldoy wrote:
Wednesday, 27 August 2008 07:24:09 PHT
My RP born wife and both of my daughters are "dualies": US/RP. The daughters were born in the US, one while by wife was still a citizen of the RP, the other after my wife had become a naturalized citizen of the U.S. I assume that the daughters will continue to be able to renew their RP passports during their adult lives while living in the US. My question is this: In the unlikely event that my wife joins our Maker before I do, will my daughters status as RP passport holders qualify them for the Balikbayan Visa, and therefore me, when we wish to travel to the RP?

Your daughters yes, you, unfortunately, not. When traveling with my son (dual citizen) and sister-in-law (my wife was already in the Philippines) last year, I only got 21 days, as per the rules. Getting the extension to 59 days was a breeze though (for 2020 pesos).--Jeroen.

Hinipaan wrote:
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 16:22:38 PHT
Hi, Mr. Jeroen! I'm going to marry soon! But my question is, can I process now to change my Filipino passport to British passport? Which department or website I can search how to process for changing Filipino passport to British Passport. Thank you so much and more power! Waiting for your reply soon!

It isn't that easy. I am not aware of details in the UK, but in most countries you'll have to be a legal resident for a number of years before you can be a citizen of that country, even when married. Worry about getting a residence permit for the UK first.--Jeroen.

Cherie wrote:
Thursday, 14 August 2008 07:59:29 PHT
Hi, I have a situation, my daughter and I visited Philippines, she's a dual citizen, american and filipino. Her US passport expired so, we renew it in the US Embassy in Manila, it'll take a couple or more weeks to recieve the passport, we have a return flight on Sunday, Aug 17. Worst case cenario if we didn't recieve the US passport before our departure can I use her filipino passport and just show her US birth certificate, some school ID and the proof that she already did apply for US passport? Thank you and more power!
Love wrote:
Monday, 28 July 2008 12:35:22 PHT
Hope U can help me.Born in phil. But now im american citizen.I'm divorce. Planning to get married with egyptian man who is currently living and working in Qatar. Gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano ang requirements b4 getting married? Tsaka i decided to stay sa Qatar. ANo po bang Visa ang kailangan kung e-apply?
Jan wrote:
Tuesday, 22 July 2008 21:36:31 PHT
hello, I'm a Filipina living here in the Philippines. A friend working in Abu Dhabi recruited me to visit her there and so I gave her 50 thousand pesos for the processing of my visit visa and ticket. But after 3 months of waiting, theres no visa and ticket that was process. What will I do? Can I file against her. The problem is I have not ask her to sign any papers that I've given her the said amount. I only have her text messages stored in my cp. What do you think shall I do to get back my money?

I wouldn't call somebody who runs with your money a friend. Yes, you could file a case against her, but that will not mean you'll be able to get your money back, and might only turn out to be a further waste of money. All I can say here is to repeat my warning against using agents, fixers, or other third parties to arrange visa, and the wisdom of being well informed about rules and regulations, so nobody can make a fool out of you. Best of luck.--Jeroen.

Jane wrote:
Monday, 21 July 2008 12:39:28 PHT
Hi i'm Jane my boyfriend is an American citizen, but born in India, we plan to get married in India. What are the requirements in order for me to get married to him in India
Han wrote:
Sunday, 20 July 2008 19:25:40 PHT
Hi! we are couple living here in uae,, im 4 mos pregnant, may i know what we should do in processing my baby's citizenship after i give birth,but as far as i know, my baby will assume our citizenship as filipinos, right? can u please tell us what we should do. Thank you!
Bert van t Hof wrote:
Tuesday, 15 July 2008 00:02:17 PHT
Hi Jeroen, Ik kwam per ongeluk jouw site tegen toen ik op zoek was naar informatie over Bohol. Volgens mij prima informatie. Alleen 2 updates nodig. De airport terminal fee is, in ieder geval in Manila, al enige tijd verhoogd tot 750 peso. Het 2e is dat sinds eind maart 2008 alle extensions van visa verhoogd zijn met 1010 peso. De 1ste verlenging van 21 naar 59 dagen is nu 3030 peso. Ik heb dit vanmiddag weer moeten betalen, hier in San Fernando, La Union. Verder is volgens mij alles correct. Succes en vriendelijke groeten, Bert.

Bedankt voor de update. In Cebu was het de laatste keer dat ik er was nog 550 pesos, maar ik zal het nakijken.--Jeroen.

Donna de Leon wrote:
Thursday, 10 July 2008 12:25:06 PHT
Hi! I'm a Filipina, and i have my employment for Sizzler Australia, I had my Visa X-ray last April 2,2008. I just like to know how long really is the processing of working permit for Australia? What are the grounds for no approval? Thank you so much!
Milleth wrote:
Sunday, 6 July 2008 09:36:00 PHT
Hi, Mr. Jeroen. I have a british boyfriend in Abu Dhabi and he wanted to me come across. He is my fiancee actually. Can he send me a supporting Letter with a copy of his passport then i get a visa in immigration in Abu Dhabi? Please give me advise about the easist way to fly in Abu Dhabi. Thank advance!
Jane Fajardo wrote:
Saturday, 28 June 2008 21:29:56 PHT
I have a friend from India,and he really needs my invitation letter before he can get here and meet me.But i dont know how to make invitation letter to him,can u pls help me and give example on how to make invitation letter.
Osang wrote:
Sunday, 22 June 2008 06:17:58 PHT
hello I am plannig to visit Dubai this coming last week of july or 1st week of august 2008, I have my friend there in Uae to fix my visit visa I will only stay there for 1 week then I will go back here in Philippines again, we are just concern aside from visa he will provide me there waht else the UAE Immigration here in Philippines requirements? do they need other documents? aside from the visa I have?.. I am hoping to hear back form you. THank's
Mercedes, Daet wrote:
Monday, 16 June 2008 23:05:25 PHT
Hi, Mr. Jeroen, I am a Filipina and presently here in Philippines. I have a boyfriend and he is British Citizen. We are planning to Marry. Can you give me advise which we can marry? In Dubai or in Philippines? He is now in Dubai and working in a Company. He want me to change my Nationality, to get a British passport. Can we process easy to change my passport in Dubai after we get married? Can you give me advised how to process to change my nationality? Thank you so much! and I am waiting for your reply soon!

Probably easiest to marry in the Philippines. After that it will probably take about half a year to obtain a visa for the UK. I don't know the exact UK regulations, but normally it takes about five years of legal residency before you can apply for citizenship, although when married such terms can be shorter.--Jeroen.

Henk Beuker wrote:
Monday, 16 June 2008 12:05:26 PHT
hello i'm from the netherland and stay here in the pfill I'm married here and have two kids now my wife leave me and take all of me she try to get me out of this country cos I dont have a visa can u tell me what i can do to stay here i dont wont to lose my kids can u pls help me whit it thanks

Lastige situatie. Zorg ten eerste dat je status gelegaliseerd wordt. Visa doet niet ter zake, je hebt een verblijfsvergunning nodig. Zorg dat je kinderen een Nederlands paspoort krijgen (ze zijn Nederlander!). Maar dan nog mag je ze niet zomaar meenemen. Er is geen echtscheiding in de Filipijnen, maar wel een scheiding van tafel en bed. Wel kun je in Nederland een scheiding regelen (die ook in de Filipijnen rechtsgeldig is), maar 99% kans dat dan voogdij naar de moeder gaat.--Jeroen.

Jean wrote:
Sunday, 15 June 2008 01:20:23 PHT
Hi! Just concerned about a friend. A foreign friend has over stayed for 6 years in the Philippines. He was married to a Filipina 14 years ago, but after 1 year of marriage the wife left and never came back. Is he illegally living in the Philippines? Anyway the reason why he did not came back to his country because he lost all his money from a scammers. As far as I know he doesn't have any family in his country his parents are all dead. Please any about this...Thank you !
Rene Vas wrote:
Monday, 9 June 2008 14:13:42 PHT
I am a Filipino citizen residing now in Canada. I was married to a Canadian citizen at dyan kami nagpapakasal sa Pilipinas. Then our relationship didnt went well so we decided to divorce then the court granted it cuz its legal here in Canada. My question is pwede ba akong magpapakasal ulit sa Pilipinas? The time na kinasal kami ang asawa ko ay Canadian citizen at filipino citizen ako. Thanks and more power.

Please see my comment on the Getting Married in the Philippines page. Just scroll down to Wednesday, 21 May 2008.--Jeroen.

Jade wrote:
Sunday, 8 June 2008 15:05:05 PHT
Sir, my boyfriend is a tnt in usa for many months now. Is there any other way aside of getting married to a citizen there to have greencard...pls help me..pls reply asap...tnx!!! Godbless!

This page is not about US Visa. However, I strongly advise going TNT in the USA, since you might be banned from entering the USA for life. Probably the only way for a Filipino to get a green card without marrying a US citizen or waiting over 15 years for a petition by a close relative is to get a job with academic qualifications. Same is true for most western countries.--Jeroen.

Tenn wrote:
Sunday, 25 May 2008 19:05:51 PHT
For Indian nat'l with Filipina fiancee and wants to get married in Phil.,secure first affidavit of single status if u work abroad; signed by consul,indian embassy which country u work.Then take this to indian embassy mLA together with affidavit of parent's consent,COE. This is d only time u can apply for Certificate of legal capacity to marry.
Dianne wrote:
Wednesday, 7 May 2008 11:47:37 PHT
Hi,,., im Dianne from Philippines i wanna visit my fiancee in malaysia but i am minor do i need visa to tour in Malysia?
Jho wrote:
Tuesday, 6 May 2008 15:28:14 PHT
I am a Filipina married to a British citizen who is a resident of Spain. How can I get British citizenship when he got no more house in England?
Chas wrote:
Tuesday, 8 April 2008 06:21:26 PHT
Hi. We're planning on visiting Cebu, Bohol, and Boracay during May 6-May 20. we have passports but our passport will be expiring in June 2008. Is it OK to travel with our passports or should we apply for a new one?

You should apply for a new one. Please read the first paragraph of this article.--Jeroen.

keil wrote:
Friday, 28 March 2008 19:18:49 PHT
dear sir,i'm a 26 filipina citizen and married here in china and i just want to ask if it is ok for my husband to apply an ACR-I CARD?because we're planning to go back in the philippine and to stay there.can you give me a good adviseD?thank you!
Sandra wrote:
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 21:08:05 PHT
Can someone tell me please, how much does one have to pay upon exiting the Philippines (overstayed by 3 days to be exact)? My cousin who is a filipino told me that i can just pay a certain fine and i won't be jailed or detained cos only a few days overstay and not months or years. someone pls help to answer!! Thanks a lot!
William Burton wrote:
Tuesday, 25 March 2008 01:45:56 PHT
Your Comment Has anyone found out the costs for the extra year obtainable now on a tourist visa? The first year is well documented, does anyone know how the authorities are running this? Thank you!
Dirk wrote:
Friday, 21 March 2008 03:31:14 PHT
Hi, i would like to know if i can get a certificate of single status at my county's embassy in the Philippines? (im south african).coz im working in saudi arabia and i cannot go to my country and get such a certificate coz i only have 30 days leave every planning on going to the phils to get married in a couple of months. please can you help me. Regards Dirk
Julie wrote:
Saturday, 23 February 2008 00:11:18 PHT
Can anyone help me know how much is the sufficient fund they are asking for me to prove in australia? and what if i dont meet the said value? Pls help thx
Help me lol wrote:
Friday, 22 February 2008 21:52:09 PHT
My wife is a Philippine Citizen, and is going to the Philippines for 31 days to visit. Will she need a visa? She is a green card holder here in the United States. Thank You

It depends. If she flies straight from the US to the Philippines probably not. If she wants to stay in other countries on the way, maybe...--Jeroen.

Mary Grace Echavez wrote:
Monday, 11 February 2008 21:03:07 PHT
I was married with a Sri Lankan passport holder in Ireland in 2003. We went to Philippines in 2006, within week he got his visa. Now we have a baby and want to show her to my family. He apply for a visa month a go and still waiting for his visa and security clearance. Our consulate told us Manila authorities take very very long time; for security clearance. I think the Authorities should grant a visa for people those who married to Philippine citizens. I help my family so in a way I help Philippines economy. I was let down by the Authorities. I feel disappointed about the regulations and the Authorities.

Sri Lankan citizens married with Filipinos cannot avail of the Balikbayan privilege unlike citizens of most western countries, which means having to deal with this red tape. My advise would be (unless you have other compelling reasons to avoid this) to obtain British citizenship, to make travel easier. In the end, I think we would all like to be able to travel freely, without being bothered by visa and all kinds of restrictions. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case.--Jeroen.

marilyn wrote:
Monday, 11 February 2008 01:15:50 PHT
hi, just a question.I married a bermudian from bermuda under british colony he will be going to the philippines for a month does he needs a visa? and we have a child together does he needs a visa as well we will be on vacation for 2months. please can you email me back...thanks marilyn
Ms Z. Doydora wrote:
Monday, 11 February 2008 00:24:26 PHT
Hello, I am a Filipina British citizen. I have 2 children from my first marriage. I now live with my new partner and we have been together for nearly 3 years and we have 1 child.We want to go to the Philippines later this year for a holiday for 4 weeks and to join in with my sisters wedding ceremony. Do my partner, 3 children and I all require visa's? and if so do we require visa's for 5 weeks to cover the 4 week period to allow for over laps etc.

If you have some proof you are a former Philippine Citizen, such as an old Philippine passport, you can obtain Balikbayan status, and stay for one year. If you arrive together with your husband and children, they too can get this status and stay for one year.--Jeroen.

Indika Thusita wrote:
Wednesday, 6 February 2008 19:50:18 PHT
Dear Sir/Madam I am Indika from Sri Lanka; right now stay in Saudi Arabia with my wife. I am working here as computer graphic designer. Please tell me how to apply for German Visa. Thanks & Regards Indika

I am sorry, I only answer questions on Philippine visa here. I do not know much about German visa.--Jeroen.

Joe wrote:
Monday, 4 February 2008 18:49:28 PHT
Does anyone know the fee or fine per day for overstaying a 21 day visa? Just wondering if it is worth the hassle to get an extension to 59 days for $50.

The hassle at immigration when you are trying to leave will be more than the couple of hours you will typically have to spend at the immigration office when you apply for an extension in time. You may miss your plane, which airlines will typically not refund in such cases. The fine will be over and above the fees you would have to pay (and still will have to pay), so it will definitely cost you more.--Jeroen.

Anthionette wrote:
Sunday, 20 January 2008 21:10:14 PHT
Hi im a Filipina and married to British citizen in the UK. I would like to ask the list of countries that i don't need visa. Pls in touch with me of my question many thanks
Binoy wrote:
Monday, 17 December 2007 17:27:17 PHT
Hello,I am an Indian and i would like to get a fiance Visa to Phillipines,I intend to get married to US citizen who is living in phillipines.Could you tell me the exact procedure to get the Visa or immgration needed.I would be getting the invitation from her soon..Please advice.Thank you.
Bob Wood wrote:
Saturday, 24 November 2007 05:15:14 PHT
I will be coming to Philippines on my yacht with my wife and one male crew member. Is it true we will be granted a visa when we arrive in Negros at immigrations? What are the requirements? Thank you, Bob

I believe the visa waiver only applies to people arriving by airplane. Better inquire with the Philippine Embassy in your country--Jeroen.

Wai wrote:
Wednesday, 21 November 2007 13:54:38 PHT
Excuse me, i come from Hong Kong and would like to know how long the visa free access to Cebu and Bohol if i am holder of Hong Kong SAR passport. Please help advise me. Thanks a lot!!!

Hong Kong SAR passport holders are entitled to just seven days of visa-free entry, as far as I know. Please check the Philippine immigration website for details.--Jeroen.

Lynie wrote:
Monday, 12 November 2007 19:49:39 PHT
I am a Filipina I have an American Fiance I would like to ask the list of countries that a filipino citizen would not need a visa since we are planning to have a holiday tru a cruise ship.Thank you very much
Jim Sibbick wrote:
Monday, 22 October 2007 19:33:50 PHT
Hello A couple of updates are now needed for this page. The exit fee is now P750 and you can now stay up to 2 years, as a tourist. Regards: Jim

Thanks for making me aware. The exit fee differs per airport. Cebu is still 550 Pesos.--Jeroen.

Shaku wrote:
Thursday, 18 October 2007 18:44:51 PHT
My son is married to a Filipina since 10 yrs and they stay in Abu Dhabi. Can she maintain dual [Indian and Philippines] citizenship. We would love to have her stay in India with us but fear she may lose her Philippines citizenship if she applies for Indian citizenship.

As far as the Philippine government is concerned, she can retain Philippine citizenship on obtaining a foreign citizenship, however, in such issues, two governments are involved, and I don't know exactly what the Indian government rules on dual citizenship are.--Jeroen.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007 00:52:17 PHT
I have gone through the messages. i am a nigerian registered nurse. I will like to work in philipine. how can you help or link me up. i have not got visa. ineed your advise. i presently live in nigeria
Zharina wrote:
Sunday, 23 September 2007 21:57:06 PHT
Sir/madam; I've been married to an Australian citizen last September 5 this year, and i am planning to go to Australia hopefully by December, my husband send me an invitation letter but we didn't know what kind of visa will i get and how long will it takes for me to be there?
Ted Lazich wrote:
Sunday, 23 September 2007 11:19:56 PHT
I would like to marry a filipina, and would like to know what are the requirements and documentation needed to speed this process up .
Harsimran wrote:
Wednesday, 12 September 2007 19:51:22 PHT
Why does the Philippines does not provide on arrival visa to Indians? What is this kind of dominating attitude toward Indians? Is it any future plan of the govt. to provide tourist visa on arrival to Indians?

May I remind you that the Indian government requires visas from everybody. Compared with that the Philippine authorities are more relaxed. Note also that Indians are not singled out, but that the same requirement exists for most countries from which visitors tend to overstay in the Philippines, such as India and China, and a number of African countries.--Jeroen.

Sharrieff wrote:
Tuesday, 4 September 2007 14:53:40 PHT
Please explain it to me clearly and if you can send me the rules and regulations to obtain a pilipino passport. I am Indian Citizen and married with a filipina. We got married in Manila last May 2007. Please if you can send how i can get a pilipino passport. Awaiting for your kind reply. Respectfully yours, Neyamathullah Sharieff
Jeralyn wrote:
Thursday, 30 August 2007 10:54:34 PHT
Hello JOYLEE, I got the same case with you. I have some of the documents, if you want you can email me at Thanks, looking forward on you email
Mr Christian Okeke wrote:
Wednesday, 29 August 2007 14:11:01 PHT
Hello I am a Nigerian citizen living presently in Malaysia for the past year. I like to get more info on the residence visa as I want to get married to a Filipina from manila and possible start a business there with her and then raise a family together with her. Her father is late. Can I apply for the one year visa here in Malaysia at the Philippines Embassy.

You can apply, but whether it will be granted depends on your financial data and references. You may just be given a two months visa instead, which probably can only be extended to half a year in your case. Please also remember that to marry, you need considerable documentation and a statement that you are able to marry (that is: not married already) from your embassy in the Philippines.--Jeroen.

