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Reader Comments on 'Bohol's Old Churches'

Bohol has a number of very old churches, dating back to the early years of the Spanish colonization of the island. On October 15, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed or heavily damaged most of the historic churches of Bohol.

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Blue Freedom Apnea wrote:
Monday, 6 January 2020 12:07:39 PHT
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Sue feaththerstone wrote:
Monday, 18 November 2013 06:46:53 PHT
Are any of the churches still standing?
Isidro O. Galido wrote:
Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:48:47 PHT
It's so heartbreaking to see our centuries-old churches topple down in wink of seconds, if not, minutes to that mag 7.2 tremor, and thousands of aftershocks thereafter. It took many years for our great, great forefathers in involuntary servitude for these churches to be standing there until that horrible hours of October 15th decimated the structures. These were ones our cultural heritage for generations and churches may again be there stand sometime in the future, yet, it would never be the same again. All we can do is accept the fate we've gone along with our prayers to be able to rise again from ruins. THY WILL BE DONE OH LORD and unto thy hands we commend the future of the next generation ... So be it.
Agustina wrote:
Thursday, 24 October 2013 23:33:33 PHT
Hey! Good Day! Just wanna ask please what is the present contact number of the panglao church. I have been searching couple of times already but i cannot find it. Thanks in advance!
Adriene Cabalinan wrote:
Sunday, 20 October 2013 12:03:19 PHT
Hi Mr. Hellingman, We would like to ask your permission to let us use your photos offive churches in Bohol (Loon, Maribojoc, Loboc, Dauis, Baclayon). We recently did a documentary about the destroyed churches due to the earthquake and it will air tomorrow 11:30PM on GMA 7. Rest assured that your photos will be given appropriate credits. Thank you. Sincerely, Adriene Cabalinan Researcher GMA I-Witness
Nathaniel C. Repe wrote:
Saturday, 9 June 2012 04:56:10 PHT
Bohol Old Churches are authentic and with historical value not only for the Boholanos but for all the Filipinos, its nice the local government are preserving them. I suggest history of these should be advertize and include on Bohol's itenary for a must visit in Bohol. The people of Bohol are friendly and very accomodating, I enjoy my trip in Bohol, Old churches history, Balicasag corals and exotic fishes, tarsier, chocolate hills. We are always connect Bohol with chocolate hills and tarsiers but not much with the old churches in Bohol.
E Santos wrote:
Saturday, 9 June 2012 03:17:57 PHT
I visited Bohol and the Baclayon church two years ago. It was a fantastic experience. I will never forget our trip to the Philippines and Baclayon church was certainly a highlight of our adventure.
Archie Acaylar wrote:
Friday, 10 February 2012 11:55:52 PHT
pls include my hometown's wooden church... duero
Nica wrote:
Saturday, 4 February 2012 23:07:54 PHT
We just came back from Bohol after our 4Days and 3 nights stay there. It was such a beautiful place. So many things to do that you'll surely enjoy. :)
Marx wrote:
Sunday, 30 October 2011 05:36:04 PHT
very interesting, i'd like to visit bohol to feel what you feel :) and i think im gonna be satisfied too :)
Arnel M. Mariano wrote:
Friday, 13 May 2011 16:33:15 PHT
I've been to some places in the Philippines but the best that I've been so far is Bohol. It's both a historical and natural wonder. My family and I really enjoyed our vacation and we are planning to go back there again next summer.
Pierre wrote:
Tuesday, 11 January 2011 05:52:57 PHT
I visited these churches and put pictures on the site :
Junbie Bongato wrote:
Tuesday, 21 December 2010 04:01:04 PHT
Touring Bohol's churches is in like youre in Mexico or Latin America or South America.This is the same formations and architects who painted the murals in glass frames derived from mexico.We salute to the natives who made the forced labor from Spanish priests during 1700's,1800's centuries.Its part of cultural heritage from past centuries of rich history and traditions.
Jackie M. Cariño wrote:
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 11:40:39 PHT
Bohol is the best place to relax and be close to nature and its environment....Its a truly place to have fun...see you there guys..miss you all my classmates Batch 2008 (CVSCAFT calape campus)....
ana budiongan castañeda wrote:
Friday, 7 May 2010 16:54:33 PHT
there is no place like home talaga.. it is so good to be back home after being away for 17 years.. there is no place like bohol talaga... when i went home & visited my hometown loboc last may 2008, may 2009, june 2009 @ sept 2009... kakaiba ang feeling... i really feel sentimental and nostalgic.... how i miss the place... after a long time and i have seen the progress that is going on with our province... when i went back to laguna .. i urged my friends, workmates to visit bohol... and yes... many of them already visited our province and they were so impressed... very satisfied and promised to visit again bohol with the rests of their families.... really, there is no place like ours.. mabuhay ang mag bol-anon... mabuhay tang tanan!
Leny Brua wrote:
Thursday, 18 February 2010 12:41:38 PHT
Bohol is a place wherein you can find hospitable people.
Yans cabs wrote:
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 22:21:52 PHT
