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The Philippines sometimes receives negative press regarding the safety of foreigners. We believe this is not always deserved, and certainly does not apply to Bohol. In this article we will give some advice about the safety situation in the Philippines.

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David Reece wrote:
Friday, 9 October 2020 08:23:27 PHT
I was in Bohol during 7.3 earth quake in 2013 and got out of hotel in a hurry lol. Apart from that all the above advice is true and I have been there many times but the covid restrictions stopping flights there
Henry Tuyor wrote:
Wednesday, 19 February 2020 15:14:59 PHT
YES, YES,YES, BOHOL is a very SAFE place. We are very friendly and approachable. I was grown in small barrio San Rafael. Now I already lived in Manila, every time I visited my place, a gallon of TUBA can bring them happiness to my neighbor. Come and visit Bohol to experience the wonders of many places given by our Heavenly Creator.
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Tuesday, 4 February 2020 23:25:34 PHT
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wayne wrote:
Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:14:53 PHT
I have been to Bohol 5x times an met many locals in tiptip pangalo beach visayes I want to go an live there soon as I have many friendes there salamat wayne scherf
Francis wrote:
Friday, 3 June 2016 01:46:57 PHT
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Colin Mcnally wrote:
Sunday, 7 April 2013 22:14:53 PHT
I can honestly say that Ive visited philippines many times over a period of a decade and find it pretty safe wherever Ive been. Did have scary moment in Manila taxi. A couple of druggies climbed in beside me to demand money. I bluffed them and they decide to leave. Another time was in Zamboanga region when the local muslims were giving me very hard looks. Apart from that I never had anything but warmth from Phils people. Bohol is lovely place. Panglao is particularly nice and peaceful. My advice is to avoid Manila as its over populated and polluted. You cant get around easily there due to heavy...rediculously heavy trafic!! The provinces are I find the best places and you can find shear joy wherever you go. Philippines is very exciting as there is something going on all the time. Hard to come to terms with the lack of healthcare for those who cant pay!! You have to pay for everything in phils!! Take care of your health!!
Andrew wrote:
Thursday, 14 June 2012 00:13:53 PHT
I recently visited Bohol and immediately fell in love with the island and its culture.The people of Bohol are friendly and hospitable,I would recommend to anyone to explore this beautiful place and travel on the local buses and jeepneys to truly experience how the average Bohol citizen lives.Fantastic culture and I wish that I didn't have to leave.Bohol is what you would imagine paradise to be! I miss Bohol!
Loren wrote:
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 22:13:32 PHT
Discover Bohol's wonders of nature and paradise. Explore and indulge yourselves with the different activities that Bohol has to offer. Experience exhilarating extreme adventures of Danao, have fun swimming at the beautiful white sandy beaches in Panglao Island, be fascinated with the underwater sea creatures through scuba diving and snorkeling, enjoy island hopping and dolphin watching, meet new friendly faces among Boholano people, and a lot more. "Avail of our Bohol Travel and Tour Packages and car/van for hire at very affordable and reasonable rates. For more information, feel free to send me a message at lady_lorencubz@yahoo.com and facebook account or call/text me at this number 09228124939. I'll make it sure that your stay in Bohol will be a perfect get away from home and will become a memorable one that will last a lifetime.
Randy wrote:
Thursday, 17 February 2011 12:04:36 PHT
Visited bohol island this feb 2011. The place, food and people are all amazing. Its a mix of nature and history. A place where you felt not living anymore. If I would have a chance to choose a place for retirement. My number one is BOHOL.
Victim wrote:
Friday, 15 October 2010 12:32:09 PHT
A word of caution to foreigners - Just make sure that people treat you properly because majority of them think that a foreigner will go for Filipinas who come from far-flung areas, uneducated and have nothing in between the ears. There are Filipinas attached to foreigners who have CLOUT also. If you are a victim, just let them know that you know a top politician, a general, an attorney .... or anyone who can surely get back at them!
Doc Hollywood wrote:
Thursday, 13 May 2010 06:29:01 PHT
I have lived in Bohol, since June of 2009. Lovely place! I would go anywhere there, without concern ... as Boholanos are the best! My wife and I retired there, and even though she is from Luzon ... she loves it there! The best people in the world live in Bohol!!!
Kelvin wrote:
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 15:54:51 PHT
I have traveled back and forth to Bohol now for some time and never felt threatened or had any problems. I'm now building a house on Panglao Island. I love Bohol and particularly Panglao Island. The people are wonderful and my partner and myself have made many good friends. I would encourage everyone to come and visit, its a wonderful place for families as well.