Sophia wrote:
Tuesday, 28 August 2007 14:30:02 PHT
dear sir/madam: i would like to ask, what are the requirements to acquire a tourist visa to germany? how long can i stay there?
Lance Collins wrote:
Tuesday, 21 August 2007 21:43:11 PHT
Hi, i'm an Australian married to a Filipina.I would like to know how to get a Philippines residence permit and what are the requirements.Thank you. Regards, Lance Collins
Joylee wrote:
Tuesday, 21 August 2007 12:27:45 PHT
Hi im a Philipina, I recieve an visit invitation from my boyfriend in Germany, i was confuse coz i dont have any idea for it,i want to know if its not take so long to approve me to visit?
Mega wrote:
Sunday, 19 August 2007 17:37:28 PHT
Does Indian man can visit the Philippines w/out a visa?
Daniel Fischer wrote:
Monday, 30 July 2007 14:31:19 PHT
Hello I am a Canadian citizen living presently in Thailand for the past 3 years. I like to get more info on the one year tourist visa as i want to get married to a FilipIna from CEBU and possible start a business there with her and the help of her parents .her father is a retired Policeman from Cebu . later i may want to change the one year visa to a resident visa . can i apply for the one year visa here in Bangkok at the Philippines Embassy i have also a dual citizenship France and Canada but travel on Canadian passport .do i still require a return ticket when arriving in Cebu Thank you for your help daniel Fischer
Alex wrote:
Monday, 30 July 2007 08:11:55 PHT
Hi, I have an American boyfriend in Manama Bahrain and he's requesting me to visit him as his date during their thanksgiving. How can I acquire a Bahrain visa. What are the requirements. Is it possible for him to apply a visa for me. Any enlightenment please. I will appreciate it very much. Thanks.
Malcolm Ross wrote:
Monday, 30 July 2007 01:22:08 PHT
Thanks for your info i am moving to Manila next April on a tourist visa long stay when i book my flight here from the u k do i just say for example book an onward flight to Hong kong for example 1 year later when i have to leave the country what time do you think i need to book my onward flight i year or 6 months then renew ticket as long as i have a ticket out of Philippines thank you. Malcolm
Francis Duhig wrote:
Sunday, 29 July 2007 10:02:32 PHT
Im half Filipino, half Australian. I've represented the Philippines in Rugby union at U19 level and open international level. Myself, and the rest of the guys here in Australia who also play for the Philippines are trying to obtain Filipino passports so we can represent the Philippines in the South East Asian Games. Is there anyway we can do this without losing our Australian citizenship? Cheers
Laurice Angela Jacinto wrote:
Wednesday, 25 July 2007 21:50:00 PHT
I'm getting married to my boyfriend from San Francisco, California, USA how can I apply him a 6 months visa here in Philippines? More Power to all the staff!
Narendra wrote:
Thursday, 12 July 2007 17:11:05 PHT
I want to go to Philippines for visit with my son for enquiring about the colleges so will you please tell me what document i need to get the visitor visa of 15 days or less. I will be very thankful to you if you give me advice and information about my question. Will you please send me all details on my e-mail address. Thanking you Narendra.T.Patel
Jo B. wrote:
Sunday, 1 July 2007 15:32:28 PHT
I like what you just said Joe B.---I needed that! Me and my family are planning to visit Phils. this Nov.. I'm a filipina and with a US husband and daugther.I'm somewhat confident about the things(documents,I guess) that I needed to bring with me while traveling in and out of the Phils. because I'm not a citizen yet,you know just to be prepared. But I do like what you said and it helps, thanks!
Joe B. wrote:
Sunday, 1 July 2007 14:38:52 PHT
For dual citizens: USA and the Philippines When entering the USA, you MUST ONLY present your US Passport to Immigration to avoid any hassle or delay in entering the country. My sister who was born in the Philippines to US citizen parents has both a US and Philippine passport (as allowed by each countries nationality laws). For all intents and purposes, she is a dual citizen. However, she has never used her Philippine passport to enter or depart the Philippines at anytime during our visits over the years. She enters the Philppines with a US Passport and leaves using a US Passport. My sister has never encountered problems -- and is granted "Balikbayan (1 yr stay) status" upon arrival since she was born in the Philippines. I on the other hand am granted permission to remain for 21 days (which has always been more than sufficient) as I was born in the USA. Philippine Immigration has no way of determining if an individual is a dual citizen UNLESS you offer this information to them. Frankly, if you are a dual citizen -- there is no need to use your Philippine passport. The only advantage of using your Philippine passport is the ability to enter and remain in the Philippines for an indefinite period of time. If you are only coming on holiday or vacation, 21 days is more than enough time -- also, as stated before, if you were born in the Philippines you are almost always granted Balikbayan status that allows you to remain for 1 year. REMEMBER the general rule -- If you enter the Philippines with a US Passport, leave the country with that US Passport. If you enter the Philippines with a Philippine Passport, leave the country using the Philippine passport. ***US Passport holders -- you must only present your US PASSPORT when entering the UNITED STATES regardless whether you are a dual citizen.***
Sonny de La Rosa wrote:
Friday, 22 June 2007 10:22:12 PHT
Hi..good friend want to apply a visitors visa in Canada, he is married but amicably separated since June, he has a live in partner,they were living in for about 2 and half years..if ever he would be granted a tourist visa in canada, can he bring her in his visit to canada? please help me in this matter.. thanks and God bless
Rathish wrote:
Thursday, 21 June 2007 19:15:50 PHT
I wish to marry a Filipino girl who is residing in Philippines. What are the regulations and rules to marry her? I hold a valid Indian passport. Kindly explain me about the procedures to be done and how long should I stay over there to make things happen?

I've discussed those things in quite some detail on this website. Please read the relevant pages carefully.--Jeroen.

Sharon Mulgrew wrote:
Sunday, 17 June 2007 18:29:33 PHT
My boyfriend is moving to the UK from Canada, will his works visa automitically qualify him for British citizenship, we also plan to marry.
Gloria wrote:
Sunday, 17 June 2007 15:35:54 PHT
My daughter is a recognized Filipino citizen, but travelling with a Danish passport. Can she enter the Philippines as Balikbayan by presenting her certificate of recognition? She will only stay in the Philippines for a period of 4 weeks.
Joel Aldrich wrote:
Saturday, 16 June 2007 16:01:27 PHT
I am planning on getting married to a Philipine woman real soon. We would like to go back there to live. My question is this - What do I need for a visa to go there to get married. We want to get married in her home town.
Tads wrote:
Friday, 8 June 2007 23:40:32 PHT
My wife and I are Filipino citizens. My wife gave birth here in US. We already have a US passport for our new baby. We'll be returning to the Philippine by September of this year. I am wondering if my newborn son (a US passport holder) would need visas when we go to Manila. Thank you.
Maritha wrote:
Friday, 8 June 2007 08:11:10 PHT
Hi Jeroen, My daughter was born here last May 4 and her dad is an American and we want to get her a dual citizenship. I know she is a Filipino citizen. Our problem is how can she get a US passport. Do we need to go to US embassy and register her there? Does anyone encounter the same problem? what should we do? thanks and hope
Ains wrote:
Friday, 1 June 2007 10:53:12 PHT
I'm a Filipino citizen and my daughter was born in the US, which makes her a natural-born citizen of the Philippines and the US. We've already gotten her a US passport, Philippine passport, and a Report of Birth.

My question is, how do we enter/leave the Philippines? When I talked to the Consulate, they told me that I just need to present the 2 passports and no problem. But my cousin mentioned that in his situation, they asked for "Recognition Papers" and that Immigration will ask you to "choose" which passport you're using.

I tried looking for the right procedure... unfortunately, I came across a report that mentions both! It seems that the Bureau of Immigration is saying that you do not need the "Recognition Paper" anymore but the Immigration head of NAIA is saying you do need it. It's kinda funny that this one report contradicts itself 3-4 times.

What is the correct procedure? Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Here is the text I was referring to:

New Rules on Dual Citizenship

PHILIPPINE IMMIGRATIONS: New rules on dual citizenship: Filipinos with dual citizenships can now enter end leave the country, trouble free, as long as they present both their Philippine and foreign passports to immigration officers at the time of arrival or departure, according to immigrations Commissioner Alipio Fernandez Jr.

This developed after bureau of immigration came out with new rules for arriving and departing passengers who availed themselves of the dual citizenship law passed by Congress last year.

Under the law, Filipinos who became, or are intending to become naturalized citizens of other countries, have not lost their Philippine citizenship. According to Mr. Fernandez, a Filipino who presents a foreign passport shall only be given an indefinite stay in the country if he or she can show a valid Philippine passport or a certificate from the BI as proof of dual citizenship.

The immigration officer then makes the appropriate stamp on both the foreign and Philippine passports of the passenger. Immigration executive director Roy Almoro said the new rules were issued in the wake of reports of misunderstanding between immigration officers and passengers with dual citizenship.

Airport immigration head of supervisors Ferdinand Sampol said dual citizens who entered the country using foreign passports will be cleared for departure provided they present a valid Philippine passport and bureau of immigration certificate.

The passenger is no longer required to present a certificate, exit permit or proof of payment of immigration fees.

If you are planning to stay for less than one year, you can simply use only the foreign passport, and ask for a Balikbayan stamp. That is what we did, hassle free with our sons (both Dutch and Philippine passport holders) several times. Basically, when you enter the country, Philippine immigration want to verify you are entitled to enter, and when you leave, they want to verify you have valid papers for your destination.--Jeroen.

Joyce wrote:
Thursday, 31 May 2007 20:04:03 PHT
Hi I am a US Citizen who has been staying in the Philippines since Nov 2003. I was granted a dual citizenship on Oct 2004, before my balikbayan status expired. I am now planning to go back to the US. What kind of hassle would I encounter at the airport? I only have a US passport, do I still need a Philippine passport? or do I just carry my certificate of dual citizenship? I really hope you can give me some information. Thank you.

I don't know. Just bring your re-acquisition of citizenship certificate, and explain the situation.--Jeroen.

Princess wrote:
Thursday, 31 May 2007 11:43:47 PHT
Hi! Good Day!... Mr.Jeroen, are you assisting applicants, who wants to apply for a tourist visa??..tnxs

I cannot assists with applications. I just try to provide some helpful information.--Jeroen

Stephen wrote:
Thursday, 31 May 2007 10:04:18 PHT
Hi Jeroen,

I am an Indian Citizen with a permanent residence of a developed western nation on way to a Western citizenship soon, I have visited Philippines many times, my fiancee is from that nation. Due to a lot of hostilities towards Indians understandably because of the 5-6 and illegal issues, I had opted for a third nation, which made things easier.

I am a bit concerned, recently a lot of Indian nationals are getting killed there, and above all there seems to be an edict from Justice Secretary Gonzales, that Indian citizens will be monitored because of the suspicion that Indian passports may be used by terrorists etc. This is beginning to generate a lot of concern.

Secondly a lot of these illegal Indians or Bombay 5-6, are not exactly the educated type. and I feel deeply sorry for their actions.

Its also to be noted that Filipino share very same racial features and cultural features to north eastern provinces of India, mainly the Mizo and Naga people who are of oriental origin. I believe more steps should be taken to solve cultural misunderstandings.

My question to you is, still being an Indian national with a clean record of visits to Philippines, but now having a proper permanent residency and a good job in a western nation, do you feel I will run into any kind of harassments or issues with the Bureau of Immigration there, I never had any issues, but these news reports of the bad publicity India's citizens get in Philippines is beginning to worry me? I hope to visit and marry my fiancee and bring her to my new nation, and wait till I get a western citizenship.

And also task you, the first 2 times when I visited Philippines, I had my passport photocopied upon arrival, I noticed they did it just to Indians and Chinese. What is the purpose behind it? And why didn't they photocopy my passport when I came the third and fourth time?

Thanks a lot and God bless, your website is great.

This is a classic example of the good suffering with the bad. I've lived in India for quite some time, so know most Indians are not of the money-lending greedy business men type, for which they unfortunately have developed an image in South East Asia and Africa.

Interesting you mention the N.E. Indian people. If you compare the 'tribal dress', and other cultural features of the Naga with those of the Igorot (see the book by Jenks in the library section of this site; I also hope to publish some comparable works on the Naga by Mills and Hutton one day), you will be surprised by the similarities. Although many linguists may disagree, I believe that this is due to a common origin, somewhere in South-East Asia. Unfortunately, also between the Christianized people of Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, etc. and mainstream Indians, a lot of misunderstanding exists, and when I was with Naga friends in Delhi, most passers-by look upon them as foreigners, guessing they must be either Japanese or Korean.

About copying your passport, after doing it several times, they might have realized you are indeed leaving the country, so stop doing it.--Jeroen.

Melissa wrote:
Thursday, 24 May 2007 22:13:20 PHT
My friends live in Thailand, hold a Philippines passport , they teach English in thailand, and they want to go on vacation for two weeks to Taiwan. What requirements are needed?
Rose (Tagbilaran City, Bohol ) wrote:
Thursday, 24 May 2007 12:07:42 PHT
Hello! I am here now in USA. I have a question pertaining to my two years old son, who was born in United State of America with an American father a USA citizenship, and a Filipina mother who is still a Filipino citizenship. I want my son to get a dual citizenship. Is there any idea or answer that could be expedite to get my two years son become a Filipino citizen since we are planning to live in Philippines as soon as possible? Will you please answer my questions in detail. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you and God bless.

Your son already is a Philippine citizen. Make an appointment and go to the nearest Philippine consulate in the US for a registration of birth; bring the US birth certificate and your son himself, bring your own Philippine passport and other documentation. Don't forget passport size pictures of your child (ask the consulate about the exact requirements for these: they are different from most other countries). They will fill up a birth registration form, and, if all goes well, you can apply for a Philippine passport for him the same day.--Jeroen.

Nadeth wrote:
Tuesday, 22 May 2007 06:19:31 PHT
hi I am getting for a fiancee visa. I have my interview last April 20 2007 and until now I am still waiting for my visa approval (hope it will approve) hope so. Just wanna ask if i can go to CFO office for the seminar while I'm waiting for my visa approval? Or I just wait until the visa has arrived? Thanks in advance for the reply.. lovely

I don't know, but try giving them a call.--Jeroen.

Kareena wrote:
Saturday, 19 May 2007 20:32:50 PHT
I have Indian boyfriend we're planning to go to Philippines and get marry there.. what will I do? we're here in Dubai...
Winnie wrote:
Monday, 14 May 2007 20:55:28 PHT
I'm getting married to a Swedish how can I apply him a 6 months visa here in Philippines?
Ria Denise wrote:
Wednesday, 9 May 2007 04:53:08 PHT
Hello! what is the requirements in getting fiancee visa? how long it takes for u to get the fiancee visa? I really need help...... tnx in advance.

The first requirement in dealing with immigration authorities is that you very carefully read all relevant information. The second that you provide enough information in your questions, such that people know what you are talking about. The article above is only about Philippine visas, and I cannot answer questions on US or other country's visas. Still, I think the article provides enough pointers to find further information on questions related to those.--Jeroen.

Carol wrote:
Monday, 30 April 2007 21:22:51 PHT
This site sux they only reply to the ppl who asking about American and uk ppl applying for visa. Its just not fair after all, asian countries also having this kind of question but as i observe they only give reply for the ppl who are asking for us or uk ppl. Anyways thanks for the other information it didn't help me though.

Just a quick glance through the answers here shows you this is not true. However, I cannot answer questions about visa, other than Philippine visa (although I may occasionally provide a hint if I happen to know it), and I will not answer questions for which the answer is already in the article above. I cannot help people who are not willing to read carefully in the first place, because in dealing with official matters, reading with care is the first thing that counts.--Jeroen.

Bonek wrote:
Tuesday, 17 April 2007 16:07:39 PHT
Hi I'm Bonek a Filipino citizen who is also married to a Filipino citizen. I have a daughter who is 12yrs. old right now, a us and a Filipino citizen 2 passports holder, who travels alone with her aunt going to US. Will she need a travel clearance from the Philippines and a waiver of exclusion ground from US, other than notarized affidavit of consent from us parents to travel alone with her relatives? Your immediate respond to this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am sorry, but I cannot answer your question. I advise you to contact the both immigration offices in the Philippines and the US to find out the exact regulations.--Jeroen.

Jim wrote:
Sunday, 15 April 2007 10:03:50 PHT
I plan to go to Philippines and get married. Do I need round trip ticket and what Visa?
Sandra wrote:
Tuesday, 10 April 2007 17:06:47 PHT
I am a Filipina soldier with kids, separated but not anulled. I have US army bf, he wants me to go to Kentucky, USA to be with him. What kind of (fastest) visa will u advice me to apply and any advice u can extend to me if ever my bf and i planned to marry? He wants me to stay in Kentucky if ever we got married.
Hazel wrote:
Friday, 30 March 2007 14:08:39 PHT
hello! I was recently granted a fiance visa. My problem now is for my parents to have their tourist visa too in order for them to witness our marriage. What could be the easits and fastest way to process thier visa. Also, since i have a close family ties... I also would like my brother & sister together with their family to be there. Is it possible for all of them to be approved of a visa? Hope to get some answers... thanx! :)
Nick Horan wrote:
Wednesday, 28 March 2007 09:01:30 PHT
Your should teach embassy and consular employees, if that was possible. HaHaHa!!! Maraming salamat po ulit.
Oxy wrote:
Friday, 23 March 2007 15:02:44 PHT
I'm a Filipino. Do I need to get a visa to enter Taiwan and go there as a tourist for 3 days?
Liza wrote:
Wednesday, 21 March 2007 16:57:58 PHT
For fiancee visa, what is required, 1 way or roundtrip ticket? Thanks
Greta wrote:
Tuesday, 20 March 2007 00:20:16 PHT
Is the one year stamp for balikbayan spouses mean it can be used for multiple entry? We are planning to stay in the Philippines for three months but take weekend trips to other Asian countries. Do we need to show a marriage certificate everytime?
Rachelle wrote:
Saturday, 17 March 2007 00:26:27 PHT
Hi..good day! Im a filipina and my boyfriend wants me to go to india and askd me to get a tourist visa, he said it is much easier..its my first time to go out of the country and dont know wat to do..can u tell me wat r the requirements do i need to provide, i heard that i need to ask him to make a letter of invitation and make it legalised, what shoud i do first?
Angelique wrote:
Friday, 16 March 2007 17:28:09 PHT
Hello! This site is really informative! I would like advice on how to get a visa for me a mother of three US citizen sons ages 16, 15 and 13. We have been living in the Philippines for almost 12 years now. I would like to know is there a way for me and my sons to go back to the US? Somebody from the Bureau of Immigration told me years ago to get my three sons a dual citizenship since my ex-husband and I can't pay for their overstay here. Is there a way for me and sons to get back to the US? I would like them to finish their high school there since schools here are costly while in the US you don't pay anything. Please advice me on this.
Mari wrote:
Tuesday, 13 March 2007 15:21:41 PHT
Hi again. I was browsing through the other comments in this page. I understand that my Estonian fiance need to get a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage from his embassy in order for us to file our marriage license. I'm confused because there is no Estonian Embassy here in Philippines where he can get this certificate. Would it be possible for him to get it in Estonian Embassy in UK (where he currently resides although he is not yet considered a "settled person") or in Estonian Embassy in Estonia? Which one would then be more acceptable? Thank you.

As long as he is an Estonian citizen, the Estonian embassy is the proper place to go. If there is no embassy, there might be a consulate, that is:

Consulate General of the Republic of Estonia (Manila)

6th Floor, CTC Building
2232 Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City

Tel. 832-3283 & 95
Fax 832-2760

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 0830 to 1630 H

Mari wrote:
Tuesday, 13 March 2007 14:59:57 PHT
This article is indeed very informative. My fiance is Estonian and he is planning to come over here in Philippines to possibly get married. Please do advise me with the necessary papers we have to produce in order for him to get a Tourist Visa. Thank you very much.
Ashley wrote:
Monday, 12 March 2007 17:40:44 PHT
Hi! Good Day!..I just want to have some advices from you..I do have a plan to go in the US. I do have a fiance there, but the thing is, he can't be here, because of some reason and I do understand about it. I want to apply for a tourist visa, which honestly speaking i don't have any relatives in the US. Its just i want to see him face to face (for real) and have some time with him since i loved him..Also, I want to see his grandmother, who is so dearly to me. His grandmother was already 90+ of ages and i want to hug her and kiss her on reality before anything happens to her..(you know what i mean).. I want to know some advices on how could i get a tourist visa for me to go through in the US..for me to see him and his grandmother..Thank you.. God bless!..

Without really very good references in the US it is nowadays virtually impossible to get a tourist visa for the US. Also, my advice is to meet a foreign fiance in your place first. It is considerably more easy for Americans to come to the Philippines than the other way round.--Jeroen.

Saurabh wrote:
Sunday, 11 March 2007 13:51:40 PHT
I am Indian boy and I want to marry to a Filipenio girl. She is in Philippines, she want to come India to marry me in India and to stay all her life in India. Please tell me that how can she get visa for this ?
Ilu wrote:
Thursday, 8 March 2007 22:48:20 PHT
Dear Sir/Madam, Your article was really very excellent but I have some question. I would like to ask if possible to me to have a dual citizenship? Before I am Filipino citizen but now I am German citizen. Can you give me some advice. Best Regards, Ilu

This very much depends on the regulations in two countries. Some countries do allow dual citizenship, others do not, or with restrictions. The Philippines now allows dual citizenship, but I cannot advice on the consequences of re-acquiring your Philippine citizenship in Germany. You better talk with a German immigration lawyer about this, as you may risk loosing your German citizenship again if you take steps to quickly.--Jeroen.

Ishwar Ramani wrote:
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 22:21:13 PHT
We are Dubai based and came to recently on TV channel about one person Name Mr. Alex Orbitto from Phillippines who with his power cure people,s health problems. We wish to contact him and visit for some health problems but we dont have proper address or contact . Kindly let us from where we can find his contacts thank you
Charry wrote:
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 08:36:18 PHT
Good day! I am a filipina, and my fiancee is from Nigeria, he is planning to come over this coming March 2007 so we could get married, that would be after he settle all his papers. He said that I have to send him an invitation. So he could get a visa... I have knowledge about this, can you please give me some advice to what would be my first step? Im looking forward to your reply. Thank you and God Bless!!!
Ravi wrote:
Tuesday, 20 February 2007 21:22:35 PHT
Hi sir , I just I see this cool site it was a gift for me because I am searching for information about visa and more hope u can help me out. I am an Indian I love one Filipino she is Muslim and I am an Hindu and I want to know is it any problem for marry her, with out changing religions and can bring her to India what are the process for that. I am so confused. Please help me.. like me lot of people want this answers so not only for me... Thanking you, and best of luck.

Many of the answers (where related to marriage in the Philippines) are on this website. I cannot answer all these for India. Both in the Philippines and in India you have the concept of civil marriage and there are no legal restrictions on inter-religious marriages. However, in how much this is practical, depends on the acceptance of it by both of you individually, relatives and society, and your financial means.--Jeroen.

Catalin Alindajao wrote:
Tuesday, 20 February 2007 00:17:14 PHT
I am a Filipina and I have an American fiancee who wants to marry me here in the Philippines and want to stay here with me forever...what can you advice about this please?
Anoop Variath Thazhath wrote:
Monday, 19 February 2007 15:59:19 PHT
I'm an Indian citizen. I'm planning to travel Thailand and I would like to go further Philippines for a few days, can I obtain a tourist visa from Thailand for the same?