just wonderin... the native laborer's who built the baclayon church during 1717 were using egg whites as cement to bond the squared coral reef... "are these egg whites directly applied to the surface wherein the squared corals are to be bond???" or is there any process undergone or any added additives to the egg whites to make bond the coral's???
Micah Lumanglas wrote:
Monday, 28 September 2009 16:50:36 PHT
PANAWAGAN: Kung sino man pong nakakakilala kay FR. ROD OLIVER SALIGAN, kung sino man pong may alam ng contact nya pakisend po sa email add ko ( or pakibigay na lang po nyan sa kanya. Ako po si micah lumanglas ng comunal, Calapan city oriental Mindoro. kelangan lang po namin na makontak sya... maraming maraming salamat po.
Annie Lamay Eyana wrote:
Saturday, 8 August 2009 15:58:14 PHT
absolutely amazing! Last June visited in Dauis Church, imagine the water which under the church is not saulty. And itsn't far from the sea. Baclayon Church I've been there, wonderful! I am so proud the birth place of my mother. More power to Boholanos
Lorna cainglet jasa wrote:
Friday, 24 July 2009 08:23:26 PHT
When l read re; Bohol l feel homesick and nostalgic l graduated in divine word university high school and college and l have lots of beautiful memories of bohol. l loved Dauis church so much with the antque murals on the ceilings. absolutely beautiful........Lorna cainglet jasa
Manuel wrote:
Thursday, 21 May 2009 09:29:43 PHT
I was born in Valencia, Bohol, althought i did not grow up there. I would like to share that part of the flooring of the Valencia Church is still made of wood (with color dark and light)with wooden peg used and not nails. Maybe we can highlight this fact about the Valencia church. They say it is still part of the original flooring and we can seldom see this anymore.
Malou wrote:
Thursday, 2 April 2009 09:12:41 PHT
Good day. We've been to Bohol during our honeymoon last 2006, we love the place and its people. We also got the chance to visit your beautiful and historical places during that time and promise to go back some other time. Now, together with my husband, we just want to know the mass schedule in Baclayon Church for we really want to hear mass this coming May 2009 with our son. By the way, we came from other place. Thank you very much and more power.
Em wrote:
Sunday, 15 February 2009 20:56:11 PHT
im so happy to see the Loon church as one of those featured above...we live few steps away from the church..i love loon and ILOVE BOHOL!
JB Almorado wrote:
Thursday, 29 January 2009 08:35:01 PHT
im JB and im 16 yrS old from MINDANAO. a student from MSU-MAin Campus, marawi city... iM taking up the course BS-HrM. laSt jaNuarY 25, we had our Educational trip here in Bohol. WOW!!! the sites here are extreMly marVElous!! especialy BAcLAYoN CHuRcH! unforTunatelY we wereNT able to exPlore more insIde the chuRch cOz we wer in a very TyT scheDulE! anD i wIll neVer 4Get thIs preCioUS place of bOhOL.. wen I become inDependent, i wiLl sureLy visiT thIS plaCE agaiN!
Joseph Medina wrote:
Friday, 9 January 2009 23:08:16 PHT
The Baclayon Church is charming and all. But you could certainly do more. There's much more room for improvement. When we went there, precious parts of the carossa were just lying there on the floor, and there were some cobwebs. Someone obviously didn't do a good cleaning job. Also, the priceless items used at mass were just junked up in some cabinet with dusty glass. Haven't you heard of Windex or Zim?
che2x wrote:
Tuesday, 2 December 2008 15:39:17 PHT
I love bohol there are some views found in bohol..especially in Chocolate Hills...Wow Bohol!
Jasmin wrote:
Thursday, 6 November 2008 09:59:36 PHT
i just love bohol. i miss home on Panglao. why don't you guys include Saint Augustin in Poblacion, Panglao, near Looc?
Jojo v wrote:
Saturday, 18 October 2008 14:19:17 PHT
Comment reply to LOTH... The Loboc pipe organ is now fully restored and is regularly used on Sunday masses and what a way to combine the voice of the Loboc Children's and the new pipe organ. You should check it out and try to attend masses on Sundays at Loboc church..
Maricel Carbonel wrote:
Friday, 27 June 2008 04:19:40 PHT
Please help me find Carmel Pelino and James Lacang. They are both from Bohol. Carmels house is in Baklayon near the church. Please help me locate them. THANKS
Margie Fuertes Lombard-Riego de Dios wrote:
Sunday, 1 June 2008 22:56:29 PHT
Though I grew up in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte, Bohol was very much a part of my growing up years since we spent quite a few summers there, and those experiences were among the bright moments in my young life then, and still sparkles in my memory even now. Among my favorites in Bohol are the churches, and since we spent some summers in Maribojoc due to my Bol-anon roots( great grandpa), a Bohol vacation would not be complete without visiting landmark churches that my late mother loved to visit. I saw Dauis church when I was a tot and I could never forget the magic and wonder of seeing a well inside the church, that when I was grown up and had the chance to go there,I sought someone to ask about a well to test if my memory was correct. And boy, did my heart skip a beat when I was told it was still there! Last time I went to Bohol with my family, I made sure we visited Dauis and I showed them the well. Maribohoc's church always bring me back in time to the first time I saw a very old church in my childhood. I was always fascinated by the statues of saints who were so lifelike; and I learned that San Vicente Ferrer is a good intercessor. Calape was and will always be a permanent place to visit because of the Birhen Sa Kalooy miraculous shell statue which my Bol-anon relatives vouch for since they saw it grow since they were just kids. I like