Hans wrote:
Saturday, 11 July 2009 17:27:46 PHT
Have never been to Bohol, but a couple of times in Luzon. Never any problems, just use your common sense and you can enjoy your stay there safely. Have met a lot of nice people there, and all the times stayed in a private home. Highly recommanded, memory for life . Have just been robbed once, and it was home in Norway hehe.
Hans wrote:
Saturday, 11 July 2009 17:16:09 PHT
Have never been to Bohol, but a couple of times in Luzon. Never any problems, just use your common sense and you can enjoy your stay there safely. Have met a lot of nice people there, and all the times stayed in a private home. Highly recommanded, memory for life . Have just been robbed once, and it was home in Norway hehe.
Anthony Knott wrote:
Saturday, 20 June 2009 18:56:32 PHT
I went to Bohol and found Panglao. I was so impressed with the place that I went back there again for another holiday. It was on this second visit that I purchased a holiday condo there overlooking the ocean. I have traveled all over the world with my work and have never committed myself to a place like this before. In my opinion it's a great place to be and lots of fun. Respect the people there and they will respect you too. On day soon i think I will be proud to call Panglao my home!!
Dennis wrote:
Tuesday, 3 February 2009 12:51:23 PHT
In response to Jared, I'm a Canadian and I've been to Bohol a dozen times. I've lived there and with regards to your concern, I can advise you that you'll be well taken cared of while in Bohol. Boholona's are known to be loving and caring. I should know this first hand because my wife is a Boholana. Your USD will go a long way in the Philippines considering the exchange rate and the low cost of living in Bohol. I understand your concern about your vulnerability but if you trust your wife and just get along well with your neighbors - these people will respect and protect you with their very lives.
Golda wrote:
Monday, 7 July 2008 11:43:09 PHT
My fiance and I went to Bohol Jan/Feb 2007 and my brothers and sisters visited Bohol Jan/Feb 2008 along with their partners. All of us found that we were safe to do what we wanted. We were all a bit worried but when we got there I felt more safe to roam the streets of Bohol than I did in Melbourne Australia (where I am from). Just like the article says, use you common sense! I was wandering all over Bohol with my $500 Dolce & Gabana sunglasses and my Gucci seeing glasses and I came home with them safe and sound. The locals had a lot of respect for tourists.

Most people won't believe they are real... :-) Anyway, most Boholanos respect visitors and their belongings.--Jeroen

Shem Chue wrote:
Monday, 16 June 2008 18:01:44 PHT
Wow..i like it..i am enjoying to read this articles.. i wish i could have captured this in my mind..hehehe because i am also a college student taking up HRM at ABE Taft Av.i do like to travel..and also i like to travel safe..my gush..guys read this articles for your safety..
Gary wrote:
Wednesday, 27 February 2008 03:50:51 PHT
I am a Christian American and I married a beautiful woman from Negros Occidental in 2004. I spent almost the whole year of 2004 there and some time in Guimaras Islands also and of course Manila. I had a wonderful time there and made so many wonderful friends they watched out for me always,but I never experienced any problems. My wife and I want to visit Bohol when we return there soon, it seems to have the most attractions for us. You just as someone said have to use common sense when in the cities. I really love the people so much, everyone was very kind and very hospitable !
Jared wrote:
Thursday, 3 January 2008 22:02:51 PHT
I am a young, disabled American that would like to marry and live with my Philipina fiance in Bohol. I figure that my disability income will go further there than it would here. However, my disability is that I am totally blind. Would the fact that I am blind, along with being an American, make me that much more of a target for criminals? Should I seriously be concerned for my safety and the safety of our future children? Thanks for any advice.
Precios_asatone wrote:
Friday, 7 December 2007 01:49:34 PHT
I would like to take the time to say Thank you, to all the wonderfull people coming here who have taken the oppurtunity to have my friend from "Car for Hire" as your driver and guide. I have received so many E-mails and lot of positive feed back from having my friend drive them to places they wanted to see. Many of the comments were said as much as the place was beautifull, and the driver was friendly and spoke clear in English and they felt safe with him. Thank you! Merry Christmas! Anyone needing a driver to tour them around Bohol here is my friends number with the Pajero. 09182274723 (Marco)
Benelynne wrote:
Thursday, 6 September 2007 14:21:48 PHT
There are a lot of front-page articles on robberies perpetrated against businesses and persons that have claimed lives in Tagbilaran and other places in Bohol. Is Bohol's vaunted peace and safety gone? With the capture of the San Miguel gang, do we expect a return to relative serenity? What about the seemingly random street crimes that have claimed the lives of noted residents? My family and I are planning a homecoming next year. We really love Bohol. I hope I am just fidgety and things are not really as bad as they seem...