Theoretically, yes, but it is probably more practical to obtain this beforehand in your country of residence. You will need to bring proof of sufficient funds, income, and some evidence that you have no reason to outstay your visa in the Philippines.--Jeroen.

Tony wrote:
Sunday, 18 February 2007 07:46:28 PHT
I am a Canadian citizen. I have met a girl (online) who is a citizen of the philippines and I want to fly her here for a visit. I have heard this is difficult now. I have already paid to get her passport. Now I need a TRV. Can you help me with some advice? Thanks in advance.
Lee Richards wrote:
Saturday, 17 February 2007 03:10:24 PHT
Can u tell me how to go about getting married in the Phillipines to Filipino im from the UK
Annalyn wrote:
Tuesday, 6 February 2007 13:29:35 PHT
Hello as I was surfing I found this cool site that I could ask any advices about my problem. I am Filipina who is married to a Dutch guy since 2004.. We married in Bahrain and I am trying my best to go to my husband or even visit him but I am not given visa and I din't know anymore what to do with our problem. He visited me already twice because recently I applied and I was not granted. Can you pls help me and tell me what exactly I must do so I can go to my husband? Thank you and more power
Robbort wrote:
Sunday, 4 February 2007 19:19:05 PHT
Hello, am robbort I want to know it is possible for me to use invitation letter that i receive from february last year and use it this year from my wife from Phillippine country . Secondly I want to know what I need to support if I want the visa for Phillippine country.
JulieAnn wrote:
Monday, 29 January 2007 12:35:46 PHT
Hi! I am petitioned for a fiance visa and have a schedule interview in march. But the thing is my fiance and i broke up last october. All the while, i thought that he put a stop on the application but he did not. Now, i am just wondering how i can put a stop on it and what the impact is. Will it affect my future visa application (whether tourist, fiance or marrige)? Thank you.
Tari R wrote:
Friday, 26 January 2007 19:29:50 PHT
My husband is a filipino citizen and I'm American. He's currently in the Philippines with our daughter. How long is our daughter allowed to stay in the Philippines with him? She have a valid U.S. Passport and they've both been there for almost six months. Could she stay surpass the six months since the tickets are only valid for six months. My husband is looking to extend two more weeks but are unsure if my daughter could stay pass the required date.
Joy wrote:
Sunday, 21 January 2007 13:27:45 PHT
I am a Filipina married to a Bangladeshi and presently living here in Bangladesh. Last year my husband was given a single entry visit visa by the Philippine Consulate here in Bangladesh. Now we wish to apply a TEMPORARY RESIDENCE VISA for my husband. What are the legal requirements that we need to prepare for him to secure one?

Please help us. The Phil. Consulate here in Bangladesh doesn't seem to be helpful. we need help. Thank you.

Most of these are outlined on the DFA website mentioned. If you have specific complaints about a consulate or embassy, it may be best to document these, and forward the same to the DFA main office after you've completed the entire process. It may also be possible to apply for permanent status while in the Philippines, but for that you better consult an immigration lawyer in the Philippines beforehand. It should also be possible to extend a tourist visa to 6 months, so maybe that is enough.--Jeroen.

Sudip Karmakar wrote:
Saturday, 20 January 2007 19:49:30 PHT
Dear Sir / Madam, Indian Passport holder, holding I 20 ( Student ) visa in USA. Going to Swiss from Philadelphia. Is any visa required or not ? Kindly advise. Regards Sudip Karmakar
Richelle Chavez wrote:
Friday, 19 January 2007 14:02:54 PHT
I have known a man from Nigeria, whom to be my future husband. He wanted to visit me here for 15 days only. Does he need Visit Visa? If does, will he need any Invitation letter from me? How long he can his Visa? Pls. help me, hope we can meet and see each others arms as Husband and Wife.tnx!
Gary Llewellyn-Jones wrote:
Thursday, 18 January 2007 10:03:55 PHT
I am a U.K citizen and wish to travel to the Philippines to meet my future filipina wife and family. I have purchased a return flight arriving in philippines this february and returning home to U.K END OF April (this is about a 2 month stay in the philippines) Is this length of stay ok on my 90 day passport? I Know that visting the usa I am able to stay there for 3 months (90 days on a passport). lease can you advise me on this and also I want to marry the filipina civil marriage . Is it possible to marry her when i go to visit the first time? And what do I need to provide? Thanks any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. best regards and look forward to hearing from you by email
John Salvato wrote:
Monday, 25 December 2006 08:38:25 PHT
I understand that a "Citizenship Retention And Re-Acquisition Form R.A 9225" has to be submitted to the Bureau of Immigrations so my Filipina wife does'nt loose her Philippine Citizenship, when she becomes a U.S. citizen... Does this have to be filled before leaving the Philippines, to save a hassle latter, when we return to the Philippines?

This can also be handled by the Philippine embassy (and some consulates) in the U.S. Since it will take several years for your wife before she can obtain citizenship, I wouldn't be too concerned at the moment. Even when your wife becomes a U.S. citizen, she (and you when traveling together) can still avail of the Balikbayan privilege for hassle-free entry into the Philippines.--Jeroen.

Edna Mihiripenna wrote:
Wednesday, 20 December 2006 12:50:58 PHT
I need your help regarding the situation of my husband. He is a Sri-lankan, and were married for more than 17 years. His status visa up to now is Temporary Residence Visa (TRV). Can he not get a Permanent Visa? He has to pay every 2 years not included the annual fee and the yearly renewal of ACR card. Help us. God bless and thank you very much
R. Car wrote:
Monday, 18 December 2006 02:48:59 PHT
This is more of a question than Opinion . I have been talking back an forward with a young lady from the Philippines and would like to know how she would go about getting a visa to vist the United States , and what sort of visa she would need ?
Parker wrote:
Monday, 11 December 2006 07:31:59 PHT
When I was 13 years old I touched my niece who was 7 years old inappropriately. This occurred several times over the course of about 3 months. I didn't know I was committing a crime, nor did I realize the wrongness of my actions or the psychological effects this would have on my niece, nor myself in the years to come. I did it out of curiosity and regret it deeply. When I was 20 I admitted this openly and my sister became indignant and pressed charges against me. Since I was now 20 years old I couldn't be tried as a juvenile since I couldn't be sentenced to a juvenile detention facility, or places with my parents. However, I also couldn't be sentenced to prison as an adult for committing a child's crime. So instead, I was convicted of a felony and placed on probation for five years. I'm now 21. I'm married to a Filipina who is 20. We were married in July at Makati City hall. We wish to live together in the Philippines, but I'm concerned. I understand that in the Philippines that under the age of 15 I wouldn't have been held accountable, but I guess here in the U.S. I am held accountable. So how does affect my case? I also am aware that I'm eligible for a 13a visa, however, the Philippines has a law that denies entry to anyone convicted of 'moral turpitude.' My case is extremely rare, I want to be with my wife and I love the Phils, so what can I do? Please help?

Again, this depends on what you (have to) disclose on your application form. Moral turpitude is a vague legal term, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but I believe intent to do wrong is an essential part of such a crime.--Jeroen.

Michelle Vidad wrote:
Thursday, 7 December 2006 23:02:02 PHT
I am a Filipina and I am working in a bank in Dubai. My husband and 3 kids are in the Philippines. Since I am earning more than 5K, I want my kids to live here. I am thinking of getting them residence visa under my residence term. Please help me because according to my PRO my husband can send a letter to Philippine Embassy authorizing me to send our kids in Dubai. Pls. guide me. Thank you very much.

I can't answer anything on Dubai visas. When your kids are traveling without you, they may need a clearance from the Bureau of Immigration before they are allowed out of the country, and this may require agreement by your husband. I think the Philippine Bureau of Immigration is the place to ask questions.--Jeroen.

Happymom wrote:
Saturday, 2 December 2006 23:20:39 PHT
I am still a Filipino Citizen and I am going to the Philippines in 2 weeks with my foreigner husband. How easy and fast is it to get a balikbayan visa at the airport? How long does it take to get it? What could be the usual hassle we are going to encounter? Please help, anyone?

It depends somewhat on the official's discretion. Some will give the stamp when asked for it without further questions, others may require a copy of the marriage certificate, or some other proof. If it is particularly important, have a copy of the marriage certificate with you in your carry-on bag. Since my wife's Philippine passport uses my last name, we never had much trouble.--Jeroen.

Ollette Langcake wrote:
Friday, 1 December 2006 23:34:21 PHT
Dear Jeroen: I want to ask you if a British citizen who has a male partner bought a place (the TCT is in his Filipino male partners name) but they use his money, can he serve in the homeowners association as a Treasurer but not a Board of Director. He is not being paid for it, its a voluntary job. Of course gay marriage is not accepted here yet but they do in some European countries and in some states in America. Please advise me through my email address. Thanks a lot.

Complicated question, which is probably depending on the exact wording of the bylaws of the homeowners association, so simple answer: ask them.--Jeroen.

Brajesh Rana wrote:
Wednesday, 29 November 2006 04:50:37 PHT
I read a website in which it was mentioned that Indians can get visa on arrival in Philippines. I am not sure what is correct. I am Indian working in England. What type of visa do I need and how can I get tourist visa. Please advise me.

The only authoritative answer can come from the Philippine government, and on their website they still list Indian nationals as requiring a visa for entry. You should contact the Philippine Embassy in London for details. Some unscrupulous travel agents may tell you untruths, just to sell you that ticket.--Jeroen.

Merly wrote:
Tuesday, 28 November 2006 12:05:23 PHT
Sir / Madam of Phil. Embassy for UK: I am eager to apply for a tourist visa for UK but I do not have a full knowledge about what are the necessary requirements for the application since I'm not around in our country. Honestly I want to apply and process it here since I'm here also working. I'm looking forward for your legal advice on what to do and please give me an information of your trustees here in Taiwan or consulate office and contact number. Thank you so much.

We are not the place to ask questions about UK visa. You will have to ask the UK Embassy or High Commissioner in your country of residence.--Jeroen

Joydeep Bose wrote:
Sunday, 26 November 2006 21:49:32 PHT
Hello I'm from India and currently residing in India. I'm in love with a Philipino girl and will marry her. Currently I am holding a Indian passport. I will marry her and wish to bring her back to India. So what are the procedures for marrying my girl friend and what should I have to do to bring her back to my country. Can anyone help?
Maria wrote:
Saturday, 25 November 2006 12:15:10 PHT
My boyfriend is an Afghan and wants to marry me and settle here in the Philippines... he have gone to the afghan embassy and Pakistani embassy several times and all he need is my invitation letter, kindly inform me what to do. The pakistan embassy located in Makati is thousand miles away from my place, is email or fax applicable.... Thank u
Ceejeay wrote:
Sunday, 19 November 2006 22:11:10 PHT
I am a Niegerian Citizen with Nigerian passport. I don't have Philipines Viisa and I intend to transit Philippine for just a day....can I obtain a transit visa on arrival? your reply counts.
Andy wrote:
Friday, 10 November 2006 22:10:06 PHT
Hi I understud what if I sculd want to stay in the Pilippines more than an year. I hawv to live/go aouside from Philippines for list one day, why is that so? I hope sombody out there can answer me. I was in Bohol once in or ner by Calape. I lit me there and the people and Philippine music and some of the food was good to. I wuld absolutly like to come back again!.
Steven Mahrle wrote:
Monday, 30 October 2006 21:56:21 PHT
I am an American citizen married to a Filipino. We have been living in Davao for the last year and I have a balikbayan entry in my passport good for 11 months. Is my passport good to use if I visit the Philippines by my self? Or does my wife need to come with me. Thank you.

I haven't tried this myself, so I cannot answer. Depending on the immigration official on entry, he may allow re-entry on your less than one year old balikbayan stamp, but I wouldn't bet on it without first confirming this with the immigration office at the airport of arrival. I've heard of immigration officers who give the stamp to anybody who asks for it, and others who will ask for marriage certificates and other official paperwork. The official rule is that the foreigner and Filipino spouse should arrive together.--Jeroen.

Cristobal Baston wrote:
Monday, 30 October 2006 16:12:28 PHT
Hi I'm a Filipino currently working in KSA for almost 5 years now as a computer graphic designer, I'm planning to bring my family here & would like to know the neccesary requirements for the process and would my being an undergraduate be a problem? Please send info. to my e-mail thank you.

We do not send replies to email addresses, but only answer them here. Also, this page is only about visa requirements to enter the Philippines. We have no knowledge on rules in other countries. You best contact the embassy or immigration authorities of the country you want to visit for information.--Jeroen.

Victor David wrote:
Monday, 30 October 2006 03:52:20 PHT
I am a Indian citizen holding Indian passport living & working in the UK I want visit the Philippines do need to take a visa before I leave the UK or I am given a visa on arrival?

Your passport determines whether you need a visa or not. So, yes, you need a visa and will be deported if you don't have it before arrival. If you have a permanent residence permit and a regular job in the UK, that won't be too difficult.--Jeroen.

Suzy wrote:
Thursday, 19 October 2006 20:10:13 PHT
Good day. I am planning to go to the Netherlands to visit my boyfriend for a holiday. He is a British citizen. I know I need a letter from him which will be legalised. My question is: Will it be easy for him to get the letter legalised since he is not a Dutch citizen or he can send an ordinary invitation letter.

If he is a resident in the Netherlands, he should be registered in a muncipality. Then he can go to the muncipality desk of the town he is registered in and ask for a form required to invite a foreigner, fill it in, have it signed and stamped with the official seal, and add it to the documentation he can send you for the visa application.--Jeroen.

Golden wrote:
Wednesday, 11 October 2006 12:32:26 PHT
How to make a letter of invitation for filing visa?

That depends on the country for which the visa should be, the purpose of the visa, and who is making it.--Jeroen.

Shing wrote:
Monday, 9 October 2006 19:31:27 PHT
I have a friend half Pakistani and a half Canadian he wanted to visit here in the Phils. he is in Dubai now working and had residence and business in Dubai does he need visa in order to enter Philippines? Tnx and more power

If he travels with a Canadian passport, he can enter without visa for 21 days, otherwise, he needs a visa.--Jeroen.

Angela wrote:
Sunday, 8 October 2006 22:54:42 PHT
Hi, I'm a Filipino citizen, I'm planning to go to Pakistan and visit my boyfriend there. In case we get married there in the duration of my stay, am I allowed to stay there already being married to a Pakistani citizen? What are the requirements for me to get a visa for Pakistan. Thanks, pls help me.
Mercia wrote:
Saturday, 7 October 2006 07:59:09 PHT
Hello gud day. I am a Filipina and seek any advice from you. Me and my boyfriend from UK are planning to get married in their country (England). We are now on our 2 years relationship and he visited me twice. I would like to know what are the necessary requirements aside from the embassy requirements to obtain a fiance visa. I was also puzzle about this medical exam which I read in some other furoms. What kind of mediacal exam I have to undergo. I'm very physically fit. Thank you very much...
Sandra wrote:
Friday, 6 October 2006 03:51:04 PHT
I just want to ask if the embassy needs my fiancial credibity and my professional activity, since I was invited my fiancee to come to his place he is paying reference at all cost... cost of my travelling and cost of my living attach. with his photocopy, 3 months pay slips, etc.

Assuming you talk about coming to the Philippines. This is standard information the Embassy is required to ask from every visa applicant. If your own income is enough, it is normally easiest to show them that, and mention that you are visiting as a tourist, and just give the friend's name as a reference. If you need to depend on somebody's else income, that will complicate the visa process.--Jeroen.

Rachel wrote:
Thursday, 5 October 2006 17:00:08 PHT
Hi! I'm 25, a Pilipina and I'm travelling to UK on later part of October after I finished my studies {actually its my second course} I have a boyfriend who works at dubai. i have talked to the airlines if they can process a visa for me since the airlines iv booked has a stopover for dubai. they agreed but they are looking for documents like a bank statement..and the thing is, ive been travelling to australia and uk but with the supporting papers of my parents. i dont have any savings in bank..and my boyfriend promised to pay all the expenses needed just to get a visa in philippines going to dubai good for 3 days only, then have my onwards flight to uk. will they issue me a visa if my supporting papers is just my passport and a ticket? i really want to see my boyfriend its been 6 mos. since hes been away from me. and he have been asking from the immigration in dubai if they can issue a transit visa for will do but the travel agent in the philippines told me they are not issuing a visa once u get to dubai..instead pre arrangements of visas in philippines is required. will i pass the requirements if im just a student getting a transit visa in dubai..just for 96 hours. only.
Rick Barrow wrote:
Thursday, 7 September 2006 04:40:24 PHT
Greetings: I have a friend of my family that is a citizen of the Philippines, and would like to come to the United States to visit for a few monthes. She will be provided Room and board. She needs to get a Visa to come here. What are the requirements that she has to have? What is the cost for her to obtain a visa, and enter the boarders of the United States? Is there anything she has to do before applying? She has been dilligantly saving moneyevery weak for this,and I have been wireing her money each weak for herto put with her money. She and I were hopeing to have all the money needed by March of 2007. Please Email me back, and give me Instructions to send to her. p.s.: She is wanting to come her as a visiter, and that is all. Also this is a very interesting artical I will recomend it. Thank you kindly: Rick Barrow
George Christopher wrote:
Thursday, 24 August 2006 10:32:32 PHT
I am George Christopher, an Indian citizen and a permanent resident in Singapore. I am chairman of an Indian registered 25 year old Charitable Society, named "GEMS FOUNDATION" which runs 2 orphanges and children's home in India. I have visited Manila recently and am interested to start a home for about 100 "street children" of ages between 5 and 12 in the outskirts of Manila city at the expense of our Foundation by renting a suitable premises and appointing of Nurses and matrons and teachers. I would like to hear from you which Department in Philippines I should approach to get permission to run such a charitable Insitution and what support our organisation can get from the Government of Philippines. Thanks and regards My email address is: or
Michelle wrote:
Saturday, 22 July 2006 22:41:33 PHT
Dear...sir, goodday...sir, I have a bf...we sent letters, e-mails, we chat,,,and he is an American soldier, but based in I... We plan to get America..bec. he can't go here due to his active missions...what is the easiest way for me to get to get visa to get to US. Please reply to my e-mail... I would appreciate your help sir...Thank you very much!
Sky wrote:
Monday, 10 July 2006 15:24:21 PHT and my bf plans to settle down..his an American citizen and I'm a we dont have a single clue with regards to the requirements and proofs in applying for a fiancees visa..we don't send emails that much because we always tchat online at YAHOO we cannot show them anything when it comes to proofs..can anyone tell me what we should do...his from LA, California..where can he go to ask about visas and stuff.. Hope someone can give me some info..Thanks

As far as I can remember, the US requires some evidence that you've physically met each other before allowing a fiancee visa. The only practical way that is possible is if he comes to visit you in the Philippines. You could look at the Mag-Anak website for details and support.--Jeroen.

Sweety wrote:
Saturday, 8 July 2006 13:47:24 PHT
I wanna ask if once u got married with foreign and got the SECPA or security paper or marriage that means no problem about the paper work? That is the only one need the embassy for VISA? I dont need to get a singleness only SECPA? Thanks.

The question is somewhat unclear. To marry a foreigner in the Philippines, you'll need a no-objection statement from the foreigner's embassy. To get that, they normally ask for some proof of singleness, which may include a "non-occurance in the national marriage registry"-statement on security paper, and, since that registry is hopelessly out-of-date, notarized statements by impartial withnesses, all duly legalized. To get a visa is another issue, and typically will require further paperwork, depending on the country you want to go to.--Jeroen.

Donna wrote:
Monday, 3 July 2006 14:42:27 PHT
Foreign Affairs Philippines =
Donna wrote:
Monday, 3 July 2006 14:41:57 PHT
FAQs about Visa =
John wrote:
Wednesday, 28 June 2006 16:24:40 PHT
Sir/Madam, i am an indian national, and have been visiting philippines a several times to visit my girlfriend, a time has come and we decided to marry in philippines. Can i get any help or support as to what documents would be required to get married civily, would appreciate any information given with regards to this. Many thanks John
Nnamdi Obisike wrote:
Friday, 23 June 2006 20:55:05 PHT
hello Sir/Mmadam, Please I want to visit my friend in Philipine and I am a Nigerian and I want to know the requirements. Thanks Nnamdi
Grace wrote:
Wednesday, 21 June 2006 16:34:04 PHT
Dear Jeroen, How are you? I hope & pray that you always have a good health & condition. I'm sending you my reply cause I just want to express my heartfelt thanks to you & to your immediate reply to my email yesterday & thank you very much indeed to your help & good advised. You're such a wonderful & kind person, without any hesitation helping other people . I'm so glad & thankful also to website that I've just found yesterday & I've never wasted my time to be one of your member. God Bless You Always & More Power to website & most specially to you. Good Luck & Have a nice day! Respectfully Yours, Grace
Grace wrote:
Tuesday, 20 June 2006 18:38:43 PHT
Dear Jeroen, First of all Good day to you! My name is Grace filipina, married to british citizen, and at the moment we are living here in UK. We need your help and legal advice about visa regulation. My husband want to retired this year and we are planning to live in Pinas permanently as soon as possible this year.We want to know what is the right visa my husband going to apply? for we really so confused and what we are going to do first before going back to Pinas.Can you reply me in our email address please?I hope and pray that you can help us. God Bless and More Power To All Of You! Thank You Very Much Indeed, Grace
Neth M. Buhay wrote:
Saturday, 17 June 2006 17:23:19 PHT
I have a friend in Nigeria he is willing to come here in the Philippines to visit me, do I need to give Him an invitation Letter? Kindly please email me. Thank you.
Edward Arnold wrote:
Thursday, 15 June 2006 03:08:37 PHT
I am married to a filipina. She came to the United States in 1998 and she became a naturalized American citizen in 2005. Her sister was involved in a case in Bogo, Cebu and she will receive about 200 square meters of land in Bogo, where she was born. Can she have this land titled in her name or did she lose all rights to own land when she became a US citizen.