the Calape church too. I guess I am just an old church freak because there is just a special character to them, and the patina of history is so embedded in each nook and cranny. Baclayon was and is still a must for us. Though we seldom go back to Bohol( 1990, then 2006)if I get the chance to be in the Phil. again, I will surely not miss a visit to Bohol. I guess Bol-anon roots and ties run deep in our veins. I am very impressed with Bohol's progress...but what makes this province so special is the fact that despite modern contrivances, I still see the "original" Bohol I knew years ago in the chuch goers we pass as we journeyed from Jagna to Tagbilaran then Maribojoc.I could even visualize even then how life must have been during the colonial times, and the best testament to it are the old churches of Bohol which am sure house the real Boholano soul...a God loving/fearing human being who will always connect with its Boholano roots come what may, wherever they may be. God bless Bohol and all Bol-anons!
Ana Budiongan Castañeda wrote:
Thursday, 29 May 2008 11:55:57 PHT
I just recently visited our province this month. Being away for 17 years, I was, so sentimental and it if feels so good to be back home.... our sweet home bohol. I was amazed with the current developments, the tourist spots and everything. I visited my home town Loboc.... and mmmy I really congratulate the government officials, the socio-civic spirited organizations and resident of our town for doing there best to develop Loboc & become one of the favorite tourist spot of the province. How I miss the place talaga! I cannot help but to recollect back the years when i was still young and in Loboc. It feels so good to be back home to see the old love ones, relatives & friends and old places. I saw the lighting of Loboc river lights and its really beautiful, i feel I am in a foreign docking port, the floating restaurant, the old church, the museum is really worth visiting... we visited the chocolate hills, the tarsier sanctuary in Corella, and more exciting places in our province. And what else.... eating my favorite ginamos and kinilaw yummy. The old saying that.... "there's no place like home" is so true talaga. I had so much fun during the vacation. I really hope I can visit again soon and regularly. I am congratulating all Lobocanons... and I hope the development will not remain in the poblacion..... but will be extended to the nearby barangays specially our barangays... Buenavista and Cambance ... also a good tourist destination if the public road will be developed into a concrete ones inviting tourists to see Cruz Daku Hills and see the whole panoramic view of Loboc and the nearby town.. Keep up the good work and to see each other soon.
Gia wrote:
Friday, 9 May 2008 08:13:23 PHT
I visited Tagbilaran almost two years ago and went to Loboc, Baclayon, the Cathedral and the river. How I miss the place! I remember being shrouded by a humbling serenity and peacefulness when I sat at the Baclayon Church one quiet afternoon... I hope I can come back again one day. Keep it clean, keep it there. Keep it with all your passion to guard the past.
Vidal wrote:
Monday, 18 February 2008 18:03:05 PHT
being a boholano, i am very much proud to boast to the whole world about all the wonders of man-made and natural resources and tourist spots..especially our old churches... boholanos and boholanas, have all your friends and and invite them to visit our province..over 300 tourist spots to enjoy..there are a thousand reasons to visit BOHOL!!!
Sil Romanillos wrote:
Monday, 4 February 2008 12:27:37 PHT
I think its time we give a very good look on our churches especially in preservation and conservation because remember this churches are still prone to destruction. We must not focus on "Tourism potential" of these churches but also into its significance as a living landmark of history and a place of faith for our religion.
Myron wrote:
Wednesday, 26 December 2007 12:05:29 PHT
In answer to Loth who wrote on Thursday, 29 March 2007 12:28:54 PHT re the pipe organ in St Peter's Church in Loboc, it was fully restored in 2003. There is a picture of the organ at the organ restorer's website - click on Gallery. I'm looking forward to visiting Bohol for the first time on 29 & 30 Dec. If I'm lucky, I will play this wonderful instrument.
Gilbert wrote:
Friday, 14 December 2007 09:55:51 PHT
I really don't know if it is true or not,but according to unofficial sources said that the original Loboc church was built well ahead of Baclayon church. But since the latter is closer to the sea where sea stone was used for the construction, it was finished first.Being borned and raised in the town of musician, it's no question to me who was first to be erected. But rather than I am proud of these two oldest churches in our province, it truly reflects our great devotion to our faith.
Ariel Lloren wrote:
Thursday, 15 November 2007 10:04:21 PHT
Here's what I've known TOP 5 Oldest Churches in Bohol 1) Baclayon Church 2) Loboc Church 3) Jagna Church 4) Maribojoc Church 5) Tagbilaran City Cathedral
Ewe wrote:
Thursday, 12 July 2007 08:32:00 PHT
I miss Bohol.... I went there just last 2 weeks to attend my best buddy's wedding!! it was a great experience to visit Baclayon church, loboc river and Panglao.. I was amazed how the people preserved the old churches there.. Going to BOHOL.. PRICELESS!!!!
Ledzepp wrote:
Tuesday, 22 May 2007 09:55:07 PHT
We visited Bohol April 26-29 stayed in Panglao island... wow we visited Baclayon church... just want to know how can I email the immaculate conception high school? I enjoyed the folk dances rendered their high school students....