Heidi wrote:
Saturday, 25 August 2007 15:14:57 PHT
First of all, I would say this is a wonderful site. I was envy when one of my friends went to this place and showed me lots fantastic photos, very beautiful and I said someday I will take my family there. I'll visit again soon. I would like to see the chocolate hills.
JC wrote:
Tuesday, 7 August 2007 09:49:03 PHT
I think those negative write ups re safety in our country are overrated. I have a number of foreign friends who have plans of visiting Pinas but are taken aback by that "image" that our country is a terrorist haven. It is really unfair because we all know our country is a paradise! Even my folks who have been residing for such a long time in the US and UK are having second thoughts of coming back here, I tell them if those gossips have been true, how come every year we're enjoying an upswing in tourist arrivals? I think the best thing we could do is to spread the word that PHILIPPINES IS AN UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING COUNTRY. I have always been proud to be a Pinoy, being a Iskolar ng Bayan and now that I am always out of country all the more that I appreciate the wonderful culture that we have. So everyone.. BE PROUD TO BE PINOY!!! :P
Precious wrote:
Friday, 8 June 2007 03:28:02 PHT
I need to rewrite my email address correctly again to be able to give you advice for where to satay and what to do while your visiting here in Bohol Philippines. Again my advice is going to be given to for free. I will try to reply to all emails. precious_asastone@yahoo.com
Precious wrote:
Friday, 8 June 2007 03:21:24 PHT
I am an American permanent resident residing in the province of tarseirs and chocolate hills. We are known as BOHOL PHILIPPINES located south of Manila in the region 7 area of the southern Visayas Islands. This island is one of the major Islands but is physically smaller compared to the other more popular provinces es. Our temperature here is some what warmer compared to northern Luzon province the Nations main Island and capitol. We offer allot of beautiful places to visit here as far as nature such as our waterfalls, and caves, and our beautifull white sandy beaches and turqoius blue colored sea that are ready to have you take a jump into or to take a swim in or even make a splash or two. A word of caution to foreign tourist be careful of Philippine persons trying to over price you as foreigners are to pay same price as Philippine citizens. Always ask in the native language "pila" that means how much? Avoid using travel agents as guides as they do charge allot more then a private drivers who also have special license and permits to carry tourists to tourist destinations as well. These drivers can be spotted holding signs at any pier, or airport upon disembarkation. These persons will have travel ID and business permits to assist also in sight seeing. do not be cashed out by expensive travel agent packages here. I am the only foreigner writing in the local media here in a weekly English speaking newspaper. If you plan on visiting Bohol Philippines and need a driver to show you around I have some of the sweetest friends who have families to support and your using their services will benefit their families as life is hard here to find descent work to survive on for the locals. They are safe drivers and own comfortable Vans and Pajeros to transport you in. They are member drivers and have permits with ID on them visible at all times and a price chart that they have to stick too. Please contact my email any time if you want me to reserve you a sight seeing adventure with native drivers who are happy to have your business so their families can survive on having a good diet, health, and education as most schools here have tuition fees including elementary schools. please contact precioius_asastone@yahoo.com I will be happy to assist you in having an honest and affordable holiday here in Bohol. I will just recommend honest advice so your vacation is not ruined. Thank You and enjoy your visit to Bohol Philippines hope to see you here.
Dion Baseleres wrote:
Sunday, 27 May 2007 00:49:20 PHT
First of all, I'd like to say "Thank you" for putting such a wonderful site. I am a proud Boholano though I grew up on various provinces in the Philippines, it was Bohol that I spent the most time in. I now work abroad but the thought of Bohol, it's beautiful places and friendly people still lingers in my mind. Our neighborhood in Tagbilaran (Borja Street) is a peaceful as can be. It's very peaceful that if I get home (tipsy) from some party, I would be the only one making all the noise. It's mandatory for me (for our family) to make a trip around island during family reunions-stopping by all the famed tourist spots: Hinagdanan Cave, Panglao's underground rivers, Loboc River, Chocolate Hills, Bool Blood Compact Site, Pamilacan Island, I can go on and on with this but one thing is for sure...home is where the heart is.