Some short answers. (Since you are from the US: obligatory disclaimer: I Am not a lawyer; this is not legal advice) 1. It is fairly easy for your wife to regain Philippine citizenship. Doing so will make all issues with land ownership in the Philippines easier. 2. Philippine law does not forbid foreigners from owning land, only from buying it. A foreigner can inherit land in the Philippines through natural succession (that is, from relatives), and people can keep land after being naturalized in a foreign country. 3. For former Philippine citizens, limited land aquisition is possible: upto one hectare in urban areas, and ten hectares in rural areas.--Jeroen.

Elsa wrote:
Wednesday, 14 June 2006 22:16:12 PHT
Thank you for your opinion this is a great help for me. Regards
Elsa Keller wrote:
Wednesday, 14 June 2006 15:55:58 PHT
I have been married with a Swiss man for almost 10 years. Now we are living in Switzerland and later on forever in Bohol, Tagbilaran City. We had blessed with one daughter. She was born here in Switzerland and automatically a Swiss Citizen and had a Swiss Passport same I. But it is necessary also that I get her a Philippine Passport? Please give your advise regarding this matter.

A Philippine Passport may not be needed, but it may be helpful to expedite things. In any case, get her recognized as a Philippine Citizen (which she is automatically by birth, if you were a Philippine Citizen at the time). This has a number of benefits: No residence permits will be required, and it will be easier for her to buy land in the Philippines in future. Check Swiss law on dual citizenship before obtaining a Philippine passport--Jeroen.

Leon wrote:
Monday, 12 June 2006 11:59:41 PHT
I am a Chinese citizen and am now studying in the US. My girlfriend is a Filipino and now lives in the Philippines. We hope to get married in December 2006. She told me that I need to get "Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage" from the Chinese Embassy. My question is that do I get such document from the Chinese Embassy in the US or the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines? Also, I found out that only "Certificate of Single Status proof" is available to get from the Chinese Embassy. Is that the same as "Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage". Just a little confused here. Hope I can be given some hints. Thank you very much!

For a marriage in the Philippines, you need to get this document from the Chinese Embassy in Manila. They will probably know what you need. You may need to provide some documentation for them to be able to obtain it. My advise would be to contact them and ask.--Jeroen.

Adrian wrote:
Tuesday, 6 June 2006 01:15:33 PHT
Hi, I'm Adrian. I married a Philipino woman one year ago now and she lives with me in England. She has resedency visa, but we want to travel to Europe. Can she travel with me on this visa? or does she need to apply for another kind of visa? Thanks. Adrian.

Not exactly a Philippine visa question, but she'll have to apply for a visa for the Schengen countries. Won't be difficult to obtain in this case, but is burdensome.--Jeroen.

Jackie wrote:
Friday, 19 May 2006 23:35:41 PHT
Thanks for your reply. God bless.
Jackie wrote:
Thursday, 18 May 2006 16:55:52 PHT
Good day to all. Im Jackie from Makati City, I have a fiance from India and were engaged to be married this Dec. 2006. I asked the embassy about the Legal Capacity to marry and they say that I will only apply once the marriage will soon to come, they dont give it in advance. Would I not be lacking time applying also in the Municipal for Marriage License if thats their system? Another question, lets say we got married this December, what type of visa should I apply to be with my husband and live in India? whats the easiest visa to apply. Hope you will help me. God bless.

For most questions, the embassy is the right place to ask. Best to appear together with your fiance. Since such documents have limited validity, they are correct in refusing to provide it now. After applying for a marriage permit in the Philippines, you've to wait ten days before it will be issued. Make sure the required documents from India are legalized by the Phil. Embassy in New Delhi (birth certificate and proof of single status).--Jeroen.

Efghie wrote:
Thursday, 18 May 2006 12:12:33 PHT
Sir/madam, I just wanted to ask something about how to get a visa for business, my bf is from France and we decided to meet and hopefully settle down in the Philippines and put up a small business, what what sort of visa should he apply and how long will it take ..... thank you so much.

Once married, a Visa for Alien married to a Filipino will be required for a stay over one year. If not married, probably the only option is to get a Special Investment Resident Visa (SIRV), which require a fairly large sum to be brought in. See the Bureau of Immigration website for details.--Jeroen

Mich wrote:
Thursday, 11 May 2006 01:29:07 PHT
I am eager to obtain this Japan tourist visa. But my boyfriend told me that it is difficult to obtain one now. How difficult it is to obtain it and what are the specific requirements? Thanks!

This page is about Philippine visas; I have no experience with and cannot answer questions about Japanese visas.--Jeroen.

Luisa wrote:
Wednesday, 10 May 2006 23:05:52 PHT
I would like to know if I am eligible for a Philippine passport: I was born in the US but both my parents were born in the Philippines. Unfortunately, they are both deceased and all I have for "proof" is my birth certificate with their names as the parents. Will I qualify for a Phil. passport? Thank you.
Sandy wrote:
Wednesday, 10 May 2006 12:55:25 PHT
Hi I'm an Indian & I'm in love with a Filipina Girl name Amy Jane. We met some 3-4 year back but due to some misunderstanding she didn't like to meet me & didn't even want to hear my voice in phone. I really love her so much & want to marry her. Earlier I was wrong about Filipino but after meeting with her in Net, with their relative I realize that I was wrong. Filipino are really great, specialy their Culture & their Language Some people have wrong thinking about Filipina Girl... I have my request them that please change your thinking, If you want to recieve respect then try to Respect her & please don't judge them like that without knowing the Truth My aim is to help them out & to give Happiness to them God Bless all Filipino.

In last...If u see my comment (msg for Amy Jane) then contact me. You know my number... I really Love you so much & hard to live with out u. Forgive me for my mistakes

Its me Sandy from India.

This is not exactly a visa issue, but touches on some important cultural differences between the Philippines and India, which may make relationships between Indians and Filipina's difficult--although there are certainly successfull marriages. Based on my experience in both India and the Philippines, I think I can make some remarks on the issue.

First look at the things India and the Philippines have in common: both are relatively less developed countries with a large percentage of the population living abroad. In particular in the Middle East, you can find countless OFW's and NRI's (as the nicknames are for Filipinos and Indians, respectively, living outside their own country). This, and the increased access to internet, also explains the number of romances starting between Indians (mainly men) and Filipinos (mainly women). Also, both Indians and Filipinos are, in general, very hospitable people. But there are also some major differences. Apart from the obvious, such as religion, language, and color of skin..., these differences may actually make a relationship very difficult, since expectations, things both consider 'natural' but are actually culturally determined are different.

In the Philippines, couples typically select each other, and although permission is normally asked from parents, it is not withheld often. Philippine society is quite more open on the subject of marrying a foreigner than India, where parents are often much involved in the process of selecting a partner, and often have arranged prospective wifes for their sons while they are away in the Middle East. In India, the practice is still to expect dowry from the wife's family, whereas in the Philippines, the man is expected to shoulder all costs of a wedding, and traditionally was also required to work some time for his prospective bride's family to show his worthiness--although this is no longer followed much. This difference alone can lead to large tensions, especially with the Indian guy's family, who may feel bypassed in their efforts to find a suitable bride for him, and have to shoulder the cost of a wedding instead.

As already shown above, the position of women in Philippine society is quite different from that in India. When I was visiting friends in India, the daughters would always be busy washing, preparing food for guests, and keep some distance, and sons can sit and chat, in the Philippines, guys too have to do their share of the housekeeping. In fact, they traditionally have to do the heavier tasks, like fetching water, etc.

When a Western man is seen with an Indian women in India, especially in rural areas and the more traditional states, like Kerala, they can expect a lot of public insults and in a few cases even violence. When a Western man is seen with a Filipina, there may be a few remarks (especially if the man is much older than the woman), but it is an accepted sight. Marrying a foreigner in India often leads to a break with relatives, in the Philippines not.

These are just a few things to be aware of when starting an Indian-Philippine relationship.--Jeroen.

Kriss German wrote:
Sunday, 7 May 2006 11:52:24 PHT
I am in love with a Filipina and wish to marry her and live together forever in Philippines. How can I do this legally. I am willing to give up my US citizenship. And live happy ever after there. Thank you Mahal kita Philippines. Contact me at

No need to give up your US citizenship to live in the Philippines, and not very practical if you want to visit the US (ever observed the queue outside the US Embassy in Manila?). Actually, getting RP citizenship takes quite a long time even if married with an RP citizen, is very costly, and, since getting US citizenship is high on the wishlist of many Filipinos, will be met with utter amazement. My advice, just go to the Philippines, and live there for half a year first. Then you can decide whether you want a permanent residence permit.--Jeroen.

Laury wrote:
Saturday, 6 May 2006 02:41:32 PHT
Hi I'm a fsm citizen, and I wanted to visit UK London, is there any way you can help get a visa to travel. Thanks

Is that Federated States of Micronesia? I'm sorry but we can't help with visa. This page is to provide some information for visitors to the Philippines only.--Jeroen.

Alfonso Leonard wrote:
Wednesday, 3 May 2006 18:38:08 PHT
My fiancee, Myrna Ponce and I, Alfonso Leonard, found this article and website, has helped us realize our dream of getting married in Jacksonville, Fl.(U.S.)is no longer a dream, but a realty. Thank you, Alfonso Leonard
Alfonso Leonard wrote:
Tuesday, 2 May 2006 22:04:05 PHT
My girlfriend wants too come to Jacksonville, Fl., and get married. What paper's do we need,from both the Philipine's and the U.S. Please email all the information you can, too help us on our quest. Thank you. Alfonso Leonard
asif shahzad wrote:
Sunday, 30 April 2006 23:51:25 PHT
i am asif shahzad from pakistan i meet ma gurl frined on net n we chatting from sence from long tym i think from 18 months now i can,t live w/out her so can i get visa go 2 philpinees pls contact me +923008342725 its ma cell asif shahzad
Asif Shahzad wrote:
Sunday, 30 April 2006 23:28:03 PHT
Dear sir/madam I am Asif Shahzad from Pakistan I meet ma girl friend on net n we chatting from sence from long tym I think from 18 months now I can't live w/out her so can I get visa go 2 Philippines pls contact me +923008342725 its ma cell asif shahzad
Mayka wrote:
Thursday, 27 April 2006 20:05:03 PHT
Hi! My fiancee is an American and he's coming here in May for our wedding. While I understand that Americans are included in the list of those who need not apply for a visa (if not staying beyond 21 days), in the case of my fiancee, he will obviously need to apply for one (staying for 83 days). My question is: if he does not apply for the 59-day visa BEFORE flying to the Philippines, will he have any problems with immigration? Reason I ask is that his return flight will clearly show that he will stay beyond 21 days. We did not realize that he would be needing a visa until recently as in the past he had no need for one. And while it would have been advisable to apply for one before coming here, it's a little too late for that now as his flight is scheduled two weeks from today. So... can he just apply for the 59-day visa and the extension once he arrives here even though his return ticket clearly shows he will be staying beyond 21 days? Your reply would be most appreciated.
Syed Ali Raza Kazmi wrote:
Wednesday, 26 April 2006 14:02:18 PHT
I,m a Pakistani I want to met with a Filpino. We have never met. This is an internet romance (hold your opinions, please). I want to travel to her and marry her, and live with her. Exactly what papers do I need to enter the country? Will I have to have a roundtrip ticket even though I want to live with my new wife in her country. I already know what documentation I need to marry her, I need to know what papers I NEED to initially enter the country. I appreciate any input I can get
Emma wrote:
Sunday, 23 April 2006 21:59:07 PHT
Dear sir/madam I am 32 years old man, I live in korea with my Philipine girlfriend, now that we have agreed to leave with each other forever and my girlfriend said we must leave in Philipine, please I want to know what and next thing to do to obtain my resident permit Philipine. Thanks
Saji Sivaraman wrote:
Monday, 17 April 2006 02:50:47 PHT
Respected sir/madom am an Indian national and working in Kuwait. I am planing to visit Philippines for 20 days. I have Philippines friends their. I like to go Philippines from Kuwait and I will make ticket for both side. But I got some information that, embassy need a approval/authorization letter from my company/sponcor. it is necessary?. Because my trip will be a private. So so many dificulties to get a letter. Pls give me a alternate solutision on that. If the personnel from Philippines (to whom am going to met) arrange a invitasion letter, am able to apply for visit visa? am waiting for your valuable reply. Thanks
Sheikh Ahmed wrote:
Friday, 14 April 2006 10:39:12 PHT
Dear Sir/Madam. I am a Bangladeshi citizen engaged with a Philipino. We met by through long ago and haven’t yet met face-to-face. Recently we have come to a decision to meet and marry. And the thing is my fiancée wants me to go and stay in Philippines. Now after long discussion I have come to a decision to do so. But it creates some problems (am not sure). Now can please answer me questions stated below- 1. I already have known about getting into Philippines and marrying a Philipino, now can u please tell me the procedure to marry her and apply for citizenship? And how long the total process may take? 2. I’m a running student, so if want to continue my studies there (before or after the marriage), what are the procedures? Do I need to get admitted in an institution again or credit transferring is acceptable? And after I marry her and obtain a citizenship (if), do I have to pay higher cost tuition as an overseas student then? Thank you, Hope to get your help. Sheikh Ahmed
David M wrote:
Monday, 10 April 2006 00:30:05 PHT
My Father was born a Filipino citizen. He was naturalized to be a US citizen. I would like to get a duel Filipino-US citizenship. Is this possible if I was born AFTER he was naturalized to be a US citizen?

My understanding of the current rules is that only natural born Philippine citizens are allowed to be dual citizen, that is, if you where born before your father was naturalized, you where a Philippine citizen at birth, and then (since you probably where naturalized as a minor with your father), you have to apply for re-aquisition of Philippine citizenship. In the US, this has no repercussion on your US citizenship status (for other countries this may be different: dual citizenship requires taking into account the rules of two countries).--Jeroen.

Norm wrote:
Saturday, 1 April 2006 02:40:55 PHT
OK, I am an American engaged to a Filipino. We have never met. This is an internet romance (hold your opinions, please). I want to travel to her and marry her, and live with her. Exactly what papers do I need to enter the country? Will I have to have a roundtrip ticket even though I want to live with my new wife in her country. I already know what documentation I need to marry her, I need to know what papers I NEED to initially enter the country. I appreciate any input I can get, Thank You Norm--- NRC1970@YAHOO.COM

I will hold my opinions. I have met my wife through internet myself, back in 1997. You can enter the country with just your US passport and a round-trip ticket, but the 21 days won't be enough to arrange all paperwork. I advise to get a 59 day tourist visa. This can be extended to up to a year. Getting a permanent residence permit in the Philippines can take quite some time (and money). Look for the 13-a non-quota visa on the DFA page.--Jeroen.

Asif wrote:
Friday, 31 March 2006 09:27:02 PHT
Hello Sir/Madam. I need some information about my case. I am staying in china now and basicly I am from Pakistan I want to apply to Philippines im already married with filipina but she is now in Philippines . What are the requrments now for me to go to Philippines please I am waiting for your answer thank you.
Virgie wrote:
Friday, 31 March 2006 02:59:43 PHT
My sister is living in Belgium and I would like to visit her. I have here the requirements listed for a family visit to that country. However, i would like to know how many days or months that the family visa will be granted to me and how much it cost.

I don't know the details of Belgian visas, but, being a Schengen country, they probably give a maximum of 3 months for tourist visas. The Belgian embassy can tell you all about the cost and documents required.--Jeroen.

Maryjean wrote:
Saturday, 25 March 2006 15:23:32 PHT
Respectfully Sir/Madam, I am a Filipina Citizen residing in Philippines I want to marry a Indian man from Gujarat India. We plan to marry in his country India, and to became a Indian citizen, as a tourist for just 6 months then I only renewed my visa every weekend the date time of my visa here in Philippines. What kind of document that I need from him so that I can visit in India to get married with him? Thanks alot hope you reply me soon.

Although I lived in Gujarat for one and a half year myself, I can't help you with that information. India has a fairly complex set of laws on marriage (depending on religion, different rules apply). Document yourself well, get as much information as possible beforehand, and be prepared that bureaucracy in India can be difficult to deal with.--Jeroen.

Mohd Qadeer wrote:
Saturday, 25 March 2006 01:34:14 PHT
I'm an Indian citizen and married to a Filipina for 7 yrs now. We have plan to visit Philippines, what would be the requirements needed for doing so. Do I have to secure visa for my two kids as they hold Indian passport or is it possible for them to take Filipino passports also as they are still minors? Please guide me for this matter. Thank you.

If your wife was Philippine citizen at the time of birth, your children are Philippine citizens, and entitled to a Philippine passport. Take care, however, that India has quite strict rules about dual citizenship, and they may loose their Indian passports if you take out Philippine ones for them. The procedure for getting a Philippine passport in this case would be to ask for enter the procedure "recognition as a Philippine citizen" first, obtain sufficient documentation to proof their mother was a Philippine citizen at the time of birth. With an Indian passport, they will need visa.--Jeroen.

Clement wrote:
Saturday, 25 March 2006 00:55:31 PHT
Good evening! I've heard about Philipines frm great people, men of God whom ve gone there for several research. i was told it's a great country with great ego, so prestigeouse, with beautiful creations of God. I'll be obliged if my applicacy will be granted with a VISA for 3months I'm a Nigerian.
Lilibeth wrote:
Thursday, 23 March 2006 12:30:41 PHT
Good day Sir,

My boyfriend is a Canadian Citizen and he is planning to go to the Philippines this June. Will it be possible for him to extend his visa for about 4 months? How much will it cost for the 4 months extension?

Thank you very much for you help, God Bless and more power!!!

It should be possible to get extentions for this time, but I don't know the exact fees. It may be better he contacts the Philippine Embassy in Canada and ask their opinion. If his return flight is after the 21-day visa on arrival, he may face problems entering the country without a visa.--Jeroen.

Kathy Hirsh wrote:
Sunday, 19 March 2006 21:09:13 PHT
My brother (U.S. citizen) and his wife (Indonesian citizen) are moving to the Philippines. My sister-in-law is pregnant and will give birth while living in Manila. What citizenship will the baby hold?

I don't know about Indonesian regulations, but based on the citizenship of the father, the child will be US citizen (if the father meets some US residency requirements). I advise, however, to contact the US Embassy in Manila before delivery to confirm this and learn about the proper procedures to follow to have this recognized.

The Philippines follows the principle of jus sanguinis, which means that only when one of the parents is a Philippine citizen, the child will have Philippine citizenship. Unlike the US, the Philippines does not follow jus soli, so just being born in the Philippines does not give you any citizenship rights.--Jeroen

Bob McQuaid wrote:
Thursday, 16 March 2006 13:43:22 PHT
I married a Filipina in December of 05 in Cebu. I have filed for residency here in the Philippines, paper work was sent to Manila and I live in Cebu. I am a U.S. citizen, and have already paid 30,000 Pesos for the application. I was informed that I need to go to Manila now and get finger printed, and it will cost an additional 12,000 Pesos for I guess an implementation fee. Is this a normal practice? Or is someone trying to make some extra spending money on me? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bob

I am not aware of the exact costs and regulations, but know somebody who spend about 300 euros / 18.000 pesos for his residence permit applying from here in Holland. I don't know how much extra he paid for additional paperwork in the Philippines. If you are planning to go back home every two years, it is probably cheaper to stay on a Balikbayan stamp plus one year extensions. The permits are probably so expensive to discourage immigration, reciprocacy (Getting a visa for the US or most European countries is not cheap as well), and a general idea that foreigners are rich.--Jeroen.

Mark Hamilton wrote:
Wednesday, 15 March 2006 12:11:36 PHT
I wish to have my 96 year old mother (USA) stay with me (USA married to a Philippina). Mom does not have the resources to obtain a SRA and she has extreme difficulty in traveling. Do you know of any other options than to obtain a SRA or leave the country after "tourist" extensions run out after a year? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Mark.

I have no idea, as I see no alterantive formal options (such as dependent relative), and don't know how big the discretionary powers of the immigration officials are. Maybe best to talk with them beforehand, to see what your options are.--Jeroen.

Anil Kumar wrote:
Monday, 13 March 2006 17:05:15 PHT
Respected Sir/Madam, I am Indian Citizen and this time I am here in Ho Chi Minh City from the last 4 months. I want to travel to Philippine , how i can do apply for Visa of Philippine ? Please help me about Visa, how i can get Tourist Visa of Philippine for 3 months? Thank You.
Sami wrote:
Wednesday, 8 March 2006 11:02:39 PHT
I am a pakistani, residing in Dubai,U.A.E, I want to visit my fiancee in philippine, after alot of searching and finding i know i cant avail the 21days visa when i contacted the embassy they said i required 2 passport size photographs translated salary certificate translated visa copy travel tickets and booking if traveling self visa fees then i shall be provided 10 days visa only and with the above requirements plus an Invitation letter from finacee i will be able to avail 30 days visa well under the considerations and optioons i have i need to get the letter so i get have enough time there with my fiancee or traveling for 10 days is like ?? now if anyone can guide me how and where can my fiancee get the invitation letter from and what would she require. Sami, Dubai, U.A.E
lea ruby wrote:
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 02:54:24 PHT
i have a friend from nigeria ...and i wanted him to invite to come visit me here in the philippines his name was adewale afolabi.i dont know to where embassy im going to inform here in the philippines pls do help me...........
James Gray wrote:
Sunday, 26 February 2006 16:43:34 PHT
I like to know what visa can I get to bring my girlfriend here in the UK. I own my house and I have a full time job. I go to the Philippines to meet her. I was there last Christmas and in September I'm going back in April. How can I get her to come over here.