Enjoyed the stay hope to be back again... ledzepp san fernando, la union

Em wrote:
Saturday, 21 April 2007 11:29:06 PHT
Placing pictures of Bohol's churches is such a great idea... I think it would have been better if you could provide a closer view of loon's church... I miss that place, I being a Loonanon myself..ciao!
Loth wrote:
Thursday, 29 March 2007 12:28:54 PHT
Let me ask ... just want to know also the status of the loboc church's old bamboo organ. As far as I can remember before i left my town for almost a decade now, it was being removed there, was accordingly brought to Manila for repairs - spare parts of which were still to be purchased from Germany. Is it functional by now already? I hope to visit this may with several friends and if time permits, foreign acquaintances will also be coming along with us. am gonna present this place to them w/ pride!
Loth wrote:
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 16:12:48 PHT
Pls post also loboc's "cruz daku" situated at the peak of brgy. cambance. This has been a "to go" place esp. at holy week seasons in commemoration of Christ's passion and crucifixion. Prior to reaching the biggest cross, one has to pass by the (if i'm not mistaken) 13 stations unless otherwise would take the shortcut way or some other means just to be at the top of the mountain.
Ellen Racela wrote:
Saturday, 10 March 2007 04:27:03 PHT
Have a blessed day ! Please post the Blessed Virgin Mary on a Tree in Toltolan, Dauis. I´m very much thankful if you can post as well as the history of Inday Potenciana of Badyang, Anda. I´m going back home this coming July with my family. Some friends from germany are coming too , tour in bohol. More Power ! GOD BLESS YOU . ... JLYeracela
Godofredo Peligrino Peliño wrote:
Friday, 12 January 2007 15:56:07 PHT
Please post pictures of all old churches in Bohol. Thank you.
Star wrote:
Friday, 12 January 2007 11:00:35 PHT
I wanna know what is the nearest church to Alone kew beach resort. I plan to visit Bohol in June 2007.
Eric wrote:
Friday, 22 December 2006 20:15:29 PHT
I am very proud as a boholano for the preservation of the old churches in Bohol particularly the Talbon Church, my native town. Thus, making Bohol a wonderful province for tour!!!!!!!Merry christmas>>>>
Eileen wrote:
Sunday, 17 December 2006 00:10:29 PHT
Please, may we see more pictures of the historical churches and the interior of each churches? We need the dates of the construction, when started and finished, and how each church played a role in the socio-cultural development of the the people in the vicinity. Are there legends related to the churches? What are the regular pilgrimage sites, and what events happen there, when, how to contact organizers, etc. Thank you so much for the nice pictures. More please.
Connie L. Gallibot wrote:
Saturday, 28 October 2006 13:38:22 PHT
I've been to some of Bohol's old churches. I am glad that the Boholanos have preserved the beauty reminiscent of our glorious past. Boholanos are also a very religious people who find solace and contentment in these beautiful churches.
Jeanritta M. Sarol wrote:
Wednesday, 4 October 2006 21:11:38 PHT
I need your help! Im 17 years old and from Gen. Santos City, Pls. name me catholic churches located at ubay bohol which existed since 1953. I need a baptismal certificate of my late father Rolando Guardarama Sarol, my late mother told me that my father was being baptized in ubay bohol but i never been to that place yet. my father died last april 23,2006 but we didn't have claimed any sss benefit including burial claims since baptismal certificate is one of the requirement. Pls. Pls. Pls. I really need help.... Thank you so much & GOD BLESS U ALWAYS. Pls. reply ASAP @ this Email add: Thank u so much
Janukz wrote:
Wednesday, 6 September 2006 01:18:03 PHT
I was wondering if I could get Baclayon church phone email is
Pippa wrote:
Thursday, 6 July 2006 16:39:04 PHT

Bohol is such a paradise. I've been to Bohol for the first time only last February 2006 for the Program Review of our Local Government. We stayed at Dauis, Panglao,at Bohol Plaza and the view there was really exotic ---- one should be there to really appreciate its beauty!!!! The people were so accomodating and very warm.

I also came face to face with the TARSIER!!!! and had a exotic lunch at Loboc River. I also had the chance to visit Baclayon Church and its Museum. The church is so amazing especially the structure and the wonder of the magnificent images and sculpture. I had a great time and looking forward to being there again and this time, with my husband and family.

Tess Longley wrote:
Friday, 12 May 2006 19:58:20 PHT
Hi, I will be visiting Bohol very shortly and planing to visit Baclayon church would it be possible if you can give me their telephone number please... Thank you. Please email me on this address.
Mrs.Julieta Rasco wrote:
Thursday, 4 May 2006 11:01:07 PHT
I need your help, how do I get in touch with Our Lady of the Assumption parish priest? I need a baptismal certificate for my sister-in-law with a surname of Cinconiegue. They need to be blessed by the catholic church here in Canada as a requirement to attend the Bukas Loob sa Dios Marriage Encounter. Please help and e-mail me ( the phone number of the parish priest. I need it ASAP. Thank you. God bless you, Julieta
Julian Dologuin wrote:
Saturday, 4 March 2006 13:45:04 PHT
This is an important appeal - we would like to get in touch with Father Efren Bongay - Kura paroko ng Dauis church. We would appreciate if you can provide us with his telephone or whereever we can get in touch with him. He's uncle would like to talk to him. He just email us or call collect to area code 323-258-4750 or at
Alvin Bautista wrote:
Thursday, 2 February 2006 17:15:43 PHT
We just came from beautiful Bohol last weekend. I was with my wife and two children, as well as my sister-in-law's family from Vallejo, California. We went to the churches and found them really amazing. Highly educational for anyone who needs to appreciate arts and culture, and the Catholic faith. Thank you for your informative articles.
Jinki B. Mustafa Young wrote:
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 17:00:12 PHT
I left Bohol a long time ago, and whenever I look at pictures and read stories about it, I feel like a little girl finding my old, adorable dollhouse again. That's why until now I'm still proud to say I'm a boholana. After all, I still speak 'bisaya' fluently.
Florencio Jayectin wrote:
Saturday, 24 December 2005 03:48:25 PHT
Thank you for featuring the fantastic beauty of Bohol and especially the historic old churches! Please continue your nice presentation of Bohol to the rest of the world.
Robert Aguillon wrote:
Thursday, 1 December 2005 23:30:36 PHT
I brought my students to Bohol two years ago on an educational field and foremost on our itinerary was going to the old churches of Bohol. It was a very good experience for me and my students who appreciated the rustic beauty of Bohol and the devotion of its people as manifested in these churches. If given the chance to go back again there? I will not give second thought, but this time I will add the beaches!
Abigail de Guia wrote:
Monday, 7 November 2005 16:45:21 PHT
It was really great visiting old churches in Bohol..I visited a number of old churches when I went there lst nov. 5. 2005. the baclayon church, Loboc church and Dauis church were few of the churches I visited.. another thing that really made me admire was the Museum in Loboc which amazes me... thanks to Lolo Alfonso Varquez, the tour guide in the museum... thank you! I'm really glad to have visited these old churches....I love it! ahhh one thing that caught my attention is the unfinished bridge construted which has approaches that will demolish the church... I really felt bad about it... why would the government permitted such demolition of an ancient church? Its good that atleast I was given the chance to see Loboc church on its full and untouches figure.. I wish to visit more churches...