Kamal Ibrahim wrote:
Wednesday, 21 March 2007 15:23:15 PHT
My wife and I with friends from Malaysia were in Bohol last weekend to attend a wedding reception there. That was our first time ever in south Philippines and, before arriving, were a little concerned about the negative news on safety for foreign visitors. However, after staying in Bohol for a week and visiting Tagbilaran on our own, we found no truth in those news. We enjoyed our stay so much and are planning to visit Bohol again next year.
Erik Andersen wrote:
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 19:31:50 PHT
It is sad to read about those victims of crime. I am a foreigner from Norway (northern Europe)that is married to a filipina from Bohol. I have been there many times, and I have never experienced any bad things. Just remember that we are living in a world where crime is a part of the dayli life, sad but true. Bohol is not an exception from that fact, but still I am experience Bohol like a peacful place, comparing to many other places. Just use your common sense and listen to safty advices, like to one on this page and you will have a very nice stay in wonderful Bohol.
Bryan wrote:
Monday, 5 February 2007 01:27:41 PHT
I lived in the Visayas for 2 years, Mactan Island, Cebu and Negros (Dumaguete). I visisted Bohol twice during that period and loved it as well as the other islands I lived on. I would not say that Bohol is the only safe place. I lived in Bogo, Cebu for a time which was prettier than any place I had been. The whole Visayan region is much safer than any other part of the philippines in general and a great place to visit and stay.
Nida Corpataux wrote:
Tuesday, 18 July 2006 01:37:18 PHT
I'm from Bicol and I live in Switzerland since the 80's. We were in Bohol August 2004 with some worry about safety..... And its a very nice and calm place...we like it so much... We will be back there by September with some of my foreign friends... I hope the climate is ok in that season... Cebu is beautiful too. but Bohol is more peaceful for me...
Elsa Keller wrote:
Wednesday, 14 June 2006 15:08:38 PHT
I am also a pure blooded Boholana, with regards to the NPA(New People's Army) nothing to be worried from them they are not interested to hurt people and foreigners as well. They are only interested to the government. We will be aware ourselves with this Theft and Robberies these are quiet rare this time not only in the Philippines but all over the world. But in Bohol, I am proud to tell this that 100% this is a very nice and safe place for the visitors and for the foreigners.
Erwin King wrote:
Monday, 17 April 2006 08:27:58 PHT
To the people that never been to Bohol, like Celia Cacha. I would rather live in Bohol than in any of the cities in the Philippines. Yes, it's a small island but it's paradise to me. So, Celia Cacha don't listen to your friend and go ahead enjoy the beautiful beaches in Panglao. You said your friend is from Cebu? Hello!!! that's even worst. I'm not even from Bohol but fell in love with the place.
Drol wrote:
Saturday, 8 April 2006 10:38:44 PHT
NPA's, as what my knowledge best serve me, never attacks local people and visitors to the province. Their hatred are addressed to the government and corporations that NPA believes are practicing unfair services and greedy behaviors. As what Mr. Gonzales was pointing out, NPA's attacked a Globe cellsite, that is because the NPA's believe they are doing something unjustifiable to the people. Mr. Gonzales is a Boholano, he should be aware of that. I have no affiliations to the NPA's whatsoever, but I think they are the example of people who cant afford to just watch gross things and events (done by public or private groups or an official) unfold before their eyes. They are people with principles, only their repercussions may be extreme.
Camilla Brooks wrote:
Sunday, 19 March 2006 20:51:04 PHT
I lived, as a single, young, American woman on Bohol for almost 3 years, both in a far coastal barangay and in Tagbilaran, and I would think of Bohol as one of the safest places I have been within the Philippines. Yes, there are NPA, but largely they are not targeting foreigners. Yes, there are addicted youths, but again, that is the rare exception not the norm. Bohol is a beautiful place with the most hospitable people and I encourage everyone to visit.
Celia Cacha wrote:
Friday, 27 January 2006 03:26:21 PHT
Were planning to visit Bohol next year January 2007. I don't know anybody in Bohol. My friend from Cebu said it is not safe to visit Bohol. Bohol right now is not a safe place coz from what she heard from her aunties who wants to have a vacation at Alona Bay Resort. They said to many NPA's around for now. Cars are also limited. Please advice.

The NPA (New Peoples Army, a communist rebel group) has never targetted tourists, and is not present in areas frequented by tourists. I've been in areas where they are supposed to be regularly for weeks, but never noticed them.--Jeroen.

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