We cannot answer UK visa questions here, as this page relates to Philippine visas only.--Jeroen.

Art wrote:
Saturday, 25 February 2006 12:57:31 PHT
Hi I'm a Filipino and I have a girlfriend who is an American girl, we met already here in the Philippines for five months. I would like to ask what will be the requirements to get the Fiancee visa and how long it will take. What's the best to have our marriage here int the Philippines or in the state? thanks and more power...
Troy wrote:
Saturday, 25 February 2006 04:35:15 PHT
Dear sir I am an American man wanting to marry a Filipina she wants to get married in Philipines but if so what would I need to do to obtain a visa for her to come to the United States after we are married and do you know how long this will take usally to bring her over. Thanks any information helpful
Evelyn wrote:
Thursday, 23 February 2006 23:36:00 PHT
Dear Sir, Good day! I am a Filipina citizen residing in Philippines I want to marry a Greek man from Athens, Greece. We plan to marry in his country Greece, I want to have some Information. My question is, can I marry him with my visa as a tourist in his country? And what kind of documents that I need?

I don't know anything about the rules in Greece, so your husband to be has to inquire about these things. --Jeroen.

Amith wrote:
Wednesday, 22 February 2006 17:52:26 PHT
Thanks for the reply to my previous question. I am married to a Filipino in Philippines it was a civil marriage. We are planning to have a church wedding in Philippines now. I am a Indian citizen. We both are visiting Philippines together, so what kind of visa should I apply for. kindly advise. Will be a great favour.

thanks Amith

In this case, apply for a visa, and give as purpose family visit, that is probably easiest. Count at at least a month to have everything arranged for the church wedding, unless her family can prepare some things before hand. When already married, they will ask for a baptismal certificate from your church.--Jeroen.

Amith wrote:
Wednesday, 22 February 2006 14:35:19 PHT
Is an Indian citizen married to a Filipino eligible to ask for balikbayan stamp if he is visiting the Philippines with his wife? Kindly advise.

As far as I understand the regulations, that is NOT the case. Adjusted the text above.--Jeroen.

Sam wrote:
Wednesday, 22 February 2006 02:06:11 PHT
Dear Sir, I am residing in India having indian citizenship. My fiancee is residing in Philippines with Phil citizenship. I want to bring her to India and we shall marry here in India and I want her to stay here in India after marriage with me. She is tryping to apply for fiance visa in indian consulate in Manila. What document do I need to send her for processing her visa application there. She is asking the authority letter from me. I dont know anything about the authority letter. Please let me know how to get the authority letter and from where. Please help me. Sam, India.

I can't answer questions on Indian visas here. Probably an authority letter is some kind of invitation letter, complete with attestations, etc. Typically, if you want to invite a foreigner to your country, you will have to provide some kind of guaranty for that foreigner. Best is you call the Indian Embassy in Manila, and ask them about the requirements. Embassies normally respond better to their own nationals than foreigners.--Jeroen.

Lilibeth wrote:
Saturday, 18 February 2006 08:49:56 PHT
Good day Sir/Madam, just wondering, if some questions raised are not answered? thank you very much. God Bless.

Four reasons: 1.) I do not know the answer. 2.) The answer is in the article above. 3.) The question is not relevant to the subject of this page, such as visas for other countries than the Philippines. 4.) I did not have time (yet) to answer them.--Jeroen.

Leen wrote:
Thursday, 16 February 2006 15:28:12 PHT
Dear Sir/Madam, A pleasant good day! I have some question here to ask. My fiance is an American and all I know he already send our papers that is K-1. he is still waiting for the reply from the INS. Our relationship had been more than 2 years now. He supported me since I accept him as my fiance, and always calling and he visited me for 5 times now since our relationship started the he visit me again last November last year. and we really want to get married and we plan next month will marry here in the Philippines, but when I ask some friends they said if were going to marry here, it will take 2 years. We both don't want to stay here in the Philippines for another 2 years. You know how difficult to be away to a person who you really love. Is there anything we can do to make fast our papers because I'm already pregnant almost 3 months now.

Sir hopefully you could answer my question. Thank you so much. God bless...


I do not have much knowledge about the U.S. immigration procedures, but understand they can take up a very long time. About getting married in the Philippines, please read my new page on that subject. There are various groups on the internet that may be able to help with information or tips, such as Mag-Anak.--Jeroen.

Suresh wrote:
Tuesday, 14 February 2006 16:35:03 PHT
I'm an Indian and I want to visit Manila.. I just want to know do I need a visa if im staying there for less than 21 days ..if I do need a visa I want to know more about it. How to apply, how do I get it and how much does it cost.

Please read above: yes, as an Indian citizen you will need a visa, and you'll have to apply at the Philippine Embassy in your country. They will tell you about the procedure and costs.--Jeroen.

Maricel wrote:
Friday, 10 February 2006 13:21:11 PHT
Hello i'm 23 years old from the Philipines, I have a boyfriend from Germany. He wants me to go there so that we can get married in that place as soon as possible, then he will go back here in the Philipines so that we can get married here first, I want to ask if what is the requirements to get married in Germany, what kind of papers I need to get married in Germany.

Hi Maricel. Your message is not entirely clear to me. My advice in this and similar cases is to invite your boyfriend and meet each other first in the Philippines. It is extremely difficult to obtain a tourist visa for most Western countries, and, since it is much easier for somebody to come to the Philippines, both because of visa issues and financial reasons. This also gives you a much better opportunity to know a person in a environment you are comfortable in.

Furthermore, I advice you to do some basic background checks on anybody before travelling towards somebody you've not met in person. Use Google on his name or nick-names to learn about activities on-line; use online telephone and ZIP code books to verify address details. Use Google Earth to have a look at his neighborhood, etc.

Having said all this, it requires quite some paperwork to get married in a foreign country. I don't know all the details for Germany, but typically they will ask for a birth certificate (on NSO security paper), a certificate that demonstrates your single status (In the Philippines that is a declartion from the NSO that you do not appear in the National Marriage Registry, also on security paper). Sometimes they also ask for notarized statements from disinterested persons that you are not married. Such documents most likely need to be legalized by several parties: the Provicial Court for notarized statements; the Malacañang Palace in Manila, the Department of Foreign Affairs also in Manila, and the foreign Embassy in question. Note that similar documents will also be required for your husband. Even when you marry in the Philippines all these documents will be required, as the Philippine authorities require a statement from the foreign embassy that they have no objection against the marriage. I will try to summarize this in a new article soon.

Best Regards,--Jeroen.

Janyz wrote:
Wednesday, 18 January 2006 21:31:28 PHT
May I ask if a Balikbayan Visa/Visitor's visa holder can establish a business in the Philippines? Is it right for them to acquire 40% shares in a corporation?
Subhasish Dutta wrote:
Tuesday, 17 January 2006 15:01:25 PHT
Dear Sir, I am an Indian wants to marry my philipino girl friend this year. But I want to know how is it possible. If anybody help me to solve this problem I will be grateful to him/her. With regards, Subhasish
Anil Sharma wrote:
Friday, 13 January 2006 14:56:46 PHT
Dear sir help me to solve my prob . I am a Indian and my girl friend is Filipino. We want to meet in India. So how can she get visa to India? Can she stay in India and can she have a job here? Pls help me to solve my prob. Thank u
Janusz Oyrzanowski wrote:
Sunday, 8 January 2006 11:19:43 PHT
If I'm married here to a Filipina, do I get exempted from extending my visa to stay longer like a year?

Only if you arrive together with your Filipina wife, you can get a one year Balikbayan stamp. Otherwise, you will have to follow the normal route of extending your visa regularly.--Jeroen.

Bruce Wallace wrote:
Sunday, 8 January 2006 05:49:04 PHT
I'm trying to find a nice cheap airfare to see my lady weve been in a relationship for about two years for I've been supporting her and I love her I want to go meet her and spend time with her. So we can be married what do I do
Lucky wrote:
Saturday, 31 December 2005 03:03:42 PHT
I am a Sri Lankan working in Dubai. My husband to-be is a Filipino national. We are planning to marry next year. I just want to know if you can let us know if he can get citizenship in Sri Lanka and what the procedure he has to do & also we are planning to go to Philippines for our honeymoon, so what will be the visa status for me in Philippines. Please advice. Salamat.
Liza Valiente wrote:
Monday, 26 December 2005 16:15:50 PHT
I have an American boyfriend, actually he is planning to be here but no guarantee. He said on me if there are some other options rather than going here in Philippines. Is there some possible ways to go to USA without meeting me here? Please let me know.

Hi Liza, getting a US tourist visa is almost impossible for most Filipinos, especially for single young women, as they almost always end up TNT. Also, why can't he travel if he is serious about it? That is you may want to think about. For Americans who wish a relationship, the cost shouldn't be an issue. Getting leave from work may take some time, but can be planned.--Jeroen

Jack wrote:
Wednesday, 21 December 2005 15:14:46 PHT
Dear sir help me to solve my prob . I am a Indian and my girl friend is Filipino. We want to get married in Philippines. So how can I get visa to Philippines? What are laws to marry a Filipino? Can I stay in Philippines? Pls help me to solve my prob. Thank u
Jeffrey wrote:
Tuesday, 13 December 2005 22:19:26 PHT
Could somebody tell me on what website can look for visa exemption for Philippine passport holder and what countries do filipino citizen do not need visas.
Melina Rodrigues wrote:
Monday, 28 November 2005 17:43:32 PHT
Dear Sirs,

[Rather lengthy post with personal details and request for information omitted].

Yours truly, Melina Rodrigues

This is a fairly long message, and not related to Philippine visas in any way. I cannot answer your questions, and you will have to obtain them from a more appropriate source. I can add a few general remarks though, that may be of interest to people who want to enter into a marriage with somebody from another country. You really need to contact the proper authorities to get authorative answers (get them in writing!), and double-check with competent lawyers if you see anything problematic, as embassy officials have given incorrect information in the past. I cannot provide this information, as, with over 200 countries in the world, many thousands of different combinations are possible, all with different rules affecting them, it would be far to much to manage.

Validity of Marriage. Many countries are signaturies to the Vienna Convention, which means that they recognize each others marriages. A legal marriage in one country (which may include a Church marriage, if certain rules are followed) is then also held to be valid in other countries, even if in that country a church cannot conduct legal marriages. It may require some paperwork, both before and after the wedding, to have things properly registered, though. In the Philippines, a foreigner who wishes to marry a Filipino needs a certificate from his embassy that states they have no objection to the marriage.

Citizenship and Marriage. In most countries, marriage has been decoupled from citizenship. You neither obtain nor loose citizenship by marriage. Some exceptions exists, though. When married with a foreign national, most countries do provide some relaxation of naturalization rules, such that the partner can obtain the other partner's citizenship. In the Philippines, for example, the required period of legal residence is reduced from 10 to 5 years.

Multiple Citizenship. Many countries do not accept dual citizenship (including Belgium). This may lead to a considerable number of legal complications, as citizenship is not fully under your control. Some countries, such as Marrocco, do not allow its citizens to renounce their citizenship at all, other countries, such as the US in many cases consider foreign citizenships held by its citizens as irrelevant. Rules may differ whether or not you obtain a citizenship voluntarily, but for many countries accepting a citizenship voluntarily would mean loosing your original citizenship. Many countries, such as the Philippines, also require you to denounce your orginal citizenship when you accept theirs. For some years, the Philippines now accepts multiple citizenships from so-called natural born Filipinos, that is people who have Philippine citizenship by birth.

Right to Residence. For most countries, the right to residence is not automatically granted because of a marriage with one of their citizens, and you will need to go through a lengthy visa and residence permit application process. For some countries (particularly the US) it may even be wiser to go through this process first, and then marry; for other countries, marrying first may be faster. Marrying while the process is ongoing can cause nasty delays. In your particular case, marrying a Belgium national will not give you the automatic right to settle in Belgium (however, by some quirk of EU treaties, it does give you the right to settle in any other EU country, but you may need to consult a lawyer to enforce that right.)

Homer Alinsug wrote:
Saturday, 26 November 2005 13:44:33 PHT
To Sandy: Tell your fiance to go to the nearest Philippine consulate/embassy and apply for a tourist visa. He can get a tourist visa initially for 21 days and can extend it when he's here in the Philippines for a maximum of one year.

In this case, a maximum of a half year.--Jeroen

Philip Tuazon wrote:
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 02:05:23 PHT
Hi, according to the Philippine constitution I am a natural-born Filipino citizen since my mother was still a citizen at my time of birth. She became a naturalized US citizen 5 years later. My father is American. I am 23 years old now and want to take advantage of my constitutional right to being a Filipino citizen but I am unclear as to whether this should have been accomplished by my parents before I was 18. Is this a factor, or does the fact my mother was still a citizen when I was born in 1982 still entitle me to go for my Philippine citizenship now in 2005? Please reply. Thank you.

I don't know all the ins and outs of the law in this aspect, but it would be easiest to give the nearest Philippine consulate a call and explain the situation. The US normally has no problems with dual citizenships, but since your email addres suggests you are in the US military, you may also wish to ask what such a move would mean to your career.--Jeroen

Sam wrote:
Saturday, 19 November 2005 02:46:23 PHT
Dear Sir, Please help me in getting my queries solved. If an citizen of India wants to marry a Filipino, What all Do I need to do... 1) I need to get a visa to travel to Philippines...from where can I get 2) How can I have my wife enter India & live with me... 3) Do I need to renew her Visa every fixed period of time...from Philippines 4)How do I get her Indian that I do not again get her citizenship renewed... Hope thease are lot many questions to answer... Please oblige... I would be very greatfull.... Kind regards, PLS REPLY ME TO MY EMAIL ID.

I cannot answer most of these questions. Typically, you can get Indian residence permits for your spouse without too much trouble. They are normally issued at the Foreigners Branch of the police station in main cities in India (If that is still the same as when I lived in India), where she has to apply. To get it she needs a valid Indian visa. You need to get a Philippine visa from the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi; she needs to get an Indian visa from your Embassy in Manila. Getting citizenships typically takes a long time, both in India and the Philippines. Most Philippine related visa questions are answered on the DFA website.--Jeroen.

Philip wrote:
Friday, 11 November 2005 21:29:15 PHT
I am a permanent resident of Canada( Indian citizen). My fiancee is a Philippine citizen. If I want to marry her in Philippines what kind of visa should I apply for at the Philippines consulate in Canada. Is there any marriage sepecific visa or details that I havet to present to them. Will be a great favour if you would kindly mail me details on the documents needed and the procedure for it. We both are above 30 yrs of age. Thankyou philip
Sandy wrote:
Thursday, 10 November 2005 00:27:05 PHT
My Palestinian fiance wants to come to the Philippines. Does he need a visa and where can he get one? Also, how long do u think it takes to get the visa? Thanks.
Rex wrote:
Tuesday, 8 November 2005 04:18:51 PHT
Please I need a quick answer to this question. Please, I am from Nigeria, presently on holiday in England.I have been invited to give a talk by a church group in Philippine. Those inviting me told me I don't need a visa, but that I would be given 21 days at the port of entry. Please does this apply to a Nigerian. Do I need to go to my native country? I want to know so that I can give a quick feed back. Thanks.

Just check the DFA website linked to above.--Jeroen

Sanish wrote:
Sunday, 6 November 2005 21:22:44 PHT
Dear Mr. Gaurav: Pls contact me on I can help you. Regards, SANISH
Rajesh Bhoppal wrote:
Friday, 4 November 2005 23:45:33 PHT
Dear sir, I dont understand why India is blacklist country for Philippines visa. Any one reply me?

India is not a blacklisted country for Philippine visa. Indians can get visa, as long as they meet certain requirements, which are basically meant to ensure visitors will return home after their temporary stay. For most western countries, the Philippines does not require visas, as a matter of policy, because its government does not expect visitors from those countries to overstay, and not asking visas encourages tourism and business contacts. This policy is different from that of India, which requires visas from all foreign visitors.--Jeroen.

Bud Bias wrote:
Monday, 17 October 2005 02:19:04 PHT
Just looking for a residence permit.. I am married to a Filipino woman for 8 years now.. We live in the USA but are looking to move to the Philippines next Oct.. Any help would be thankfull
Intari wrote:
Friday, 14 October 2005 17:49:44 PHT
Am a Congo Brazaville wishing to come to the Philipines for a short stay do I need a visa to come? Thanks Intari
Gaurav wrote:
Wednesday, 12 October 2005 22:49:11 PHT
Dear Sir, Please help me in getting my queries solved. If an citizen of India wants to marry a Filipino, What all Do I need to do... 1) I need to get a visa to travel to Philippines...from where can I get 2) How can I have my wife enter India & live with me... 3) Do I need to renew her Visa every fixed period of time...from Philippines 4)How do I get her Indian that I do not again get her citizenship renewed... Hope thease are lot many questions to answer... Please oblige... I would be very greatfull.... Kind regards,
Olabisi Olukayode Johnson Mr wrote:
Monday, 10 October 2005 23:14:13 PHT
I have read the peoples comment, and very interesting that you act accordingly, this shows that your office are very considerate and active.

What I need now is that I'm a TOGOLAISE with a valid passport what should I do to get visa to your country. Hereby expecting your reply. Thanks.

Please read the article above, and visit the DFA website...--Jeroen.

Ria dela Paz wrote:
Monday, 10 October 2005 01:04:04 PHT
Can u help me I have an Indian friend who is going to Malaysia by October 12. He is from Chennai and that place is far from the Phil. embassy that is located in Delhi. Can he secure a tourist visa to the Philippines from our Phil. embassy in Malaysia. Please help me thanks in advance.

He can always try and make a call to the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. They may, however, forward the request to Delhi, leading to a longer turnaround time. He should still bring all required documentation, such as proof of income, assets, and ticket bookings with him.

Mr. LUIS T. CRUZ, Charge d'Affaires, a.i., No. 1 Changkat Kia Peng 50450, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Tel. Nos. (603) 2148 4233; 2148 4654; 214 84682 & 2148 9989, Fax No. 00-603-2148-3576



He could also try the honorary consul in Chennai, although they are normally not enpowered to give visas:

MR. S. SHANMUGAM, Consul, a.h.

5 Kothari Road, Nugumbakkam, Chennai 34, India, Tel. No. (91-44) 825-5473


Mayee Perera wrote:
Wednesday, 5 October 2005 14:15:32 PHT
My family are planning to go to Philippines, my husband is a Sri Lankan and my child is holding a dual passport Filipino/Sri Lankan. We are coming from Dubai. My question is, can my child use his dual passport exiting Dubai since his visa stamped on his Sri Lankan passport. Thanks.

Use the Sri Lanka passport to prove your stay in Dubai was legal; use the Philippine passport to enter the Philippines, and proof you're entitled entry in the Philippines. There is no such thing as a dual passport, but dual citizenship is quite common.--Jeroen

David Anderson wrote:
Wednesday, 5 October 2005 13:26:32 PHT
Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm leaving for the Philippines next week and i need to find the address of the Bureau of Immigration in Manila to extend my visa. Thanx for your time Dave
Mansoor peerzada wrote:
Saturday, 1 October 2005 19:06:40 PHT
Dear sir, I'm indian passport holder, i have plan to go philipines in next month of november for holiday's, please guide me, should i need a visa? or on arrival entry for indian passport holder in philipines for a shot stay? i kindly request you to please inform me as soon as possible. thank you. your faithfully mansoor ali peerzada

Please read above; the answer was there all the time...--Jeroen

David Colin wrote:
Thursday, 29 September 2005 12:12:07 PHT
Hi there Hello, I would like information on the filipino procedure in when gathered Marriage visa and passports have been set and finalised What is the necessary direction or procedure Its been 3 weeks since these items have been finalised and passport medical and processing have been fixed. What is the format when a single filipino lady next step to progress Is there a big focus on compatability and time frame of knowing each other

Thank you, David Colin.