Don't worry: the bridge's construction was stalled many years ago, when this issue was brought to the attention of people who care about cultural heritage. Unfortunately, demolishing this unsightly construction would cost about 50 million pesos, and budget for that is not available. I even heard a rumour that the entire bridge project was never intended to build at all, but only served as a cover-up for some corrupt scheme--well that is just a rumour I cannot confirm, but it would really make sense to figure out who approved this project, and have their names painted on a big signboard, just as you can see with too many projects in Bohol.--Jeroen.

angeline wrote:
Tuesday, 1 November 2005 13:07:03 PHT
SAVE THE WORLD ! AND PEACE FOR THE WORLD ! Please read Http:// The Only Answer To Save People All Over The World From Religious War and Global Disasters. Thank you for reading my book !
Colyn wrote:
Tuesday, 27 September 2005 15:57:48 PHT
It's really nice website. Through this, we can easily get informations about old churches. Though i am from Bohol, still i don't have lots of ideas about this. That's why i'm thankful because i learned different churches. I hope that you will make your website more presentable so that it would be more easy for us to research. Thanks!! and more power to Bohol
Ben Emata wrote:
Thursday, 30 June 2005 09:55:20 PHT
The entire Bohol island has always been beautiful. It has lots of attractions, natural scenes and wonders not found anywhere. It has nice peace-loving people - - beautiful in attitude and ways - - and are very hospitable. Long live Bohol.
Ayechemes wrote:
Monday, 20 June 2005 13:01:18 PHT
I wish I were a Bol-anon. But I am at heart. Spent my adolescence in Bohol, enjoyed it much under the care of the kind priests and well-meaning friends. Will be back there next year for our 20th year celebration...
Donski wrote:
Friday, 27 May 2005 14:06:35 PHT
What happend to the bridge that was not finished at the Loboc Church? why was it built there when the Loboc Church was the first one to be built...who was the contractor of that bridge? What is/are he/they thinking?

The Loboc bridge of folly was never intended to be build, but was intended as a fake project to channel public money into somebody's private pocket. Something went wrong there... It would cost about 20 million pesos to demolish this monument of a politician's foolishness and greed, but that is probably the best option.--Jeroen.

Jler wrote:
Tuesday, 24 May 2005 04:26:05 PHT
Are there any embroidered vestments from Spain or China in these churches or others in the Philippines? They might have come from China in the cargo of the Manila Galleon en route to Mexico and then on to Spain? These would have elaborate gold and silver embroidery and would be casullas (chasubles) and other priestly garments. Thanks for your help with this research.
Joseph Victor Rizzo wrote:
Thursday, 5 May 2005 04:43:41 PHT
You have the most beautiful church…It should be preserve for our children those old churches are valuable That can really gives evidence that Spanish had leave something in Philippines
Cristita Marapao wrote:
Sunday, 17 April 2005 07:07:00 PHT
I'm proud of my hometown Loay for it's really a beautiful place and they continue beautifying our Parish Church-the Most Blessed Trinity.More Power to those people establishing it.God Bless, I love Bohol a very blessed island,very religious and full of spirits.
Grace_yve4 wrote:
Tuesday, 12 April 2005 12:17:10 PHT
Bohol is a very nice place..thats i promise but aside for being nice, beautiful and nature enrich island Bohol is also a blessed by God place coz youll see a lot of beuatiful and very Spanish inspired curches there... When i was young my mother always told me that during her time, they are told to go to churches and serve God..that's how religious boholanos is...(my mother is from bohol)when i first visited the place i was very much amazed on the beauty of their church..there really fantastic as if im visiting one of the churches in spain and as if im in the spanish period her in the Philippines...ok friends try to visit Bohol and try to see, appreciate the beauty of their place and culture.... im very much proud that the people of Bohol still preserved and care their church...keep in good works and god bless all of you...
Kejara wrote:
Monday, 21 March 2005 13:03:04 PHT
Wow!!!!i'm so proud that i came from loay...see, isa xa sa mga old churches ng Bohol..saludo tlaga ako sa mga boholanos...dami nating mga ipagmamalaki..d ba? we should be proud of ahving all of those graces and blessing from the almighty father..god speed!!!
Greg Villanueva wrote:
Friday, 18 March 2005 11:21:13 PHT
I'm very interested in historic spanish churches and settlements through out the Philippines. Any and all information will be appreciated, please e-mail me at Thank you in advance.
Rade Valdez wrote:
Friday, 18 February 2005 12:10:41 PHT
You have a nice church... Good that you preserve those old churches. That can really gives evidence that Spanish had leave something in Philippines
Jake wrote:
Tuesday, 15 February 2005 13:46:45 PHT
Hope you put the church of Corella town...
Josephine Patlunag wrote:
Friday, 4 February 2005 11:38:16 PHT
Hope you put the Anda Church of Bohol.......

You mean this church...--Jeroen.

