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Reader Comments on 'True: Mayor Niņo Rey Boniel thinks big for Bien Unido'

Mayor Niņo Rey Boniel thinks big for Bien Unido; Tagbilaranons of California Southland raise fund for community project and other tales.

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Rodolfo S. Bernardo wrote:
Monday, 5 October 2009 22:14:46 PHT
Sorry for some typographical errors in my two comments. I hope I have delivered the message in understandable context in spite of the errors.
Rodolfo S. Bernardo wrote:
Monday, 5 October 2009 22:02:15 PHT
I have shot a lot of photos in the area of Pinamgo during my visit there on Oct 1, 2009. These include, of course, the beaches, mangroves, underdeveloped fishponds, areas planted with coconut trees, and the predominant old "duhat" trees near the shoreline. I don't know where the plastics and other refuse materials that malign the beachfronts are coming from. It puzzles me to see those refuse materials considering that Bien Unido has only more than 23 thousand population. Meaning that its population could not produce so much refuse or garbage that it cannot control from drifting from the mainland and carried by the current to the islets around it. This sight has saddened me. It should be addressed urgently so that we cold attract more tourists and investors to the town.
one of the many victims of this crooked mayor wrote:
Saturday, 3 October 2009 21:47:22 PHT
WARNING to all the readers of this propaganda, im warning everyone who knew or about to know this mayor nino boniel. he brings shame to the name of sto nino for at a young age and political career as first termer mayor, he has victimized a lot of business people, he failed to pay his debts in huge amounts. little thus the people from his poor town know that behind that face is a master of deceit, you should be very careful in dealing with this man or else you will have problems beyond your expectations from this sweet talking crook.just a warning.
Rodolfo S. Bernardo wrote:
Thursday, 1 October 2009 13:31:02 PHT
I was in the islet of Pinamgo a day after typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila. I was looking for a 20-30 hectare land suitable for development as a resort. I noticed that the shoreline and the mangrove are littered with plastic and other refuse materials. These will obliterate the beauty of the white-sand beach of the islet I am in the process of preparing a report to the Canadian beach resoort development prospector and what worries me is the sight of those refuse materials as they may pose as deterrent for him to decide on investing in Bohol. I would like to propose to the local government administration that we initiate a formal partnership in protecting and nurturing the environment of Pinamgo and its neighboring barangays. Should I succeed in convincing the land buyer-developer to invest there I will make it a point to adopt a eco-friendly socio-economic component of the resort development and operation project. I may be back there with the Canadian prospector in November this year. More Power to the people of Bien Unido!!! You have a nice place! My CP #: 09154165799; Telefax: (02) 9383252
Joyceez wrote:
Wednesday, 7 January 2009 15:30:17 PHT
Happy New Year! I'm just dropping bye to congratulate the newest mayor of Bien unido bohol(quite late huh!)Mayor Boniel.Im not really a native of bohol but i have plenty of relatives there(maternal side-the garcia's in particular).I used to visit the place during vacations, july and december fiesta.All my vacations are sulit because the place is nice, the people are friendly.To the new mayor, goodluck to all ur endeavors and were looking forward to a more better Bien unido:)
Francis Daniel Maning wrote:
Tuesday, 27 May 2008 09:21:58 PHT
Hot it is.. hehehe.. more power your honor!
Margiza Canas wrote:
Tuesday, 18 March 2008 21:41:56 PHT
B R A V O..... A call for a tossed Mayor IN-IN Boniel. Pretty much overwhelmed that once and for all seaweeds farming will be given a huge break in your term. Cheers.... U have our support.
Francis Daniel Maning wrote:
Saturday, 1 March 2008 10:05:46 PHT
Congrats diay kay Mayor iN-iN, I dont know much about Bohol yet, peru with Mayor Niņo around, I know Bien Unido would be a better place! More power sir in-in! - imong sushi chef sauna please join please visit post a topic there for Boholanons!
Alex Doydora (09183977756) wrote:
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 17:38:34 PHT
Im a Bien-unidohanon and i go home only once or twice every semester for i am studying here in tagbilaran. I heard a news that our town will going to represent a contingent to the Sinulog 2008. My best wishes to all the people who supports for the realization of it specially to our mayor In-in Boniel. My best wishes!!!
Gina wrote:
Friday, 9 November 2007 06:34:49 PHT
Wish i was there, i will surely give the mayor the biggest hugs and kisses he deserves! He is a Hot Hot Hot Hunk Mayor

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