David, I do not fully understand your question. Typically, the country you (or you fiancee) want to travel to decides on required formalities, and unfortunately, I don't have experience with that outside my own country, the Netherlands. However, the Philippines has a number of formalities regarding marriage. First, before getting married, when one of the partners is under 30, you need to attend two seminars, one on marriage in general, and one on family planning (a bit after-the-fact for many couples). Furthermore, when your partner wants to leave the Philippines, she (or he) has to attend a CFO seminar, specific to the country she's going to.--Jeroen

Gaurav Singh wrote:
Wednesday, 28 September 2005 11:38:54 PHT
Good morning thanks again for my reply so now i know bout philippine visa whats the reason u already guide me bout visa so now in last i want to know what the requirements my parents need to show in the embassy they need any papers from philippines like business or they show indian papers like tax returns bank balance property residence proof like that we can show everything but i want to be sure embassy can give visa or i need any sponsor letter or any requirements from D O T OFFICE THANKS FOR GUIDING OUS
Lora wrote:
Wednesday, 28 September 2005 04:38:13 PHT
I am planning a conference in the Philippines. I have attendee's coming from all of the world. Many of them need invitation letters and they are required to be from the Philippines. Do you know of agencies in the Philippines that can handle this for my company? Thank you for your time and effort.
Roger wrote:
Tuesday, 27 September 2005 17:56:48 PHT
Yes do you know list immigration lawyers for the Davao City area my wife thinks that all she has to to is go to a Travel agent office and apply for her Visa so she has been Told ,,,,,, I need to find a lawyer who has done this type of Immigration work so she will understand what she has to do there as well,,,,,,
Philip wrote:
Friday, 23 September 2005 21:10:35 PHT
I am a permanent resident of Canada. Indian passport. I want to marry my Filipino fiancee in Philippines. I went to the embassy here in Canada and I was told they don't issue mulitple entry visa in to Indian citizens though I am a resident of Canada. They can issue only a 3 month single entry visa. But I want to go to Philippines twice one in Jan 2006 and the other in May 2006. What do I do.

Get two visa's, one at a time.--Jeroen.

Yet another doubt. I am planning to fly to Philippines directly from Canada. Return I would like to break my trip at UK for few days and then return to Canada. Is it possible for me to apply for UK visa from Canada before I go to Philippines. Or do I have to apply in UK embassy in Philippines. My return tickets are with my fiancee in Philippines. Is it necessary for me to have the tickets posted to me to Canada or can I take it from her after I reach Philippines.

Get both ticket and visa for UK before entering the Philippines. It is a requirement that you have tickets to a location that will accept your entry when entering the Philippines on a non-immigration visa. The Philippine embassy typically verifies this when you apply for your visa, which may complicate things in this case.--Jeroen.

Roger Davis wrote:
Thursday, 22 September 2005 09:52:05 PHT
Yes I am a US citizen and would like to know if only showing my Marriage Contract to customs when I enter the Philippines if being married if that lets me in country for a year with out filing for a Visa Thank You Roger

If you are married to a (former) Filipina, and arrive with her together, and know how to ask for a Balikbayan stamp, that would normally do. They never asked any documentation (besides our passports) from us when we arrived, and gave us the stamp without hassle. However, we arrived with our clearly mixed Filipino-Dutch children. Do bring the documentation, as it is better to have it when they do ask.--Jeroen.

Gaurav Singh wrote:
Saturday, 17 September 2005 10:48:15 PHT
Hi good morning thanks for your reply I just want to say am not doing business landing money I have business massage and shiatsu clinic all I can say I want to meet my mom only I told u before she already travel in Europe. If she want she can over stay there because its better than Philippines I know many Indians are over stay here if embassy want anything or any deposit from us we can give if my mom return to india she get back the deposit so that consular is sure they will back to India not to stay in Philippines please help in this matter thanks very much.

My advise is to give as much information about their and your whereabouts as possible, and show them any documentation that would proof your parents have a good reason to return to India. Embassies will ask for missing documents one-at-a-time (causing you to have to return many times if not well prepared), so instruct your parents to bring everything reasonable, and present it when asked for it. The reason should be family visit, and the documentation should include your valid residence papers in the Philippines, and maybe your tax-returns and business registration. You can show the European stamps in the passport, but no need to stress attention on them: they will notice them when they see the passport anyway.--Jeroen.

Santosh wrote:
Friday, 16 September 2005 14:39:41 PHT
Hi, I am Indian, currently working with UNDP as UNV (United nations volunteer in Bhutan (neighbouring country of India). I have a UNV friend from Phillipines. And planned to setup IT (Information Technology) related business in Phillippine. And also I want to work in Philippines with some multinational IT companies. I have a valid visa. Can u please suggest me what is the process to get visa and how much time it may take? (Is that possible to come to Phillipines, without visa, and within 21 days of stay, get a visa). I am married

As an Indian national, you cannot enter the Philippines without a visa. You will be sent back home on the next flight. If you work for a multinational IT company, you may be given business visa's on recommedation of your company, but only for limited time. They will have to show considerable reason (investments) or academic qualifications to even think of getting a work permit.--Jeroen

Gaurav Singh wrote:
Friday, 16 September 2005 12:03:21 PHT
hi good after noon dear sir/madam im leaving in philippine almost 1 year am only 20 years old i have my business here in Davao City. I want my parents here just for few days its very hard to get visa from india for philippine my mom already travel in France 2 times and my dad also have visa of France I want to know how to get the Philippine visa its asian country I don't know why they not give visa to indians peoples we show all the requirements all embassy want money property even we deposit our property papers in embassy i really miss my family my brother is in france its easy to go there but in philippine its hard i just want to knw how to get the visa thanks Gaurav Singh.

The reason the Philippines is hesitating to give visa to Indians is because some Indians have over-stayed, and got involved in the so-called five-six money-lending business. This is an abuse of the poverty of many Filipinos, and causes social unrest. To avoid further unrest, the Philippine government has become restrictive in issuing visas to Indian nationals. Simply a case of the good suffer with the bad. For the remainder, the requirements are very similar to those western visitors have to meet when staying longer than the 21 days they get on arrival--Jeroen.

mansoor ali peerzada wrote:
Wednesday, 14 September 2005 20:41:55 PHT
Dear sir, i would like to visit philipines island for holiday's purpose with my one friend , i'm indian citizen and already visited singapore and malaysia, please suggest me easy way to get the short time visa of philipines. thank you.
Hawad Majeed Olu wrote:
Wednesday, 14 September 2005 19:44:11 PHT
I like Filipino Ladies and I like to marry one, though I have secure my VISA to Phillipines now, but what would I do to get a responsible one to marry or which lawyer can I contact for this, please let me know what to do. Hawad

Your IP address tracks back to Chennai, India, and for Indian citizens, getting a visa may take some time and documentation. Also, the decission to marry somebody, in my opinion, should be based on the individual traits of that person, and an already existing relation and understanding of and love for each other, not on the base of a person belonging to this or that group. You don't 'get' a wife as if she is some kind of property. You do not need a lawyer, neither for getting a wife nor a visa.--Jeroen

Kristine wrote:
Friday, 9 September 2005 14:08:56 PHT
Hello! im kristine from Philippines im 23 years old and im high school graduate. i have boyfriend, a business man from boyfriend whats me to go in malaysia next, im asking if i need an visa to visit him in malaysia if yes, what are the requirements. please, reply on my email address...thank you and god bless!
Annie wrote:
Friday, 2 September 2005 18:21:16 PHT
Hi I would like to know some answer. I'm a Filipina my fiance is a Canadian citzn and we have a two year old son. Were living in Thailand for almost two years. We are not married, and we are planning to staying in Phillipines. I wanna know if he can get a long time visa in Phil?. And what is the requerments to get a visa. Thanks.
Alex R. Oyo-a wrote:
Saturday, 27 August 2005 17:00:24 PHT
Good day, I need to know what's the requirements on going to Canada? My friend invited me to stay for not less than 3 mos...Do i need to get visa, i really appreciate if you can send me tru my email the steps and requirements about my quiry. Thank you and God bless you all!
Zinnia wrote:
Tuesday, 23 August 2005 04:43:15 PHT
I have no idea if you can help me out with our situation. I was born in PHilippines but had recently acquired Canadian citizenship. My husband is still a Filipino citizen but is a permanent resident of Canada. Both of our children are born here in Canada as well. My problem is , my husband has decided that we will just move back to the Philippines and stay there for good. What is the best thing for me and my husband to do. Am I still a Filipino citizen by birth? Do I have to renounce my Canadian citizenship ? Please help
Ray Strickland wrote:
Monday, 22 August 2005 21:14:51 PHT
Thanks for your web site. I would like to come to the Philippines for an extended stay. Can you give me information about pesioner or residency requirements? Thank you, Ray
Jane wrote:
Monday, 15 August 2005 21:10:52 PHT
I have been invited by my aunt to visit Kosovo,Province of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia where it is under United Nations Interim Administration. She said, it doesn't need for me to get a visa to fly going there, what I'll do is just to show the permit to NAIA which she'll provide me, which I can just stay there for days then back here in the Philippines. She already sent me a scanned paper of the permit and to be seconded by a supporting paper which guarantees my visit. Is this true? Please I need your expertise... Thanks... God bless...

I don't know about Kosovo, but, since there are no direct flights from Manila to Kosovo, you will probably need transit visa to get there, either via Zagreb, Sarajevo, Athens, or another international airport where you will have to pass customs. I advice to ask a travel agent about the possible routes to take, and then contact the Embassies of the countries you pass through, especially the last one.--Jeroen.

Jessica Mabalot wrote:
Saturday, 6 August 2005 05:47:18 PHT
Hello, I've been wanting to know of how I could acquire a tourist visa to London. Please help me with the proper steps on how to acquire one. Thank U very much. I admire your website, its really informative. Please Email me at regarding my inquiry.
Renn wrote:
Thursday, 4 August 2005 01:07:00 PHT
I'm a Filipino residing in the Philippines. My son is a Canadian citizen being born in Canada to her mother (my wife) while she is temporarily working there. Pls advise me the procedure for my son to acquire Philippine citizenship or dual citizenship. Thanks.
Chris wrote:
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 08:02:58 PHT
I am retiring and I need to know what is the best way to get a Philippine visa without paying so much? My wife is former Philippine citizen, my father is former Philippine citizen and I once stayed in the Philippines before I joined at Clark AFB. Presently in the States. pls. advice, thx.

Your wife could re-acquire Philippine citizenship quite easily now (but before doing so, investigate effects of that move on her current citizenship), after which you can avail of the 13(g) type visa, which has no investment requirements, unlike the retirement visa, although you still have to count on several hundreds of dollars, and have to show sufficient income. Another option you may research is whether you yourself can be recognized as a Philippine citizen, that is, if your father was still a Philippine citizen at the time of your birth, a procedure that requires some legalized paperwork and can take some time.--Jeroen.

Frankie wrote:
Monday, 18 July 2005 19:35:57 PHT
Hey, just wondering what happens if I visit and stay more than 21 days and I haven't got an extended visa? I remember it happened when I was younger and we just had to pay a small fine for overstay. But are there any other repercussions?

You will have to pay all the fees you would have paid for extending your visa, plus a fine that can be quite big. You may be held up and miss your flight out as well, costing you even more. I would say, don't try your luck in this case.--Jeroen

Rochel wrote:
Thursday, 14 July 2005 07:21:38 PHT
My brother is 16 year old he was born in the Philippines, now he's an American citizen . He is going back on September , to study there for 5 years , he still gonna be in high school when he gets there, does he need other requirements other than U.S Passport and Round Trip ticket? Reply needed as soon as possible.thanks
Stivo wrote:
Sunday, 10 July 2005 12:18:29 PHT
I am a Cameroonina, I'm in China for on business for now. My girl friend is in the Philippines, I want to visit the Philippines for two weeks. Do I need a visa as a Cameroonian citizen, I have my ongoing and return ticket, I want to know if I need other document apart from my valid passport and my ongoing ticket and return ticket. Reply needed urgently. Thanks

Please check the links given on this page. When you need a visa, they will also ask you for a bank statement, and proof of regular income. A ticket is sometimes not necessary if you provide a declaration from a travel agent that you have confirmed bookings. Note that if you have no return ticket, immigration can deny entry even if you have a visa.--Jeroen

John B. Cacho wrote:
Monday, 4 July 2005 07:24:45 PHT
I got fiancee from the state.. he want to live with me till we grow old is it posisble? where both male? but we loved so much each other... i love him more that anything . and can he stays to me longer? forlife.. thnks
khani wrote:
Sunday, 26 June 2005 16:46:48 PHT
Hi I'm a Filipina. My Indian boyfriend wants to visit me here in the Philippines. He has a dual citizenship-- indian and british. I would like to clarify how long can he stay here in the Philippines without obtaining a visa. Can he stay here as long as 21 days or does he classify as Holders of British National Overseas (BNO) passports which just gives him a maximum of 7 days stay in the Philippines? I have heard that it's a bit difficult for an Indian national to obtain a Philippine visa so I was thinking if it is possible for him to just use his British passport (he will be coming from India though). He prefers to stay here for 10 days if possible. Thank you for your time.
Monina Jonsson wrote:
Saturday, 25 June 2005 03:13:49 PHT
I am a Filipina and a swedish citizen and have a daughter with my ex swedish husband. Living in Sweden have a plan to go back to Philippine with my daughter. My question is if it is possible to apply a philippine citizen for me and my child with out losing our swedish citizenship? I´m planning also to invest something in our country so its good for my family to have a dual citizenship is it possible? And where to apply? Hope to get some answer!!! Thanks for your attention! God bless
Daniel wrote:
Wednesday, 22 June 2005 04:28:51 PHT
I am a south/africa I want to visit the philipines for two i need a visa as a south/africa citizen,i have my ongoing and return ticket,i want to know if i need other document apart from my valid passport and my ongoing ticket and return ticket. Reply needed urgently.thanks
Ratheesh Menon wrote:
Thursday, 16 June 2005 20:28:04 PHT
I am an Indian Citzen, likes to visit Philippinnes for a business proposals, pls let mw have the necessary details of Obtaining the Visa. Ratheesh Menon.
Robert wrote:
Wednesday, 15 June 2005 10:14:02 PHT
I am an Indian and on business visa in Philippines for 2 months. I want to call my family here for a short trip. I want know about the visa type for my family ? What documents did they need to get this visa ? Thanks in advance for Info
Melanie wrote:
Saturday, 11 June 2005 20:53:42 PHT
I am Filipina, well! I married a Brazilian citizen 2 years ago we married in Philippine but we are staying in Japan for almost 1 year until now. But we are planning to go back next year if we can, but my question is, it is possible for my husband to get a permanent visa in the Philippines? and how is the processing?

Normally, that should be possible, just contact the Philippine Embassy in Japan, and ask them about the procedure to obtain a 13A type visa--Jeroen.

Sky wrote:
Thursday, 26 May 2005 03:39:18 PHT
My Phil. wife and kids came to the US and became US citizens, and then dual citizens. Can I, (only US citiz), go back with them to the Philippines and live without VISA's?
Erik Yuson wrote:
Sunday, 22 May 2005 20:14:39 PHT
I am presently working here in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I have an Indian friend who wants to come with me in the Philippines during my vacation on December 2005. He will stay in the Philippines for least 2 to 3 weeks. Is there a possibility that he can obtain a Visa from Philippine Embassy here in Saudi Arabia to Philipines? What are the requirements? Please give me any contact nos. here in Saudi Arabia where I can get more information regarding Visa. What my Indian friend plans is to come first to the Philippines and from Philippines he will go to India.
Herry wrote:
Wednesday, 18 May 2005 15:16:58 PHT
I am Indonesian, studying in Kuala Lumpur, and now from May to July 2005 having internship in Manila. I have to pay around 2400 pesos for 30 days extension. I came under EO-21 regulation. THis is ridiculuous. In Kuala Lumpur, all I need is only to pay 100 ringgit (around 1500 pesos) for the entire year. Now, 2400 pesos for only one month. One more thing, in the first place I wanna use Malaysian Airlines, around 1100 ringgit which will give me 30 kg luggage. LAter on, I changed into using Philliphine Airlines which cost me 1500 ringgit, for one simple reason, since I am going to Manila, maybe they will give some privileges. Literally... NOTTTT!! The baggage is only 20 kg. I tried to negotiate, it did not work. What is this?
Mary wrote:
Thursday, 12 May 2005 14:31:13 PHT
Dear sir, Im currenrtly married in a jordanian man and I will deliver our baby in philippine, why my husband need a visa to come in philippine? coz im filipino citezen and he my husband he can come with me without visa?
Rahul Dutta wrote:
Monday, 9 May 2005 14:53:53 PHT
Could anyone explain to me why it is practically impossible for an Indian to obtain a business or travel visa to the Philippines? I'm not interested in the least in staying there, all I needed to do was go for a three-week specialized training, and I find it absolutely ridiculous, the amount of documentation one needs to produce. Not to mention the overall attitude of the embassy officials...

There may be two reasons. First, some Indian nationals might have overstayed their visa, which makes the Phil. government weary to issue more visas. Second, some Indians are in the so-called 5/6 business of lending money at ursuruous rates, which makes Indians unpopular--the good have to suffer with the bad here--Jeroen

Joy Lang-ayan wrote:
Saturday, 7 May 2005 18:45:12 PHT
Hi im joy a filipino citizen. I am here at uae right now with my fiancee and we are planning to have our wedding at philippines. the problem is, is it posible for him to get a philippine visa here at uae if he is a burmese national?or is it posible for him to get a visa upon arrival?pls answer my question or send the answer to my email. thank u very much!

No visa on arrival for Burmese nationals, you have to get one at the Phil. embassy in UAE.--Jeroen

Zaira wrote:
Wednesday, 4 May 2005 22:02:05 PHT
I am a Hong Kong SAR passport holder. do i need to obtain visa to land in the philippines for a stay of three days only. thanks a lot.
Joy wrote:
Friday, 22 April 2005 23:56:26 PHT
Hi, I am a frustrated Indian citizen who would like to meet his fiancee who is presently at Philippines. I have come accross all the rules and regulations of Philippines visa authority and gradually one thought is settling in my mind that it is next to impossible to get a Philippines visa in a straight manner. Every day I am finding out about some documents or other that I need to furnish. I am going to meet the Consulate officer in Delhi this April 28th 2005 and still not sure what else they will ask from me. As per my understanding any embassy should look for some logical documents which proves that I will be coming back to my country after taking the trip. If that is the prime concern of any embassy then why so many documents are being asked for? Though I am bearing all the expenses of my stay and trip to the Philippines still why do I need an invitation and the credential of the person(Salary certificate, IT return, bank balance, etc.)who is inviting me? I am even ready to show them my hotel booking for all 15 days I am going to stay in the Philippines. I am really feeling hopeless due to some junk rules imposed by the Embassy of Philippines. Regards, Joy.

You could help others if you provide a complete list of all documents asked for, to publish on this website. Note that Philippine citizens too have to produce numerous documents to get visa for most countries (and will only get these if they match requirements that only few Filipinos can match.). Last time I had to apply for a Philippine visa, they asked for my last salary slip, a bank statement, and round-trip airline bookings. That was for a 59 day tourist visa.--Jeroen.

Mizan wrote:
Tuesday, 19 April 2005 02:58:36 PHT
sir I mizanur rahaman an Indian wishes to visit philipines for not more than 12 days.... im a medical student. My real purpose is to meet my friends who lives in tacloban city.. Did i need tourist visa to enter philippines for 12 days ? ... how should i get that and what ll be the real cost for that? please help me to get all my information and oblidge thanking u mizanur

It's advisable for you to visit the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi or send them e-mail( ). They can give you the complete list of requirements for visiting Indian nationals to the Philippines and the time it would take for you to process it. ---- Bebie

Jonnavittula Satya Surya Narayana wrote:
Sunday, 17 April 2005 11:41:26 PHT
Sir,I am a Indian Citizen, Now from last 6 days I am at Malaysia only. Last Friday (15-04-2005) I went to Philippines by Malaysian Airlines. When I reach there the Immigration Officer asked me about my Philippines Visa. As per my knowledge for Indian Passport no need to take visa as per their Visa Regulations and as per their web site also. So immediately they take my Passport and my return ticket and send me the same Flight. They hurt me a lot. Because so many Filipinos are waiting for me to get their job assistance in India. And even they don't allow conveying my MSG to the local people also. The Flight no is MH 704, and also how the Malaysian Airways people will issue me a boarding pass to me? If the visa is required then how they issued boarding pass to me? I am coming all the way from India my final aim is to reach to Manila, so all my money is wasted and time also. So if you can please help me then you approach to the Malaysian Airlines and get me another ticket for me. Bye Regards

You could have known this when you read the various websites, including this one. If you arrive in India without a visa, they will not send you back, but put you in prison, until you can arrange for a flight out somehow. It is not the responsibility of the airline to enforce visa regulations, so they just did what you paid for, bring you to the Philippines. No need to bug them for another ticket, just buy one when you have the visa at hand. Also, better get a new pasport if they have stamped it with 'entry denied' or something similar, as with suchs stamps, it is unlikely to get a visa.--Jeroen

April wrote:
Saturday, 16 April 2005 12:17:09 PHT
I read all of the comments in here and some other question which give me an idea and a chance that in your ideas and knowledge I can get some information in having a VISA...

I'm a Filipino Citizen living in Cebu I wanna ask if a US citizen can stay for a week only or 3 days? is there any rule in Philippines VISA who allowing this few days to stay for the US citizenship?, if foreign come visit in here from Northern Marians Island can stay a week or 3 days??

Hope u can help me to meet my question in your answers and ideas about this, and the last question is that in getting VISA for personal used in preparation to come visit in US u think i can have a VISA what kind of VISA?

God bless and you did a good work for helping people in there problems in having Philippines rules and VISA...

Keep up the good work..


A US citizen can come to the Philippines without a visa, and get 21 days stay on arrival, provided he or she has a ticket out of the Philippines.

For a Philippine citizen it is nowadays nearly impossible to get a US tourist visa. Even major US companies now have difficulties getting people visas for business purposes.--Jeroen.

Celia Sanchez wrote:
Friday, 8 April 2005 07:31:49 PHT
Hi, I am a Chinese citizen holding Taiwan passport and I have an American boyfriend who is coming to the Philippines to get married, he is thinking of staying for good and not going back to the US anymore, how can his stay here be legalized and made permanent? Cel.