Nerveen wrote:
Friday, 21 January 2005 11:11:20 PHT
My mother was from Bohol so everytime our family visit there we enjoy a lot, its very nice to go on the Bohol beach club and on Chocolate hills because their crew are so very nice hope we can go on the other beaches there.
Ahyel wrote:
Thursday, 20 January 2005 17:33:21 PHT
Truly country's gems... all i can say and wish is to protect and preserve these beautiful old churches of bohol. these are already cultural and religious treasures of the please protect abd preserve them...
Vivid l gorre wrote:
Wednesday, 12 January 2005 18:59:37 PHT
Thanks your alot of help sa assighmant ng kapatid ko salamat.
Jun Saniracsam wrote:
Monday, 29 November 2004 10:22:26 PHT
Monday,29 Nov.,2004 10:22am Baclayon church is the most sentimental value of filipino peolple where have faith to god and values of catholicism.It is beautiful and quite places where people are busy in there livelihood.My wife's family live in this town and work in this church as the servant of lord god.thanx for all season and exploring the church of life. GOD BLESS AND MORE BLESSING COME THROUGH''''.
Jang wrote:
Thursday, 18 November 2004 16:10:55 PHT
Hi. i am just abot to begin my collection of old churches pictures but i want it to be in such a away that in all such pix of the church i will take, i will also be included. Id like to start the to travel and take pictures of the churches here in the philippines. i think we have such amazing and beautiful old stone churches. it's wonderful also if i can also find out their history and all. anyways, thanks for showing me a bit of Bohol's churches. i hope I can visit them someday.
Jovi Atanacio wrote:
Sunday, 7 November 2004 21:33:02 PHT
I love old churches and the ones in Bohol are the best-preserved (as I can see in these pictures)..Please keep it that way...I hope to visit your place soon... Could anyone send me pictures of the miraculous image of the Virgin of the Assumption of Dauis Church..and if possible its history and some of its miracles...thanks.. God bless and more power!
Dondi Ocampo wrote:
Wednesday, 20 October 2004 20:03:23 PHT
Your Comment - Several times I have brought students of tourism and HRM together with academito visit Bohol. Others were groups of philantrophist - what makes Bohol diffirent from the rest of our touris destinations , is the well preserved churches - more so it is a living monument of people's faith... none in any destinations I had been, inside the Philippines and in the world - that people still stop 6:ooPM to give honor to Angelus....PLEASE KEEP THE CHURCHES WELL TO ITS FORM, they make Bohol a living museum. I happen to keep a book of REGALADO TROTA JOSE, Visita Iglisia - presented in best details -
Blessmae Palapar wrote:
Wednesday, 13 October 2004 10:31:12 PHT
I like the the Holy Trinity Parish in Loay.This church when my parents married in 1977.That is 27 years ago.This church has antiques and images including the statue of the Holy Trinity,which symbolizes the spirit.I hope that my family wants to visit in this church to see how to explore about the old churches there.Which include the churches of Dauis,Baclayon,Loboc and Panglao.I hope you like your place very much,it's very nice.Please send me the pictures of churches of Bohol thru my email.Thanks and God Bless.
Westin wrote:
Saturday, 9 October 2004 10:58:40 PHT
The bohol old churches are full of history may I request to you to pls transferred this Bohol churches in the books.
Jojo of Bunga mar, Jagna wrote:
Sunday, 12 September 2004 09:24:20 PHT
Hi to all my sano and sana...Im so proud of being a Boholano. Really nice all our old churches of Bohol..this is because of all Friars before..we really thank them so much especially the Augustinian Recollects...
Ma. Dinah Mante wrote:
Saturday, 11 September 2004 14:14:15 PHT
Pls. send me more information of Bohol churches.. particularly with its history..and pictures also. if possible,in this following churches;Loon, Tubigon, Alburquerque,Loay, Maribojoc and Dimiao...pls as soon as possible.
Noel wrote:
Tuesday, 31 August 2004 06:45:07 PHT
Just been to Bohol last weekend and had a day tour of the old churches in "lonely planet" style. It can be done in a day. We were just amazed on how these treasures were preserved but now elements has taken its toll on them especially the one in Albuquerque. The painted ceiling have galvanized iron to prevent the leaks thus covering the beautiful painting.
vanz wrote:
Friday, 27 August 2004 20:17:28 PHT
nindot jud bitaw ang bohol........ For me, it's the best place here in the philippines.......
Mary Hazel Meredores wrote:
Thursday, 5 August 2004 21:10:23 PHT
I'm so proud to have this kind of churches in Bohol! its rare..
JLF wrote:
Monday, 2 August 2004 08:17:18 PHT
Thank you for this site. I grew up down the street from the Baclayon Church and have always been in awe of its presence. It is wonderful to know others share these sentiments. Hopefully, this can generate a more concerted effort in maintaining these invaluable testaments of Philippine history. Once again, daghang salamat!
Lolek82 wrote:
Monday, 19 July 2004 01:18:54 PHT
Very informative! My dad and I are very fond of the churches in Bohol. I thought we already have visited a handful of them but after reading this article(which others say is still incomplete), I learned we still have so much to see and visit next time. I am also interested in buying "Visita Iglesia Bohol". I hope to find it here in Makati. Thanks for the info!
kendy wrote:
Monday, 12 July 2004 03:07:01 PHT
I am from loay. i like your site but I would've loved it had you talked about loay a little bit more. :(But, all in all, nice site. Makes me proud am from Bohol. ;)
Ruby Rivera wrote:
Sunday, 11 July 2004 14:34:24 PHT
Very interesting... Philippines has a rich culture and that is what sets it apart from the world.
karen wrote:
Sunday, 11 July 2004 09:09:33 PHT everyone.actualy, Im from Bohol and Im very proud that people are admiring my place. Thank you very much........
keith wrote:
Wednesday, 7 July 2004 17:49:48 PHT
Good job guys...but maybe it is much better if you all post churches in Bohol!!...and to all readers out visit the Baclayon will see more than what you've expected!! c ya der!!
Li'l wing wrote:
Tuesday, 6 July 2004 08:54:06 PHT
Where's Loay in there.. How can we be able to get in've included it in ur pics but not at least some features bout it..well, I would have been glad if you do next time.:)
Deanne Santos wrote:
Friday, 25 June 2004 23:31:24 PHT
Your site has made Bohol all the more inviting. I will be spending 2 days in Bohol and want to visit the old churches. How can I do that without crisscrossing the place and getting myself lost? Can you suggest an itinerary? I can't wait to be there. Thanks.
Andrei Leyba wrote:
Monday, 21 June 2004 15:10:00 PHT
the pictures were so great.
Lawrence Raña Ravelo wrote:
Wednesday, 16 June 2004 11:38:54 PHT
Well Bohol is really the place to be if you to want experience the old Spanish era esp. when it comes Catholic Religion. Thank you for putting a website like this coz a Boholano like me can glance at our province once in a while. It's like been at home again!... Thank u so much! Maajong adlaw!!!1
Melan Bacosa wrote:
Saturday, 15 May 2004 16:02:45 PHT
I visited Baclayon church when I was assigned in Bohol. The oldest church in the Philippines. I am glad I was able to visit one of the most historic place in the Philippines that contributed most to the nation's history. You there who happens to read this message of mine. Try visit Bohol if you are searching for some historical places and want to see Bohol's historical churches. God bless the people of Bohol!!!!
Cris Tutor Acampado wrote:
Wednesday, 10 March 2004 18:48:03 PHT
Im very thankful to the people who shared thier effort to make these site more interesting. This will attract lot of history-loving tourists from the Philippines and around the globe. It seems that am native from Garcia-Hernandez these beautiful island of Bohol, working thousand miles away from home has eager to see thier landmark. I would like to request to enclude our beautiful church on your site. Thanks in advance.
Renee Garfin wrote:
Saturday, 10 January 2004 16:34:43 PHT
You're great!! You can help students with their project. Including me. Keep up the good work.
Renee Grafin wrote:
Saturday, 10 January 2004 16:33:30 PHT
You're great!!You can help students with their projects.Including me.Keep up the good work.
Paulie wrote:
Thursday, 8 January 2004 12:07:26 PHT
They should put the articles about the history of any municipalities it may help student about their research about Bohol....

