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Reader Comments on 'Jono Jumamoy, 21, Philippines’ youngest Mayor elected in Inabanga, Bohol'

Jose Jono Jumamoy, 21, is everyone’s favorite not only with his circle of friends but with the people of Inabanga who voted for him last May 14 elections making him the youngest mayor in history in the province of Bohol and in the Philippines.

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Abdul Wallace wrote:
Friday, 12 June 2009 18:17:33 PHT
he is not loveless anymore..aheheheheh
tata cornelio wrote:
Thursday, 5 March 2009 07:20:06 PHT
oh! i was shocked, i thought this article was a long time ago, u know, history?? ngayon nga ba toh?? i am from ubujan inabanga but i have not been there for almost 5 years,, may pagbabago na nga talaga dun maliban na lang sa jumamoy pa rin ung mayor, hehe, gudluck Hon. Mayor,,, make us proud!!
babykaye wrote:
Wednesday, 29 October 2008 19:08:28 PHT
halu...nice seeing the youngest mayor..
Jerson Jumamoy wrote:
Friday, 1 August 2008 12:05:51 PHT
whhhmmmm.....hey we are in the same family name mr. Jono..ehe,,,well kip it up..mya family also came from Inabangga but i haven't been there yet.. God bless
Camille Valmoria Deiparine wrote:
Sunday, 9 March 2008 07:34:44 PHT
Hi Youngest Mayor Pogi,I may not be the best person to describe and comment who u really are,but being the only son of the former Mayors and a Board member of bohol,Im pretty sure that ur purpose in seeking that prestigious and tiresome position where u r now is a great manisfestation that u r only continuing what ur parents dream that is to do PUBLIC SERVICE,ur family's dedication to serve the people of Inabanga and to make it a place to live with.My best hope..
Ligaya Bautista wrote:
Thursday, 28 February 2008 16:49:24 PHT
Hi very handsome and youngest mayor in Inabanga Mr.Jono Jumamoy..i hope you serve the better in our native land and don't your best!money is important in our life but dignity is the most important of our life.,always be good and don't interupted what people say..congrats..Mr.GUAPO
Jumamoy_Fan wrote:
Monday, 15 October 2007 02:51:06 PHT
Wow... I cannot believe Jumamoy´s story. How can one take his degree with 21. Where I come from (Germany) you start studying with 21. I hope Jumamoy will serve his province well and help Inabanga to get prosperous and wealthy.
Allison wrote:
Wednesday, 10 October 2007 11:57:44 PHT
Hi. I'm a member of Jono's family. He's my mom's first cousin. My grandpa and his father are brothers. I used to tease him that he was technically my "uncle." Anyway, Jono truly deserves this honor. He is an incredibly nice and ocmpassionate person. For someone so young, I can honestly say that he's responsible enough for the huge responsibility or running our town. Also, I have to make a correction. His sister's name is not "Janna." It's actually "Jaja" short for "Jovanna."
Boyet wrote:
Sunday, 10 June 2007 01:08:51 PHT
It's great! Knowing that Inabanga Bohol holds the record in history as the residence of the youngest mayor ever had, Congrats Mayor Jono. Hinaut nga molampus ta sa atong mission. God bless all.
Melai wrote:
Friday, 8 June 2007 18:57:20 PHT
I've worked in Inabanga for a while and I've met the new mayor and his family a couple of times. I think being young is potential and necessary for innovative and modern ideas yet having a family of politicians will keep the tradition and the history that has given Inabanga a place in the limelight and in the world map. if given the chance, it would be a challenge to work with him. I think he has a very good chance to do what he wants to do for the people of his town.
Leo P. Udtohan wrote:
Monday, 4 June 2007 12:07:07 PHT
How would your term as town mayor differ from the terms of your parents?

Jono: My parent’s have done so much for Inabanga. From a 4th class municipality, it has become 3rd class. We have so much successful projects like the environment conservation RM, the loom-weaving industry (OTOP), wet-land conservation awards. My focus is to fully address the problem of poverty which is related to livelihood and population control.

You chose these two priorities?

Jono: Failure to attend to the issues on population would result in more problems in the society like the food shortage and education, vices, social and health problems like drug addiction and malnutrition. On the other hand, my focus in livelihood would answer the problem on poverty. With the booming loom-weaving industry, we will look for ways to link with good exporters that would give good price to the products. In my theory, we just have to start off with those projects and everything else will follow.

Martin wrote:
Monday, 4 June 2007 04:46:40 PHT
An interview suited for the pages of Hello magazine. I want to know what plans Jono has for the people of Inabanga - how he intends to serve them etc. The interviewer seemed more interested in his love life!!
Mi wrote:
Friday, 1 June 2007 10:47:47 PHT
I'm from Bohol and I'm proud to know that Bohol has a new breed of politicians. Jono or Mayor Jono, break a leg! You can be the President of the Philippines one day! Be a great yet humble leader! God bless you!
Vicky Anasco Liga wrote:
Wednesday, 30 May 2007 17:03:31 PHT
Wow proud ako kay taga Inabanga ko, nga naa sa Dubai lang karon. Mr. Jono I didn't know mayor Roygie has a son really. It is so surprising na mahibaw an pa namo sa internet. keep it up I hope you will give us good support in Dait Sur Inabanga Bohol. My name is Vicky Anasco Liga now in Dubai.
Jeroen wrote:
Sunday, 27 May 2007 05:29:09 PHT
Congratulations, Leo, on your 26th birthday!

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