Assuming you have permanent residency status in the Philippines, you may be able to get the same for your boyfriend once you are married. Normally, legalizing illegal stay is either very costly, or require a trip back home; it is better not to overstay. You boyfriend can legally stay for up to one year, using the 59-day visa plus extentions method. However, I am not an expert in complicated immigration matters, and you should really consult the relevant authorities.--Jeroen.

Noel wrote:
Thursday, 7 April 2005 01:59:51 PHT
Dear Jeroen. Hi first of all I am happy to find this site,and your doing a great job to answer all these people and its very interesting to learn about the Philippines visa rules etc. I am from Europe Malta and I have Philippine GF, and I wont to get married in Phil and buy a house and small business in her name after I be sure that I get the non-quota immigrant visa, so all I know that I have to get married first, after that I can apply for a non-quota immigrant visa, can you kindly tell me what documents I need? I am trying to travel once and stay for good in Phil, I don't wish to go back to my country, as I hate to travel long distance, so I know to get married I need birth certificate, and certificate of no impediment to marry from my local registry office, and of course to go to my consulate in Manila to get pre marriage agreement, Now lets say I got married! what else I need to apply for a non quota immigrant visa? and how long is the wait? my point is I don't want to travel with all papers so I don't need to go back or wait long, how long do you think it takes to get married right away and get the non-quota immigrant visa? is it best to enter on a 59 days entry visa, as things can take a while? is that the best visa to apply for? what do you suggest is best? I thank you and hope to here from you at your convenience. yours truly Noel

In all these cases, before you decide to live in a certain country, my advise is to get to know the country first. If you haven't been in the Philippines before, it is quite difficult to imagine the life style and decide whether you will really like it there, so go there once or twice, and try to live from the type of income you can expect to have from whatever source of income you will have. Use that time to collect information on various things, such as starting a business, investments, housing costs, and so on, and the culture. Then go back home and let your 'gut-feeling' decide if you like it. After that, you will know the proper steps and visa to obtain. For now, my advice is get a 59-day visa, and extend it as necessary.--Jeroen.

Roula wrote:
Friday, 1 April 2005 01:49:09 PHT
A Filipino who works legally and resides in Cyprus, Greece, wants to bring one of her children to visit her for only 15 days for holidays. Is that possible and what are the necessary requirements?

Inform yourself with the right authorities. I think the Cyprus authorities will require a visa. The Philippine authorities may require a travel permit for children travelling without their parents. Cyprus is not a part of Greece, as far as I know. The Cyprus embassy in Beijing also handles the Philippines, but contact the below address for details:

Cyprus Consulate General in Manila, El Greco Building, 70 Stg. E.A. Esquen Ave., Quezon City 1103, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES, Tel: + 63 2 9297051, Fax: + 63 2 9213354.


Glen wrote:
Monday, 28 March 2005 21:50:32 PHT
Hi... my name is Glen. I have a boyfriend and he want to go here in the Philippines to visit me and marry me. but he said his not a US citizen and he said if he will go here in the Philippines he cannot go back to the United States. can you pls. help us what we gonna do. Right now were going crazy on our situation thinking ahead of what should we do to be together and see each other. Please help us....

Hi Glen, normally, if you are legally staying in a country, you will be able to go out and come back. I don't know the US rules, however. It may be that his papers are being processed, but even in that case, he should be able to get some kind of permit to return. Are you sure he is not 'TNT'? If that is the case, he will probably not be able to get a visa for the Philippines, or arrange other paperwork required to get married, and all I can advise is to go back to his own country, and work from there.--Jeroen.

Barney Etienne wrote:
Saturday, 12 March 2005 19:24:50 PHT
Im going to marry to a filipina,in the philippines.It is possible to get a resident permit.How much month you can stay there. thank you Barney.
Muriel wrote:
Tuesday, 8 February 2005 15:21:19 PHT
I'm thinking to retire in Bohol. And would like to try one year first without making any serious decision of buying property. Is it easy to rent a nice new small house in town? If there are how will be the rent like. I want small house maybe with two bedrooms and one bathroom plus small garden or balcony. Thank you very much.
Gie wrote:
Tuesday, 8 February 2005 08:33:04 PHT
I need some info regarding visa trip.. My husband (US Citizen) came here in the philippines last june 3 in visitor visa and that was good only for 21 days, he wanted to stay with me longer so we're getting an extension every 2 months in immigration, I understand that before his one year stay here he need to to take visa trip, our plan is me to go with him in his visa trip.. we want to go to singapore,, my question is does he need to get another roundtrip ticket aside from roundtrip ticket to go to singapore,, I understand also that if we take the visa trip together when we come back here he'll get the balik-bayan stamp, we get adviced by the ticketing agency that once we purchase ticket to go to singapore my husband need to buy one more roundtrip ticket for another place to show it to the immigration when we come back here.. is it possible??? I kinda like to know if this is true,, so that we will not waste money on the ticket if he's gonna stay here one more year in balik-bayan visa..
Michael Gary wrote:
Wednesday, 2 February 2005 12:12:57 PHT
Hello my name is Michael Gary I have a fiance in west Samar prov. I plan to travel to the your enchanting country to marry her and i would love to be able to live there and open a biusness i need to know what i will have to do to aclomplish this can u help me
Nick wrote:
Thursday, 27 January 2005 15:08:03 PHT
I would like to get opinion from someone who has experienced about my case. I am a temporary worker in the US and was able to bring my family with me. My wife and I (both Filipinos) had two children born in the US. Therefore, these two children are Natural Born in the US and are US Citizen. However, since we as parents are not US Citizen, I reported and registered my two children at Philippine Embassy in San Francisco so they will be a Filipinos as well. When I lost my job, my wife and I struggled financially, so we decided to go back to Philippines with my two children. Until now, my two children are in the Philippines for more than a year already. And because I don’t have a good income, I can’t bring them over here in the US. Now my concern is that, since my two children carry a US Passport when they entered Philippines, do I have to worry about their status there the fact that they are US Citizen, but though they are already registered as Filipino in the Philippine Embassy? Do I have to pay any charges when I my two children will go back to US due to the fact that they have stayed more than a year already in the Philippines? Please advise. I hope you get the thought of my letter. Thank you. Nick
Maria wrote:
Wednesday, 26 January 2005 21:47:59 PHT
I do want to know more abt Bohol. Is there a fast ferry going to Bohol from Manila Bay. We are interested going to for honeymoon. Thanks.
Iana Antipova wrote:
Monday, 24 January 2005 18:36:12 PHT
Hello there,

I want to share with you my displeasure with situation which I faced recently.

We like Philippines a lot, and even lived there before. Few monthes ago we went to Puerto Galera to show our daughter place, where we spent a lot of time while she was away. BUT with trip cost us a fortune, because we spent $300 for visas. This is exactly quarter of our total expenses ammount. How it can be posiible to pay such a big ammount ($100) for child visa? The child even does not requires a visa, such as she is in my passport. I wanted to write a letter to a tourism board of Philippines, but then I changed my mind ... so, now we are planning trip to Malaysia instead of Bohol ... I prefer to spend theese money for diving and accomodation...

You are, being citizens of Bohol, should understand, that main flow of the tourists are divers and...

You know guys, it is your busines, and I wish you all the best...please affect somehow this, because...

I do want come to Bohol :o(

Best regards,


We are aware of the trouble of getting visa for many citizens of countries outside Western Europe and North America. But please also be aware that the Philippines is not the only one requiring visas for visitors. For example, for me to visit Russia, I too will require a visa and the associated hassle (including either booking with an officially recognized tour operator, or finding a Russian citizen willing to invite me), and if a Philippine citizen wants to visit the US as a tourist, his changes are close to zero nowadays. If a Filipino wants to see the US, all he can do is find a relative who want to petition him as an immigrant, and wait some 15 years for it to come through.

However, we do believe that the visa policy in the Philippines is too restrictive. First, for European visitors, the three week visa-on-arrival is just a little too short, and giving six week visa-on-arrival would encourage many more visitors to come to the Philippines. Second, for several countries, the visa requirement is unnecessary, as it is quite unlikely their citizens will become illegal immigrants in the Philippines, and third, the visa fee of USD 100 appears unreasonably high -- I believe the Philippine Embassy in the US charges USD 30 for a 3 months single entry visa, and also that these rates are prescribed by the DFA. It doesn't hurt to write a well written complaint about this issue, and explain that it changed your decision to visit the Philippines.--Jeroen.

Shagor wrote:
Monday, 24 January 2005 17:53:14 PHT
Hi I'm ben residing in Seoul right now, my question is that I had stayed in Philippines for 10 years before coming to Korea as a spouse of Bangladeshi diplomat, I really hate the hassle to aquire Philippines visa everytime I visit Manila, since year 2002 there was a new regulation for citizen of Bangladesh cant have port entry, so I have sumbit documents and visa fee 100usd, and wait for 2 weeks before I can get the visa, which effects my schedule of touring since I also have to submit my airline ticket with application. Is there any easier way to visit my family member and friends? Secondly I want ask, recently I got married to my filipina gf and I want to visit her as often while the time she's staying in Philippines, so how can avoid the hassle from the visa processing? I believe I have some logistical rights staying there over 10 years, getting my education, and now my wife is from there. Thank you.

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any rights coming from those years of living in the Philippines. Also, if you are a Bangladeshi, you cannot avail of the Balikbayan program that would spouses of other countries enter the country visa-free. However, what you could do is ask the Philippine Embassy in Seoul if they can help you in your situation, for example to give you a multi-year multi-entry visa. I don't know if such things officially exists, but it never hurts trying.--Jeroen.

V.K. Sanger wrote:
Wednesday, 19 January 2005 15:30:59 PHT
I thank you for your reply. I actually live in New Delhi - India. I shall search by keywords suggested by you. I in fact searched but did not find the address of diamond bourse in Philippines. I shall get in touch with you in case of any problem in this.
V.K. Sanger wrote:
Saturday, 15 January 2005 20:15:13 PHT
I thank you for your guidance. I wish to start my own business in Philippines by investing USD 100,000 and stay with my wife under retirement scheme. I wish to know as to after what period from the date I invest the requisite amount - the retiremnt scheme shall apply. I am also keen to know as to the location where diamond bourse/diamond trading center exists in Philippine as i wish to do business in rough diamonds.

Aap Surat men rehta hain? Diamond Business Philippines men mushkil hain. Finding out details about business opportunities in this field is as easy as typing "diamond industry Philippines" in your favourite search engine. This is basically what I will have to do to answer your questions.--Jeroen.

Andrew wrote:
Thursday, 13 January 2005 20:27:05 PHT
I had read the Visa Regulations, I am really wanted to know more info. I am an Australian, I will go to Philippines, and meet my friend is a Filipino. I only just wonder, I know that Visa is 21 days there. If I married to a Filipino early before say about 11 more days Visa left, how get to me to apply for a Philippine citizenship, more explain to me fully details about how much, how apply from, what years, for Philippine citizenchip?

In first place, I would strongly advice anybody with a western citizenship against giving up their citizenship: life is much more convenient with guarantied entry to a country with a stable political, financial, and social security system, and much easier entry to many countries that do not require visas from Australians, but do require them from Philippine citizens. And, since acquiring Philippine citizenship requires you to give up your original citizenship (unless you commit some fraud here, which may put you in a very uncomfortable position if found out), I strongly advice against it. But to answer your question, you can obtain Philippine citizenship if you have lived in the Philippines for 10 years (5 years if married), have no criminal record or dangerous disease, can show you've integrated in Philippine society (for example, speak Tagalog and send your childeren to local schools) and are willing to spend something between 100.000 and 150.000 pesos in various fees, not counting fees for the residence permits required to get you through those first five years. If you're still interested, I advice you to locate a competent lawyer in the Philippines, as this is a trickly legal minefield.--Jeroen

Christine wrote:
Friday, 7 January 2005 21:01:58 PHT
My bf is an American who wants 2 visit me here in Manila and spend more than 21 days here how does he acquire the proper permit to stay for more than 21 days and how much will it cost him?

He has two options: 1. Go to the nearest Philippine consulate in the US, and get a 59 day tourist visa there. He should bring proof of income, bank statement and confirmed flight booking, and expect to pay in the order of USD 40. Visa is normally issued the next day. 2. Go to the Philippines, get a 21 day visa-on-entry, and go to the Bureau of Immigration at least 7 days before the expiry of the 21 day visa. Appear in decent clothes, and apply for an extension. Inform with the airline whether it is acceptable to them to fly without a visa in that case. Cost is about the same.--Jeroen.

V.K. Sanger wrote:
Wednesday, 5 January 2005 14:10:25 PHT
I have read the relevant portions and have found the same very useful. I am from India and am planning to visit Iligan in Philippines and stay there permanently under the retirement scheme, about which you have already given very useful information. Kindly guide me how much time I need to spend initially to become eligible for the scheme to be operative and what is the air / road distance from Iligan to Perth in western Australia plus a dual citizenship for India and Philippines.
Apol wrote:
Wednesday, 29 December 2004 13:51:22 PHT
A friend of mine has a phonepal from Pakistan, who came here to meet and ask her for marriage, he has only a tourist visa. When this guy arrived, my friend invited him to stay on their house, for him to save his money in renting a room in a hotel and for his safety against swindlers. During their stage of "getting to know each other", this guy show his bad attitude towards her family and esp to her. One night, they had a little argument, this guy get mad and slapped my friend 3x on her face. It was really a traumatic incident for her. Now, she wants this guy to send back immediately to his country, but, this guy still wants to stay here to finish his remaining days as a tourist & he is planning to stay in a boarding house. Can we ask an advise from u, bcos we are lack of information, in our rights and responsibility, about this kind of situation. does my friend has still an obligation on this guy if he will live in a separate house? Does my friend still liable if something bad happened to this guy? Is this guy can be send back to his country as earlier by not finishing his tourist visa bcos of what he did? Thank you, please reply me soon. plz email me. Thanx and more power.

Not only do you have not the slightest obligation to keep a misbehaving guest in your house, you could also report him to the police for physical abuse. If he becomes irritating or annoying, you could even ask their assistance to get him removed. Personally, I would leave it with that, and be glad never to see the person again, and that he has shown his true face before any commitment has been made.--Jeroen

Raj wrote:
Saturday, 25 December 2004 04:54:26 PHT
I am an Indian, planning to get married to a Filipina - She will be residing along with me in my country - Will the kids born in my country be Filipino citizens? What process should be followed to get the kids Filipino citizenship? - What will be eiligibility criteria for me to apply for a Filipino citizenship?

Any children born from a Philippine citizen (at the time of birth) are automatically Philippine citizens, nothing needs to be done for that. To get them recognized as such, you will have to go to the nearest embassy or consulate to register them, with a sufficiently legalized birth certificate of the country they were born in. The exact rules for that differ per country, so I can't help you with the details for India. To be eligible for Philippine citizenship, you have to live at least five years (if married, ten years otherwise) on a residence permit in the Philippines, show some evidence that you've integrated into Philippine society (speaking the language, putting your kids in a Philippine school), and be willing to give up your previous citizenships. The process is somewhat costly and takes time (as in most countries).--Jeroen.

Lorraine wrote:
Wednesday, 22 December 2004 01:43:14 PHT
Hi im Lorraine from Bohol... im working here in Norway almost 7 months. I have a boyfriend from Sri Lanka but he live here in Norway.... He like to visit in Philippines. Just only for 2 weeks. How if he come there in Philippines? Is he need Visa? Or he need any papers? How about if he like to live in Philippines? Do they need some papers? I ask also if we have Sri Lankan embassy in the philippines. I hope u reply me in my email... Thank you very much...

He needs to get a visa beforehand if he has Sri Lankan citizenship. Check out the list linked to on this page for addresses, and call the nearest Embassy for details of required papers and fees.--Jeroen.

Gaurav wrote:
Wednesday, 15 December 2004 01:07:15 PHT
Hi, I am an Indian citizen and have been in UK for about 2 years on a student visa. I have been working in call centres from the past 4 years and recently heard that there is a special scheme that phillipines has opened the immigration or permernent resident visa in the Phillipines. Is this correct? If it is how can I apply and can I apply from the UK itself or how can I get permanent residence in the Phillipines. Please e mail me about this as could not find this on the internet.

The only scheme that allows people to live in the Philippines permanently are retirement schemes that require an investment of at least 100.000 U.S. dollars in the country, and it is highly unlikely a student or call-center employee can apply for it. Also, I think to Indian nationals, India offers very much the same level of opportunities as the Philippines, as standards of living are in may ways comparible (Your webmaster has lived in India for one and half year) Only if you are married with a Filipino, a permanent residence permit is possible without big investments.--Jeroen

Harpreet Singh wrote:
Monday, 6 December 2004 13:50:18 PHT
I'm from India. I want to know about visit visa for Philippines and how many cost i shall pay in US$? for 60-days visa. My beloved friends living there they are from Philippines. now please reply me soon. please mail me all the terms, conditions, and all regulation. I already mail u for this. I already request u for this matter on everyday but u don't give me reply. now plz reply me soon. with best Regards, Harpreet Singh.

I am under no obligation to reply to questions from people who refuse to read the text above, and who refuse to follow links to the only source of information I have. I have now blocked this highly persistent person from posting more comments on this site.--Jeroen.

MJ wrote:
Sunday, 5 December 2004 18:57:13 PHT
Dear Sir, I am a "former" Filipino who is now a Canadian citizen and will be travelling with my Canadian husband and kids to Manila next month. However, my husband will leave Manila earlier and I will be staying a few weeks more. Do we need a visa? What documents will be required of him when he exits at Immigration? What useful documents should we bring so that he can exit without hassle? Thank you in advance. MJ

If you arrive together, and can convince the customs official that you are a former Philippine citizen, and Canadian husband is indeed your husband, then you and your husband and kids will receive a Balikbayan stamp on arrival, and need no visa in advance. A Balikbayan stamp is good for one year stay. Your husband can leave anytime before the end of that year.--Jeroen.

Frank wrote:
Monday, 29 November 2004 12:53:25 PHT
Hi i am Australian i am in the philippines on a 21 day visa i would like to extend my visa for 1 month can you give me advice on how to extend my visa from philippines thankx

Go to an immigration office at least 7 days before the expiry of your visa, and fill in the required forms and pay the fees. Appear in decent clothes (long pants and shirt with sleeves).--Jeroen

Margaret wrote:
Friday, 26 November 2004 21:37:30 PHT
Hi there, I just have a some question to ask. I'm a Filipina and I was staying in Malaysia for 3 years. I have a German boyfriend and we planned to stay longer in the Philippines. Can I know what we need to do to apply for a fiancee visa and how long the processing will it takes. And if he can get a fiancee visa how how long he is allowed to stay there? (phil) Can we process it here in KL or in Thailand as he is staying there? thanks and best regards....

Your German boyfriend can enter the Philippines without a visa, if he arrives with a ticket out of the Philippines. He will be allowed to stay for 21 days. This time can be extended to 59 days, and then, stepwise up to a maximum of one year, after he will have to leave for at least on day. If you get married in that time, he can apply for a permanent resident permit, but that is quite expensive. There is no such thing as a fiancee visa in the Philippines--Jeroen.

Peter wrote:
Friday, 26 November 2004 14:26:28 PHT
Dear Sir,
I am from India, Hyderabad. I would like to visit Philippines on a tourist visa, I have my friends out there whom I would like to visit. I have taken 15 days leave from the 1st to the 15th dec'04. & it is during this peroid that I would like to visit Philippines.

Kindly revert back to me on an URGENT basis. As I do not know the procedures.

Thanking you

Namaskar ji, you will have to go to the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi, and apply for a visa in person. You'll have to show confirmed airline bookings for a return trip, bring bank statements that show a history of having enough funds, employment contract and declaration from employer or other proof of income and some proof that you have sufficient reason to return to India. It surely helps to have documentation on your host or accommodation in the Philippines, or otherwise travel with a fully arranged tour.

The address is:

50-N Nyaya Marg. Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi 110021, INDIA
Tel. Nos. (9111) 2688-9091; 2410-1120
Fax No. 00-9111-2687-6401

For all Pakistan nationals asking the same question, the address of the Philippine embassy is:

House No. 8, Street 60, f-7/4,
P.O. Box 1052, Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Tel.Nos.(9251) 2824-4933
Fax No. 00-9251-227-7389

all other Philippine embassy addresses are here--Jeroen

Rahil Siddiqui wrote:
Wednesday, 24 November 2004 05:43:40 PHT
I'm from Pakistan. I want to know about visit visa for Philppines and how many cost i shall pay in US$? for 60-days visa. My beloved friends living there they are from Philippines. now please reply me soon. please mail me all the terms, conditions, and all regulation. with best Regards, Rahil Siddiqui.

Please consult the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs website for details.--Jeroen.