Students can really help here: they are in a much better position than we are (located in the Netherlands) to visit their muncipal hall and ask something about the history of the place. They can also go to the provincial library or archive, and ask for more information on their place. Then they can write up a short history (say 500 to 1000 words) of their hometown, get a good mark, and submit it here for publication.--Jeroen.

Sabrina wrote:
Wednesday, 7 January 2004 04:46:52 PHT
I visited the Baclayon Church and it's very interesting in the fact that its very old but it could really use a lot of renovation. The walls have a lot of green mold covering it and the status are very creepy looking so its a good thing I didn't bring my 2 year old. Also the old relics need to be dusted and cleaned that are in the museum.
Candice Slater wrote:
Tuesday, 4 November 2003 23:12:50 PHT
I marvelled at the majestic stone stairways (212 steps distributed to five flights) behind the very beautiful church of Loon when I visited Bohol last year. I think this is one place that should be promoted along with the other heritage structures. The town also has a circular cemetery made of stone. It has a chapel at the center. The site is similar to the Paco Park in Manila. The place is also worth watching. There are other places of note like an old kiosk, a stone bridge (part of the highway), and town plaza. The monument for the national hero is the most imposing and beautiful that I have ever seen. It has a Statue of Liberty atop it. Must have been made by the Americans. I think the town has the most number of attractions compared to any town in Bohol. I heard of the dive sites in Cabilao and a beautiful river; these I have to check out. Thanks for this website!
Reigh P. Monreal wrote:
Tuesday, 4 November 2003 22:51:25 PHT
For the information of those who have copies of the book "Visita Iglesia Bohol", please be informed that the church on the cover spread is the Church of the Our Lady of Light in Loon town. This is Bohol's biggest stone church. It also has the most beautiful facade among chuches in the province. For more of the heritage town of Loon, please visit Thanks.
Roland wrote:
Wednesday, 29 October 2003 06:46:19 PHT
Im just wondering.., you guys must consider "Talibon Church", one of the oldest church in Bohol with picture. Nice site though.. Good job!
Eli Licayan wrote:
Saturday, 27 September 2003 08:19:39 PHT
Dear Jeroen,

I'm from Guindulman, but now based in South Cotabato. Please add highlights about Guindulman. You may contact my sisters - Lorna Licayan-Mapalo (Guindulman's Municipal Assessor) and Hilda Licayan-Tan (Municipal Secretary) who will be more than willing to tell you more about this town. I strongly suggest you go to Bunhayag Heights in barangay Canhaway to see a good panoramic vista of the Guindulman Valley, the Anda Peninsula, the Cogtong Bay and the Guindulman Bay with the sillohuette of the Camiguin Island across the Bohol Sea. Background are the rolling hills and mountains of Guindulman & Duero. I was there last week and bought a piece of land where I intend to build my retirement home. The view is just splendid. I was informed that the owners of Bitoon Beach Resort bought some lands there for a hotel.

Thank you very much for maintaining this website. Expect me to be a contributor. I'm proud to be a Boholano and a Filipino. Thank you for loving Bohol & the Philippines.

