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íka—, A verbal prefix like "i—", but with the additional meaning of the adaptability of a material to, or the possibility of, an action. Indì ko pagibalígyà iní sa ímo. I will not sell you this. Índì ko ikabalígyà iní sa ímo, kay dílì ákon. I cannot sell it to you, for it does not belong to me.
ika-, This prefix is very often used for the formation of nouns, e.g. ikabáyad—resources, assets, wherewithal, cash; ikagásto—money to be spent, expenses to be paid, funds, pecuniary means; ikabúlig—source of help, means, assistance, expedient, support; ikatakús—worthiness, capacity, dignity; ikasángkol—capability, attainments, accomplishments; ikaláin—disadvantage, drawback, loss, injury, calamity; ikasabát—a ready answer or reply, etc. etc. (cf. inóg-).
ika-, A prefix that goes to form ordinal numbers, e.g. ikagatús—hundredth; ikalíbo—thousandth; sa ikapúlò níya ka pagbálik—on his tenth return; sa ikaduhá ka púlo'g limá ka ádlaw—on the twenty fifth (day), etc. etc.


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