Peter wrote:
Thursday, 18 November 2004 03:50:25 PHT
I'm a canadian citizen but I have a previous criminal record. Will I have to get some sort of waiver before I travel to manila?
Menen wrote:
Wednesday, 10 November 2004 10:44:40 PHT
I have a fiancee who lived here for almost 1 year and we're not yet married until now. Now he must lived in the the philippines and his schedule to go back here was on nov.9 2004 but he cant go back here coz of his visa.The thailand not allow him to leaved there,he must go to the embaasy i dont know where in embasy he will go to. Can you suggest what to do to get him back here in the Philippines..pls reply a.s.a.p.thanks!
Aaron delacruz wrote:
Sunday, 7 November 2004 06:28:30 PHT
My Father and Mother are both U.S. citizens(both Filipino), and i am a filipino american born in the states. My Father was interested in obtaining dual-citizenship in the Philippines. He just wanted to know what the requirements , steps, and procedures are in order to obtain dual-citizenship in the U.S. as well as the Philippines. If you have any advise, please email me asap, thanks
David Gay wrote:
Monday, 1 November 2004 04:46:59 PHT
I am a UK citizen, married to a Filipina and we are currently living in the UK but considering relocating to the Philippines. Can I apply for dual citizenship whilst retaining my UK citizenship - and what are the requirements, fees and timescales involved.

Getting Philippine citizenship for a non-natural born Filipino is a long and costly affair, and includes the requirement to renounce your original citizenship. You're normally better off living in the Philippines on Balikbayan or 13a type visa. The latter is only interesting if you do not wish to leave the country once every two years for at least a day.--Jeroen.

Charlene wrote:
Monday, 25 October 2004 05:26:00 PHT
My mother has a US tourist visa and Canadian tourist visa issued in Philippines. She travelled to the US for a visit and decided to visit Canada. So from the US she flew to Canada and when she wanted to go back to the Philippines, she had to fly back to US and take another plane to take her home to the Philippines instead of taking a direct flight from Canada. The travel agent said that she had to because her port of entry is the US. My question is since she has a tourist Canadian visa, can she just go home straight to the Philippines (from Canada) instead, even though her port of entry was the US? I hope to hear from you. Thanks.

This sounds like a misguided travel agent, or one wanting to sell an extra flight. Having a Philippine passport means you can always enter the Philippines, and the Canadian customs will not have any objections to somebody leaving Canada. I suggest you notify US customs at the Canadian border that you've left to the country, to ensure getting another visa in future.--Jeroen.

Krystal L. wrote:
Thursday, 21 October 2004 00:29:18 PHT
Ok, this is a long one.... Iam an American Ctz, I was born in the US to an American father and a Filipino mother. At the time of my birth, my mother was already naturalized as a american. We lived in the US until I was 5, then after that we moved to the Philippines. We've lived there for about 11 years--went to school there and everything. We had an ACR and I believe an ICR and we kept our American ctzship. We then moved back to the US and we had to give up our ACRs. Now Im 23, married to an american with a almost 2yr old son. I plan to go back to the Philippines to live but just me and my son because my husband is going to support us. My main reason for going back is that Im going to finish my college degree at my old college---but I dont want to live off a student visa--I want my resident visa and ACR back. My son will soon be at the age to go to school, so I need to know what do I need to do to get my paper work in order to get my acr and visa in place??? Im planning on taking a 6 yr degree so, most likely I will be there for 6 yrs... I have a house there (not under my name but my filipino grandparents). My husband will just be visiting pretty much---I just need to know how many times he can enter the Philippines if he just stays within the 21 days of each visit. Please help!! Thanks in advance!!!
Abdul Rakeib wrote:
Wednesday, 20 October 2004 07:55:15 PHT
I am a Pakistani national residing in Dubai for last 20 years. My wife is a Filipino national. I have been to Philippines several times. Now i would like to apply for a multiple entry to Philippines. Please advice.

I am not aware this type of visa for the Philippines. Unfortunately, since your are Pakistani, you cannot avail of the Balikbayan visa-free entry, which is only available to citizens of countries which have 21 one day visa-free entry. You may ask the Philippine embassy though.--Jeroen.

Thomas Perry wrote:
Monday, 18 October 2004 10:47:35 PHT
I am married to a filipino and we have a 2 year old son born in the usa he has and american passport can he and I stay in the Philippines for a year.

Your question needs to be a bit more specific, as almost anybody can stay in the Philippines for up to a year, by extending his tourist visa in time. If your spouse is Filipino, and your son is her son, and you arrive together, both of you can stay on a "Balikbayan" stamp for one year, you can register your son as Filipino citizen, get him a Philippine passport, and he can stay for as long as he (and you) desire.--Jeroen.

Karina wrote:
Monday, 11 October 2004 15:44:13 PHT
I got my green card this year and i want to go for a month vacation in the phils with my 1 yr old US born baby. my philippine passport will expire october 2005 and still bear my maiden name. can i still use my passport which has my maiden name but my greencard and plane ticket now carries my married name? will i not be questionned by phil immigration why my passport has different surname with my greencard and ticket. can i just show them my marriage certificate? and about my US born baby (has dual citizenship 'cause am still a Filipino), can i apply a phil passport for her in manila rather than applying from here? please answer my questions and PLEASE reply ASAP cause we plan to go to phils this month. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. GOD BLESS!

Always take care that the name on the ticket matches the name on your passport--use your maiden name when booking if necessary. You can also apply for a new Philippine passport at the nearest consulate or embassy, and have your married name on it.--Jeroen

Stephen Peterson wrote:
Thursday, 7 October 2004 14:44:39 PHT
My wife is a nature born Philippine citizen and has since acquired US citizenship. I am a US citizen. Is it true that our son a natural born US citizen is also a dual Philippine Citizen? If so how can he acquire a Philippine passport as he is in the US. What documentation does he need? He is 22 years old and was never registered as a dual citizen at birth. He was born in California.

The question here is whether your wife was still Philippine citizen when your son was born. If that is the case, and you can produce proof of this (a canceled passport of your wife of the period, her birth certificate, and your son's birth certificate will probably be needed), your son is already Philippine citizen, but you will need to start a procedure called "recognition of Philippine citizenship" before he can apply for a Philippine passport. If your wife was already U.S. citizen at that time, he is not a natural born Philippine citizen, and thus cannot obtain Philippine citizenship without living in the Philippines for at least five years and formally renouncing U.S. citizenship.--Jeroen.

Ngute Ian Mboe wrote:
Tuesday, 14 September 2004 16:23:22 PHT
Dear Sir, I am a Cameroonian businessman, living and working in Cameroon.I will like to visift the Philipines on a dual purpose. Firstly, I will like to come meet girlfriend and spend my vacation with her. She is a Philippine National and lives and work in Manila. Secondly, I will also like to look for some business opportunities in the Philippines. I will in this regard be most obliged to you if you can furnish me with the relevant information as to the process of obtaining a visa into your country. While hoping for your usual prompt and considerate response, I remain yours sincerely, Ngute Ian Mboe
Char wrote:
Friday, 10 September 2004 22:24:03 PHT
My husband and I are both Filipinos. We have a 1 year old son born in the US. Last year, we came home and he was given 1 year to stay in the philippines as stamped on his US passport. that 1 year period is now about to expire and i was hoping to get more information on what i should do. I have been reading some articles on applying for my son's recognition as a philippine citizen. i have also read somewhere that I should just apply to have his stay here extended and pay the necessary fines at the DFA. we intend to stay in Manila and have him schooled in the Philippines. Thanks.
GMA Travel wrote:
Wednesday, 1 September 2004 18:17:35 PHT
May we request your good office to send us the latest US Visa processing fees and the complete requirements for different US Visas. Thank you. Please send it through email.

Please direct such requests to the US Embassy; we cannot provide such detailed information.--Jeroen.

Erwin Nieva wrote:
Monday, 23 August 2004 17:30:34 PHT
My wife and I are both filipino citizen now living in the Philippines since 1997 and I have a US born son whom I brought home year 1997, do we have to pay to the Philippine government for his stay for 7 years since he is studying right now in the Philippines. Is he qualified for dual citizenship.

Based on what you state here, your son is Filipino citizen, since the parents where Filipino citizen at the time of his birth, and your son is American citizen, since he was born in the U.S.--The problem basically is demonstrating these facts, which might require getting declaration from the (Philippine) Bureau of Immigration, recognizing him as a Filipino, and/or a statement from the U.S. Consulate, recognizing him as an American citizen. You'll need certified true copies of his birth certificate for that, and probably some more documentation. Children are normally not able to change their citizenship independently of their parents, but that is not relevant, as he already has both citizenships (and always had, even before the "dual" citizenship act).--Jeroen.

Marie wrote:
Friday, 20 August 2004 05:05:54 PHT
I'm planning to go to Philippines with my 2 kids both are U.S. Citizens and was wondering what are the requirements I need to get for them specially that we plan to leave them for a year and come back. Let me know all the necessary informations and would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!!!
Thelma Boodoo wrote:
Wednesday, 18 August 2004 03:50:23 PHT
I am a Filipina, a naturalized US citizen. Do I need visa to stay to the Philippines for 1 month? Please reply this email as ASAP.

No, if you can demonstrate you are a former natural born Filipino, you will receive a 1 year balikbayan stamp on entry. Your old Filipino passport, or a NSO certified birth certificate will normally do. In most cases just looking "pinoy" and asking for the stamp in Tagalog is enough.--Jeroen.

Mont wrote:
Wednesday, 11 August 2004 02:20:45 PHT
My wife and I are both filipino now living in the US with a US born daugther. We are planning to visit the philippines will be staying there for a couple of months. Do I still need to apply for an extension for my daugther?

If you have taken care to register your daughter as Filipino citizen at a consulate or the embassy, and have a Filipino passport for her, you have no problem. If you haven't done so, you may need to go for recognition as Filipino procedure, and get a passport, or go the easy way, and get a visa. Just call the consulate to get the details.--Jeroen.

Russell Hathway wrote:
Thursday, 22 July 2004 03:37:19 PHT
I am the son of a Filipina mother and British Father. My mother was naturalised as a UK citizen 4 days before my birth back in 1978. She has recently reaquired her Filipino citizenship at the Philippine Embassy in London and is now a dual citizen. My application was not allowed due to the fact that my mother was already naturalised as a UK Citizen when I was born - albeit by 4 days! Should I have been born a few days earlier,I would have been automatically eligible! I was obviously upset, especially as the Philippine Constitution states that children born to fathers or mothers who are Filipino citizens are also Filipino citizens (principle of jus sanguinis). Is there any way to appeal?
Frances wrote:
Wednesday, 14 July 2004 08:43:22 PHT
I will be traveling to Philippies this August 2nd, 2004 along with my 4 month old son. Both my husband and I are filipino citizen, he is still residing in the philippines while I, am a permanent resident here in the USA. I am under the impression that my son is a "Filipino citizen" by blood and "American Citizen" by birth, therefore, I'm assuming he has dual citizenship. Though my problem is this... since i will be traveling in 2 weeks, I'm frantic in trying to get him an american passport but, I just realized him and I will be staying for maybe a year in the Philippines. I am very confused as to what to do... should i get him a visa which i can't expedite until I can get him a passport, or should i apply him both Fil & Am passports? What proof do i need to show for him to apply FIL PASS, if that's the direction Im heading? Also you said: "Balikbayans (former Filipinos, and, if travelling together, their foreign spouses and children) will receive a free one-year visa on entry, and can thus avoid the trip to an embassy or immigration office."

I can't answer all immigration questions here, but it might help you if you ask your question in the Mag-Anak forum, where lots of knowledgable people are willing to help.--Jeroen.

Kitty wrote:
Monday, 12 July 2004 23:06:07 PHT
I was born in the Philippines and lived there until I was 8 years old, before moving to the Netherlands, where I was naturalized after 5 years and where I lived for 22 years. I am now 35, and would like to re-acquire the Filipino citizenship. Is it correct that the "gewijzigde Rijkswet inzake het Nederlanderschap" has the exception to the general rule of losing the Dutch citizenship upon acquiring another, namely that if one has lived in the country of that other citizenship for 5 years before one's 18th birthday (uitzondering b)? Thanks in advance for your reply.

As I read it, yes, but I would advise you to take it up with a lawyer or a Dutch municipality officer (and bring the print-out of the law from the Dutch legislation website with you. They do have all the rules available, but officials tend to be out-of-date on these issues. The other exception is being married to a national of which you want to acquire the citizenship. Since Dutch politicians are changing their minds on this, I advise to act quickly.--Jeroen

Celeste wrote:
Tuesday, 6 July 2004 15:54:32 PHT
Jeroen, Just want to ask. I have my 7 months old baby (Belgian citizen as birth) and when I want to obtain a Philippine passport so I need to go to the Philippine embassy here in Brussel and will bring all those papers as you stated, therefore my baby can have her dual citizen since we can avail dual now. If it is, I hope it will the same as in Hague paying for 65€ or a little bit more than waiting for long. And, also, im not sure I did not search yet thru google if the baby whos exactly 2 years old can have her visa/passport to go there in Philippine? Hope to get reply from you since you've experience it already, Dutch or English will be fine. Bedankt!

If I understand correctly, you are a former Filipino, now having Belgian citizenship. In your case, re-gaining Filipino citizenship (using the so-called "Dual" citizen act) will automatically lead to cancellation of your Belgian citizenship under Belgian law, so unless you desire to move back to the Philippines permanently, I can't advise you to do so. Unfortunately, in drafting the "Citizenship Reacquisition and Retention Act", Philippine law-makers have only looked at the US situation, which allows dual citizenship, which is not true for many other countries. Had they simply stated "Once a Citizen, always a Citizen" (a rule which some countries, such as for example Marocco, follow), this would not have any effect on your Belgian citizenship, but now, no dual citizenship for Belgians.

When you, as former Filipina, travel to the Philippines, you will need no visa for a stay of upto one year, and the same is true for your husband and children. Be prepared to have some proof of your former Filipino and maritial status to show to the customs.--Jeroen.

Cheryl wrote:
Thursday, 24 June 2004 08:50:08 PHT
Thank you Jeroen. I am glad there are sites such as this to help with our inquiries. Continuing with the question, I have been living here in Manila for 7 years. Exiting Philippines using Filipino passport with Canadian Citizenship ID shouldn't pose any problems considering the 7 year stay, am I correct? There are a lot of people that have similar problem as I do. What the travel agencies do is ask for certain x amount of thousand pesos and charge us to stamp our Canadian passport as just arrived, as to avoid complications. That's why I want to be certain if there would be any problem with this. Thank you soooooo much.

I would strongly advise against paying good money for fake entry stamps. This can make you subject to criminal prosecution: remember they entered all your information in a computer when you entered the country? That will still be there when you leave, and you only need to have one person double checking these dates to get yourself in trouble. If in doubt about your status, go to the embassy or a consulate of the country in question, and have it clearified--and keep their number ready in case an official or airline company employee has doubts about it.

In your case there may be two glitches. You obviously had your Canadian citizenship before the new dual-citizen act, so, if you didn't obtain both citizenships by birth, you may have technically overstayed as you lost your Philippine citizenship when you obtained the Canadian one. The other may be the validity of your ID. In many countries these are good for 5 years only.--Jeroen

Cheryl wrote:
Wednesday, 23 June 2004 11:53:27 PHT
I spoke with an officer at the BID, asking about the exit procedure for a person who has a Canadian passport (without a Phil visa) as well as a Phil passport (without a Canadian visa). He suggested that the person should bring both passports and show these at the immigration desk upon departure: the Phil passport allows the person to stay in the Phil without visa charges, while the Canadian passport assures that the person is allowed to enter Canada. Has any out there used this two-passport procedure?

----Going back to this question. I have a similar dilemna. I was advised by a few people that I should use my Filipino Passport using my Canadian Citizenship ID when exiting the country going to Canada. The Canadian ID would serve as a VISA. Would there be any potential problem with this? Please advise.

My wife was perfectly able to leave the Philippines and board the plane without a visa, by showing a Dutch resident permit card. They even have a little book to look up what each residence permit, or visa is, and translations of the most common terms that appear on these, in numerous languages.

No Philippine visa is required to enter with a Canadian passport for stays upto 21 days, and if you have Balikbayan status, for up to a year, so you can easily enter and leave using only a Canadian passport if you have both (and avoid the travel tax that way).--Jeroen.

Joey Martinez wrote:
Saturday, 12 June 2004 16:14:33 PHT
I spoke with an officer at the BID, asking about the exit procedure for a person who has a Canadian passport (without a Phil visa) as well as a Phil passport (without a Canadian visa). He suggested that the person should bring both passports and show these at the immigration desk upon departure: the Phil passport allows the person to stay in the Phil without visa charges, while the Canadian passport assures that the person is allowed to enter Canada. Has any out there used this two-passport procedure?
Ma. Philma H. Evans wrote:
Tuesday, 1 June 2004 09:14:00 PHT
I need to know what happens if an American failed to pay the extension visa for 9 months, and what will happen to him if on his one year of stay here in Philippines still no permanent visa is required and no extension fee has paid yet for nine months, and also there is a pending complaint to that American on the office of commisioner at the BID. Thank you very much!

I cannot give legal advise. For that he should contact a lawyer. Most likely is that he will have to pay a fine, which is in the order of 2000 pesos per month (if I remember correctly), above all the required fees. To avoid any issues when departing, it is probably wise to contact the immigration office (initially by phone) beforehand, as otherwise you might end up in prison on the spot. I don't know what the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation issue is, so can't comment on that.--Jeroen.

Monday, 24 May 2004 10:42:58 PHT
jeroen,thank you for the information, i have printed them and am now ready. once again thank you
Sunday, 23 May 2004 19:22:31 PHT
i have been searching the DFA site for the rules on the foreign travel tax exemption but can not find them could you please advise as to how i aquire them as we are traveling very soon regards david spackman
mary kim wrote:
Wednesday, 28 April 2004 09:23:42 PHT
It happens to us last January that my fiancee's plane ticket exceeded two days from his allotted time to stay here in the Philippines. So what we did we went to the local immigration office. All cities have immigration offices. There we paid for about 2,000++ pesos for that extension. So he is already extended for another month.
David Spackman wrote:
Monday, 1 December 2003 09:15:46 PHT
I was reading your notes on the exit regulations, re Filipino citizens paying foreign travel tax could you please advise if we can obtain an exemption certificate from Australia before we travel again to the Philippines and if not where abouts in the departure area do I obtain one, as last time we were there we were told we had to obtain one before we travelled, also what documentation will we need to provide.

David Spackman

When you are at the counter, you'll need to be a insisting. I admit the officials here are not the most cooperative you'll find in the Philippines, but when you are at that counter, it is still before travelling (that is travelling out, so it is not too late.) You'll need to bring some proof that you have a permanent residence permit (the permit itself will do), or that you have been out of the country for more than one year (your passport with appropriate departure stamps will do) If you have it, your old exemption certificate can also help to persuade them, and a print-out of the regulations from the DFA website.--Jeroen.

John, Alerlin &Thomas Simpson wrote:
Friday, 25 July 2003 23:01:10 PHT
Yes, we found out about the 12 month visa on about our 6th trip. i.e. no-one told us about it, we just found out by accident, up to this point we had been paying for a visa in the Philippine embassy every time and no-one says "you don't need one" The rule about the children of mixed marriage is also a first to us, we will be at the embassy at 9am Monday (opening time) our son is 12 weeks old, thanks heaps.
Daniel Marsh wrote:
Friday, 23 May 2003 06:40:53 PHT
Hello, I'm traveling to the philippines later in the year from my home country of U.S.A. I was told I didn't need a visa just my passport which won't run out till like 6 years from now. I'm planning on staying there for like 18 days. Am I ok without a visa?. please let me know dan
Donnie wrote:
Tuesday, 20 May 2003 08:58:13 PHT
Hello.. I am an American married to a filipina,her mom who was here last year wants to come back but her "green card" expires next month,what do you recommend? Thanks.
Alex Remolador wrote:
Tuesday, 13 May 2003 07:53:51 PHT
Good Job by the way. When you mentioned about "balikbayan status" it would mean say like myself a naturalized American citizen thus still have my old Philippine passport as a ticket to get this status?
Menandro Chavez wrote:
Tuesday, 1 April 2003 03:29:08 PHT
In your article the number of maximum days one foreigner can stay in the Philippines is only for 59 days, how about if somebody would like to stay for 6 or 7 months? What are the requirements? Thanks, Menan

Getting extentions beyond 59 days is possible, but will require increasingly more effort, as they have to be arranged with the immigration office in Manila, and will require payment of several fees. I can't give you all the details, but the Philippine Embassy in your home country may be able to do so, although you may wish to double-check these details with the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs. Those with 'balikbayan' status (former Filipinos and family members travelling with (former) Filipinos) will receive a one year stay stamp on entry. Foreign investors can basically obtain unlimited stay as long as they invest at least USD 100.000 in the country, but this too will require quite some preparation.--Jeroen.

JAG wrote:
Saturday, 22 February 2003 21:31:42 PHT
English Please...

In this website, I accept feedback in English, Cebuano, Tagalog, German, and Dutch. Not everybody can read or write every language with ease. I will normally answer in English.--Jeroen.

Peter wrote:
Saturday, 22 February 2003 02:28:56 PHT
Na mijn 2de trip naar de Filippijnen zei de douanebeambte iets van "next time you can stay 59 days" zou dit betekenen dat je na een aantal bezoeken automatisch langer mag blijven of was dat alleen maar een soort van blijmakertje? Ik ben nu bezig met de papieren te regelen voor mijn vriendin om haar op een touristenvisa hier te laten komen voor 3 maanden. Heb jij misschien nog wat tips/raad die niet in de foldertjes staat? Ik hoorde ook al zoiets als telefoonrekeningen waaruit blijkt dat ik regelmatig contact heb met mijn vriendin.

groeten uit Rijswijk.

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