Romie Villalobos wrote:
Friday, 26 September 2003 11:21:30 PHT
Photography has been my life-long hobby. In 1969 I acquired my first Minolta SRT101 camera from a Japanese gentleman who traded my prize camera with smile and a bunch of bananas. Quite amazing but it is true. Since then I was hooked to the clicking sound of a camera and progressed from a 35mm to an Hazzelblad 2x2 format and now digital cameras. Quite frankly I became so proficient with the art of picture taking that I took wedding pictures professionally as my part time job in the 80's and during my travels to the Mindanao, Bohol, and some European countries I got fascinated by picturesque facade of nostalgic buildings. It has been my dream that one of this days, I just recently retired, I would be able to fullfil my dreams of going around Bohol and take pictures of old Churches. Now that dream is coming to fuition as I have ahead of me an abundance of free time to fullfil that dream.

I am just over joyed that the Commission for Culture and the Arts published a 123 page book with a description of the over 40 churches on Bohol. This book, Visita Iglesia Bohol: A Guide to Historic Churches by Jose Regalado Trota, will help me tremendously in locating these churches.

It is only my purpose to take pictures for my own collection and enjoyment. It is possible to buy this book and where I could possibly get it?

Thank you so much for any information.

The book can be obtained from the BFFFI Office in Tagbilaran for 250 Pesos.--A few stores in Manila also carry it mail order, but at roughly 20 US Dollars.--Jeroen.

April Anne P. Ancog wrote:
Thursday, 25 September 2003 09:26:02 PHT
Hope to see more pictures and articles soon. Always keep in touch! Congratulations for a job well done! God bless, mwah!mwah!:-)
LSN wrote:
Thursday, 8 May 2003 21:08:04 PHT
The pic of the Baclayon church interior that the website has is nice, much nicer than the blurry one that I took when I went there. The churches have their ancient charm intact, which is good.
4 Sister's wrote:
Friday, 7 March 2003 17:23:50 PHT
We are very happy to discover this wonderful page. But I wonder there's no church pix from Ubay?

We haven't been able to visit the church of Ubay yet, but maybe somebody has a picture of the Church, and is willing to share it with us...--Jeroen.

Rowell Booc wrote:
Wednesday, 12 February 2003 09:24:32 PHT
Please write more about Getafe. Its map and culture and especially Churches.
Rinbert Laus wrote:
Monday, 27 January 2003 12:06:02 PHT
Will you feature the old Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, am a graduate there and wish to see it featured in this site. Thanks
April Anne P. Ancog wrote:
Friday, 20 December 2002 14:54:06 PHT
Perfect, Ive seen your article already.I'm proud because you've been to my moms hometown in Loay.I believe you find it great. The Loon church is indeed great also hope i can visit there because my b-day happens to be their town fiesta and I'd like to make a "panata" to the Our Lady of Light, their patron saint. Again thank you and hope to see more article from you soon. God Bless!
Paul Judge wrote:
Wednesday, 20 November 2002 17:49:13 PHT
Its very nice to see all the old churches in Bohol, especially the church of Dimiao, its twin bell tower and the old organ place inside the church near the "Kisami" and the old ermita ruins, many are still wondering about this old cemetery of the Spaniards. Can we hear some news about Dimiao?
Jihan wrote:
Friday, 15 November 2002 10:31:38 PHT
You would really appreciate them if you would dare visit them... I've been to all these old churches most especially in Loon, I have attended the town fiesta and I have go through that 100 plus ladder...

I've visited already the churches in Baclayon, Loboc, Tubigon, Clarin, Loon, Maribojoc, Tagbilaran, Dauis, Panglao, Loay, Anda, and Guindulman. Hope to have a longer article on them soon. It is actually scheduled for next month. -- Jeroen.

Jorge Tibog wrote:
Thursday, 3 October 2002 12:58:23 PHT
Breath taking, Im amazed how the Boholanos preserved those churches. But most of Bohol's old churches are located on the western part of the island, how about on the eastern side, Is there also old Spanish colonial church there?
Ruth wrote:
Wednesday, 2 October 2002 14:41:53 PHT
Kindly post the picture of the biggest church in Bohol, you know the Loon church so that at least I could get a picture of how big really that Church is. Please do also add some facts about how big that church is. O.K. lang?

Soon... -- Jeroen

April Anne Panio-Ancog wrote:
Tuesday, 24 September 2002 18:57:46 PHT
Again, as what I have said it is nice but I can't wait to see that you will also feature the rest of the old churches in Bohol with pictures on it. Hope I could see it soon, maybe next month... I'll always keep in touch :-)

We've just returned from Bohol, and collected plenty of information and loads of pictures. Not all churches yet, but more will appear here soon. Best regards.---Jeroen.

Harry wrote:
Monday, 12 August 2002 10:34:38 PHT
It was nice but it's better to place a picture of the old church of Loon. Thank you.

It's on our wishlist as well. Next month we will pass through Loon, and get the picture.---Jeroen

April Anne Panio-Ancog wrote:
Tuesday, 9 July 2002 18:46:43 PHT
It was nice but I would suggest that you must feature all the old churches in Bohol, like Loay church, Valencia church etc. and have a picture on it. Thank you!

We certainly have that on our 'to-do' list! Once we've collected the materials, we'll expand this article. -- Jeroen.

Dondix Balakid wrote:
Sunday, 30 June 2002 11:19:55 PHT
Kindly make some thorough research about the history of the Christianization of Dimiao, Bohol. Many are still wondering about the Ermita Ruins. Are there any historical records?

We will be going to the East of Bohol next month, and will certainly ask around for materials about local interest, so that we can improve the information here. -- Jeroen

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